Fri.Jan 10, 2020

Are Bad Product Experiences Leading to Negative Results for Your Customers?


A human mind is a pattern-seeking machine. Our species has evolved an impressive ability to spot small, subtle clues to more significant trends. In prehistoric times, this helped us find food sources and avoid predators’ hunting grounds.

Product Growth Engine by Dave Martin

Mind the Product

In this MTP Engage Manchester talk, Dave Martin, Chief Product Officer at TES Global provides us with a way to get over the product adoption curve and build more successful products. His key points include: Product adoption life cycle. Product growth chasm. The path up the adoption curve.

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Keep It Simple with KISS: a fundamental design principle you should know


If you’re in the military, you need to send and process information quickly and without ambiguity. So there’s an old the US Navy coined in the ‘60s: “Keep It Simple, Stupid”—or KISS for short. The idea behind it is that most processes or systems work best if they’re kept simple.

Making the Unspoken Spoken

Mind the Product

In this excerpt from her recent book, The Team That Managed Itself , Christina Wodtke looks at how teams can deal with the office housework jobs that no one wants to take on. Within teams, there are the spoken roles, as in designer, marketer, engineer, etc.

How Much is that Feature in the Window?

Speaker: Nils Davis, Principal, NPD Associates

Roadmaps are about the future, and talking about a roadmap means talking about the future. But how you tailor that conversation depends on who you’re having it with, because your stakeholders’ vision for the future and your customers’ vision are likely two different things. Every audience has their own needs and expectations that you are working to fulfil, and as a product manager, it is up to you to manage these many moving parts. A conversation about creating value is going to vary based on whether or not you’re asking someone to buy your product, or fund it.

How to streamline the creation of notes in productboard using Siri


Imagine you have a great idea for a product you are building using productboard, but you are nowhere near your computer. How do you make sure you don’t forget it?