Wed.Nov 24, 2021

The Startup Vanity Metric Trap

The Product Coalition

Few people are strangers to vanity metrics. Focusing on the wrong metric for a startup however, can be detrimental to the startup. Continue reading on Product Coalition ». funding venture-capital startup bootstrap metrics

Make better decisions faster: The 6 stages of quick, effective decision-making

Inside Intercom

Your decision-making process is slowing you down. . Speed is every startup’s biggest competitive advantage. We know that moving at speed is all about making decisions quickly and acting on them – but quick decisions get a bad rap. .


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Organizational politics: Good? Bad? Here’s what you need to know


The term ‘organizational politics’ probably conjures up images of cliques and office gossip. But there’s much more to it than that. Organization politics refers to the personal agenda of an individual within a company. As you’ve probably guessed, it can spell trouble.

How to Thank Your Testers


When you think of "incentives" in user testing, the first thing that comes to mind might be a free product or a gift card. And yes, those are both common and viable ways to reward testers for their participation

The Practical Guide to Using a Semantic Layer for Data & Analytics

Read about real-life examples and see quantifiable results by leveraging a semantic layer to unlock data for AI & BI at scale.

Bain Public Welcomes Connektica As A New Client

Bain Public

CLIENT ANNOUNCEMENT. Bain Public is acting as an Exclusive Product Advisor to Connektica in defining their product roadmap.