Thu.Apr 01, 2021

Stop Playing the Telephone Game

The Product Coalition

Time to hang up when you hear “Product can’t talk to customers” Continue reading on Product Coalition ». organizational-change product-development organizational-culture product-management

Top product metrics talks from Mind the Product

Mind the Product

As product managers, it is our job to define the right metrics and KPIs for our products and our businesses, which is critical if we want to measure our progress and know if we’re successfully driving the right outcomes. But how do you do that? In no particular order, here are eight of our best [.]


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3 Principles To Better Prioritize Features for Your Next Product

The Product Coalition

Hint: it’s about getting your strategic context right. Continue reading on Product Coalition ». prioritization business-strategy productmanagment leadership

MTP panel: How to define the metrics that matter

Mind the Product

In this exclusive Prioritised member session, our panellists, Ashley Fidler, John Cutler, and Adam Thomas, discussed how to create those hard-to-define ‘quality’ metrics.

Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide - A Product Manager’s Handbook

Adding embedded analytics to your software doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. This guide is the perfect companion for SaaS product managers. It will walk you through the process of choosing the right analytics provider step by step.

28 Collaborative Prioritization Activities for Your Next Workshop

The Product Coalition

Find a new idea — guaranteed. Most importantly, get inspiration for your next product planning session. Here’s a dump of group exercises… Continue reading on Product Coalition ». product-management prioritization startup planning collaboration

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Agile Principles and Values

The Product Coalition

4 values and 12 principles Continue reading on Product Coalition ». agile-methodology scrum agile software-development

Agile 97

Product Update: March 2021


Happy April to our valued Indicators! As the world prepares for what will be a summer for the ages, Indicative’s awesome team of builders continues to grind.

Opportunities in The US Housing Market

The Product Coalition

Last year has been unprecedented and the housing market is witnessing an evolution with many housing trends accelerating by 5–10 years. States like Texas, Idaho, Florida, and Wyoming are witnessing unprecedented growth in the housing market as an increasing number of families move there.

What Is User Behavior Analytics? You May Be Eager To Know It’s Not UX Analytics

UXCam Bluespace

Are you positive you know the difference between user behavior analytics and user experience analytics? App Analytics Insights

Product Management: Guide to Thriving as a Product Manager

As more organizations move from project to product thinking, Product Managers are occupying increasingly crucial roles. Download this guide to learn tips and strategies that will help you grow into a strong Product Manager and thrive in the position.

Wikimedia Foundation COO Janeen Uzzell on future-proofing history

Inside Intercom

?. Wikipedia , the beloved, widely-known, free-access web encyclopedia is turning 20 this year. It’s one of the most visited websites on the internet, curated by a global network of hundreds of thousands of volunteers who have written over 55 million articles in 300 languages.

Why Performers Make Great Product Managers: Kunal Shah on Building Empathy.and more.


Why Performers Make Great Product Managers: Kunal Shah shares how he hacked his way into building an empathy-led team. The Ashish Sinha podcast brings you byte-sized powerful actionable insights from business and product leaders less than 5 minutes.

How To Harness UX To Increase Conversions On eCommerce Sites


The post How To Harness UX To Increase Conversions On eCommerce Sites appeared first on TryMyUI Blog. TryMyUI Comparative Usability Data Analysis Data-driven Design E-commerce UX Usability UX UX Design UX Research

UX 52

New book! Product Management for Babies


Happy April 1! We’ve been hard at work promoting our new book on product management for babies, which… well… doesn’t exist. But while you’re here, check out all of our free e-books for product managers of all ages!

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Report by Dresner Advisory Services: Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study

According to the 2020 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, embedded business intelligence is crucial for application success. This report explores the current state of BI and why application teams are increasingly choosing an embedded solution.

Designing an Ethical + Engaging Research Experience: Advice from 250+ Participants

dscout People Nerds

We asked research participants what makes a study feel valuable, equitable, and interesting to them. They gave us dos and don’ts worth commiting to memory.


Centercode Is Powering Up These 4 Roles in Product Development


Investing in product analytics, quality testing, user experience, and market research are absolutely essential to building a good product. But delivering a great product? That takes a few critical steps: Get it out of Engineering and into the hands and true environments of targeted users.