The Secret Product Management Framework

The Secret PM Handbook

In this post, I share a simple model or framework to answer this question. The first box in the Secret Product Management Framework. The Jobs To Be Done framework has a whole methodology for finding unmet needs of market segments. The Secret Product Management Framework.

The Secret Product Management Framework

The Secret PM Handbook

In this post, I share a simple model or framework to answer this question. The first box in the Secret Product Management Framework. The Jobs To Be Done framework has a whole methodology for finding unmet needs of market segments. The Secret Product Management Framework.

How to prepare for engineering interview assignments

Inside Intercom

Interview assignments have become a common component of the hiring process for engineering roles. If you’re interviewing for a job at Intercom, we aim to develop a holistic understanding of the way you think about building product and approach engineering problems. Engineering

An 8-Step Framework for Product Growth by Sylvia Ng

Mind the Product

In this ProductTank Toronto talk, Sylvia Ng shares her eight-step framework for product growth developed from being part of teams at Google, eBay, and 500px to show you how to meaningfully scale your company. Create a minimum viable team that functionally contains product, engineering, design, data, and marketing (it doesn’t have to be five separate people, you can collapse or expand as you require).

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

Get a Framework for Modern Analytics Capabilities Like every other feature in your application, the world of embedded analytics is not static. engineers don’t have to recreate or replicate. MONETIZING ANALYTICS FEATURES: Why Data Visualizations. Will Never Be Enough.

Three Frameworks for the “Promiscuous Product Manager”


What if I were a NASA engineer? Read more » The post Three Frameworks for the “Promiscuous Product Manager” appeared first on ProductCraft by Pendo. Let’s say I’m in my ten-thousandth hour as a product manager and I’ve spent the past decade racking up wins at tech companies currently worth more than $1 trillion. I can just rest on my laurels and sling decisions from the hip, right? Or a pro football coach?

PREACH – a framework for perfecting your customer support tone

Inside Intercom

We don’t blame the engineers, or attempt to come up with excuses. Crafting the PREACH framework is all well and good, but how do we apply it? The post PREACH – a framework for perfecting your customer support tone appeared first on Inside Intercom.

Establishing a market-led culture with a Product Management framework


Understanding that product management is not a one person job, SnapComms CEO Chris Leonard and 11 employees, who hailed from customer service, engineering, marketing and sales, attended the Brainmates’ Essentials of Product Management course to start the company product management journey together.

Stripe’s Will Larson on engineering and infrastructure management

Inside Intercom

As a startup scales, the importance of infrastructure engineers simply can’t be overstated. They’re the ones making sure your app is secure, that uptime looks good, and that the rest of your engineering org has the right tools to build features your users need and want. Today he’s leading Foundation Engineering at Stripe. One of my friends who had worked at Digg had moved there, and I went to work on the infrastructure engineering team.

A Product Excellence Framework by Google Product Manager

The Product Coalition

Currently Product & Program Manager at Google, she will reflect on a Product Excellence Framework that can achieve this. link] Sara Zare’s Insights on Achieving Product Excellence “The Product Managers’ language is different from that of the UXRs, engineers and the rest.

How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit

First Round Review

Superhuman founder and CEO Rahul Vohra walks us through the framework his startup used to make product/market fit more actionable, detailing the survey and four-step process that were key to measuring and optimizing it.

Product Requirements: Using a Written or Visual Framework

Mind the Product

Figure 1: FRAMEWORK OF METHODS TO CAPTURE AND DEFINE PRODUCT FEATURES. Bad Product Manager ” say that: “Written communication to engineering is superior [to verbal communication] because it is more consistent across an entire product team, it is more lasting, it raises accountability.“ .

Going on tour: How we spread engineering knowledge and culture across Intercom

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Large engineering organizations face a common problem – different teams working on different parts of a product can end up having specific domain knowledge, and even specific cultures, that can lead to silos. What is an engineering tour? How to design an engineering tour.

8 Keys to Successfully Implementing a Product Management Framework

Product Management 2.0

Organizations eager to do a better job building and launching products that win in the market are smart to look to product management frameworks. Key #1: Appreciate the difference between “framework” and “process.”

Using the Jobs To Be Done Framework for Product Management

The Product Coalition

The most popular frameworks, like agile, are more about the general approach your office takes. The Jobs To Be Done Framework (JTBD, for short) is different. Explaining the Jobs to Be Done Framework What is business? Let’s look at the theory behind the Jobs To Be Done framework.

Edmond Lau and Jean Hsu on engineering more leaders and better working relationships

Inside Intercom

As up and coming engineers in Silicon Valley, Jean Hsu and Edmond Lau long sought more influence and impact in their respective positions – but they couldn’t shake the feeling of being stuck. Many engineers feel like they must make a jump into management to lead. But as Jean and Edmond will now tell you, following years of engineering leadership at Quip, Quora, Medium and more, that simply isn’t the case. Jean: Especially with engineering teams.

Building a Growth Framework Towards a $100 Million Product

Brian Balfour

This post is the HubSpot Sales case study that illustrates the concepts of the 4-Fits Framework, a 5 post series in which I explain the four frameworks you need to align to grow to a $100M+ company. Beyond coming up with the Four Fits Framework, I took away a number of lessons: 1.

The magic of goal setting: A simple framework for managers and teams

Inside Intercom

We typically track engineering goals in slightly more purpose-built tools.) The power of this framework is in its simplicity – that is what makes it easy for everyone to adopt into their weekly rhythm and creates natural transparency and accountability.

The Product Market Fit Engine | Rahul Vohra, CEO, Superhuman | BoS USA 2018

Business of Software Conference

Rahul shared an incredibly simple framework Superhuman uses for understanding their customers. Rahul Vohra (Founder/CEO, Superhuman) – The Product-Market Fit Engine from Business of Software Conference. This is the story of how we’ve built a Product-Market Fit Engine.

My framework for Machine Learning Products — Part 1 of 3

The Product Coalition

Over the years of building Machine Learning products, I’ve come up with a framework that usually works for me. Spam engines, for example, index characteristics of spam messages (including text, subject line, sender information, etc.)

Get to Know Gauge, the New Cross-Browser Testing Framework

Amir Rozenberg

” Just like Rihanna, you might think there are too many frameworks to learn in the testing arena! Now there is a new cross-browser test framework gaining adoption in the community: Gauge , a framework sponsored by ThoughtWorks. So why is a market for another framework?

Why Quality Automation Engineer should be among your first 10 hires


At Split, our first hire was a Quality Automation (QA) Engineer. In fact, most companies don’t hire a QA engineer until around 20 employees. I believe that a QA engineer should be one of the first 10 hires of a technology company. There are many arguments for why people put off a QA hire, but they boil down to three key points: Money – We’d rather spend limited, early-stage capital on engineers building the product.

Product to Product: Drift’s Matt Bilotti on the Burndown framework


The ebook explores the Burndown framework that Drift’s product team has adopted for product development. So our CEO Latif picked Matt’s brain on how the framework compares to agile, some common pain points and challenges, and how Burndown feeds into Drift’s customer-first approach to products.

Agile Product Management Framework

All About Product Management

There are many good product management frameworks available - however, I thought I would create an agile product management framework that is broad enough to be applicable to any product management groups that is practising agile/scrum.

How to Prioritize Product Backlogs in Three Easy Steps

280 Group

If you prioritize your backlog in a non-optimal manner then you may be wasting engineering resources by having them build features that aren’t the highest priority and don’t add the most value to your products.

Quieten the Squeaky Wheel through Feature Prioritization

Mind the Product

Other times it comes from the macro level: deciding to target new user growth versus lifetime value; spending time on user research or analytics; handling your manager’s feature request versus the tech debt the engineers beg for. An engineer on another team saw the bug and was concerned about it, starting a conversation on Slack that escalated to the point where I had multiple people messaging me about when we were going to get this fixed. Step 2: Customize a Framework.

The Major Problems with SAFe

The Product Coalition

Putting the Focus on Frameworks Rather Than Outcomes In my post about Product Thinking vs. Project Thinking , I highlight the differences between the two mindsets. And that is what I see with SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework if you’re unfamiliar with the term).

Scaling Decision Making: How product teams can make group decisions at scale


Given that a product manager has more to do than simply facilitate deliberations and prod people toward an outcome, many organizations turn to scalable decision making frameworks. Decision making frameworks help teams maintain momentum. When properly defined and adopted, decision making frameworks ensure everyone knows exactly what their role is in the decision making process. Scalable decision frameworks. DACI is a scalable, collaborative decision making framework.

Intercom’s Rich Archbold on how to run less software

Inside Intercom

In engineering, you want to move fast, ship often and solve real customer problems. It means reducing choices amongst engineering teams and standardizing technology, so our team can spend as much time as possible delivering value to customers. Born from an engineering offsite.

35 Handpicked Resources for React Native Apps


A framework created by a software engineer at Facebook, React Native comes with pros and cons, as all frameworks do. But as with learning any new frameworks , learning the “right” material and in the “right” way can have a huge effect on the outcome of the mobile product.

Is Google App Engine Ready for Prime Time?

Sachin Rekhi

I recently took the time to build a web application on Google App Engine and wanted to share my thoughts on the experience and the pros and cons of Google App Engine as a web development platform. The single greatest advantage of Google App Engine is speed to market of an application.

The Product Development Lifecycle: Roles & Responsibilities

The Product Coalition

In an organization with engineers, engineering managers, technical project managers, product managers, UI/UX designers, what is the responsibility and working relationship between the different roles? At Square, many teams use the JTBD framework to gather and identify customer needs.

New horizons: How to move your life for your career

Inside Intercom

A framework for moving your life. In my experience, there are three key factors to consider, a simple framework for assessing whether the move will be worth it. But this framework can help you work up that courage as you assess the opportunities that come your way.

Toolbox: How To Evaluate Market Opportunity ? When To Launch A New Product. Part 1, The Tools

Bogdan Coman Says

Sure you didn’t, because is not a framework (yet), is just the way I’m starting this article The greatest ideas spark in discussions that combine four main ingredients: Knowledge, Interlocutor, Debate and Drinks. A game changer product/technology skyrockets by three engines: desirability ?

Run Less Software

Inside Intercom

by Rich Archbold, Senior Director of Engineering at Intercom. In this battle, I’ve found a secret weapon hidden within one of our core engineering strategies, an idea called Run Less Software. When I say “execute”, I don’t simply mean the engineering challenges of building something.

Toolbox: How To Evaluate Market Opportunity ? When To Launch A New Product. Part 1, The Tools

Bogdan Coman Says

Sure you didn’t, because is not a framework (yet), is just the way I’m starting this article The greatest ideas spark in discussions that combine four main ingredients: Knowledge, Interlocutor, Debate and Drinks. A game changer product/technology skyrockets by three engines: desirability ?

Move fast and optimize for the long term

Inside Intercom

As a student of engineering you’re incentivised to write a lot and to read a lot. In product engineering, you’re incentivised to deliver results and this means quickly shipping solutions to problems that are difficult to identify and hard to frame.

Coda’s Shishir Mehrotra on rethinking docs from scratch

Inside Intercom

We had confidence in our thesis, and we could see how it was working, but I find that usually your confidence in business doesn’t come out of some framework. You think about things like databases or search engines or social networks or messaging tools.

Building for everyone: How we made the Intercom Messenger accessible

Inside Intercom

This isn’t just a company philosophy; it’s also an engineering commitment. A shared framework for web accessibility. Our engineering work started by exploring the WCAG guidelines and then identifying all the areas in our web Messenger that needed improvement.

Creating the Ultimate Data Orchestrator


By Corey Reed, Head of Data Science & Satya Gandham, Machine Learning Engineering Manager When you serve millions of customers every year?—?averaging like TensorFlow and ML Engine?—?to machine-learning engineering data-science data google-cloud-platform