Do your personas have names?

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"Names are the hooks we hang ideas on." Frankly, I’ve always had a little difficulty referring to our customers as 'users.' After all, only software developers and drug dealers refer to their customers this way.). But… should your personas have names? ” Some teams use character names from TVs and movies, like “Data” and “Scotty” and “Rachel.” Names are important.

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Should you change the product name?

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Names are the hooks we hang ideas on.—Al The old product name is out; we have a new, super-duper product name. Changing a project code name to a marketing brand name is nontrivial. That's why I always recommend that project names be offensive or embarrassing in some way so that developers don't fall in love with the project name. It's perhaps even harder to change names after an acquisition. Names matter.

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Birst Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Cloud-Based Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for 4th Straight Time

Birst BI

Today, Constellation Research , a leading technology research and advisory firm based in Silicon Valley, announced that Birst, an Infor company, for the fourth consecutive time, has been named to the Constellation ShortList for Cloud-Based Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

Let’s Abandon Customers and Users

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Then chose some more specific names and stick with them. <soapbox> I get frustrated when internal IT teams refer to their business unit stakeholders as customers.

Understand Your Power To Claim Your Value (Part 2 of 3)

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In the previous post, we identified the seven sources of power and highlighted that enduring and authentic power emanates from referent, expert, and connection power sources. Referent power grows when your actions and beliefs are in concert. Contributed by Sarah McCrary.

Sustainable Pace in Product Management

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These include interviewing users, working on the product roadmap, updating the product backlog, engaging with the stakeholders, and working with the development team, to name just a few. What is Sustainable Pace? Sustainable pace is an important agile principle.

The PM’s Toolbox: Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve


Many companies refer to customer data in Salesforce , and swear by its use as a repository for customer traits… but that’s only one part of the story. Both platforms are designer-friendly solutions that power iterative interface wireframes, and both have some big names on their customer lists.

Strategic Options for Mature Products

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Apple has made considerable changes to the products throughout its life: it introduced apps, increased its size, improved the camera, and added face recognition, to name just a few. What Maturity Means. A product is mature if it has stopped growing: The benefits it creates no longer rise.

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The Product Roadmap and the Release Plan

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I use the term major release to refer to a version of your digital product that introduces a noticeable change, for instance, by adding or optimising functionality or enhancing the user experience, and it typically results in a new product version—think of Windows 10 or iOS 9.3,

Product Operations Dashboard

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

Here are some steps that you can apply: Review your product’s instrumentation and if you haven’t already, create an inventory all of the events and their attributes: Event Name; When the event is triggered; Attributes captured along with the event (location, date/time, duration, etc).

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"Be a sponge". and other advice for the first 30 days of a new job

Product Manager in Heels

Learn your co-workers names quickly Ask questions and ask for help Don’t be the first person to ask about lunch – see what everyone else does. Starting a new job can be tough. I recently started a new job and some of the basic advice I learned years ago still applied.

8 Keys to Getting Started

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

so continuously be enthusiastic and encouraging about the work they are doing and make sure they publicly receive the acknowledgement they deserve (for example, we make sure to mention engineers name with each internal release notification?—?but

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Feature Release: User Segments


Naming Updates. Indicative users are now referred to as “teammates” “People Properties” and “People Insights” are now called “User Properties” and “User Insights” respectively.

What every product manager needs to know about content strategy

Whether you choose to add a permanent writer to your team or work with freelance writers, there are elements of content strategy that every product manager should be aware of: Product or feature names. We often forget how important a name can be.

10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

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It is built on the idea that goals are more important than features, and it consists of five elements: date, name, goal, features, and metrics, as the picture below shows. 1 Focus on Goals and Benefits.

Organizing a Large Product Backlog

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Every idea, request, bug, maintenance chore, user story, you name it — gets included. Trying to organize a large product backlog is a tough thing to do. As times goes by, and the product grows, what was once a simple list of prioritized items gets unwieldy.

Climbing the Product Management Career Ladder

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In B2B product management, tactical, operational and strategic refer to layers in the customer organization – not your job responsibilities. Product strategy managers, market segment managers, solution marketing managers, and portfolio managers, to name a few.

A Trello template for your Product Backlog

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It’s useful to keep an Engineering board for this and it can be considered part of the backlog, as it’s the reference for technical debt items and other engineering tasks. Each board contains a card named “About this board” at the top of their first lists.

The Customer Support Blog Post – Music to Our Eyes

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Inevitably, we had to keep chat on all the time and decided to see how many song references we could slip into the exchange without affecting the meaning of the conversation. My name is nice support guy [not his real name] and I’ll be working with you today.

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Decision Time: How Decision Rules Help You Make Better Product Decisions

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Note that in the picture, I use the term product manager to refer to the person in charge of the product. As its name suggests, majority vote means that most of the people required to decide agree with the proposed solution or idea. Decisions, Decisions. “Is

Pricing Advice to … Everyone

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A reader named David asked: “I’ve enjoyed learning more about pricing from reading your articles. My first piece of advice: Add 10% to your bid when you’ve been referred. Any thoughts about pricing for house painters?”. And the advice is for everyone.

Inside the Mind and Methodology of a Data Scientist

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The simplest answer is that these terms refer to some of the many analytic methods available to Data Scientists. In such a fast-paced environment, different research communities invent their own names, and that partially explains today’s terminology chaos.

What’s the difference between quantitative and qualitative research?


Both terms are as hard to pronounce as they are to spell – which is why you’ll often hear UX practitioners refer to them as “qual” and “quant.” You may also hear this referred to as empirical research.

Moving from Solutions to Problems

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It is an important part of the induction process into the Toyota Production System, namely their problem-solving training. However, this point refers to the former kind of problems. ↩︎. People from all over the company come to you with feature requests and ideas.

Best Practices for Localisation

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Examples of localisation range from translation through to updating cultural references within your content. Unlike data, you can’t chop and change sections without reference to its locality.

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New Java Reporting in Revulytics Usage Intelligence


Additionally, new ReachOut variables have been added so you can include the Java version, vendor, runtime version, AWT graphics environment, VM version and VM name in the message text or URL of your campaign. javaVmName – Java VM Name. Refer to the Web API online documentation for more information and examples of Filtering and Segmentation Levels. Revulytics recently announced the availability of the new Java SDK 5.1.0.

UI/UX Articles and Interesting Tidbits of the Week

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This article showcases 10 different ways animations can delight users in mobile applications, namely using progressive loaders, navigation cues and transitions as the user further uses the application, to name but a few.

Product Owner vs Product Manager: Worry About Outcomes not Titles

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On the advice of my colleague Martin Eriksson, I now turn the question around on the questioner, and put forward two questions for them to consider, namely: “What are you trying to fix?”, In general, when referring to these responsibilities the two roles are completely interchangeable. When I worked at Pivotal Labs, an Agile shop, we referred to our client sponsor as the product owner. They could also be referred to as the business owner or more generally the key stakeholder.

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7 Steps to Determine Whether a Customer Request is Actionable


After all, solving problems is kind of the name of the game, isn’t it? In that case, keeping the customer happy could be a good way to turn them into a useful reference or even a case study. Maybe the company doesn’t spend much on your product but is a Fortune 100 mega-giant-corporation and a household name. While customer feedback is the gold standard of insight for product managers, not every customer request is actionable.

What is card sorting and why is it important to your site’s UX?


Depending on the type of card sort, participants can also choose names for the groups they’ve put together, forming the potential categories and subcategories of a website. Here at UserZoom we’re all about bringing the maximum amount of learning to people at any stage of their UX development.

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The Power of Customer Success Stories

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Include details such as name, industry, number of employees and/or customers. Aspects that reveal a bad customer might be levels of required customization, demands for excessive discounts, and lack of interest in being a reference. What is the profile of your ideal customer?

Getting Things Done Book Outline

Joe Cotellese

reference. Reference files you keep out of site. I use Dropbox folders for reference files, then I can link to them in One Note. Best practice is to keep digital reference simple as possible, and consistently reviewed and purged. Reference Material.

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Design Handoff Guide: Design To Development Without Headaches

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So, in this article, “design handoff / handover” refers to the point when designers need to transfer their ideas for development. Since design handoff refers to the end of a phase, the mistake of concentrating on only the best-practices about uploading, exporting and specifying designs comes easy (which I will mostly do). Your screen designs serve not only as reference points to developers. Naming conventions.

Legibility: 7 Typographic Tools To Create Readable Screens

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Some great tools measure text contrast, and we definitely suggest integrating some of them into the design process (to name just a few: Webaim Color Contrast Checker ; Luminosity contrast ratio analyser ; Color contrast check ; Color contrast visualiser ).

Building Operating Cadence With Remote Teams | Wade Foster, Zapier | BoS Europe 2018

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Um, and if all that goes well, we try to do reference checks. So we use this product called SkillSurvey that lets you do anonymous reference checks. Uh, one of the things we’ve learned in remote environment though is that there’s cultural differences for how reference checks are done. In the United States, reference checks are super common. Audience Member: You, you mentioned in the hiring people you do reference check.

How JustGiving Crowdfunding Went From an Idea to £100m in Five Years

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And for that, we needed a new name… Output of one naming brainstorm. After a lot of deliberation we settled on the name Yimby, which stood for “yes in my backyard”. There are too many to name, but over the years, I was lucky to work alongside many talented domain experts.

In Search of Amazon-Like Disruption? Start With Product Usage Data.


When customers see a return on their investment, they are much more likely to be willing to serve as references. Nearly half of those surveyed in a recent Marketo survey named having relevant content for each audience as the biggest challenge to scaling program effectiveness. Chances are, you’ve heard of Amazon’s plans to build a second headquarters.

Demonstrating Solutions vs. Products

Proficientz – Product Management University

Create a two column spreadsheet with the name of each product in the first column and its primary purpose in the second column. During the demo, there is no reason to refer to each product separately unless asked. In many cases, the product silos that exist internally become transparent to your buyers during the sales cycle, creating the perception you’ve got a bunch of fragmented products instead of integrated solutions.

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Demonstrating Solutions vs. Products

Proficientz – Product Management University

Create a two column spreadsheet with the name of each product in the first column and its primary purpose in the second column. During the demo, there is no reason to refer to each product separately unless asked. In many cases, the product silos that exist internally become transparent to your buyers during the sales cycle, creating the perception you’ve got a bunch of fragmented products instead of integrated solutions.

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23 quantitative and qualitative user research methods: a comprehensive guide


Quantitative refers to any kind of research where the results can be presented in numbers, i.e. ‘how many, how often or how much’.

Get to Know Gauge, the New Cross-Browser Testing Framework

Amir Rozenberg

testStart( “Example Perfecto Gauge Google Test” , new TestContext( “Google” , “Gauge” )); } * Note that it is possible to customize the test name and add tags. To get started with Gauge and Perefcto, please refer to the GIT repository.

Dear Strategy: 066 Understanding Customer Needs and Going to Market Faster

Dear Strategy

And, as it turns out, I already answered that part of the question back in Episode 44 , so I definitely recommend that you refer back to that blog post, or listen to the current podcast episode to learn about some techniques that will help you gather feedback from your customers and turn that feedback into something that you can act upon. Dear Strategy: “What are the strategies to help drive consumer needs into product benefits to go to market faster?”. .

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Understanding Enterprise Product Companies

Mironov Consulting

When working on mass consumer products (think FitBit or Facebook or teach-your-kid-to-code toys ), we will have large numbers of small purchases — too many customers to know each by name.