Mon.Jan 10, 2022

Managing “must-do” initiatives in empowered teams

Mind the Product

Empowered teams are made up of self-sufficient groups of people working together towards specific goals. They have the authority, experience, responsibility and skills to act on their own decisions for their organisation.

You Don’t Need a Mentor. You Need a Buddy.

Nir Eyal

When you’re struggling to achieve your personal or professional goals, do you ever wish you could speak with a famous mentor? If only you could connect with a super successful business leader like Jeff Bezos or Meg Whitman, then you’d have the answers you’re looking for.


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7 Essential Customer Success KPIs to Track in SaaS


How important is customer success KPIs to your SaaS business? The corporate world is becoming increasingly dependent on data and analytics to make informed business decisions. Customer success metrics help you analyze how effectively you help customers gain value from your SaaS product.

367: Radical product thinking for product managers – with Radhika Dutt

Product Innovation Educators

Steps for creating world-changing products. Today we are talking about radical product thinking, which is a mindset and process for innovating smarter. Our guest, Radhika Dutt, will help us understand radical product thinking.

The Complete R&D Funding Guide: How to Get the Funding You Need!

Speaker: Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer at Anaconda | Peyman Pouryekta, CEO and Technology Advisor | Bob Webber, VP Product Flow Optimization, Construx

In this interactive panel discussion, we will address common pitfalls of investments for CTOs and VPs of Engineering and will teach you how to manage your investments with confidence and properly allocate resources across business priorities.

Video Game Product Managers Struggle With Pricing

The Accidental Product Manager

How much to charge and how to charge for it are video game questions Image Credit: Thomas Hawk. Can anyone besides me remember back in the day when you wanted to play a video game and you’d stuff your pockets with quarters and head on down to the video parlor ?

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The CARD Framework

Bryce York

Like what you see? Product snacks delivered fresh to your inbox. Get bite-sized visual articles like this one delivered straight to your inbox. Send me product content. Are you struggling to “find time” to do something important? Is your calendar so full you can’t find two hours to rub together?

Product Love Podcast: Lars Grønnegaard Hansen, CEO of


On this week’s episode of Product Love, I sat down with Lars Gronnegaard Hansen, the CEO of Dreamdata. Dreamdata gathers, joins, and cleans all revenue-related data to present a transparent, actionable analysis of what drives B2B revenue. Before he was CEO, Lars was the SVP of Product at Trustpilot.

B2B 52

Gainsight Acquires inSided: The Past, Present, and Future of Customer Success Is Community


TL; DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read): Gainsight acquired SaaS Community Software leader inSided! For the mundane version of this news, click here. And to see a video of Robin van Lieshout (CEO of inSided ) and me sharing the news, with a bit of rapping embedded, click here.

How to product manage yourself: 5 steps to drive better outcomes in work and life


To manage a product, a team, or organization, you first need to know how to manage yourself, and that’s not easy to do.

Optimize the Performance of Your Serverless Functions

Run mission-critical applications on serverless without sacrificing visibility.