Proactive Data Governance to Increase Data Quality Faster


These updates enhance our existing data management experience— Govern —with the addition of new tools to help your team audit data, spot unusual events, and keep taxonomy consistent across your team’s usage of Amplitude. Inside Amplitude data governance data management Govern

Product Managers Know How Valuable A Product Name Is

The Accidental Product Manager

As a product manager, you know just how important the name of your product is. We spend a great deal of time trying to come up with the right name that will match the product development definition for each of the products that we manage. Our goal is always to create a name that will capture what the product does, be memorable, and in this confusing age of the internet be unique enough that we can brand it.


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Make Better Decisions, Faster, by Enabling Self-Service Data


Part of my work is keeping the data clean, and we also use Amplitude for data governance. Get everyone speaking the same language about your data, even for something as simple as naming events. . Customer Spotlight Inspiration data governance financial independence sofi

Birst Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Cloud-Based Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for 4th Straight Time

Birst BI

Today, Constellation Research , a leading technology research and advisory firm based in Silicon Valley, announced that Birst, an Infor company, for the fourth consecutive time, has been named to the Constellation ShortList for Cloud-Based Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. Decentralized teams and individual users can augment the corporate data model with their own local data, without compromising data governance.

What Is Data Management?


Data management also includes fixing mistakes in the data and designing a taxonomy to keep naming conventions consistent. . Data management involves retroactively fixing mistakes in how data was named, organized, or collected. Best Practices data governance data management

2020 Product Conferences

Product Talk

Service Design in Government. We are starting to pull together our 2020 conference list. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you know of a product conference that is not on the list and you think it should be, please feel free to recommend it in the comments or send an email to We’ll also keep updating this list as we hear about more events.

Naming 161

Code for America’s Amanda Renteria on defining the citizen experience

Inside Intercom

Government services shouldn’t be renowned for their endless queues, confusing forms, and excessive bureaucracy. And finally, last year, she joined Code For America as their CEO to do exactly what she does best – to make government work for all. Taking government to the next level.

Let’s Resolve to Create Humane Products in 2019

Mind the Product

I’m part of the excellent community of product managers who work on public services within government. Digital services created by central government departments are typically expected to follow user-centred design principles – this has been codified within government as the Digital Service Standard , which starts with the principle that we should understand user needs.

Moving Typetalk’s Activity Log feature into Nulab Pass


With this convenient feature, you can see who in your organization created or deleted a topic, updated the topic name and description, or changed which members have access to the topic. We’re shaking up a few things at Nulab, and we want to make sure you all stay in the loop.

Getting Started with Product Data Management


Or, events and properties may be named inconsistently, making it difficult for teams to match their product experience to the data. Define a taxonomy —a guide for consistent naming conventions across events and properties. Implement a data governance system.

Best-rated Sacramento Web Design Companies to Work With in 2022


Our user experience professionals have already analyzed the expertise of dozens of design agencies in San Francisco, New York, Berlin, London, to name a few. Jives Media experts worked in many industries, including tech, pharma, retail, hospitality, lifestyle, to name a few.

Explicit vs Implicit Data Event Tracking: What Is the Difference?


Implicit event tracking goes by a few names. You have more control to govern your data since you know exactly what data you’re collecting, where it’s going, and who has access to it. Data Governance.

Monitor and research emerging threats with AI

Roy Madden

Learn more ‘Cisco Systems’ is a ‘Company’ Leo Concept that tracks for mentions of Cisco by its name or any known aliases. When the company name is ambiguous, a disambiguation model is used to remove false positives. Cybersecurity.

Leadership Tip #11: Substitute the Word Trust for Empower

Johanna Rothman

Which is why we see so much deadly “agile” in name only.). Which Policies and Procedures Govern Which Decisions? We talk a lot about empowered or self-organizing teams in the agile community. However, I don't see too many self-organizing or empowered teams at my clients.

Singapore: A Country Applying Radical Product Thinking

Radical Product

Being a government organization, I was bracing myself for a bureaucratic and painful experience as we headed there with two jet-lagged kids who had been up since 2 am. After a short wait, we were called by name rather than a number, and various signs around the office talked about striving towards great customer service. Without even going as far as “great customer service”, can you even think of the last time you walked into a government office and were referred to as a “customer”?

How to fix Your Product Goals for Better Human Outcomes

Mind the Product

Their names were John Darley and Daniel Batson, and they created the Good Samaritan study to ask a seemingly simple question: why do people do good things for others? Tech entrepreneur Avichal Garg puts this very well in his aptly named piece Metrics : “The biggest risk in creating a metrics-informed culture is that over time, people conflate metrics and goals.” Hello product designers, this is for you.

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Mixpanel, Answered


With out-of-the-box reports for things like understanding user funnels, flows, and retention (to name a few), product professionals as well as data analysts can dig into user trends and self-serve answers to their questions without the need for a data expert.

Metaverse?—?Gateway to the Future, or Just a FAD?

The Product Coalition

Although the metaverse is not a new concept, it gained traction after Facebook changed its name to Meta and Mark Zuckerberg posted a video describing the metaverse they are creating. Metaverse?—?Gateway Gateway to the Future, or Just a FAD? How fancy can our internet-led encounters get?

A Tale of Two Data Teams


As such, I have heard a lot about different styles of data governance, which vary greatly from company to company. Here is a story of how two different teams do data governance in vastly different ways, and how they can learn to more effectively govern data. There are a wide variety of different conventions in event names, and some events seem to follow no conventions at all (there is even one event called “test”).

The Solutions Maturity Scale for B2B


Solution companies generally name their offerings according to the discipline they target – Acme Risk Management, Acme Sales Operations, etc. You’re an industry solutions company if your target customers are first defined by an industry segment such as retail, healthcare, local government or sub-segments within a specific industry such as physician practices. Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth.

B2B 100

Release Notes: October/November 2020


So whether you’re a first-time Amplitude user trying to ramp up, or an experienced user analyzing a new feature, you can click around your product, locate the correct event names, and build analysis in one seamless experience. Hiding/Sorting in Govern. New In Analytics. Journeys.

Data Management Do’s and Don’ts for 2021 & Beyond


Failing to invest in a data governor and data governance plan. Tools that enable straightforward data governance and data quality assurance are worthy investments. The same goes for setting up clear policies on data ownership, and designating a data governor or data governance team.

TEI 298: How product managers can use appreciation to improve product teams – with Dr. Paul White

Product Innovation Educators

For the past 20 years, he’s improved numerous businesses, schools, government agencies, and non-profit organizations by helping them: . ” Use the person’s name. ” * Use the person’s name. The five languages of appreciation for product managers. White?is

Product in Practice: How 2-Way Door Decisions Helped Simply Business Learn Fast

Product Talk

It’s a topic she feels so strongly about, she’s named it a keystone habit, incorporated it into her definition of continuous discovery , and designed an entire course to help people improve their customer interviewing skills. Welcome to the latest installment of Product in Practice!

Why data teams struggle with data validation (and how to change that)

Iteratively Blog

As the bridge between your data consumers (product managers, product teams, and analysts, namely) and your data producers (engineers), you can help develop and manage data validation that will improve data hygiene all around. This, combined with lackluster data governance practices, can mean that it’s implemented sporadically across the board (or not at all ??). You know the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out”?

Blog 40

Creating a Tracking Plan

Iteratively Blog

A well managed taxonomy and lightweight governance are invisible force multipliers.". This often happens when you have two different teams tracking the same event, the iOS team named the event Song Played while the Android team named it Played_song. Naming convention : (e.g. It's important not just for your event names but also for the properties on those events. ?? What is a tracking plan?

Blog 55

5 Tech Trends in 2019 We Need to Consider as a Design Team


Healthcare, financial management or education – just to name a few – started going through great digital transformation. Blockchain tech: the business value will scale up and the technology will be popular in most of the industries like Health and medical, Government, Production and manufacturing and many more. Living in the present, I often forget how fast the world is changing.

What is Product Intelligence?


We are also more connected—tablets, watches, phones, work laptops, TVs, bikes, consoles, and cars to name a few. A well managed taxonomy and lightweight governance are invisible force multipliers.

Top 5 Software License Compliance Stories of 2018


More than half of those surveyed in the EY and International Association of Privacy Professionals IAPP-EY Annual Governance Report 2018 who were subject to GDPR (both US-based and European companies) said that they are far from compliance or will never comply. Those numbers jibe with a report from IT Governance, which said that only 29 percent of EU-based organizations have fully implemented GDPR, according to coverage in TechRepublic.

How Do We Take the Temperature of Web 3.0 Technology Building Blocks

The Product Coalition

Namely, “who” owns its core components is a hot topic. Governments have to drive the broader adoption for all consumers to accept cryptocurrency widely for daily use, less likely given their incentive (money still works in most countries).

The Art of Building Products that People Love

The Product Coalition

First at Etsy and now at Slack, I’ve helped to grow software solutions from highly adored, niche products to household names serving millions of people every day.

Understanding Microservices with an Event-Driven Node.js Project

Modus Create

Each service usually manages its own database, which aligns with decentralized governance. . Running MongoDB in dockers as shown below: docker run --name mongodb -d -p 27017:27017 mongo.

How to Start Screen Design and 8 Principles You Should Consider


When we arrive at the page, we instantly see in the upper left corner that we landed on the page named NBC News. Another interesting point is reachability, namely, what we can reach with our fingers. The responsibility of the designer is to govern the participants during the planning phase to achieve clear, easy-to-understand interface. Probably the most common question about UX is how to start screen design and what principles should we care about?

Implicit Versus Explicit Event Tracking: Hits and Misses

Iteratively Blog

Govern what's being captured : When you create a tracking plan, you're aware of the data that's being sent to your analytics tool at all times. You'd need a developer's help : As the name suggests, code-based analytics tools require a developer's time to instrument events.

How Data Lifecycle Management Applies to Product Analytics


Your data taxonomy is your methodology behind how you name the events and properties you track. Overall, though, consistent maintenance of your product analytics DLM is a part of a healthy data governance framework , which includes three pillars: education, instrumentation, and maintenance.