What is product vision?

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A clear product vision helps making decisions so your product ends up where you want it to be. Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”?— Jonathan Swift Every product starts with a vision. A strong product vision applies focus.

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Is Your Product Vision Moving People in the Right Direction?

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A meaningful, motivating product vision enables teams to advance to a purpose-driven mindset. Engineering wants to speed up development. Because Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare Not exactly a Japanese proverb , but close enough.

Creating Your Product Vision: Two Parts Customer, One Part Product

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Creating your product vision can be difficult when you focus too much on the product. ” Apply that same consumer product philosophy to B2B products and creating your product vision will be simple and it will resonate with everyone. Creating Your Product Vision.

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Backlog Refinement Takes You from Vision to Value

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With a keen focus on value and conducting Structured Conversations using the 7 Product Dimensions, you greatly improve your ability to go from vision to value. A successful product delivers value when it is aligned to your product vision and goals.

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The one thing that can make or break your product and team: the vision

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In speaking with many product people (PMs, designers, engineers, data scientists) over the last few months?—?I’ve I’ve realized that people use the words mission, vision and strategy interchangeably. The vision talks about the future?—?where Bad product visions don’t feel real?—?either

Reddit’s Nick Caldwell on engineering leadership

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On day one as Reddit’s new VP of Engineering, Nick Caldwell faced a dilemma. He had just spent 13 years at Microsoft, most recently as the head of 300 engineers. At Reddit, he led a team of 35 – none of whom knew how to manage other engineers. Leaders are people who provide a compelling vision for people to follow and believe in, and take responsibility for what happens next. Nick Caldwell: I’m VP of engineering at Reddit.

Motivating and influencing your teams

Lead on Purpose

You’ve nailed the vision, and built the foundation of trust, now you need to motivate your teams. The success of your product depends on the work they (engineering, UX/design, marketing, sales, etc.) In nearly all cases, the individuals on … Continue reading → Product Management Trust confidence energy influence motivate optimism vision

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Should You Be a Product Manager or a Software Engineer?

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Here's a breakdown of how to consider a career in product management versus software engineering As a new grad, I was lucky enough to choose between product management and software engineering amongst other options. As an engineer, you’re responsible for building and shipping software.

A Guide to Collaborating With and Motivating Your Engineering Team

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Frustrated Engineer. Product management and engineering needs to have a constant push-pull for progress to be made. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when working with engineers that I’ve gleaned from my experience. Lose time by over-building (or worse, building the wrong solution) because, had the engineers understood the problem being solved, they might have had a better (or quicker) way to solve it. Nobody likes process, certainly not engineers.

UX Case Study: Search Engine Redesign for RV Rental

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This case study reports on how we helped optimise their search engine. User tests and numbers helped us convince our client and form their vision. As mentioned, the client had a clear vision about the expected outcomes.

From the Passenger Seat – An Engineering View of Effective Product Management

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From my experience of working directly with and solving problems for product management and delivery in a Fortune 100 financial services organization, I’d like to share my list of top grievances against bad product management, from an engineering perspective.

How can product managers build rapport with engineers?


These communication challenges are most pronounced between product managers and engineers. Nathan Creswell illustrates what he and many others believes to be the crux of the problem: “Engineering automatically see you [the product manager] as the enemy.

Break Down Silos to Build a Culture Focused in a Single Direction

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Are your Product and Engineering teams pushing (or pulling!) What is the company’s mission statement or vision? I’ve seen amazing Show and Tells where it wasn’t just Product and Engineering, but other departments like Logistics showing what they were working on.

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Taylor Wescoatt – Being the First Product Manager

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Early on, before product-market-fit, business strategy and product strategy are one-and-the-same & thus product vision needs to be owned by the founder. Strategically, this is about focusing vision and limited resources. Strategic clarity is about extracting the vision from the founder, and then communicating it widely to align everyone in the org. Product Launch Startups Agile alignment prioritization product strategy Startup vision

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Shortcomings of Google App Engine

Sachin Rekhi

As many of you know, I have been a huge fan of Google App Engine. I love the vision and truly believe its the first real platform-as-a-service as opposed to the other dominant cloud platform Amazon AWS. While AWS has significantly moved the industry forward with on-demand virtualized instances and cloud storage, it has not developed a fully scalable runtime environment comparable to Google App Engine.

Alignment on great product teams

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To move quickly towards a mission, the core attributes of product teams –strategy, design and engineering – need to be well aligned. When I think about product, I think that there are three core pillars that it’s built upon: engineering, design and strategy.

From R&D Engineer to Product Manager

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He has had the opportunity to travel the globe both as an engineer and product manager representing the products he has designed and ( later on in his career ) that he product managed. After graduating in France, I followed a B.Eng in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

The Product Development Lifecycle: Roles & Responsibilities

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In an organization with engineers, engineering managers, technical project managers, product managers, UI/UX designers, what is the responsibility and working relationship between the different roles? The direction and vision of the team answers: Where are we going?

New horizons: How to move your life for your career

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I wanted to be part of the amazing team of people who execute Intercom’s vision. Engineering career career directionWhen we think of our dream career, and by extension our dream life, we rarely picture jumping into the unknown to attain it.

From Leader to Visionary

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By looking at a diverse range of visionaries, we’ve developed an actionable definition for what it means to be a visionary: Visionaries are individuals who apply their unique skills or perspectives to engineer an impact that genuinely inspires them.

We’re doubling our product teams in San Francisco, Dublin & London

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Our teams across Intercom think and work holistically, so when we talk about Product, we mean engineering, design, product management, research and analytics. Our SF Product team is led by Ann Montgomery, leading product management & design, and Louis Bennett, leading engineering. Louis was one of the top engineering leaders at Trulia and helped to lead that business from $1M in revenue when he joined to $250M in revenue when he left.

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Successful employee onboarding should focus on culture

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I joined Intercom a few months ago as an engineering manager and onboarding for the first time in a while made me realize some things I hadn’t before. It’s focused on meeting a bunch of people, setting up our computer, walking through benefits and occasionally meeting an executive who talks about the vision and mission of the company. Startups company culture employee onboarding Engineering onboardingOnboarding new employees is a hard process to do well.

Product Takeoff

Product Takeoff

To achieve that level of confidence and to build products in that space we as product managers have to focus on a few key principals before we plan on getting the next thing in the marketplace.The four major principals we generally go by are Vision, Strategy, Team and Rapid learning.

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Beyond Tickets: Putting You Smack Dab in the World of Beyonce


By Laukik Watve , Head of Engineering Imagine putting on a headset and instantly finding yourself in the front row of a Beyonce concert. We are forming full-stack, balanced engineering and cross-functional teams who uniformly operate with a “fan-first” mentality.

Treat Your Career Like you Treat Your Products by Adam Warburton

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Just as with a product, you should start with a vision. This isn’t to say everyone’s vision should be about having an ambitious career; just as valid, if not more so, would be a vision to “be the best parent I can be” or similar.

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Locked-In Syndrome: What we can learn from Boeing’s 737 Max decisions

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So it seemed like an obvious choice to update the existing 737 with a new engine. To Boeing engineers this seemed like déjà vu?—?they it limited the size of the engine that could fit under the wing. To fit a larger engine, engineers moved the engine further forward.

Women in Product Management: Linda Andries, SVP Product Management at Measured Progress | AdvancED

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As a market strategist, I wrote business plans and helped organizations re-engineer or re-imagined where their spaces were and where they were going. I like the idea of being able to own something through an entire life cycle: from the strategic value and vision through the ideation funnels to development. And then together you see the vision come together. I’ve heard product managers say they hate working with Sales and they hate Engineers.

How to Create a Strategic Portfolio Roadmap

Proficientz – Product Management University

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to develop a strategic portfolio roadmap that drives new growth by shifting your inside-out product vision to an outside-in customer vision. Instead of constantly wrangling over competing product visions that no one can ever agree on, you’ll learn how to craft a short and long-term portfolio roadmap that mirrors the vision and business goals of your target customers. Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth.

Empowered Product Teams by Marty Cagan

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Once product managers are competent you need to make sure the team is: inspired by a vision and assigned to a real customer/business problem to solve, rather than given lists of features to build.

Stop Validating & Start Co-Creating

Product Talk

Even though their MVP will only include a fraction of their near-term vision, Pam wants two weeks to work through the design of the near-term vision, as she’s worried if they build piece by piece, they’ll end up with a Frankenstein user experience. Meet Sally and Pam.

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What Monzo Learned From Scaling its Lending Team

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Firstly we e xplain the “why” by defining an inspiring vision with the team, and having a clear goal. Create Ownership by Defining a Clear Vision and a Goal With Your Team. Make Sure Your Vision is Customer-Centric. How do you get to a great vision?

A Well-Balanced Roadmap: Combining Near-Term Priorities with Long-Term Goals


The latter illustrates the vision for where the product will/might eventually end up. Because long-term vision creation and short-term planning vary in their scope, specificity and certainty, there’s a strong case to be made to break them up into two separate roadmaps.

Would-Be Product Manager’s Instruction Manual

Product Management Unpacked

Build the strategic vision for your product. No, you don’t have to be a software engineer. But when a software engineer tells you something, it helps if you can do more than nod your head and pretend to understand. People often describe a product manager as “CEO of the Product.”

TEI 226: Creating product roadmaps, Part 2 – with Bruce McCarthy

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Creating a product vision of the future that’s awesome for everyone. It’s all about the why and crafting a compelling vision that explains the vision to the customer and the company. It starts with the why and a vision of the future that’s awesome for everyone.

The Simple Guide to Product Management

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To own a product requires a strong vision for what it can become and achieve. Product Managers should feel comfortable talking with execs, and equally with engineers and peers. Having a vision for yourself and your career is just as important as having one for your products and teams.

4 Traits of Successful Product Leaders


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a former engineer to be a product leader. To earn the respect of and lead teams of engineers, the product manager must understand the technical underpinnings, how things work and the engineering trade-offs,” says Groupon’s Jeff Holden.

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How To Land a Product Management Job Straight Out of College

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Or should they take a mixture of classes across psychology, business, and engineering? Hard Skills Technical Expertise Why it’s Important : Good PMs have a strong technical background, which allows them to work well will engineering teams. engineering, sales, marketing, legal, etc.).

Internal Product Development at the Financial Times by Claire Parker

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In The Beginning… In 2015, a group of product people, business analysts, engineers, and product managers captured a vision for Lantern and expressed it with a mission statement.

Women in Product Management: Irina Farooq, Chief Product Officer at Kinetica

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Product Managers work with incredibly smart capable engineering leaders who have strong technical backgrounds, and also have a vision for the product. Being able to then think critically and synthesize everyone’s input into a compelling product vision and roadmap is incredibly important. As a product manager, I’m not as technical as the engineers on my team.

Optimal Product Process™ 3.0 Phase Two: Plan

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It will show what you’ll deliver, when and how the product features will support your strategy and achieve your long-term vision. Engineering completes the product description document. This post describes the second phase in the Optimal Product Process: Plan.