Tue.May 10, 2022

Put your nostalgia goggles on, it’s World Product Day

Mind the Product

World Product Day returns on 19 July 2022, and this year we’ll be celebrating “Product firsts”! We want to help those who are taking their first steps, whether into a new leadership role, a new industry, or simply starting their first job as a product manager.

In-app Customer Needs Assessment 101: How to Collect and Act on Data


What is a customer needs assessment and why should you care? Here are the top reasons SaaS businesses need it and a guide on how to succeed


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Lessons learned while working for an African Fintech company – Makera Kigaraba on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

What would it be like to pack up all of your things and land a Fintech job in a completely new continent? On this week's podcast, we spoke with.

How to Use Feedback to Improve Mobile Customer Experience in 4 Steps


From adding features to modifying the user interface, the directions you can take your mobile app are endless. The bandwidth of your development team, not so much.

Customer Preferences: How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Your customers want a simplified customer experience. Make sure you give it to them with community. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

Tech Product Leaders: Are We Spoiling Society?

The Product Coalition

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s time to have a serious discussion. We have a problem, and we’re holding it in our hands. Continue reading on Product Coalition ». mental-health product-management technology mental-health-awareness digital

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Allyship (with B. Pagels-Minor)

Business of Software Conference

For every great example of allyship, it’s safe to say there are 10 examples of performative allyship – being an ally for show. In this talk, B. talks about why diversity and allyship matter and shares five pointers to help you approach it in a way that makes a difference.

PMF Survey: How to Measure Product Market Fit Using Microsurveys


Can you measure product-market fit without a PMF survey? You could, but those results won’t be entirely accurate.

A Tactical Guide to Working with EAs: How to Make Delegation Your Superpower

First Round Review

Sam Corcos, co-founder & CEO of Levels, admits he's obsessive about optimizing his time. He shares the ins and outs of how he delegates 400 tasks a month with this ultra-specific guide to working with executive assistants


What is customer experience optimization? (EXO)

AB Tasty

Discover why customer experience optimization has become decisive for influencing your customers’ purchasing decisions and loyalty. Uncategorized E-commerce Optimization Experimentation


Knowing What Products Not to Build: A Case Study With NBC Universal

Knowing what not to build is just as important as what to build when it comes to product development. Learn how NBC Universal saved millions by knowing what not to build and created a more cohesive customer experience with Feedback Loop.

Customer Success Operations: The Hottest Career in the Customer Service Space


This post originally appeared in Customer Experience Magazine.

Dedicated support from the backstage


‘Productboard is growing rapidly and we’re struggling with effective and quick-enough scaling along with making all processes more effective. There are so many challenges to be solved. And that’s what our team focuses on.

How Organizations Approach Enterprise Digital Transformation


As your customers look at their smartphones as their primary tool to shop, get entertainment, and keep in touch with friends and family, they expect the same experience in all aspects of their life.