Product Leadership in Scrum

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Three Types of Leadership. Each role provides a distinct type of leadership. Providing the right product leadership is demanding; it requires a specific skills set and usually your full attention as the person in charge of the product.

5 Product Leadership Lessons From the #mtpcon Leadership Forum 2017

Mind the Product

Last week I joined the Mind the Product Leadership Forum in London. I am very thankful that product leaders shared their lessons at the Mind the Product Leadership Forum, they’re helping to move the community forward and build better products that people love. Leadership can be Lonely.

Why Product People Should Care About Business Strategy

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Business Strategy vs. Product Strategy. A business strategy describes how a company wants to achieve its overall aspiration and create value for its users, employees, and shareholders. Elements of an Effective Business Strategy. Ownership of Business and Product Strategy.

Power Up: Three Ways to Increase Your Product Leadership Power

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Challenging situations are great opportunities to grow as a human being and by doing so, you increase your leadership power. Product Leadership empowerment mindfulness product manager product ownerIncrease Your Referent Power.

Nine companies share 30+ best practices for creating embedded analytics products

and packaging strategy, and your product support resources for pre-launch, launch, and. through their strategy and seen real market uptake from what they designed. The strategy for our new analytics. Other companies often work this into their pricing strategy.

Insights from the #mtpcon London Product Leadership Forum

Mind the Product

The Product Leadership Forum is a chance for senior product professionals to discuss the challenges they face in a safe environment. By gaining insight from your experiences, you can develop principles on which to base your leadership style.

Reddit’s Nick Caldwell on engineering leadership

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He had to quickly determine which team members displayed a potential for leadership and teach them the fundamentals of management so they could make new hires and scale – without ruining the culture. I hosted Nick on the podcast, where we discussed the differences between management and leadership, fostering diversity in tech, and more. Here are five quick takeaways: Management and leadership aren’t one and the same. Podcast Startups engineering teams leadership management

Product Leadership at News UK by Jo Wickremasinghe

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This means there is a lack of strategy to develop digital products which meet the needs of users and generate revenue. Jo’s plan to break News UK out of this way of working was to build a strategy-focused product team, manage loved products, and work up a new approach to product development.

Product Leadership Book Review? – What we Learned

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The long awaited book Product Leadership is finally about to hit our Kindles, iPads and possibly even our hands. It’s a book that shows product leadership to be a mentality and style, rather than a set of rules.

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Product Leadership Book Review? – What we Learned

Mind the Product

The long awaited book Product Leadership is finally about to hit our Kindles, iPads and possibly even our hands. It’s a book that shows product leadership to be a mentality and style, rather than a set of rules.

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How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

struggle to integrate analytics into their products, business models, and pricing strategies in a way that meets a range of user. improper pricing strategies can have on today’s software. industry as a whole, with their leadership involved in the.

What you can learn about leadership from “Silicon Valley”

The Product Coalition

Image: Silicon Valley, HBO The epic Pied Piper case study shows us what it really takes to build a business from scratch A TV show rife with obscene jokes and obscure pop-culture references might seem like an odd place to look for leadership lessons.

From Product Management to Product Leadership

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It is the department, when run well, ensures a comprehensive approach to strategy and decision making.

It is time to talk about Product Leadership

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It has been a while since the term Product Leadership has gained widespread adoption in blogs, articles and even books. It represents the intersection between Product Management and Leadership; which, in my point of view, have a lot to do with each other. This is Product Leadership!

Vision vs. Strategy


I’ve already written about outcome-based objectives , and in this article I want to talk more about product vision, and especially how important the role of product strategy is in delivering on the product vision. Product Strategy. The product strategy is our sequence of products we plan to deliver on the path to realizing the vision. Normally I encourage teams to construct a product strategy around a series of product-market fits. Overview.

Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

brand and create category thought leadership. strategy teams Usage-based pricing. the right tools and technologies, as well as go-to-market strategies to build and launch successful. Monetizing the. data exhaust Top 10 industries with data.

Dear Strategy: 059 Strategy for Startups and Small Businesses

Dear Strategy

Dear Strategy: “Do startups or small businesses really have the time to develop formal strategies like you talk about on the show? Put more simply, a formal strategy is one that is written out. Refresh your strategy. Dear Strategy: Episode 059. ###.

You Can’t Outsource Strategy

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In this episode of the IoT Product Leadership podcast, we discuss why you can’t outsource strategy. The post You Can’t Outsource Strategy appeared first on Daniel Elizalde. My guest today is Rich Mironov, one of the top Product coaches in the world, who I am honored to say he is my mentor and my friend. In this episode, we discuss Rich’s four laws of software economics […]. Podcast

Why your growth depends on taking risks with your hiring strategy

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There’s a key turning point for your hiring strategy in a rapidly scaling team or organization. Hiring strategy for early stage startups. Scaling up your hiring strategy. Comfortable giving constructive feedback to leadership. The post Why your growth depends on taking risks with your hiring strategy appeared first on Inside Intercom. Customer Support Startups customer support hiring hiring risks hiring strategy scaling

Dear Strategy: 048 When New Leaders Disrupt Existing Strategies

Dear Strategy

Dear Strategy: “Is there a best practice for when a new leader or CEO comes in with a new corporate strategy? Whenever I go into a company to do strategy training (or any type of training for that matter) I always ask, at some point, what the corporate strategy is. Because if there’s any group that should know what their corporate strategy is, it’s the people who are responsible for tying their product strategies back to it. .

License to sell: 5 strategies to hit your sales quota

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It happens for a multitude of reasons — loss of budget for the project, change of leadership, better competitive offering. The post License to sell: 5 strategies to hit your sales quota appeared first on Inside Intercom. Sales & Marketing Saas Sales sales sales advice Sales StrategyIn sales, there’s one number we obsess over – our quota. As soon as one month ends and another starts, we can’t help but ask, how am I going to hit my number?

Dear Strategy: 062 Taking Strategic Risks

Dear Strategy

Dear Strategy: “How do you convince management teams to take a risk instead of staying with a strategy they are comfortable with?”. . That is – I have sat in the chair of a product manager who had to present strategies to executive leadership teams, and I have also been an executive leader on the receiving end of those same strategies. Dear Strategy: Episode 062. ###. The post Dear Strategy: 062 Taking Strategic Risks appeared first on Dear Strategy.

How to build, manage and scale a sales team – 12 strategies from the experts

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This is not to say that bottom-up adoption is bad strategy; quite the opposite. If you can raise a ton of capital, it’s one strategy for winning and crushing the competition.

IoT Product Podcast: You Can’t Outsource Strategy

Mironov Consulting

Daniel produces an IoT product leadership podcast, which he generously invited me to join. Daniel’s takeaway: “You can’t outsource strategy. Daniel Elizalde focuses on product management tools and training for IoT and also offers a top-rated in-person course at Stanford.

Strategy over speed: How video games prepared me for life as a product manager

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Instead of Half-Life or GoldenEye, I was drawn to simulation games such as SimCity , The Sims and Theme Hospital – titles that rewarded strategy over speed, patience over practice. Developing strategy skills. Recently , leadership asked us to help another team on a strategic initiative.

When Push Comes to Shove – Picking Your Battles

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Product Management Authority Communication Culture Do's Good PM Influence Interactions Leadership Organization PM Psychology StrategyIn many organizations, conflict is part and parcel of the culture — some conflict can be constructive, some destructive, but most of it can just be downright annoying. And, because we often sit right in the middle of all of the random agendas, battles of ego, and emotional storms that can rage throughout the company, […].

Dear Strategy: 041 Moving Closer to Your Goal

Dear Strategy

Dear Strategy: “What indicators will you use to let the team know we are moving closer or further away from our goal?”. Your strategy needs to have clear and measurable objectives, along with an easy to understand plan of action to achieve those objectives. In effect, your strategy is going to be executed by any number of people throughout your company. If you think that meeting on a monthly basis to review your strategy is overkill – think again.

Great Leaders Know When to Unlearn the Past

Mind the Product

This month’s Mind the Product Leadership meetup in London was treated to a talk by business advisor and entrepreneur Barry O’Reilly. Any change needs to happen within the leadership team in order to be adopted by the rest of the organisation.

4 key steps towards a growth engine strategy

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Reviewing product strategy to design a growth engine for established business is a common ask of product leadership, although few businesses achieve it. Product Management Strategy

Prioritization is More Art Than Science

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Product Management Backlog Definitions Good PM Influence Interactions Leadership Planning PM Priorities Roadmap StrategyA very common challenge faced by Product Managers of all experience levels is understanding and implementing some form of repeatable process around prioritization. Some people take a very light approach, making decisions based on their own experience, data, and beliefs about the direction of the product.

Product Roadmaps in Five Easy Pieces

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In reality, asking for a product roadmap was shorthand for “please help me with my strategy”. Team context : You and your team will use the product roadmap as one of the tools to help you figure out your long-term strategy.

Taking Event Support from Sales Tactic to Product Strategy

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From Tactic to Strategy. As you create your strategic plan, bring events into the fold as part of your product marketing strategy rather than a sales tactic and reap the benefits. Events Leadership Market Problems Product Management Product Marketing Working with Sales event gamification lead market research NIHITO problem tradeshowEvents. It’s natural to dread them. As a product manager, you may view events as largely tactical and time-consuming endeavors.

Eat, drink, and product: Sharing lessons from the field

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Our mission is to inspire, equip and help advance women in product by encouraging career leadership, development, support, mentoring, and building relationships with like-minded women. If you’ve been in product management for a while, you have the scars to prove it.

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Sustainable Pace in Product Management

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Do not take on additional responsibilities like improving the development process, leading the dev team, making UX design decisions, or creating a marketing strategy. Leadership and People Skills product manager product ownerWhat is Sustainable Pace?

Boston, 1-3 Oct: Business of Software Conference

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Featured Events innovation Leadership Market Thinking Organizations Product Management Strategy executives leadership management organizations product management roadmaps sales

Why CEOs Should Not Be Our Primary Source of Customer Input

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I think this is fundamentally wrong for companies with more than a half-dozen customers or a dozen employees – and is a primary contributor to product strategy gridlock. I work with a lot of CEOs, usually as an advocate for better product and development organizations.

Be a Balanced Product Leader, Not a Feature Broker or Product Dictator

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One way to answer this question is to avoid unhelpful but common leadership styles. As its name suggests, this leadership style mediates between different parties and tries to broker a deal. Recognise Your Leadership Bias. Feature Broker and Product Dictator.

Creating Good Roadmaps: 6 Practical Steps for Product Leaders

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Without thoughtful leadership around them, it may not be in product manager’s gift to achieve a “good” roadmap. This is because product leadership is genuinely hard and quite distinct from the job of product manager – something that is often misunderstood.

5 Product Design Tips: Making Your App Sticky From the Start

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Mobile Product Management Product Design Product Strategy Design mobile app mobile product product leadership Team Team LeadershipThe consumer buying journey is changing, yet today’s product design doesn’t always reflect this.

How do you Make Product Management Work Effectively in a Distributed Team?

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Business Strategy General Product Leadership Product Management Characteristics Product Management Skills distributed teams Remote Working remote working culture Team Culture Team LeadershipEver since the shift towards agile practices, product teams have hung on to a set of core attributes, which range from cross-functional, to customer-centric, all the way up to iterative and independent. But there’s one aspect which should vanish from this list of must-haves: co-located.