Why is Idea Management Important?


People come up with ideas all the time. Sometimes we even hold brainstorming sessions dedicated to nothing else but bringing forth new ideas. But coming up with ideas is the easy part. For this reason, product teams need to develop a process for idea management.

How We’re Turning Feedback into Strategic Product Decisions


There is no shortage of product ideas. Customer feedback, feature requests, and new ideas born from your interpretation of your product strategy—can all be the starting point for your company’s next great opportunity. Yes, that starts with a way to capture and organize ideas.


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Minimum Viable Product vs Minimum Marketable Product: What’s The Difference?


Would you like to know what role each of them plays in the product management process and how to build them? A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a version of the product with minimal features, built to validate product ideas. An MVP is a very reliable way to validate your product ideas.

Top Product Roadmap Tools for 2021: These will help you get things done


Product roadmap tools enable companies to manage their products, evaluate their life cycles as well as communicate the product’s goals and progress to their team members and management. Here is the list of top 10 product roadmap tools, curated for you.

The Importance of Crowdsourcing Your Product Ideas


You may have created a viable but incomplete solution. Each of those changes starts as an idea. Many other changes that don’t happen also start as an idea. It should go without saying that you want to get customer feedback. Why crowdsource product ideas.

Simplifying User Feedback

The Product Coalition

User feedback, it’s surprising how often it’s overlooked or ignored. Seasoned Product Managers may feel they’ve previously heard everything they need to know to make a decision. New Product Managers may be in their first customer facing role, and gathering user feedback is outside their comfort zone. User feedback is extremely valuable as it validates that the features being built are providing value to the intended users.

The Top 7 Product Management Software Systems You Should Know About

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It’s safe to say that shipping a product from start to finish is no easy task for a product manager. In order to get the job done properly and efficiently, product managers deserve the proper software, tools and resources needed to create and execute successful products. Roadmap and Build Products Customers Love Aha! system is complex allowing for many tasks to get done with a single software. Craft: The Ultimate Product Platform?—?Designed

Product Management Process: The 7 Stages Explained


What does the product management process involve? Why is it important for product managers to follow them? Product managers lead interdisciplinary product teams to deliver products that bring value to customers. What is product management? 2: Idea management. #3:

Sprout Social uses productboard to grow their social media management platform


productboard helps teams get user feedback in one place Lightning feature requests reverberated through the halls in the early days at Sprout Social , as PMs and salespeople crossed paths: “Hey Arnita, I was just talking to Acme Co. As Director of Product for the popular social media management platform, Arnita Hayden was charged with listening for inputs like these and using them to make complex feature prioritization decisions.

Greenfield Project


Product managers use greenfield to describe developing a new product, as opposed to enhancing or building on an existing product. Example: A grocery chain wants to build a mobile ordering app. Other grocery retailers have released similar apps to customers, but it will be the first time this company builds one. What Does a Greenfield Project Mean in Software Development? For software companies, a greenfield project refers to kicking off a new app from scratch.

Feature prioritization in product management: the key to building products that sell

Product Management Unpacked

There are many methodologies for feature prioritization in product management. If you are a product manager dealing with this, beware that one size doesn’t fit all. Product feature prioritization is one of the most difficult parts of a product manager’s job. And how does a product manager best communicate feature priorities? and it was clear the primary challenge on most product managers’ minds is setting roadmap priorities without real market feedback.

Everyone Thinks They’re Managing by Outcomes. Here’s How to Actually Do it.

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Last month, I spoke at the Business of Software (BoS) conference in Boston. A big thank you to Rich Mironov who referred me to BoS organizer Mark Littlewood, and to Jeff Merrell , my co-instructor at Northwestern , who helped me develop many of these ideas. Managing by outcomes has been a popular topic for quite some time. Andy Grove wrote about their use at Intel in his book, High Output Management. And yet, we still struggle with managing by outcomes.

Product Leadership in Scrum

Roman Pichler

The cross-functional development team makes the design and technology decisions; and the Scrum Master guides process and organisational change, as the following picture shows. While the three roles exercise different leadership, the people involved must effectively collaborate to achieve product success and align product strategy, roadmap, backlog, design and technology, and process decisions—without losing focus of their respective core responsibility. [1].

71 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions (2)

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Set 3: Internal Stakeholder Management This category of the Product Owner interview questions deals with specific aspects of relationships of the Product Owners with internal stakeholders: Your organization has recently decided to become agile and product-driven.