11 Product Marketing Tools Every SaaS Company Should Try


The world of software is crowded with a variety of product marketing tools that are ‘supposed’ to transform your workflow. But more often than not, so many of these tools end up being more work to set up, maintain or use. Product Marketing Tools Overview.

Product Marketing Manager Salary [2021 Data]

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Status of the Job 2021: Product Marketing Manager. As organizations scrambled to innovate and deliver tools and technologies that enabled digital transformation, Product Marketing Managers moved into the spotlight. What is a Product Marketing Manager? Product Marketing


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[CASE STUDY] Aha! Moment Before Signup as a Marketing Tool


Moment is used as a marketing tool! Moment into an actual marketing tool, and in doing so have managed to drastically improve signups and conversions. Case Studies Product Experience aha moment before the signup marketing tool UX inspiration

8 Best SaaS Onboarding Tools in 2021


Companies need a stack of SaaS onboarding tools to create personalized experiences and bring users to their “Aha! So what are the best SaaS Onboarding Tools for 2021, and how do you know which tools to choose? What Are SaaS Onboarding Tools? What Are SaaS Onboarding Tools?

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

This deceptively simple framework is actually a dynamic tool for organizing thinking and. User Classes vs. Marketing Buying Personas While companies may buy your software product, it’s the end users who ultimately use the features. number of marketing buying personas).

Selection Criteria for Product Management Tools

The Secret PM Handbook

Tools For What We Do. As a product manager, I’d like to find some tools that help me do my job. Markets – my segments, their problems, and how to reach them with my solution (and if they are big enough for me to make money). Go to market – how my potential customers hear about my solution, its value to them, and why they should buy my solution instead of our competitor, or instead of doing nothing. But tools that help me with all those other things?

Adrian Franks – Creative Design Tools

Mind the Product

Adrian Franks is a design director and creative strategist at IBM, where he worked to design and develop the Creative Toolbox, helping designers and product managers familiarize themselves with the various tools available to prototype and create new products. How do you use Design Tools? Throughout time, we have used many different tools. The older tools were used to create things like print ads and magazines. Some Important tools.

Database Management Systems in Business: The Technology and Tools

The Product Coalition

Database management systems enable businesses to convey information related to sales transactions, product inventory, marketing activities, and customer profiles. Unorganized data will make business challenging to make accurate conclusions to create a marketing strategy.

How To Find Product Market Fit

The Product Coalition

Image credit: Canva The term “Product-Market Fit” can be baffling for a lot of new Product Managers. The phrase sounds great in theory, but in reality, finding product-market fit raises more questions than it answers: What is Product-Market fit? What is Product-Market Fit?

The Best User Journey Tools for SaaS Companies


That’s what user journey tools are for! In this blog, we give you a quick look at 6 great tools you can start using today and outline the perfect user journey map. About The User Journey and User Journey Tools. A good user journey tool will help you identify that answer.

5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

They invest time and money in a quick- fix tool, such as a bolt-on analytics that. nearly impossible to monetize late-to-market capabilities. Updating your application’s dashboards and reporting features. may feel optional—until suddenly it’s not. Watch for these 5 signs.

Product Management Skills: Market Research

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Market research, for Product Managers, is an absolute necessity for success. Much of the time, you’ll find that your company has already outsourced your market research to a firm. Different Types of Market Research 1.

How to choose the best video making DIY tool for your business?

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Source: Freepik It is hard to imagine those times when videos were not a part of the marketing strategies and content plan. A brief history of videos in marketing Well, videos were not quite as accessible to all the marketers in the 1900’s.

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Best User Retention Tools & Software to Keep More Customers


The choice of user retention tools and software available to SaaS businesses is completely overwhelming. This blog will explain the types of user retention tools & software so that you can take control. The best user retention tools…for you?

Improve Your Go-to-Market Strategy with JTBD

The Product Coalition

JTBD is a great tool for understanding what you can do for your customer and helping you develop a product (or feature set) around that. Let’s say you’re developing a tool for people in a team to chat with each other about work (think Slack or Microsoft Teams).

Using Customer Reviews, Advocacy, and Referrals in Your Journey Map

Speaker: Jeremy Boudinet, Marketing Manager, Nextiva

Customer reviews and referrals are invaluable assets to a company--with them, you can build a worthy reputation, attract new customers, and improve your CX. But if you have to beg a customer to give a review or referral, you're doing it wrong. Making a customer want to advocate for your brand takes passion, personalization, and gratitude: all things that can be gracefully elicited throughout the customer journey map. The best customer experiences go beyond the sale. Join Jeremy Boudinet, Marketing Manager of Nextiva, and learn the tools for getting that glowing review.

7 Product Roadmap Tools to Kickstart 2020


Luckily, there are some excellent product roadmap tools out there to help make it more bearable. In this article, we’re going to look at the most popular product roadmap tools. The product roadmap tools we’re going to look at are: Wrike. The best product roadmap tools for SaaS.

Best User Retention Tools to Keep More Customers


The choice of user retention tools available to SaaS businesses is completely overwhelming. This blog will explain the types of user retention tools so that you can take control. When you’ve finished, you’ll be able to pick the best user retention tools out there.

The Hottest Video Marketing Trends Expected in 2021

The Product Coalition

We expect that these six biggest video marketing trends will dominate in our online reality in the upcoming year. Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to interact with modern customers in the digital space.

Why I had to turn to No-Code tools

The Product Coalition

Why I had to turn to No-Code tools at scale-up No-Code Tools : Open up access, Automate workflows In the arena of Product Management ????? low-code product-management-tool no-code-development low-code-development product-delivery

How King Crushes New Product Development using Data-Driven Insights

Speaker: Ian Thompson, Head of Business Intelligence at King, and Zara Wells, Strategic Customer Success Manager at Looker

The key is the strategy and tools for accessing product data at the level that you'd like. He’ll also cover the various other ways that King uses analytics across their entire company, from finance to performance marketing.

The 5 Best Product Walkthrough Tools of 2021


The best product walkthrough tools are the ones that keep evolving and improving year after year. Product walkthroughs are a bit of a specialty for us here at Userpilot , so we’ve collected together our five favorite tools for 2021 and put them to the test.

Tools to Help Product Managers Think Strategically and Commercially

Mind the Product

Kevin Trilli joined Onfido as our chief product officer last year and brought with him some great experience, tools, and techniques. In these two posts I’ll cover three tools. This first post covers Positioning Documents, which I bought to Onfido from Pragmatic Marketing training, and Line of Business Meetings, which Kevin brought with him. These two tools help solve these problems. Persona & Market Segment.

Why Storytelling Skills For Product Management & Product Marketing Are Essential


Storytelling skills for product management and product marketing are essential because without them, the value context (why the market cares) of what you’re building, marketing and selling is completely masked. Take market requirements for example. CONTEXT! CONTEXT!

Top Data Labeling Tools for Machine Learning Projects

The Product Coalition

If you’re building a machine learning model, chances are you’re going to need data labeling tools to quickly put together datasets and ensure high-quality data production. In this article, we present the eight best annotation tools to help you create training datasets for machine learning.

Positioning to Win: How to Harness a Product Superpower

Speaker: April Dunford, Executive Consultant, Speaker, and Author

Positioning forms the foundation of a product's go-to market strategy. Your marketing plans, your sales strategy, your customer segmentation, your product roadmap - each of these uses positioning as an input. Yet as important as positioning is, it is deeply misunderstood. In this session, April Dunford is going to arm you with the tools you need to master positioning.

TEI 315: Product Design and Development Tools – with Carlos Rodriguez

Product Innovation Educators

How product managers can take an idea to a market-ready product. We started in episode 307 with an introduction to the body of knowledge, explored strategy in episode 309, portfolio management in 311, development process in 313, and now we are discussing Design & Development Tools.

Leveraging Webinars for Retention Marketing in 2021


In this post, we’ll show you how to specifically use webinars as a part of your overall customer retention marketing strategy. What is retention marketing? User retention marketing focuses on existing customers – it aims to help users discover more value in your product.

25 Digital Marketing Tools for Digital Agencies in 2019


It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur digital marketer, a freelancer or work in a huge digital marketing agency. Digital marketing tools are a way to gain a competitive edge. We put together a list of 25 tools that will help you to satisfy your customers, automate repetitive tasks and give you a better insight into how users are interacting with your customers’ product. This is a marketing platform which offers true automation.

TEI 316: Tools CPOs use – with Anup Yanamandra

Product Innovation Educators

They use tools to help them with these responsibilities. Joining us for this episode is a CPO who shares some of the tools he uses, including roadmaps, metrics, and OKRs. The roadmap will be slightly different for a new product than for a product that’s already in the market.

How Empathy, Creativity and Compassion Drive Results

Speaker: Rhonda Basler, Director of Customer Engagement, Hallmark Business Connections

You don’t need the latest, greatest CRM technology or data visualization tools. Using your innate empathy and applying that to your marketing and customer experience through emotional intelligence CAN be the game-changer you’re looking for. Join Rhonda Basler, Marketing Director of Hallmark Business Connections, to make your brand genuine and make it stick.

8 client collaboration tools for web development agencies


Why adopting a collaboration tool is so important? Second, a lot of client collaboration tools offer bank-grade security to ensure that all of your sensitive (and not so sensitive) data is completely safe. The right collaboration tool helps you work better with clients, keep them happy and foster long-term business relationships. Long story short, let’s dive right in the list of top 8 client collaboration tools you should definitely test out!

Solutions Marketing vs. Product Marketing: One Big Difference


A lot of people think solutions marketing is just a fancy term for product marketing, especially since the term solution has been so overused. In a product marketing model, products are the star. In a solutions marketing model, the star is the buyer’s vision for success.

11 Powerful UX Tools To Make Your Life Easy in 2020

The Product Coalition

According to Thomas Carlyle, “man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he’s nothing, with tools he is all”?—?and Imagine walking in your office, sitting down and doing your daily UX routine without the use of any tools, just with the power of your mind.

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How to Create Business Requirements That Improve Marketing & Sales


Here’s how to create business requirements that boost your marketing and sales proficiency. First, remember that the reasons you build new products and features are the same exact reasons the market buys them. The Ultimate Guide to Portfolio Product Management & Marketing.

What Is (and Isn’t) Product Management?

Speaker: Steve Johnson, VP of Products, Pragmatic Institute

Product Management is one of the most exciting - and most misunderstood - functions in technical organizations. Is it strategic or tactical? Is it a planning role or a support role? Many product professionals are unclear about what is (and isn't) product management. After all, product management spans many activities from business planning to market readiness. In this session, we’ll examine many product activities and artifacts for product strategy, planning, and growth, and introduce a simple tool that you can use in your organization to clarify the roles of product management and others. Steve Johnson explores the many roles of Product Management in this fun talk focused on why product managers should obsess on problems instead of solutions.

Product Analytics Tools: Top 5 to retain more customers

The Product Coalition

In order to be data-driven, one has to carefully consider the product analytics tools he is using. However, there are so many vendors on the market that it can easy to lose track of which tools are worth consideration. What is a Product Analytics Tool?

The Phenomenal Product Manager: Product Marketing versus Product Management

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We’ll be using the term Product Manager to refer to both Product Managers and Product Marketers. Inbound (Product Management) spends most of their time with engineering teams and customers, making critical decisions and ensuring that everything gets done to bring customer-focused products to market. Outbound (Product Marketing) makes sure that once these products are ready, they get launched and marketed effectively to the target customer base. Product Marketing.

The PM’s Toolbox: Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve


The litany of tasks on a PM’s plate can seem overwhelming at a glance, but the market has responded to these challenges with a number of specialized solutions that many PMs now consider indispensable in their day-to-day. Matching these solutions to the assorted challenges product managers face can be a little tricky, so we’ve done some digging to compile a handy list of product management tools. Data Analysis Tools for Product Management. Strategic Tools for Product Managers.

How to Get Budget for Product Management Tools


You can be a successful product manager without any tools. But while you can certainly muddle through and survive with a spreadsheet to manage your backlog and a Post-It note roadmap, there are plenty of tools out there that could make you—and your entire product development organization—more productive. It exists because someone saw how people were currently doing things using generic tools and saw an opportunity to improve upon the status quo.

Iterate Your Way to a Top Analytics Product Experience

Speaker: Richard Cheng, Associate Product Manager, Mark43

Haarthi Sadasivam, Technical Product Marketing Manager at Looker will join the conversation on best practices. Mark43 is on a mission to bring public safety data management into the 21st century.