Understanding Enterprise Product Companies

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It’s a more precise, if less emotional, version of a May talk for Lean Product/UX SV meetup. What’s Enterprise? Another fuzzy line divides SMB (small/medium businesses) from enterprises. Enterprise generally starts around $20k/year, and really gets going at $50k/year.

Enterprise UX revs its engines

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LinkedIn’s Enterprise UX team on how research is changing the Enterprise landscape

Enterprise UX Evolves Holistically

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LinkedIn’s John Garvie on how research is changing the Enterprise UX landscape

Top 10 Mobile UX Agencies in 2018-2019


That’s where UX agencies come in: they help brands, entrepreneurs, and individuals make their app ideas a reality. This UX agency has designed 25+ domains with clients from across 13 countries. Codal’s clientele has ranged from small business to enterprise. Ensuring a great UX.

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The Enterprise Design Conundrum

The Product Coalition

Enterprise software is in the middle of a design-led revolution. Intuitive interfaces have entered our enterprise lives, much more striking in similarity to their consumer app cousins. Enterprise product management, however, is a mindset change.

Palo Alto, 22 May: Understanding Enterprise Product Companies

Mironov Consulting

What: Understanding Enterprise Product Companies. Host: Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley meetup. Companies building enterprise tech products are different from companies building mass consumer tech. When: Tuesday, 22 May, 6pm – 8pm.

Join UserTesting at Enterprise UX


The countdown is on for Enterprise UX in San Francisco! Enterprise UX is an annual event that focuses on the unique challenges professionals face in creating enterprise experiences. The conference is intended for anyone committed to creating better enterprise experiences, … The post Join UserTesting at Enterprise UX appeared first on UserTesting Blog.

Lean Meetup: Challenges of Enterprise Product Management

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Palo Alto’s Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley meetup, led by Dan Olsen, hosted Rich for… What: “ Challenges of Enterprise Product Management “ When: Tues, 23 Aug, 6pm – 830pm. Challenges of (Lean) Enterprise Product Management from Rich Mironov.

Enterprise UXR's Hidden Treasure

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LinkedIn’s Elizabeth Gin on the power of the “hidden user” in Enterprise UX

Explaining UX to Kindergartners

Pragmatic Marketing

Plus a Few Lessons for UX Designers. How could I explain that I create HR enterprise software to a group of rambunctious 5-year-olds? Here is the primer, with some lessons for enterprise UX design sprinkled within. Lesson for UX designers: Understand your users.

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What is UX prototyping and why should you test at this stage?


Exploring the basics of creating and testing UX prototypes. UX designers and researchers follow an iterative process – testing pieces and versions of the product and making improvements along the way, until, in the end, you’ve got a thoughtful and useful product that people love.

What is a diary study and why is it useful for longitudinal UX testing?


Continuing our series of beginner’s guides to UX , here’s an overview of diary studies, and their usefulness as long-term usability testing tool. The post What is a diary study and why is it useful for longitudinal UX testing?

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Why LinkedIn UX should increase friction to increase quality

The Product Coalition

Giving this some thought, I believe the core issue is the LinkedIn user experience (UX) for requesting connections. THE UX PROBLEM The real culprit behind these generic connection requests is LinkedIn. His areas of focus include enterprise software, virtualization, and cloud computing.

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Designing UX In An App For People With Disabilities — UX Case Study

UX Studio

Check out Dan’s article on gamification in UX. Timi wrote a great article about her favorite 3 UX workshops. Route4U is a true social enterprise that helps in making the world a better place through the power of community and technology. I wrote another article in the subject of UX for social good – check that out, too! Learn more about UX. The post Designing UX In An App For People With Disabilities — UX Case Study appeared first on UX Studio.

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The Slippery Slope of Sales-Led Development

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For instance, they can spend $8M/year providing $50k/year enterprise licenses as long as they get past their 160 customer break-even point.) Describing one “special enterprise deal, which needs just this tiny thing”. 2] FOLLOWING ONE ENTERPRISE ESCALATION.

4 Actionable Tips on App Onboarding by David Jones

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Tip 4: Questions you should ask yourself Pointzi works with enterprise customers and offers them a program to guide them through setting up the onboarding. ux entrepreneurship tech startup ux-designAre you happy with the onboarding of your app? Maybe?

10 All-Star Project Managers to Follow on Twitter

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Successful project management requires a close working relationship with leadership to ensure each project is aligned with business strategy , even as companies undergo enterprise-wide change. project-management leadership training digital-transformation enterprise-technology

Hearing About Accounts, Listening for Segments

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At enterprise software companies, there may be entire teams assigned long-term to a single customer. Product managers usually approach a customer problem differently from enterprise account teams.

Product Portfolio Management: Success at Scale

Mind the Product

Whether you’re in a small but growing company or a large established enterprise, you will tend towards the status quo. Product Leadership Product Management Process Product Strategy Enterprise Product Management Product Portfolio Management

The Votes Are In: The Top 7 Wireframing & Mockup Tools for Mobile App Pros


Not to mention that top mobile app brands like Airbnb, PayPal, Lyft, and Cicso have implemented some of these tools to build a slick user interface and engaging UX. Image source: UX Collective. Enterprise pricing requires further inquiry.

Identifying Non-Customers for “Customer” Interviews; UX in Minneapolis; ProductCamp St. Louis

Good Product Manager

Make Enterprise Software People Actually Love; why emotion/design are important for #B2B (not just B2C) [link] #prodmgmt #ux. Identifying Non-Customers for “Customer” Interviews. One of the challenges I frequently hear about from product management leaders is that they are trying to get their product managers to better understand market opportunities and customer needs.

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Design Trends – 2018 Will be the Year of the Human

Mind the Product

Every year, the UX design team at Red Badger discusses upcoming trends, and this year we’re taking the opportunity to share our views with Mind The Product readers. DesignOps to Rescue big Enterprises.

Hacking your Product Adoption Strategy - 101

The Product Coalition

Vishal Soni Enterprise mobile apps have moved from ‘nice to have’ to ‘mission critical’ tools for many organisations in the recent times. However, the process of deploying a mobile app for an enterprise is not only hard to navigate, but also taxing on the finances.

Using Experimentation to Drive Product – Stephen Pavlovich (CEO of Conversion.com)

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A free version will get you 2 / 5 capabilities and the Enterprise plan will give you the full suite plus added support. Data Driven Product Management London Product Management Skills ProductTank UX Video experimentation testing UX Research

2019 Product Conferences

Product Talk

The UX Conference. UX London. Enterprise UX. Front UX & Product Management Case Study Conference. UX Scotland. We are starting to pull together our 2019 conference list. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you know of a product conference that is not on the list and you think it should be, please feel free to recommend it in the comments or send an email to conferences@producttalk.org.

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Secrets of successful product management?—?Q&A with Marty Cagan

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And many large enterprise companies are too invested in protecting a product that was successful years ago. Do you think UX-ers make good product managers? technology ux product-design product-management businessSecrets to successful product management?—?Q&A

How to turn a story point factory into a customer-centric team?

Mind the Product

Our UX minimum checklist for example suggests at least one user test each week to give you the feedback necessary to build a great product. In the enterprise world visiting some sales demos can be an eye-opener too.

Nir Eyal on designing healthy habits – and the psychology behind them

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But the line of demarcation is not necessarily enterprise or consumer web. The exact same four steps of trigger, action, reward and investment apply to the enterprise as well. The same four steps of trigger, action, reward and investment apply to the enterprise. Podcast product design product development retention UXThe most successful products aren’t always the ones that win. Often, it’s the products that are first to mind. The products that create habits.

7 Ethical Design Examples To Make Facebook Better For Everyone

UX Studio

Want to read more about our UX design process here? We at UX studio care deeply around the world around us, and the people in it. We know a robust UX process and extremely conscious decision making based on complex and well researched information form every decision.

2017 Product Conferences

Product Talk

UX Immersions: Interactions. UX London 2017. Enterprise UX. UX Scotland 2017. UX Week 2017. CHIIR 2018 UX Conference. I often get and see on social media questions about upcoming product conferences. So we compiled a list. I say we because my assistant, Karen did most of the heavy-lifting. This list is by no means exhaustive.

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7 Tips for Liberating Actionable Insights


If you are conducting research about an Enterprise Productivity Application, an “ insight ” which shows more customers are dog people vs cat people is not actionable (unless you’re conducting research for a pet store e-commerce site). I truly want all UX Researchers to ask and understand the pressures your key stakeholders are facing. Select the right UX KPIs & connect them to organizational KPIs. Selling UX Internally User Experience Research

From conversion to retention: industry experts on improving your onboarding

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If it’s an enterprise product, it better make them look good to their colleagues. Podcast onboarding product management UXIf your product is to survive and your business is to grow, improving your user onboarding must always be top of mind. There are two key reasons for this. First, onboarding is the one thing that every user of your product experiences. Secondly, just as Ruairí wrote recently , your onboarding strategy must adapt over time as your product and business evolve.

The PM’s Toolbox: Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve


Asana is a popular option for both enterprise and SMB companies. For A/B testing, Optimizely is a popular option that enables product managers to float product and UX trial balloons to segments of their user bases. It’s no secret that product managers wear a lot of hats.

Recap of 2017 Predictions & Trends for User Experience Design & Research


At the start of 2017 I made several predictions about UX design and research. Organizational UX maturity grew across the board. A lot of organizations that we work with have hired senior UX leaders. Having said that, we still believe there is a long runway to improve organizational UX maturity and that can only happen as more and more teams demonstrate value in two primary ways: (1) Rapid research to support Agile development. (2)

Don’t Miss These Amazing Speakers at #mtpcon Singapore

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We’re thrilled to announce the first of our amazing line-up of speakers and announce all our deep-dive workshops, connecting international and regional thought leaders with the vibrant product and UX community across AsiaPac. Jeff Gothelf, Author of Sense and Respond & Lean UX.

20 expert opinions on UI design trends for 2018


The other thing we have going for THIS particular trends post is that we have actual, honest-to-goodness, UX experts to engage with instead of just making stuff up ourselves (see: smart-pants). “You are your password” Nick Babich, Editor-in-chief, UX Planet.

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Birst Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Cloud-Based Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for 4th Straight Time

Birst BI

Constellation Research predicts that by 2020, 60 percent of mission-critical data will be accessed, rather than owned by enterprises – with external sources including SaaS, social networks, third-party enrichment data and partner information.

Still prioritizing features in a spreadsheet? Here’s why that should scare you.


Nowadays, new rivals can come out of nowhere, and if they offer superior features, UX, or succeed in building stronger customer relationships, your customers can (and will) defect to them. Will you work to support the more stringent requirements of enterprise customers or target SMBs instead? How product management has fallen behind in the new era of product excellence In 1878, the world was introduced to something that would forever change how people would communicate.

What Product Manager Type Are You?


One thing that is consistent across the 7 product manager types is: executives, team members, and others expect a product manager to function at the intersection of technology, UX, and business. It’s not only an enterprise issue to find the right product manager type to fit your company culture and the product team. These types exist at enterprise level technology companies while startups need a specific type of manager depending on the stage they’re in.

What every product manager needs to know about content strategy


Giant corporations and small enterprises alike are realizing the importance of good copy, and hiring writers to design their words. Some experts even claim that writing is the most coveted skill for UX designers.