Mon.Apr 12, 2021

Product Marketing Manager Salary [2021 Data]

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Status of the Job 2021: Product Marketing Manager. Over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented change to organizations across all industries and sectors.

VP of Product Management: Your 7-Point Plan for the First 100 Days


Congratulations! You’ve just landed your first VP of Product Management job and expectations are sky high. No pressure! Here’s a 7-point plan for your first 100 days. The objective of this particular plan is to get you playing offense right out of the gate.


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Managing Expectations – Product Management at Startups

Mind the Product

One of our universal truths in product is that the nature of the job varies greatly between organizations.

Top Three Scrum Changes You Might Not Know About

The Product Coalition

Changes in Scrum commitment, grooming, and team Continue reading on Product Coalition ». agile scrum scrum-master agile-methodology software-development

Agile 105

The SaaS Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Every SaaS business has a strategic responsibility to improve Conversion Rate Optimization across their product or site. Learn 7 detailed steps to infuse data into your process, surface customer drop-off points, and generate ideas to drive conversion.

Introducing Journeys: A New Way to Explore the Paths Users Take Through Your Product


Today, we’re launching our first new tool in 5 years. It’s a new way to explore the various paths users take through your product, to uncover the most common paths users take and gain a deeper understanding of the customer journey. We’re pretty excited about it, and we bet you will be, too.

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TEI 330: The coming work paradigm shift – with Matt Coatney

Product Innovation Educators

How product managers can prepare for success in a rapidly shifting work environment. This podcast will soon be known as Product Mastery Now.

Should I Say YES to This Feature Request?

The Product Coalition

As Product Managers, we need to make sure our product is consistently good throughout time, despite all the forces that try to interfere with it. This is our most challenging job. REQUESTS, REQUESTS EVERYWHERE Feature requests rain down from every source.

How Naukri Builds Products: Interview with VP of Product, Puneet Verma


InfoEdge has been running successful products at scale and importantly, given the churn in the audience, the product teams really need to stay agile and keep building for the new audience and their evolving taste.

Say hello to our NEW logo


As we have refreshed our too, we’ve launched our new logo. We decided it was best to say goodbye to the old logo that became a staple for our tool. Although the two color, CARDBOARD, typeface became what we’ve come to know and love, it was time to say goodbye.

4 Approaches to Data Analytics

As the analytics landscape continues to evolve, application teams who need to embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics capabilities in their applications can choose from dozens of solutions. How do you differentiate one solution from the next?

New QA Assistant to ensure highest quality of your campaigns and save you money

AB Tasty

Did you ever dare to launch an optimization campaign without validating that it works as intended? 😈 There are so many factors that can speed you up and, as a result, you end up launching your experiment and personalization campaigns in a hurry.

Spring 2021 Release


We’ve been hard at work for this new release. Over the past quarter we have taken account of some of the most frequent user requests. Your opinion matters, and as CardBoard grows we want to ensure your voice is heard.

UX 52

Master Digital Teamwork Tools with Stefano Mastrogiacomo

Business of Software Conference

Stefano Mastrogiacomo will be leading a breakout session at BoS Conf Spring.Online 26-27 April on the topic: “Tips and Tricks for Using Digital Tools for Better Teamwork.” ” Effective in-person, or remote, teamwork rarely just happens.

Product Managers Attempt To Deliver Food Fast

The Accidental Product Manager

Food can be delivered to your house, but is anyone making any money? Image Credit: Telefood Telefood. One of the fasting growing areas in retail right now has to do with the home delivery of food.

Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide - A Product Manager’s Handbook

Adding embedded analytics to your software doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. This guide is the perfect companion for SaaS product managers. It will walk you through the process of choosing the right analytics provider step by step.

What’s Canada’s Product Management Problem?

Bain Public

Canada has all the ingredients to nurture successful companies into the future — with ample support for startups that need a hand in reaching their potential.