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How to Onboard Junior Product Managers for Success


As your product management team grows, you will inevitably bring on some more junior product managers. Some may have a couple of years under their belt, while others may be fresh out of school or recent converts from engineering, design, analysis, or project management. It would be easy to view these new product managers as a distraction from your own daily grind, or even as competition, but this. Product Management Product Management Process

How to Distinguish Between Your Product Roadmap, Product Strategy, and Product Vision


While you might “own” the product, your product’s vision should be coming from the top of the house. It should be driving everything in your organization, not just product development. So, if the vision isn’t the responsibility of the product team, what is? Product Management Product Management ProcessSales, operations, technology… all of it should be working toward a common vision.

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Tactical. Operational. Strategic. The Three Rungs on the Product Management Career Ladder


In B2B product management, tactical, operational and strategic refer to layers in the customer organization – not your job responsibilities. Master each of these customer domains and the next rung on the product management career ladder awaits. When the product management/marketing profession was in its childhood, upward mobility. Product Management Product Management Process

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Getting the Band Together: How to Get More Development Resources as a Product Manager


A common challenge that Product Managers face is trying to move their product and company forward with limited development and testing resources. And it often takes a combination of skill, talent, and luck on the part of a Product Manager to pry additional resources from the limited pool that their company has to build and innovate on their products. Product Management Product Management Process

Onboarding: Don’t Let Your Customer Relationships Stumble Out of the Gate!


A product is more than just the bits and bytes that comprise the software. Your product is the entire experience, from beginning to end, that your customers experience with. Product Management Product Management ProcessIt’s more than the user experience that someone has when they’re inside your software and actively using it to solve their problems. It’s more than the bug fixes and patches that go out to resolve customer support issues.

How Do You Become A Good Product Manager?

Street Smart Product Manager

And product managers are no different. We want to launch products people love. The post How Do You Become A Good Product Manager? appeared first on Street Smart Product Manager. Product Management Product ManagerThis is the BIG question, isn’t it? We all want to be the best at what we do. We want to be good. Great. Awesome. And we want to be recognized for it! We want customers to love it.

Top 10 Product Talks of 2016

Mind the Product

Mind the Product and ProductTank were founded on the importance of sharing stories between product managers in order to further our craft, so we love recording those talks and sharing our speakers’ hard-earned lessons with everyone else in the product community. Your Product is Already Obsolete – How to Survive. All products go through three distinct phases – birth, growth, and survival. The Day-To-Day Product Management Toolkit.

My team are my product: How to develop a high-performing team of product managers (or anyone else)

Mind the Product

In my role as Head of Product at Comic Relief I currently have one overarching goal: to embed Product as a way of working. This is in order for Product to provide value to the organisation and it is underpinned by developing a high-performing team. Cue epiphany; my team are my product! We’re a “young” Product team, we’re learning our craft, getting to know how to work together and we’re starting to shape what Product Management looks like at Comic Relief.

Lean experiments: Tristan Kromer on better product process

Mind the Product

Lean Startup Week is a conference for teams and leaders interested in applying a Lean Startup methodology to their product and Tristan helped to organise the Lean Unconference that kicked off the week’s activities. The product I work on, Notion , is designed to help teams communicate and collaborate on their data so they can align everyone around their goals and experiments. I wanted to find out how Tristan approaches the use of data to guide product process.

What We Learned About Building Products People Love in 2016

Mind the Product

2016 was a year when the product management community grew significantly and continued to mature. I think what marks out the following is that they all deliver practical and actionable advice – advice which can be applied by anyone at any stage in their product career. Lots of us are still trying to work out what the scope of a product management role should be and how it should be applied within their organisations. Product Management is Ownership.

Scope creep or just change?

Mind the Product

It’s just change managed badly. So let’s stop pretending we can stop it and get better at managing it. It implies that someone, somewhere, messed up and if we were just better managers then this wouldn’t have happened. It implies that the scope creep is a scary monster that needs to be kept at bay by an ever-vigilant product manager jealously guarding the barn door. Managing change is a skill. It starts with “Can you just …?”

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You Just Completed a Workshop…What Next?

Rahul Abhyankar

Product Management product management workshopCongratulations! You just completed a workshop. Hopefully it was not death by powerpoint, and the instructor made sure you were not just sitting in a chair all day, made sure you stayed engaged, asked you questions and answered yours with some real-life examples. Now, armed with this newfound knowledge and way of thinking, you are … Continue reading You Just Completed a Workshop…What Next?

Changing Lanes – Becoming a Platform Product Manager

Mind the Product

I’m a product manager for a content management system that runs some of the most-visited websites in the world. Prior to this I’d had a year’s product experience at a customer-facing SaaS company and naively I believed I could copy-paste this experience. At its heart a CMS is a platform, not a product. I quickly found that I needed to become a platform product manager. Platform vs Product.

Oprah versus Spock: Advice from Dan Olsen and The Lean Product Playbook

Mind the Product

Product/Market Fit” is a concept that every start-up founder knows is important, but many have trouble achieving or even defining. In The Lean Product Playbook , author Dan Olsen details a six-step process to achieving product/market fit: Determine your target customer. Dan helps CEOs and product leaders build better products and stronger product teams as a hands-on consultant, trainer, and coach.

What makes effective decision making so challenging for product managers?

Mind the Product

How can a product manager make effective decisions about the direction of their product? Why should product managers be under any more pressure to make sound decisions than finance managers or sales and marketing teams? Firstly, product managers should look to own the success of their products, including the commercial and customer satisfaction performance. So how do product managers make good decisions?

Handling requests for new features in a successful product

Mind the Product

If you have a successful product and your users ask for new features that really make sense, then you’re in an enviable position. However, the way in which you choose handle these requests can play a big role in the product’s future success or failure. This is the baseline assumption for any potential new feature when you already have a successful product. Add the feature to the base product. If it is, then it is a good candidate to add to the base product.

Change or die: what big business can learn from start-ups about internal innovation

Mind the Product

I believe it is important for companies of all shapes and sizes, but especially larger scale enterprises, to educate their individual team members that they ‘can’ and ‘should’ put ideas into action, regardless of whether they are in a management position or not. While a company will always need managers, they need to facilitate and incorporate suggestions and ideas from all stages of the ladder, not just the commands coming from above.

Value Poker in the Dragons’ Den

Mind the Product

Technical and product teams can spend a lot of time estimating the effort involved in a proposed piece of work. Over time I’ve become fed up with seeing product people managing story backlogs where, at most, they had an effort estimate on a story. First you need Entrepreneurs: I like there to be small team to give your Product Manager some help, so Business Analysts, Product Owner and similar are obvious candidates.

Productivity vs. Responsiveness

Mironov Consulting

Over the past year, I’ve done a half-dozen evaluations of product management teams at enterprise software firms. I break this down into: The distinction between overall engineering productivity and account-level responsiveness. Engineering Teams Focus On Overall Productivity. Agile development teams think about productivity in terms of overall velocity metrics and backlog/roadmap commitment. Ideally, most customer needs are handled by the current product.

Stop Improving Your Product

Product Club

Ronald’s product focus for the last year has been a cloud accounting solution for the small business owner. The core product is solid and internal user testing has been positive, but Ronald is still polishing customizable themes and a calendar integration. Your Minimum Viable Product is the minimum grouping of core features which allows you to get quick feedback from users, and swiftly cycle through a Build>Measure>Learn loop. It is not a complete product.

MVPM: Minimum Viable Product Manager

Product Club

It elegantly shows that product management is the intersection of a diverse skill set. Its simplicity has made it one of the most successful product management memes out there, and it’s done good things for the discipline. That intersection is what I call the Minimum Viable Product Manager (MVPM) , and it defines a set of skills or knowledge that are useful to be an effective generalist product manager, one who can work on almost any problem.

What is a Product Manager? A different perspective

Product Club

What is a Product Manager? For as long as I have been a product manager the role of ‘product manager’ has been the subject of much debate?—?specifically, specifically, what is a product manager? It’s a role that’s been confused by recruiters that have been tasked with hiring for a diverse range of jobs that have been forcibly preceded or appended with the word ‘product’. I know that behind the great products I work on?—?there’s

The Importance of a Product Management Framework

280 Group

What is a Product Management Framework? In order to understand what a Product Management framework is, it’s helpful to understand the literal definition of a framework: a basic supporting structure that underlies a system or process. So a Product Management framework is what guides Product Managers and their company through every phase of the Product Management process and helps to keep a discipline that can be extremely complicated, as organized as possible.

Coping with Product Manager Burnout

280 Group

Now, several decades later as a Product Manager there are times I miss those days. The post Coping with Product Manager Burnout appeared first on 280 Group Product Management. Product Management ProductivityVision Built on Uncertainty When I started my career as a young programmer I was tasked with bug fixing as a way to learn the code base….I I hated it. It wasn’t challenging enough for me.

Applying Systems Thinking to Your Product Development Process

280 Group

Product Managers Are Outsiders in the Product Development Process There are two underlying problems for Product Managers when considering any product development process, whether it is Agile, Waterfall, or a hybrid process. The product development process is a subset of a larger product process (from product conception, to detailed business planning, all the way through end-of-life).

Let’s Fire a Few of Our Customers

Mironov Consulting

As product managers, we worry about market results – not just successfully shipping stuff on time , but growing our product’s revenue, user base and engagement. After all, there aren’t enough F2000 companies that we can chance losing even one to fussy product concerns. These folks are enthusiastically using our product in one of our top few use cases or value scenarios. Over-eager prospects trying awkward, unintuitive, failure-laden uses for our product.

Road Maps: Involving Business in the Journey

Product Club

The first time I wanted to socialize a product road map within the business (a software start up with under 50 employees) I scratched for information on best practice or recommended approaches. You’ll find product managers at both extremes. The product team, unhindered by accountability, is a lucky packet and most releases are a surprise for almost everyone, but without the balloons. In this scenario you need a project manager and not a product manager.

As a product manager, you need to do just two things

Street Smart Product Manager

One of the biggest lies in product management is agile. The post As a product manager, you need to do just two things appeared first on Street Smart Product Manager. Product ManagementThat may sound like heresy, but hear me out… I actually love agile. It’s a great approach to reducing the risk of developing and shipping software. It’s a better software development methodology.

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Customer Discovery Series Part I: The Role of Product Management

Product Manager in Heels

What does a Product Manager do? As Product Management gets more publicity as a discipline , people often ask me what the role of Product Management is all about. Product Managers wear many different hats - project managers, designers, strategic advisors, developers - all for the sake of being the voice of the customer. Without Product Management, some truly devastating things can happen in an organization.

Elements of a Compelling Product Vision Statement

280 Group

Do I Really Need a Product Vision Statement? When you do the math on how many team members you have this leads to an astounding number of decisions that are being made daily around your product. A compelling product vision statement helps set the boundaries around how quickly and effectively those decisions can.[continue The post Elements of a Compelling Product Vision Statement appeared first on 280 Group Product Management.

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Product Leader – Your Comfort Zone Kills Innovation

280 Group

The post Product Leader – Your Comfort Zone Kills Innovation appeared first on 280 Group Product Management. Product Management Innovation Leadership

Metrics for Product Career Schools?

Mironov Consulting

Lots of folks wanting to get into product management call me for advice about courses or workshops that are supposed to help them land their first product jobs. They tend to be developers, newly minted MBAs, or others who don’t have a way to transition into product management roles at their current companies. For instance: M = number of students without previous product management titles who completed the course/workshop.

The Changing Face of Social Retargeting

The Product Coalition

Tammy is a very social person and in office people gather around her sometimes to discuss about products they love. By looking at her laptop screen or mobile phone it would be easy to spot BMW advertisements and people would get the impression that BMW is trying to reach her because she had either been searching for a particular BMW model or other related luxury products. ecommerce marketing entrepreneurship management product-management

Product Management Productivity Tip #2: Master Email

280 Group

How to Improve your Product Management Productivity by Mastering Email. As a Product Manager you can’t afford to waste time. The post Product Management Productivity Tip #2: Master Email appeared first on 280 Group Product Management. Product Management Best Practices ProductivityEmail sucks up your time for a number of reasons. You may read the same email multiple times.

What Will Product Management Be Like In 5 Years?

The Secret PM Handbook

The future is hard to tease out, but here’s what will happen in product management’s future. (CC Earlier this year Janna Bastow of ProdPad put out a call for opinions on the future of product management. To understand the future of product management I started from the “present” of product management. Where are we now in the product management discipline? The “Present” of Product Management.

8 Keys to Successfully Implementing a Product Management Framework

Product Management 2.0

Organizations eager to do a better job building and launching products that win in the market are smart to look to product management frameworks. The tested, refined, and re-refined product management best practices from the industry’s thought leaders have done all the hard work, so why not just “paste and go?”. Properly preparing for, implementing and “living” a product management framework is a major undertaking.

7 Ways to Get a Product Management Job when You Lack Industry Experience

Daniel Elizalde IoT Blog

Many Product Managers still think industry experience is unnecessary to get hired. However, as a hiring manager, I know firsthand that industry experience can make a difference when deciding between final job candidates. Learn why hiring managers DO value industry experience, and how to develop a game plan to gain industry knowledge and position yourself as a […]. Product Management Best Practices

A Toolset For Getting Unstuck When Your Creativity Is Blocked

The Secret PM Handbook

We product managers are inventing stuff most of the time. This list includes: Mindmaps – I have several product management-specific mindmap templates. My product management rules of thumb. The post A Toolset For Getting Unstuck When Your Creativity Is Blocked appeared first on Hardcore Product Management. Product Management Rules of Thumb ToolsA Very Creative Block – Penrose Triangle by Wes Peck, CC 2.0 license.

Selection Criteria for Product Management Tools

The Secret PM Handbook

As a product manager, I’d like to find some tools that help me do my job. I deal with: Customers – finding their problems and listening to their product feedback. Positioning and value propositions – what my product does for my segment, and why it’s a better solution than the competition. Tools for building the solution and managing that process are a dime a dozen. Product Management Tools product management framework tools

Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 1

The Secret PM Handbook

Some general purpose mental models are very useful for product managers. Mental models for product managers. What about mental models for Product Managers specifically? There are quite a few mental models about products and making them successful. The post Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 1 appeared first on Hardcore Product Management. Product Management ToolsThe importance of mental models.