The UX of Data


Strategies for Closing the Gap of Confusion. Below I’ve outlined three specific strategies you can use to close the gap of confusion at your company. Strategy 1 — Roles. To illustrate this strategy, let’s visit Wayne from Marketing and see how he’s using data in his work. Strategy 2 — Systems. Download the UX of Data worksheet. Strategy 3 — Capabilities. Slack message 4:15am @channel Uh, it looks like revenue is down 50%!?

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The role of UX research now and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic


I’m in the unusual position of seeing directly (and indirectly) how hundreds of businesses’ digital departments across different industries have reacted to COVID-19, through my role as a UX research partner at UserZoom. Returning vs. new, digitally inexperienced vs. experienced, old vs young, informed vs non informed… whatever it may be, knowing these new users is key to the product strategy in the immediate future and beyond. User Research UX Strategy

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Top UX Agencies To Choose From In 2019


I have spent more than 15 years with UX design agencies. This puts me in a position to tell endless stories of the heroic work top UX agencies do day after day to fight for a better digital world. Today I’m going to give you an overview of the top UX design agencies. It will introduce the top UX agencies here and shamelessly put our team on the list as well. Let’s jump right in and look at the top UX agencies list. The Top UX Agencies. UX studio.

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UX Challenges in the Age of Personalized Experience

UX Studio

The quest to acquire customers and keep them engaged has made personalized experience indispensable for any company’s communication strategy. For everyone from product managers and owners to UX designers, UX researchers and marketers, creating personalized experience for users who interact with their products and services now poses one of the greatest challenges. Personalization also involves delivering the right message to the right person at the right moment.

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Churn Rate: Solutions With UX Design? Case Study On Xeropan

UX Studio

So they asked us, at UX studio to reduce customer churn rate and increase user loyalty. From the UX redesign process to churn rate. I worked closely together with Bence (UX researcher and colleague), as well as Xeropan’s CEO and developers. We knew only that something didn’t work quite right with the onboarding UX. He gave me instant feedback after each session to improve my UX research skills. The post Churn Rate: Solutions With UX Design?

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James Barley, Head of UX Research at Auto Trader, on ‘UX Research for the Masses’ [Video]


Head of UX Research, James Barley, showcases how he’s worked to democratize research at Auto Trader over the last couple of years, by making it more visible and understandable throughout the whole business. Every couple of weeks we’ll a share a different presentation from BetterUX 2019, including talks from Paul Boag, Leader in Digital Strategy and User Experience Design and Soma Ray & Stephanie Agotborde from

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Defining Brand Strategy and How to Develop One

UX Studio

Creating and maintaining a brand strategy can turn into a never-ending struggle, but it can also provide a great deal of fun. In this post we created a guide on the steps to take in developing your brand strategy. But first, let’s define brand strategy! Brand strategy defined. By definition, brand strategy makes up a long-term plan which helps every employee communicate about your brand. How to develop your brand strategy? Product Management UX Research

What augmented analytics mean to UX/UI design

Imaginary Cloud - Design

However, it's essential that businesses don't underestimate those tools' UX design. UX and UI designers too can’t continue to ignore the augmented analytics paradigm. So, let’s now dive into how conversational interactions impact UX, what challenges and possibilities they bring and how to properly design them. However, a large part of BI decisions require strategies involving many pieces of information, and not just yes or no inputs.

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6 Product Positioning Strategies Misconceptions in a SaaS Business (and What You Can Do About Them)


When I started my first business 6 years ago (which has miraculously survived until this day) I didn’t even have a clue what “market or product positioning or product positioning strategies” were. Fast-forward 6 years and I have worked on marketing strategy with several startups and small businesses, mostly SaaS businesses, and I have seen them make the same mistakes that had almost folded my business when I was a rookie 23 year-old.

Top 5 Questions to Ask a UX Company Before Hiring Them

UX Studio

You’ve already found a potential UX company for your project. Disclaimer: The fact that I run a UX company myself disqualifies me as an objective source. If I had to hire a UX agency, I’d find the following questions the important ones to tackle. The top five key questions to investigate with UX companies before hiring them: What design process do you use? Do you have dedicated UX researchers? Fancy graphic of the UX design process here at UX studio.

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“We’ll Need More UX Writers in Tech” – Interview with Yuval Keshtcher

UX Studio

So I ended up a UX designer, but my heart started to beat faster and louder when I first woke up to the truth: Writing makes up a determinative part of UX. As I always try to dive ever deeper into the field of UX writing, I also try to look for inspiration and information from key persons. We at UX studio like to learn from the most professional, so I decided to ask Yuval Keshtcher, leader of the UX writing community, a few things on this topic.

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13 “must measure” UX metrics for healthtech

Mixpanel on Data

Whether you own a small health practice, build medical devices, or provide insurance, knowing — and acting on — your data is the key to delivering a great user experience (UX) and gaining a serious competitive advantage. In other words, analytics equips you with valuable user insight , so you can design a flawless UX that inspires patients to use your digital product. The right UX strategy can help you win over these customers. The best way to create great UX?

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Louise Rowlands, Senior UX Researcher at MoneySupermarket on democratizing user research [Video]


Our theme this year was on the democratisation of UX, with our speakers discussing how they spread user research education and insights throughout their organisations, and all the successes and challenges they’ve encountered. Every couple of weeks we’ll a share a different presentation from BetterUX 2019, including ones from Paul Boag, Leader in Digital Strategy and User Experience Design and James Barley, Head of UX Research at Auto Trader.

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A Product Managers’ take on the Nielsen Norman UX Conference 2019

The Product Coalition

Don Norman first coined the term User Experience in 1993 and in the last 26 years, UX has exploded. But UX is about human-centred design, no matter the product nor the audience, creating services that help people in one way or another. The Nielsen Norman Group are one of the leading UX consultancies and researchers, sharing best practices around the world. product-management ux design-thinking usability-testing omnichannel-experience

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How To Cross the Strategy-to-Execution Chasm

The Product Coalition

Most companies fail in execution, not strategy. Defining strategy the right way can close the gap. Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” Peter Drucker Though there is wisdom in Peter Drucker’s experience, I’ve been a part of a number of growth-stage companies with healthy cultures of execution that failed to execute on high level strategy. Every function within a business needs to operate within a strategy. I’ve broken a Product Strategy down into four parts.

UX For Everything: Marketing For What?

I Wonder The Value

There are more opportunities to hear about UX (User Experience) today. What I like the most about UX is it opens my eyes to the fact that everything can be a design above our thought. The existence of unconscious message tends to become more obvious when promotion and non-promotion say different things. link] UX For Everything: Marketing For What? management strategic-planning product-marketing marketing-strategies marketing

The Ultimate In-App Marketing Guide for Product Marketers in 2019


Creating an in-app marketing strategy. Implementing an in-app marketing strategy. The most effective in-app marketing strategy ensures that you use the best type of in-app marketing at each stage. Before I explain how to create your strategy, I thought it would be worth exploring the main types of in-app marketing. A modal is essentially a message that appears on the screen. The best aspect of modals is that the user can’t ignore your message.

The Ultimate Product Strategy Checklist for your Mobile App

The Product Coalition

They also said they wished they had a clearer product roadmap strategy. We’ve taken all these findings onboard and put together this comprehensive product strategy checklist for you to follow. Start from the beginning A comprehensive audit of your current situation is always the best place to start when it comes to your product strategy. Could your development team support an agile development strategy over waterfall ? Here is a UX example from The App Solutions.

The Product Adoption Dictionary: Every UX Term You Wanted To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask


So contextual experiences are critical in successful UX. When you launch new features or make other changes to your UX , you’ll need to introduce those changes to new users and existing users alike. In-app Notifications are typically short informational or instructional messages.

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Interactive Websites: Improve Your Site’s Engagement

UX Studio

If you would like to learn more about how to build a strategy for your product, download our free Product manager’s guide to UX design. Define your core messages on your site and build a strategy; Find the brand voice and visual style you want to communicate to the world. People love stories, so don’t hesitate to tell them yours; Highlight your core messages, but make sure your interaction style compliments the accompanying content. .

Getting the Best Products to Speak for Themselves

Mind the Product

Product knowledge bases play a similar role, allowing product and customer success teams to get their years of experience — strategies for best-using each feature, advice for integrating with other tools, examples of powerful use cases — out of their heads and into a searchable storehouse of product information. Use Data to Refine Your Message. Product Optimisation Product Strategy User Experience (UX) B2B products customer experience Onboarding product engagement product manager

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Measuring success of product improvements

The Product Coalition

Customer research and data analysis, can uncover these dependencies and hint to pricing strategies that go beyond direct sales to increase income. Here’s a brief article on pricing strategy and ‘loss leaders’. Vodafone therefore developed a feature into their main app that discovers when customers are likely occurring an unexpectedly high bill and proactively sends notification messages to inform customers about the incurring costs. strategy ux product-management design

UI/UX Articles and Interesting Tidbits of the Week

The Product Coalition

March//9//2018 Here are some interesting finds on UI/UX of the week! Interesting article showcasing the importance of responsive web products, detailing statistics on the reach of responsive products, and what strategies to adopt in order to produce effective Products of that nature. Pictures are easier to remember and recall, their message is clear to people of different languages and regardless their ability to read.

How your User Adoption Strategy Will Improve LTV and Reduce Churn


Well, I have another one in mind… Creating the perfect user adoption strategy. A great user adoption strategy will help you achieve that level of adoption with your users. In this article, I’m going to show you how to create your user adoption strategy. You’ll learn: What a user adoption strategy actually is. Why every SaaS company NEEDS a user adoption strategy. How to measure the success of your user adoption strategy.

How to get stakeholder buy-in for user research: 31 expert tips


Getting stakeholder buy-in for user research can be like talking to a brick wall, except the brick wall isn’t just ignoring you, it’s telling your colleagues you don’t know what you’re talking about, sends texts from their phone while you’re trying to explain something, accuses you of inventing the term “UX” and is somehow in charge of how much money you have on a daily basis. Nikki Anderson , Senior UX Researcher | From A to B.

A comprehensive guide to A/B testing


Developing a website or app can incur significant investment and may require some change to your overall marketing strategy. A/B test data can inform objective decisions and changes to individual webpages, a whole site, or even a wider marketing strategy. And if your redesign doesn’t produce statistically significant results in an A/B test – rethink and optimise your strategy. Usability Testing Tools User Experience Research UX Design UX for Beginners

Importance of A Holistic Product Function in A Startup

The Product Coalition

Product Management in an inter-disciplinary role which tries to marry Business strategy and Marketing with Design and Engineering, hence making better products that users need. Upsell Strategy (upgrade, expand, replace) b. UI/UX Design h.

A Psycho-analytical Approach to Creating High-Converting Websites

The Product Coalition

What are the strategies adopted to drive certain visitor behavior? An example would be the “urgency messages” in shopping websites that drive impulse buying. marketing product-management startup ux entrepreneurship

A comprehensive guide to A/B testing


Developing a website or app can incur significant investment and may require some change to your overall marketing strategy. A/B test data can inform objective decisions and changes to individual webpages, a whole site, or even a wider marketing strategy. And if your redesign doesn’t produce statistically significant results in an A/B test – rethink and optimise your strategy. Usability Testing Tools User Experience Research UX Design UX for Beginners

How to include user research in early product development


According to our recent State of UX in the Enterprise survey , ‘including research within the product development process’ is now the #1 challenge faced by UX teams in 2019. UX Designer / Researcher | “I I think a big part of standardization is about involving the UX discipline in product development at the same time as the other product stakeholders (product management, engineering…) and giving it the same importance. UX Researcher | GrubHub.

Building Accessibility in to Your Products: Just Do It!

Mind the Product

This might look like having a story to fix your inaccessible error messages this iteration, and then prioritize adding alt text to all of your images in the next. As product managers, we sit at the intersection of business, tech, and UX. From a UX perspective, this often means that we can be a voice for our users and design team when we’re talking to “the business” or development. Building accessible products is the right thing to do.

Can an Advertising-Driven Business Model Coexist With Products That Users Love?

Mind the Product

There are several concrete strategies you can implement to prioritise a positive user experience while integrating advertising that is lucrative. For example, a user has just finished viewing another user’s profile and has sent a message. For now, it’s enough to say that when considering your strategy for advertisement, how the advertisements look is less important than who sees them.

Creating an Accessible Website for Europe’s Oldest Eye Hospital Charity: a Case Study

Mind the Product

Here, the agency’s UX and Content Strategy Manager Nicola O’Connor and Senior Designer Daniel Cullinan talk us through their process. We picked apart existing messaging and then put it back together in a way that showcased all of the design elements. Product Management Process accessibility Redesign User Testing Ux

Gina Gotthilf on growing Duolingo to 200 million users

Inside Intercom

First, not making people sign up until a much later period, then asking them to sign up one time or two times or three times, and letting them dismiss the message. Can you walk me through what the experiments were that you ran for that and how you landed on it as being such a successful strategy? Podcast growth product development retention strategy UXFor Duolingo, the world’s most downloaded education app, growth is fundamentally about retention.

Enhancing Soundcloud’s Discovery Experience and Positioning through Content Categorization

The Product Coalition

One of the key use cases is to be able to nurture your own library over time but I feel like Spotify is making a better job at this so I inspired myself from their UX to improve Soundcloud’s. It requires too many steps to listen to one of my playlists compared to Spotify’s UX.

How We Conducted User Research in The Arab Market

UX Studio

When I started working at UX studio as a researcher, I was lucky enough to be a member of an international design team on my very first project. Although we targeted the app for the UAE market, the long-term strategy included expansion to other Arab countries. To this end, we not only had to gather as many insights as possible but also prioritize features with the long-term strategy in mind. Arabic UX: Difference in the details.

Everything just changed: How to keep your customers at the center during turbulent times

Inside Intercom

I shared how we’re navigating these big changes, from the immediate impacts on customers, to the implications for our marketing and product plans, and, finally, to our customer communications strategy. We also used in-app messages to avoid exacerbating already high levels of email fatigue. It’s the little things that you do which ensure your message is received by customers in non-spammy, meaningful ways. Adjust your product strategy and roadmap.

How a dating website optimized its user conversion funnel with Mixpanel


When our team at Fueled was tasked with developing a growth strategy for Apartner , a dating platform, we started with laying the foundation for data collection and user analytics. To increase engagement and reduce churn for existing users, we used Mixpanel Messaging to encourage users to take the next step in the flow, whether it was verifying their account or completing the questionnaire. Product & Growth Tips conversion Mixpanel partners onboarding UX

Announcing Modus Kickstart

Modus Create

Collaboration Between UX, Product, and Engineering. Modus Kickstart helps to align and prepare for development by first bringing the three key players of software development together: product, UX, and engineering. So this is where we start: workshops to define key business drivers and articulate a clear message of what is being built and why. In all Modus Kickstarts, there will be a strong focus on UX.

The end of navel gazing

Inside Intercom

Earlier this year I gave a talk at UX London, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it felt like it had taken me my whole career to write it. The talk tackles the assumption among many designers and UX people that UX should be at the center of their company. “I’m going to challenge how you think about the value that UX brings to a company” At some point in the past, I was in your shoes. ” There is no such thing as UX design.