5 Product Positioning Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid

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A product marketer acquaintance of mine – Mukul – recently asked for some advice on his product positioning. The very first thing I did was ask him about his process – what work had gone into his positioning decisions.

Data-Informed Retrospectives

The Product Coalition

TL; DR: Data-Informed Retrospectives In their book Agile Retrospectives , Esther Derby and Diana Larsen popularized the idea that a Sprint Retrospect comprises five stages. The second stage refers to gathering data so that the Scrum Team can have data-informed Retrospectives.


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The Power of Product Positioning and the “7 Ps” Marketing Mix

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PlayStation Classic was designed with far too little consideration into product positioning — the most important point of product marketing — and the blunder in sales was a direct result of this glaring oversight. What is Product Positioning? That’s the power of positioning.

How Vision, Strategy and Positioning are Related. 

Business of Software Conference

April Dunford: Confusing Positioning and Strategy. I do positioning, and they’re like, hey, yeah, it’s the same thing.” How are vision, strategy, and positioning related? Positioning. Positioning is about customers.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

To get the position right, you’ll need to do some research into the main user classes that make up your customer mix. In meetings, adjust the position of the dots. the feature positions in your Packaging Decision Framework, noting where on the value scale (x-axis) each feature falls.

Sales, Positioning and the Nobody Zone


” Good sales positioning and discovery techniques can help you understand true buyer motivations so you don’t end up in the Nobody Zone. If you’ve been in sales more than a month you’ve experienced a situation where buyers contact you to gather some must-have information to make an informed buying decision. Some sales people confuse this hunger for information as a buying signal. Take it at face value – it’s nothing more than information gathering.

Product Positioning: Overcoming Seven Obstacles to a Great Value Story


Here’s an example of product positioning at its finest. Product knowledge is a big fat handicap when it comes to positioning value because it forces you to overthink everything. As product managers and product marketers, all you have to do is bring their vision of success to life with your positioning and you’ve got a winner. Here are seven common obstacles and a few simple remedies that’ll help you create great product positioning.

How To Position a Product


Product positioning is an important part of a product marketing strategy. Why does product positioning matter? Product Positioning is a core marketing tool that can help to convince potential buyers to select your product from the sea of other possibilities.

Obviously Awesome: Positioning Your Product – April Dunford on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

April Dunford’s mtpcon Digital 2020 keynote on positioning was so good that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dig deeper into the topic with her. In this episode, sponsored by Amplitude , listen to learn about: * What positioning is. *

What Writers Can Do About Informal Plagiarism, Part 1

Johanna Rothman

Don't be afraid to take a contrary position with your topic. I'm not going to go crazy over informal plagiarism, even if bugs me. I think this is a three-part series: What Writers Can Do About Informal Plagiarism, Part 1. I spoke with another writer, Sam, earlier this week.

5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

positive ROI,” writes Anne Moxie in a Nucleus Research. When we need to update the information in the dashboard, we don’t like having to leave. Updating your application’s dashboards and reporting features. may feel optional—until suddenly it’s not. Watch for these 5 signs.

A Positive Customer Survey for More Referrals? The Supreme Guide


They can provide positive feedback in the survey, and ultimately give you a great referral. At this point, you need to think deeply about what questions will generate the most information for the purpose defined in step 1. The post A Positive Customer Survey for More Referrals?

The Ultimate Guide to Positioning

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Ask five people what positioning means and you’ll likely get five different answers. Positioning is often used in place of value proposition and vice versa; sometimes both get confused with messaging. There is agreement on one thing: Successful positioning should create a connection with potential customers that results in selling more products and services. What Positioning Isn’t. Stake out a Market Position.

Built for You: How customer feedback informs what we ship

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But actually through really digging into it and spending time with people, what we got was a much more positive impact in the long run for all of those customers that gave us that feedback. This is important for us because it helps us make more informed technical decisions and trade-offs.

Top 6 Product Positioning Examples to Inspire Your SaaS in 2022


In the competitive world of SaaS products, product positioning is definitely something your product marketing team can’t afford to ignore. Product positioning allows you to identify your market niche. What is product positioning? Why is product positioning important?

How Product Managers Can Define a Product Vision to Guide Their Team

Speaker: Christian Bonilla, VP of Product Management at UserTesting

Join Christian Bonilla, VP of Product at UserTesting, as he reveals tips for taking ownership of the product vision to guide the development process. He will discuss how a strong product vision informs your strategy and roadmap, common traps to avoid, share real-life examples, and show ways to reinforce the product vision into your team’s day to day.

Healthcare Edition: How to Get Information to Your Users Quickly


If you needed to get important information to your users, it was likely buried under all of these communications. As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, companies need to be prepared to keep users informed.

How Great Positioning Leads to Great Roadmaps (and Not the Other Way Around) with April Dunford

Daniel Elizalde IoT Blog

How do you define a product positioning that drives sales and informs your roadmap? The post How Great Positioning Leads to Great Roadmaps (and Not the Other Way Around) with April Dunford appeared first on Daniel Elizalde.

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Building Products for Positive Social Impact with Divya Dhar

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

One skill physicians learn is synthesis, the ability to bring information together from various sources and areas and draw insights. Hence, every action should lead to positive impact. That means the goal of your company should maximize for positive impact.

How to get started with a competitive positioning strategy


Competitive positioning is a way to assess the market, suss out your competition, and work out whether your offering is a viable means of making money. Research part 1: Qualitative research for competitive positioning. Any good positioning strategy begins with plenty of research.

Building Product to Enhance Customer Support: The Key to Customer Retention in an E-commerce Business

Speaker: Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch (Demand & Growth) | Former Product Manager at Bigbasket

Join Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch, as she details the best way to increase customer retention.

Enhancing Soundcloud’s Discovery Experience and Positioning through Content Categorization

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Actual feed post layout To me, the number of plays relates to the track’s activity and therefore is the same kind of information than the number of likes, number of comments and number of reposts.



For most product managers, their positions tend to stretch across many different departments. A MESS OF INFORMATION. Everyone is on the same page, which allows for a quick and informed turn around. The post THE DATA AESTHETIC: HOW DESIGN INFORMS DECISION-MAKING appeared first on Izenda. With a hand in sales, IT, and marketing, making quick and important decisions may seem daunting.

UX Case Study: an information architectural redesign project

UX Studio

In this project, we redesigned the information architecture of the cloud-based permission system for Hungary’s best-known architectural design software. Redesigning information architecture in UX projects can come with risks. How we created the new information architecture, workflows and prototypes. The problems affected not only the layout but the whole system logic and information architecture as well. no information that they could revoke a denial of access).

Human-Centered Participant Recruitment: An Approach to Facilitate Positive Participant Experiences

Generation Focus

We recognize that user experience research is only possible through the time, energy and expertise of participants, and therefore as a team we are committed to facilitating positive participant experiences for every participant we recruit for a research study.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

As more users have relevant information at their ingertips to book lights, purchase. to update information from within the. authentication and authorization information. uniquely position your application in the market and base your oferings on new.

Human-Centered Participant Recruitment: An Approach to Facilitate Positive Participant Experiences

Generation Focus

We recognize that user experience research is only possible through the time, energy and expertise of participants, and therefore as a team we are committed to facilitating positive participant experiences for every participant we recruit for a research study.

Human-Centered Participant Recruitment: An Approach to Facilitate Positive Participant Experiences

Generation Focus

We recognize that user experience research is only possible through the time, energy and expertise of participants, and therefore as a team we are committed to facilitating positive participant experiences for every participant we recruit for a research study.

Web-Based Demos Are Grounding Product Management & Product Marketing on This One Thing


Company and product positioning. One of the responsibilities of pre-sales is to provide competitive information to product management, product marketing, corporate marketing and customer success teams, not to mention, sharing it across the global sales team.

Demo 130

Positioning For Growth: How To Make Complex Products Obviously Awesome | April Dunford, Ambient Strategy | BoS USA 2019

Business of Software Conference

Sometimes it takes a system design engineer and some cat gifs to really help you see what you’re doing and this funny and informative talk from Boston in 2019 has both! Positioning. So positioning is not the same thing as messaging. There’s positioning.

I Crushed the Demo and They’re Still Not Buying!


Those who are sincerely interested will engage and be far more willing to fork over information that helps you qualify the opportunity, the need and the product fit. Blog Positioning & Sales EnablementYou knocked it out of the park. Crushed it!

Demo 141

How to Write & Format Your Resume For a Product Manager Position

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Sure, there are some junior positions out there that can be reached with a few months’ experience and a prestigious certification. However, most of the time professionals who undertake the transition aim to build the following story with their resume: their gradual acquisition of product skills across different positions and functions. Every resume must include: key personal facts, past relevant work experience, education, skills, and referees’ contact information.

Why IT Teams Benefit from a Product Management Viewpoint

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Positioning. Proper segmentation and positioning are essential to a well-defined solution. A powerful positioning statement also serves as the vision statement for the solution, aligning stakeholders around the solution and helping to control scope creep. Clear positioning gives IT a leg up in providing real added value to the organization. Product Management Information Technology ITRefocusing the Lens.

TEI 320: Visual strategies to better position your product ideas – with Amy Balliett

Product Innovation Educators

Using visuals to help communicate information can be very helpful. Visual tools can make information easy to understand and also place it in context. When it comes to visual information, Amy Balliett is a leader. Action Guide: Put the information Amy shared into action now.

Why Storytelling Skills For Product Management & Product Marketing Are Essential


It took an act of congress, but one of our customers was able to aggregate information from all customer touch-points. Apply the same formula to business requirements, user stories, positioning content, sales tools, product demos, etc. CONTEXT! CONTEXT! CONTEXT!

Stop Selling Your Product, Start Selling Your Point of View | April Dunford | BoS USA Online 2020

Business of Software Conference

This is a talk about positioning, but a little bit more about how you communicate your positioning or share your positioning. So they’re teaching the buyers how to think about the market so they can make any educated, informed decisions.