Product Leadership in Scrum

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Three Types of Leadership. Scrum is a simple framework with three roles: product owner, development team, and Scrum Master. Each role provides a distinct type of leadership. The post Product Leadership in Scrum appeared first on Roman Pichler.

5 Product Leadership Lessons From the #mtpcon Leadership Forum 2017

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Last week I joined the Mind the Product Leadership Forum in London. I am very thankful that product leaders shared their lessons at the Mind the Product Leadership Forum, they’re helping to move the community forward and build better products that people love. Leadership can be Lonely.

#mtpcon Product Leadership Forum – What we Learned

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Here’s what we learned about product leadership. Another key function of product leadership is to drive collaboration with other parts of the business. Book suggestion: Product Leadership. Product Leadership is Maturing.

The Next Generation of Customer Success Leadership


But in the world of The Next Generation , Picard knew the value of the Prime Directive—of adhering to a strategic framework in service of the overall mission. We’ll be talking a lot about customer success leadership at Pulse 2019.

Team Leadership in the Age of Agile

Speaker: Roy Osherove, Technology and Leadership Consultant

Roy Osherove, the author of Elastic Leadership, is going to provide some answers that come from his experience seeing this across many different organizations. And the answers focus on leadership. Which leadership styles are most effective for each mode.

Product Requirements: Using a Written or Visual Framework

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Figure 1: FRAMEWORK OF METHODS TO CAPTURE AND DEFINE PRODUCT FEATURES. Figure 2: FRAMEWORK OF VARIOUS METHODS WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF EACH OPTION. The post Product Requirements: Using a Written or Visual Framework appeared first on MindTheProduct.

How to Apply Lateral Leadership in Agile Environments by Tim Herbig

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Lateral leadership describes the art of efficiently influencing others around you without formal authority. It is essential for succeeding in the implicit leadership position that product managers find themselves in. Why Servant Leadership is not Enough.

Servant Leadership: A 4-Step Playbook


Nowadays, I don’t hear many stories about servant leadership in the media. I think we need more compelling stories of leadership in our lives. Servant leadership is the idea that leaders serve their teams rather than teams serving their leaders.

Applying the 3 Horizons Framework to Product Management

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Applying the 3 Horizons Framework to Product Management | Michael Rutledge from Michael Rutledge. Product leadership often requires developing the most compelling vision for a given area, balancing execution needs with demands from senior leaders to constantly innovate.

A Framework for Understanding How to Influence Others

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Tanuja walks us through the influence triangle; a framework to remind us about three things we should consider. The post A Framework for Understanding How to Influence Others appeared first on MindTheProduct.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

Practical Frameworks to Monetize Embedded Analytics Table of Contents Embedding Analytics to Lift Value and Revenue. 3 Packaging Decision Framework Overview.4 This ebook provides simple frameworks to help software vendors effectively package and price embedded analytics from.

Use a decision-making framework

The Product Coalition

This framework built into your product decisions process gives you leverage with the team and focuses all available resources on meeting the company’s main strategic objectives. A good strategy backed by a decision-making framework is critical. management product-management leadership

The magic of goal setting: A simple framework for managers and teams

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We create distinct docs for each functional teams and even one for leadership teams. The power of this framework is in its simplicity – that is what makes it easy for everyone to adopt into their weekly rhythm and creates natural transparency and accountability.

4 Challenges That Get in the Way of Effective Product Leadership

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Is it possible to create a framework for non-data decision making to increase psychological safety? The CEO needs to focus on the vision, then agree with the product leadership what the key areas of focus will be in order to deliver that vision – or at least move the needle significantly towards it. The post 4 Challenges That Get in the Way of Effective Product Leadership appeared first on Mind the Product.

When Innovation Programs Fail by Brant Cooper

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The New Horizon Framework. There are four horizons under his New Horizon Framework: Horizon 0 (h0): the core internal processes inside your company that need to be aligned for innovation to happen.

Quieten the Squeaky Wheel through Feature Prioritization

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But the only way your system will work is if your leadership believes in it as much as you do. All product teams did this at the same time, and we all made sure our executive stakeholders and leadership were in the room. Our extended leadership team hadn’t gone into deep discussions about our product KPIs before, so this was a good opportunity to help them learn more about the product process. Step 2: Customize a Framework. Prioritization is challenging and stressful.

What do Product Managers Want From Their Bosses?

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Having looked at the survey responses in detail, it’s my interpretation that the answers say more about the current state of product leadership than they do about how product people want their leadership to be… but it was ever so. What is the job of a product leader?

Empowered Product Teams by Marty Cagan

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The use of OKRs in most companies is a mess – because it’s a framework that originated in an empowered team environment – and most companies applying it today don’t have empowered teams.

Vision 191

4 Keys to Empowering Your Product Team

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When leadership asked them to make a decision they got stuck in spin cycles because they didn’t know what they were trying to achieve. Eventually leadership would lose patience and make the decision, perpetually continuing the empowerment disillusionment cycle. Empowerment.

What is 'leadership', and how important is it for product managers?

Product Manager in Heels

Leadership is a necessity for product managers, yet many of us can't quite figure out the definition. The standard definition is "the power or ability to lead other people", but does that really encompass everything that leadership is about? Leadership isn’t about doing the work.

Be a Director, not a Manager by Fareed Mosavat

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Metrics, dashboards, OKRs, and agile frameworks are forcing product managers to increase predictability in order to control the process and predict the future.

Lessons From the Little Blue Book by Joff Redfern

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He previously spent seven years at LinkedIn and he shares his thoughts on the “best and most painful product lessons” of his product leadership career through a journal he calls “the blue book”. Lesson 2: Use Decision Frameworks in Management.

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The Product Mensch – Rich Mironov on The Product Experience

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Realising it would be safer to diversify, he’s gone on to spend the last 30-plus years working with more than 90 organisations across the world in interim leadership roles and consulting. Lateral leadership. Lateral leadership. *

Sink or Swim: What can we Learn from the Vasa?

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This one was a bit different (it had a second gun deck) but that was fine, they built it on the same basic framework and adapted to requirements as they became clear. One of the advantages of having customers to visit everywhere is that you get to see a lot of places.

Get Out Of The Echo Chamber: How To Use Jobs To Be Done To Perfect Your Product’s Messaging | Claire Suellentrop, | BoS USA 2018

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You seem primed for it so could you comment on how to apply this thinking this framework to having multiple answers and how we might apply it using things like you know like the stuff the Brennan Dunn is doing at RightMessage to be able to express multiple messages, multiple positionings, to multiple customers. But I would emphasize to the leadership team that you’re working with that. Claire Suellentrop, Founder/CMO,

How to Influence Without Power – Tim Herbig on The Product Experience

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Tim is Product Director at Iridion, a trainer and coach, a co-organiser of ProductTank Hamburg, a frequent speaker, and the author of Lateral Leadership. Lateral Leadership – Buy the book now! The Auftragsklärung framework. Lateral Leadership – Buy the book now!

Are Your Product Leaders Good Enough?


Product Leaders who claim the title without actively seeking formal leadership learning and coaching are doing a disservice to those who serve their people and this great profession. The act of leadership is complex. These activities require leadership skills.

What Do Product Leaders Do?

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Product management is a craft: we build judgment and skills and understanding of conceptual frameworks over time. Many will have strong biases toward/against various frameworks and tools and processes.

A Product Manager’s Guide to Saying no

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I’ve found this framework enables you to say no with empathy, and in some cases, even facilitates the person suggesting the idea to say no themselves. A Framework for Saying No. General Product Development Process Product Leadership Product Management Skills Product Roadmap Stakeholder Management active listening product management saying noAs a product manager you have to say no to stakeholders, a lot.

Sustainable Pace in Product Management

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A framework like Scrum offers specific techniques that ensure sustainable pace—unfortunately, only for development team members and not for product people. Leadership and People Skills product manager product ownerWhat is Sustainable Pace?

Why Product Thinking is the Future for Product Management

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What I have seen, is that both startups and big corporates have issues in understanding how to be more product-led without the right mindset and framework. Design became design thinking through the great work of IDEO, creating a framework and mindset that can be used by everyone.

Understanding how Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Work Together

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Design Thinking is how we explore and solve problems; Lean is our framework for testing our beliefs and learning our way to the right outcomes; and Agile is how we adapt to changing conditions with software. The ideas of Agile are great.

Agile 200

“Why Transformations Get Stuck” Presented at Global Scrum Gathering Austin 2019

Agile Velocity

In this session at Global Scrum Gathering 2019, David Hawks showed attendees how leaders can guide their organization’s past top Agile transformation impediments and accelerate the momentum towards true organizational agility using a proven transformation framework, the Path to Agility ®. Agile Transformation Leadership Slides agile adoption Agile Leadership Agile transformationsWhy Transformations Get Stuck – Global Scrum Gathering 2019 from Agile Velocity.

The 3 Principles Agile Leaders Should Live By During An Organizational Transformation

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While leaders still exhibit solid situational and personal leadership skills that make them strong individually, they’re adopting key new characteristics and exhibiting forward-thinking traits that set them apart. Personal Leadership and Context Awareness.

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A day in the Life of Jamie Parkins, Senior Product Manager at JustGiving

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He thinks a product manager should be allowed to be flexible with the framework they use, “ultimately it’s about shipping, and you know if you’re shipping or not”. Product Management Skills Day In The Life JustGiving product leadership Team Leadership

Product Experience Podcast: The Product Mensch

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Hosts Lily Smith and Randy Silver talked with Rich about leadership, how to make sure that your next job is with the right company, and how to win friends and influence people. This wide-ranging chat also covered lateral leadership and how product management has evolved.

If You Don’t Feel Like an Imposter You’re Doing Something Wrong by Rik Higham

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You will acquire skills, toolkits and frameworks for tackling problems and situations. Product Leadership Video Imposter Syndrome London ProductTank Team LeadershipSummary: You’re not expected to know everything.

The Parable of Frank de Boer – Evolution, not Revolution in Building Product Teams

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Find the framework that fits your team best, instead of the other way round. The Parable. On June 26, 2017, English football team Crystal Palace enthusiastically announced the appointment of the great Dutch defender Frank de Boer as its new manager.

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Creating Good Roadmaps: 6 Practical Steps for Product Leaders

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Without thoughtful leadership around them, it may not be in product manager’s gift to achieve a “good” roadmap. This is because product leadership is genuinely hard and quite distinct from the job of product manager – something that is often misunderstood.

How to Give a Great Product Talk

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Tools/frameworks/models, and. Tools, Frameworks, and Models. For product talks, this means describing tools, models, or frameworks the audience can apply to their product, job, or career. What tools, models, or frameworks will you share to help solve the problem?