Market Research vs User Research: How To Overcome Uncertainty

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But by doing the right research at the right time, you can get the information you need to advance. Easier said than done… Is it not just a question of market research vs user research? We wrote this to help you choose the right research methods more easily.

Why product roadmaps are so important

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I want to address such topics here and show how product roadmaps can help the team collaboratively gather the pieces of work and have a view of long term desired outcomes that afterwards are going to be broken down into sprints, not the other way round. Don’t forget your roadmap!

Product Discovery Tips

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I find it helpful to form a product discovery team that consists of: Development team members: user experience (UX) designer, developer, tester; Key stakeholders , for example, people from marketing, sales, and support; A ScrumMaster or agile coach. Bring the Right People Together.

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What is Product Roadmap Software and Why You Need It?


A product roadmap is a guide that lets you communicate your vision for your product’s future. Some roadmaps show short-term visions of a product, while others show the life cycle of a product over a longer time. This is where a product roadmap software comes in handy. But there is a solution to help you create a customized product roadmap that captures everything about your product from inception to launch— roadmap software. Keeping your roadmap dynamic.

What Pixar Knows about Motivating Stakeholders (and What it Means for Your Product Roadmap)


A few members of our Marketing team recently attended HubSpot’s Inbound 2017 conference in Boston, one of the year’s largest events for marketing professionals. As product managers, we may sometimes feel as though communicating our roadmap strategies and recommendations to those who sit outside of the immediate team – sales, marketing, and other executive stakeholders – resembles Catmull’s first characterization of the unhealthy culture.

Enterprise Products - Roadmap Planning and Development Methodology

Effective Roadmap Planning and Development Process for Enterprise Products

Roadmap Planning process Unlike Consumer products, you have two different types of audience to satisfy in Enterprise world, namely Buyer and User Persona. Typical process what I evangelize for roadmap planning process is the below. Market Research : Adopt Primary and Secondary research techniques to gather intelligence on the market. Internal Feedback : Sales, Marketing, Support, Engineering and other stake holders. Market i.

How to Create Lean Personas

Needs — Relying on user research and any available metrics, assess what goals, needs, fears and the like can be fulfilled by using the product. You need to discuss the client’s target customers – who the product is being marketed to, what their interests and behaviors are, etc.

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What Happens When you do User Discovery After Market Traction

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Major elements of our sales and marketing plan, designed with companies like this one in mind, needed to be revisited at the least. We’d responded to market traction without properly understanding our users. That’s because when Merck decided to market the exact same drug’s baldness-prevention properties too, they created a new campaign and brand. The user researchers use our platform for pretty much the same reason product managers do.

Product Manager vs. Product Owner

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It does not cover common product management practices, such as, product strategy development, product roadmapping, and financial forecasting; and the only product management tool it offers is the product backlog.

“What Do You Do Again?” – Tips to Explain the Product Manager Role

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Variations include if you are also the Product Marketing Manager, or the Product Owner. Likely candidates include Development, Marketing, Senior Management, and Sales. Included in this deck are: 1) Overview of what a PM is responsible for, 2) Diagram of the Product Process used at your company, and 3) Roadmap of the next 120 days in the life of your product. Next 120 Days Roadmap. e.g. Market research. “What Do You Do Again?”

The Secret Product Management Framework

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And even roadmaps. A big part of our job is finding these market problems, customer needs and desires. Market research. There are lots of ways to find market problems or customer desires, and I have several earlier posts that cover some of these techniques.

Seriously, What’s the Difference Between Product Manager and Project Manager

Being the visionary behind the process, the product manager always needs to have the endgame in mind – bringing her vision of the product to life , adjusting the vision to fit market/audience needs and mobilizing the entire team toward that goal. Roadmapping. Roadmapping.

Women in Product Management: Corey Fiedler, VP, Head of Product Management at Broadridge

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I talked to clients, performed market research, translated that research into requirements, and then worked with Development, QA and Client Services to launch the product to market with Marketing and Sales. It also requires both a short- and long-view of the customer needs, the market and an in-depth understanding of the company’s 5-year business plan. I would spend months gathering market research and client feedback.

Selection Criteria for Product Management Tools

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Markets – my segments, their problems, and how to reach them with my solution (and if they are big enough for me to make money). Roadmapping – how my solution will be shaped over time. Go to market – how my potential customers hear about my solution, its value to them, and why they should buy my solution instead of our competitor, or instead of doing nothing. We do a lot of market research. We have to take our solutions to market.

The PM’s Guide To Getting Stuff Done: Tackle Your To-Do List in 3 Easy Steps


Aericon has a post on its blog about how they use Asana for product management – we here at UserVoice are also a fan of keeping tabs on marketing projects via Asana. Is your to-do list looking more daunting than doable lately? It happens to the best of us sometimes.

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Q&A with Extensis VP of Development & Strategy, Toby Martin


From our mass market products to our server-based offerings, we’ve released important new capabilities, largely based on Revulytics data about what customers actually do. Its customer insights help us drive market research, which will lead to more effective marketing programs.

The Secret Product Management Framework

The Secret PM Handbook

And even roadmaps. A big part of our job is finding these market problems, customer needs and desires. Market research. There are lots of ways to find market problems or customer desires, and I have several earlier posts that cover some of these techniques.

What Do Product Leaders Worry About? (Survey)

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Here’s what I learned: Among 380 free-form responses about major issues or concerns: 35% of comments were about figuring out what problems to solve and building the right thing : validation, good market input, product/market fit, innovation, and outcomes instead of output.

All I know is coding. Can I become a Product Manager?

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You also develop the roadmap and address the product development as per the roadmap. The Outbound PM role : As an outbound PM, you do the market research. You identify the target market, the market size, you build out the initial vision of the product.

Product Management Job Descriptions

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The most common format I see for successful teams is comprised of three roles: a strategic product manager, one or more technical product owners, and a market-facing product marketing manager. PRODUCT MARKETING MANAGER. Contribute to the product backlog and roadmap.

Why Your Product Must Stand for Something

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Diluting your user persona, overriding your roadmap to win deals, and aping competitors’ features is what turns your product into Frankenstein monster. A product that tries to be something for everyone ends up delighting no one – least of all the people trying to market and sell them.

Customer Success – an important role

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Digital Transformation, it’s all the rage, and doing a simple Google search yields a plethora of hits, from training to consultants, to the big market research companies, all weighing in. From the simple: an app on your smartphone to approve purchase requisitions, to the complex: integration of the CRM, the Marketing systems, and the ERP system to provide deep insight into the function and flow of business, and much more were realized every day.

7 Horrible Things to Say to Executive Stakeholders


We’ve written posts about how to set expectations for your executive stakeholders , when to share your roadmap with executives , and how to say no to a stakeholder’s request (without making yourself a new enemy). These apply whether you’re in a formal product roadmap meeting, a brainstorming session, or even when an exec just stops you in the hallway to ask a few quick questions. Cool features can work wonders for a product’s performance in the market.


Pragmatic Marketing

Typically, this is the plight of a team that isn't dialed into its market. Your organization may not be market driven. Pragmatic Training can help your team become market driven. Review these seven key steps to see if you may need to re-evaluate your market driven approach: 1.


Pragmatic Marketing

Typically, this is the plight of a team that isn't dialed into its market. Your organization may not be market driven. Pragmatic Training can help your team become market driven. Review these seven key steps to see if you may need to re-evaluate your market driven approach: 1.

7 Steps to Determine Whether a Customer Request is Actionable


Yes, if a customer proposes new functionality that isn’t on your current roadmap, and the idea strikes you as potential gold, you should definitely consider it and engage your cross-functional team in the prioritization process to determine if adding it to the roadmap is a viable strategy. That customer could also help inform the next steps of your strategy for breaking into that market.

Improving Cold Calling with Product Usage Analytics


Product usage analytics gives you a window into something data from social media or market research can’t – real-time use of your software by real prospects and customers.

Structured Customer Visits

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Yes, it is important to go on sales calls to important accounts, and to do well customer visits, discussing roadmaps, support issues, and the state of the market. Early in a product development process, after the initial marketing requirements are gelling, and you are looking to validate that you are capturing enough needs for the segments you are targeting. Structured Customer Visits are a valuable tool for the marketer or product manager. marketing essentials skill

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6 Key Hard Skills in Product Management


Dig into some of the frameworks on this list and learn the different strategies available for researching product ideas, acquiring new customers, delighting existing users, and the zillion other things you’ll have to do as a product manager. But as Isabelle explained, this means that “a lot of our job is saying no… to requests coming in from sales, marketing, customer support, even our stakeholders.” Proficiency in Research and Analysis.

The biggest challenge for product managers?

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Even before we finished bucketing the answers by theme, it was clear what the primary challenge on most product managers’ minds is: setting roadmap priorities without real market feedback. The most successful product managers tend to be the ones who understand their market best.

The most important words in product management

Product Management and Strategic Marketing

Has there been any market research that indicates a need? Why will this address the problem uncovered in the market? No, this is not part of our roadmap and company vision.

Designing Your Product's Continuous Feedback Loop

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These surveys can take multiple forms as well, whether it's market research on potential new product areas, or gathering feedback from your existing customers on their experience. Incorporate Feedback Into Your Product Roadmap Process.

Talking Directly with (Real) Customers

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I speak/write incessantly about the importance of product managers talking directly with their users and buyers (collectively “customers”), not mediated through Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, User Experience, or stray notes posted to Salesforce.

4 Mistakes Your Company Might Be Making with Your Product Culture


When the sales department dominates the product team’s decisions about what to build, the organization is much less likely to develop an innovative and strategically viable product with real staying power in the market. Bottom line: When you build your organization around a sales culture instead of a more balanced product culture, you risk chasing individual sales and not truly serving a market.

Imagine What a Rock Star Product Manager Could Do With Healthcare Reform

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In this case, there’s tons of market research already out there to answer these questions. 6. Create the Roadmap. Since this solution is the equivalent of boiling the ocean, a roadmap with priorities and a timeline for addressing each of the 3, 5, or 10 issues is a must-have. As with any roadmap, a good product manager would weigh the size and impact of each feature set and prioritize accordingly. Put all your political leanings aside.

How important is product management for your startup?

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So the product management is the only one function that is offering business startups the significant advantages such as in setting up business objectives, targeting markets to deliver measurable products and services, and prioritizing the goals of startups.

How to deliver great products when you don’t follow any “magical framework”

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Expectations of the market are getting higher and your product needs to meet them. Your goals are not your roadmap Goals and roadmap are (totally) different things. The product roadmap is made of a list of deliverables to achieve goals.

Innovating in Mature Markets – 6 Product Lessons from Padman

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Understand Your Competitors Through Market Research. In Arunachalam’s case, as he was entering at the late majority stage of the sanitary pad market, he spent a lot of time understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his competitors before deriving his unique selling point – cost effectiveness. So, a product manager should clearly identify their position in the product lifecycle and map out their market research strategies accordingly.

Smart Home Truths for Product Managers

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While the Amazon Echo Show is an impressive addition to the repertoire of voice and video monitoring systems in this growing market, it’s not the product features that are drawing attention. I believe we are on the edge of steep and continuous growth in the home automation market. The global smart home market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% The market was worth $24.1 My Twitter feed is full of stories of Amazon seizing the lead in the smart home industry.

Building Insanely Great Products

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To build great products, design the whole product, including the first experience, the subsequent customer journey, pricing, support, and go to market activities. Fradin races through a lot of concepts and briefly covers topics like pricing, go to market plans, and customer discovery.

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