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Why building for enterprises may seem like feeding an elephant?

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Understanding how B2B product management is a different ball game altogether Product folks who have worked on the early stage enterprise products may relate with the title. Building an enterprise product is a whole lot different from building a consumer product. Vision is long term.

Sticking to Your Product Vision Means Saying “No”


Product managers wear many hats, but one of the most uncomfortable ones they’re forced to occasionally don is that of the product vision “Gatekeeper.” The importance of maintaining a product vision. It’s important not to confuse product vision with product strategy.

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Innovation, SaaS, and Enterprise: Announcing the First Three Speakers for #mtpcon London!

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We’re delighted to announce our first three speakers, who will share their unique insights on building products in SaaS, how to be more creative and innovative, and how to change enterprise culture; Tickets are on sale now!

What No One Tells You bout Being a Product Manager at an Early Stage Startup

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What No One Tells You About Being a Product Manager at an Early Stage Startup Over a year ago, I asked around, searched for books or articles, went to several talks but found very little advice on being a product manager at an early-stage startup.

Coronavirus Business Impact: A Startup Disaster or a Big Opportunity to Innovate

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How many startups will survive the COVID-19 economic crisis ? Startups that have started producing their products in China are at risk of experiencing considerable damages or disappear at all. Enterprises are actively thinking about how to find alternative suppliers.

Growing up Lean: Lean Strategies for Maturing Products

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And yet if you look at what you typically read on Medium and other startup-savvy publications, you’ll mostly read about launching products and optimising for growth. That they form part of the strategy and therefore should be codified. Step 1: Set your product vision.

Monolithic vs Microservices from Product Manager Perspective

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Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash Enterprise Product Managers are a bit different compared to the others. Scope of Team Responsibility On the early phase of startup, usually one team would be in charge on end-to-end process.

How Lessons From Wargames can Help you Ship Products and Build Strong Teams

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But a bad strategy creates a state of false hope, and can leave you and your team punched in the face after months of work. As a product executive, I deal with the strategy all the time. The great thing about strategies is they translate well to other areas.

For Black Ops, a few chatbots created a reputation. Listening to customers made it a business.


By 2015, Matthew Black was a veteran of the startup world. On selling into the enterprise. Chatbots might seem like a pretty widespread piece of technology, but in the cautious enterprise space sometimes Black Ops gets resistance from companies who only see risk. For Matthew, leading a company is about two things: vision, and execution. Customer Stories analytics Black Ops chatbots data enterprise facebook user analytics

Top questions asked by entrepreneurs around the world?—?Part 1

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Consequently, you can apply product tools (Vision, Strategy, Roadmap, Execution and Measurement) to any product you’re building, to create change more effectively. Don’t fall prey to setting your measurement strategy based on how investors or popular metrics might define “traction”.

Product to Product: Hotjar’s Marc Von Brockdorff on freemium pricing models


They’re a startup success story that you don’t hear too often. It started as a bold vision to change the way the web is built by democratizing user data and feedback. The problem back then, however, was that most of these tools were actually geared towards the enterprise market.

Predictions?—?2019 And Beyond

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Currently, it is a missing piece in the company’s vision which is to empower the world’s population to be more and more productive. Last Mile Consolidation Its the beginning of the end for scooter startups (please don’t start another one if you are in the U.S). Predictions?—?2019

Positioning For Growth: How To Make Complex Products Obviously Awesome | April Dunford, Ambient Strategy | BoS USA 2019

Business of Software Conference

April Dunford, Founder, Ambient Strategy. April Dunford (Founder/CEO, Ambient Strategy) – Positioning for Growth: How To Make Complex Products Obviously Awesome from Business of Software Conference. It’s not your vision in the market. I got a job at a startup.

37 Roadmap Tips to Align Stakeholders


Some will delight and engage the executive team by taking a high-level approach and focusing on goals and strategy. That’s why already agreed-upon strategies are the ideal jumping-off point for your roadmap. A visual presentation of your vision.

The Top 10 Deliverables of Product Managers

Sachin Rekhi

I instead define a product manager as driving the vision, strategy, design, and execution of their product. Vision: Vision Narrative. Most product managers realize that defining a compelling vision for their product is a core responsibility of their role.

Vision 171

How Slack Can Evolve Over the Next 3 Years

Arpit Rai

Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to select a product, analyze the vision of the product and then explore disruptive and expansive features it could build to deliver on its vision. slack product-management product-strategy

Emergence Capital’s Doug Landis on telling stories that sell

Inside Intercom

In this episode of our podcast, Doug and I chat about what makes a compelling story, how to distill a founder’s high level vision into something more relatable to individual buyers, and much more. Do you have the right go-to-market strategy? Distilling the 40,000-foot vision.

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How every organization can apply product thinking

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When developing and launching these types of products, the need for product thinking is clear: someone must take day-to-day responsibility for the product vision and strategy, manage updates and releases, and balance priorities between customers, technology, and the business.

How 3 product marketing managers execute product releases


Before we even build something, a PM defines the vision. As they write the vision, the product marketer in that group will work with them on market analysis and defining priority level. For PMs, all of this is critical for shaping and iterating on the product’s vision and direction.

Are you cut out for Product Management?


Great Product Managers deliver products for a market segment, not for an individual or for one enterprise customer. In start-ups, Product Managers often report that founders don’t allow them to steer the Product Strategy and Roadmap. A Product vision is key to delivering great products.

Emergence Capital’s Doug Landis on telling stories that sell

Inside Intercom

In this episode of our podcast, Doug and I chat about what makes a compelling story, how to distill a founder’s high level vision into something more relatable to individual buyers, and much more. Doug: Here’s a little background on Emergence: We are hyper focused on B2B enterprise SAAS companies. I continue to do what I love doing, which is helping startups figure out how to build and grow. Do you have the right go-to-market strategy?

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Still prioritizing features in a spreadsheet? Here’s why that should scare you.


While the loudest voices in the company and customer base are pressuring us to build their favorite feature ideas, other teams are deciding what to build based on criteria that support a cohesive strategy. And while we’re struggling to win buy-in for our roadmaps, other teams are rallying their entire organizations around a common vision for where their products are headed. Clear Product Strategy The whole product team is aligned around key strategic objectives.

What Questions Should you ask Your Product Manager Interviewers?

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The goal here is to learn about the product vision. While it’s a simple question, it can help illuminate how set (or open) the high-level roadmap is, give insight into a company’s unique take, and illuminate the clarity of thought (or lack thereof) in a product strategy.

Product Leadership Book Review? – What we Learned

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Leadership is empowering people around you to see the vision, strategy, or a mission. Whilst you’ll be key in setting the vision of your teams, how that vision is delivered in the real world will be entirely down to the people within your teams, not you. “It’s

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Even More Amazing Speakers for #mtpcon London 2017

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He spent 10 years at Google, where he created the Design Sprint process, and he has worked with over 100 startups including Nest, Slack, 23andMe, and Uber. His writing on startups and productivity has appeared in Fast Company, TechCrunch, Slate, and LifeHacker.

Prepare for a Product Management Interview at Google

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Google has an agnostic interview process in which they aim to hire “generalists” that can easily float through different product lines such as consumer, mobile, enterprise or platform to name a few. Previous startup experience. Product strategy ?—?Understand

Should Product Managers build mission-driven products?


They included the Australian Red Cross , World Vision Australia , Northcott , RSL NSW as well as the founders of new social impact startups – Humanitix and Communiteer. How do organisations benefit from having a mission-driven Product strategy?

Product Leadership Book Review? – What we Learned

Mind the Product

Leadership is empowering people around you to see the vision, strategy, or a mission. Whilst you’ll be key in setting the vision of your teams, how that vision is delivered in the real world will be entirely down to the people within your teams, not you. “It’s

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Q&A with Sam McAfee on Metrics Audits for High-Value Products


In his webinar, leading product development consultant Sam McAfee , author of Startup Patterns identifies problems product development organizations often face in measuring their efforts , and offers practical advice for tackling them.

How Product Management is Evolving: Findings from the 2020 PM Insights Report


The survey of more than 550 product leaders and managers from startups and large organizations in the U.S.

Good Product Team/Bad Product Team


ranging from startups with only a handful of engineers to large enterprises with thousands of PMs. On testing and refining… Bad product teams lack a product strategy, or if they have one that strategy is not clearly delivered throughout their organization. They understand that having a product strategy means saying no many more times than saying yes. Bad product teams use agile as an excuse to not have a vision.

Why do product teams need to make the case for minimum viable experiments?


When “The Lean Startup” author, Eric Ries, realized the value of validated learning, the easiest way for him to get in front of prospective customers was by building an initial version of his product, launching it, and evaluating the feedback.

VIDEO: Three things you need to know to raise money in Silicon Valley

Andrew Chen

I’m reminded of this every time I travel and meet startups. The video has a variety of topics, including: How the startup ecosystems are different in SF and in Sydney (and Paris!) (2:30). An alternative to influencer marketing, for startups (5:09). I’m going to generalize a bit from startups I’ve met from Australia/Europe. One common anti-pattern is for startups to pitch what they have right now, to their detriment. Raising money is hard.

Product Leaders: Influence, Service & Patience—Saeed Khan, Transformation Labs

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Transformation Labs is an advisory and consulting firm that helps enterprise and technology companies accelerate their path to product success. I then worked at a startup as Manager of Customer Education, which oversaw Customer Training, Documentation and Support.

Top Cross-Platform App Development Companies in 2020

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We understand that’s not an easy choice since you’re likely looking for a team that not only writes an excellent code but also grabs your vision, cares about your business needs, and contributes with its own industry insights and recommendations.

Salesforce’s Mike Kreaden on how to build a platform to drive growth

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Mike has been in and around startups for the better part of three decades: as a consultant, as a co-founder and now as the Managing Director of Salesforce Incubator, which propels new startups into the marketplace. Scaling support for early-stage startups.

33 Amazing Articles Every Product Manager Must Read


And as a product manager finding out how others made a strategy work, whether it was implementing a road-map software or avoiding other’s pitfalls can make or break your product’s success. You may be an entrepreneur creating SaaS platforms or a product manager for an enterprise. 17 42 Rules to Lead by from the Man Who Defined Google’s Product Strategy. He also was the CEO of his own Android startup, Cover which has now been acquired by Twitter.

SaaS product management explained by 6 product managers


Cast the vision, build the version. For customers more used to enterprise or custom-built software, they might expect one-off customizations or features they can heavily customize. For mature startups, this may come through in software acquisitions or new internal product builds.

The Ultimate List of Product Leaders You Must Follow (UPDATED)

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In particular, he is interested in successful launch strategies and growth hacking visibility across the key marketing platforms. You can also take a look at his Eugene’s Twitter profile if you want a shorter, up-to-date window into his vision of the current product scene.

MadKudu’s Liam Boogar-Azoulay on building apps to expand your product’s reach

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A predictive lead scoring tool for B2B SaaS companies, MadKudu’s strategy is all about integrating with other platforms – including Intercom – to link customer intelligence and customer engagement. How startups can leverage integrations for growth.