Why building for enterprises may seem like feeding an elephant?

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Understanding how B2B product management is a different ball game altogether Product folks who have worked on the early stage enterprise products may relate with the title. Building an enterprise product is a whole lot different from building a consumer product.

The ABCs of Product – Melissa Perri on The Product Experience

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So when we got her on the line, we covered everything… including Japanese deployment strategies, Marmite and peanut butter, product leadership and team organisation, how companies scale, how to pick the right environment for you, and even her new book, Escaping the Build Trap.

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What No One Tells You bout Being a Product Manager at an Early Stage Startup

The Product Coalition

What No One Tells You About Being a Product Manager at an Early Stage Startup Over a year ago, I asked around, searched for books or articles, went to several talks but found very little advice on being a product manager at an early-stage startup.

Innovation, SaaS, and Enterprise: Announcing the First Three Speakers for #mtpcon London!

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We’re delighted to announce our first three speakers, who will share their unique insights on building products in SaaS, how to be more creative and innovative, and how to change enterprise culture; Tickets are on sale now!

6 Product Positioning Strategies Misconceptions in a SaaS Business (and What You Can Do About Them)


When I started my first business 6 years ago (which has miraculously survived until this day) I didn’t even have a clue what “market or product positioning or product positioning strategies” were. April Dunford’s book on Product positioning strategies.

Growing up Lean: Lean Strategies for Maturing Products

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And yet if you look at what you typically read on Medium and other startup-savvy publications, you’ll mostly read about launching products and optimising for growth. That they form part of the strategy and therefore should be codified.

How important is product management for your startup?

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So the product management is the only one function that is offering business startups the significant advantages such as in setting up business objectives, targeting markets to deliver measurable products and services, and prioritizing the goals of startups.

How pricing strategy helps shape your entire business model

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The classic example sees a company move from niche startup to mainstream scale-up, but it can also see companies hone their product-market fit by focusing on a more specialized, and yet more lucrative, user base. Enterprise Level ($100,000 +).

Required reading for marketplace startups: The 20 best essays

Andrew Chen

The current generation of marketplace startups has been incredibly successful. We look at a lot of marketplace startups at Andreessen Horowitz @a16z – and we fund a lot of them! Product strategy for marketplaces.

8 steps to craft a winning sales strategy, according to industry leaders

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Developing a sales strategy is one of the core activities every business will have to undertake. A well defined sales strategy is your path to meaningful, sustainable growth. They share their winning sales strategies and the lessons they’ve learned scaling sales.

7 Potent Business Benefits Of Adopting A DevOps Strategy


DevOps has become the latest industry buzzword and we are witnessing its widespread adoption, both in startups as well as in enterprise-level businesses. The post 7 Potent Business Benefits Of Adopting A DevOps Strategy appeared first on Arkenea.

Innovation is Broken by Janice Fraser

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This is why every enterprise organisation is trying to innovate through innovation labs, accelerators, incubators, digital transformation programs, 20% time, and more. Unlike startups these inside entrepreneurs aren’t starting from zero – they have a core company they can leverage.

How To Say No – Gabrielle Bufrem on The Product Experience

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Scalable product strategy. Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early-stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers. Lily has spent 13 years in the tech industry working mainly with startups in the SaaS and mobile space.

Demystifying Product Management’s Role in Pricing Strategy


When there’s no traditional cost of goods sold (COGS) to recoup, the pricing strategy for a SaaS product can go in a lot of different directions. Let’s dive into this complex conundrum, while taking a product management lens to the pricing strategy problem. Demystifying Product Management’s Role in Pricing Strategy. Myth #1: Product management owns the pricing strategy. Just like product strategy and roadmapping , pricing should be a collaborative effort.

What you should consider when developing a product strategy


This blog has already addressed the different stages of Product Development Strategy. This time, we’re turning our attention to the various elements needed to formulate the right product strategy for your enterprise. Why you need a product strategy.

Same but Different: Launching Products at an Established Company

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There are lots of resources to help startups through their first product launch (if you haven’t found them yet, try looking here ). But what if you don’t work for a startup? With that in mind, launch planning might include one strategy for existing customers, and one for new customer acquisition. Is the process different if you’re a product manager in an established organisation, where products have already been launched? The answer is yes…and no!

The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in your startup’s metrics – 80 slide deck included!

Andrew Chen

Growing startups and evaluating startups share common skills. Earlier this year, I joined Andreessen Horowitz as a General Partner, where I focus on a broad spectrum of consumer startups: marketplaces, entertainment/media, and social platforms. Startups aren’t spreadsheets.

How to build, manage and scale a sales team – 12 strategies from the experts

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Most users view a product only through the lens of their own use, not through the needs and habits of all the users in their enterprise (which is a view someone at the top, such as a Chief Information Officer, is more likely to have).

Define the Formula that Drives the Business

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

Focusing on what matters most and why is a critical key to success for any business/product and this intense focus is ever more important in a startup with limited resources and where time to market is a matter of life and death for the company.

What I learnt pricing my product

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Startup Lessons: What I learnt pricing my product Original Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash , edited by Sheshank for this blog Pricing your product or service is one of the hardest things to do. Bespoke pricing is usually done for enterprises.

4 key steps towards a growth engine strategy

Product Warrior

Reviewing product strategy to design a growth engine for established business is a common ask of product leadership, although few businesses achieve it. The result is the enterprise typically believes its own hype and the limits within the business are not well understood.

Lean Mean Product Machine – Dan Olsen on The Product Experience

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After leaving the Navy and working on nuclear submarines, Dan Olsen embarked on a career that has spanned enterprises and start-ups, consulting, speaking, writing, and running the Lean Product & Lean UX meetup.

Lawrence of Arabia, the Original Agile Disruptor, Had Sore Feet

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… And what that means for startups and innovators today [We were] just sentient puppets on God’s stage: indeed, our taskmaster was merciless, merciless, so long as our bruised feet could stagger forward on the road … so very brief and sore was life with us. Startups, though, are vaporous?—?they

Agile 95

The Model Market Fit Threshold & What it Means for Your Growth Strategy

Brian Balfour

These are typically products built for enterprise customers like ServiceNow. For example, if you are a SaaS startup and this variable comes out to 50%+ then you should be worried. This is part five in a series about 4 Frameworks To Grow To $100M+.

For Black Ops, a few chatbots created a reputation. Listening to customers made it a business.


By 2015, Matthew Black was a veteran of the startup world. On selling into the enterprise. Chatbots might seem like a pretty widespread piece of technology, but in the cautious enterprise space sometimes Black Ops gets resistance from companies who only see risk. As a certified Mixpanel partner, Black Ops is able to help with strategic support in building out a chatbot strategy and implementation.

The Rise & Fall Of Enterprise Software | Bill Janeway, Warburg Pincus | BoS Europe 2018

Business of Software Conference

On joining Venture Capital firm Warburg Pincus in 1988 he built their IT Investment practice, which focussed heavily on Enterprise Software. It’s fair to say that they were pretty successful, investing in companies like VERITAS and BEA… In this talk, Bill looks at the state of the software investment market and comments on how the move to SaaS has affected the enterprise market. The Rise And Fall Of Enterprise Software”.

Your Teams Don’t Talk with Customers Enough?—?Here is an Easy Fix

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

Reaching enterprise B2B users may require you to expose a message in your app/on your site. Here is an Easy Fix was originally published in Product Management Lessons from the Startup Trenches on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

How Atlassian built a $20 billion dollar company with no sales team

Inside Intercom

When you think about how “traditional” enterprise-focused firms – think Microsoft, Oracle and IBM – sell software, it usually follows a well trodden formula: negotiations, long sales cycles and a “checklist” of features demanded by decision makers who seldom use the products they buy.

Proven sales plays for skyrocketing growth

Inside Intercom

Inside we reveal the strategies, learnings, and best practices that have enabled us to build a business worth more than $1.275 billion. Too often, sales managers at high-growth startups prioritize sales reps’ pipelines and forecasts over their professional development.

Positioning For Growth: How To Make Complex Products Obviously Awesome | April Dunford, Ambient Strategy | BoS USA 2019

Business of Software Conference

April Dunford, Founder, Ambient Strategy. April Dunford (Founder/CEO, Ambient Strategy) – Positioning for Growth: How To Make Complex Products Obviously Awesome from Business of Software Conference. I got a job at a startup.

Good Enough

Tyner Blain

With the current mind share enjoyed by Lean Startup and minimally viable products (MVP), there is far too much shallow analysis from people jumping on the bandwagon of good ideas without fully understanding the ideas.

How great Product Managers deal with technical debt

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Nobody’s ever received a call from a big enterprise customer asking if your team is planning on moving towards more of a microservices architecture anytime soon. technical-debt software-development startup product-management entrepreneurship

What Do You Really Need: In-House Team, Outsourcing or a Tech Partner?

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The history of Slack, the most widely used workplace messaging app, is often referred to as a classic startup success story. Many of the world’s most successful startups have outsourced some of their work. by setting up processes, strategy and frameworks?—?as

Product to Product: Hotjar’s Marc Von Brockdorff on freemium pricing models


They’re a startup success story that you don’t hear too often. The problem back then, however, was that most of these tools were actually geared towards the enterprise market. We suddenly took something that was super enterprise and made it available to anyone, really.

Who’s who: Understanding your business with customer segmentation

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Indeed, among our customers were B2C companies, small businesses, and large enterprises along with customers in places and industries well beyond Silicon Valley. Authoritative, actionable strategies on how to grow your business. A substitute for strategy or planning.

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