Positioning (and naming) in tiers

Under10 Playbook

A simple test for positioning is to consider whether your competitors can realistically say the opposite. In this case, it’s merely a naming convention; you would be unlikely to buy multiple products in the Kindle category.

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A guide to webform testing best practice


From a testing perspective, these workflows also require individuals to enter personal information, such as first name/last name, address, phone number, and so on. Here are a few ways to initiate a test where there are webform fields as part of the experience.

How Technology Drives the Evolution of Beta Testing


We may associate the idea of beta testing with Google, Microsoft, video games, and other tech with roots in the late 20th century, but IBM cemented “beta” as far back as the 1950s. The Many Faces of Beta Testing. An industry survey revealed over 90 names for pre-release testing.

Five Customer Testing Areas Product Managers Are Improving in 2019


Of those respondents, nearly 50% of those managing customer testing programs were product managers. On the flip side, this also means that the challenges faced by product managers, like time constraints and stakeholder misalignment, are mirrored in their customer testing programs.

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

No Longer Cutting It While every user may not be demanding “analytics” by name, study. May be a good place to beta test. at these levels, you may find Levels 1 and 2 helpful for beta testing. To some extent, you may also be able to test how people adopt and.

The Screenplay Test Design Pattern

Modus Create

The Screenplay Test Design Pattern, also known as the Flow Pattern, has been around since 2007 and is brilliantly described by Antony Marcano, Andy Palmer, Jan Molak and John Ferguson Smart in their article Page Objects Refactored: SOLID Steps to the Screenplay/Journey Pattern. The main issue is that the commonly used Page Object pattern can introduce a high maintenance cost if the test automation solution grows. I didn’t see the point of using human names instead of user roles.

Your Ultimate Guide To Successful Usability Testing

UX Studio

Here we’ll give you some guidelines and best practices, whether you’re just beginning to include usability testing in your processes or are setting out to up your usability testing game. Usability tests check if people can use a product. What is usability testing? Usability testing forms a user experience research method, usually a qualitative one, as the core of UX research. What is the purpose of usability testing? Testing competitors’ solutions.

Multivariate Testing vs A/B Testing: Which Works Better?

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Deciding between multivariate testing vs A/B testing without knowing their advantages and limitations can pose extreme challenges. When optimizing a website’s conversion rate, A/B testing usually comes up first. Sometimes testing more alternatives proves necessary, for which multivariate testing performs well as a method. So which to choose, multivariate testing or A/B testing? What is A/B testing? How can you set up a test?

Get to Know Gauge, the New Cross-Browser Testing Framework

Amir Rozenberg

” Just like Rihanna, you might think there are too many frameworks to learn in the testing arena! Now there is a new cross-browser test framework gaining adoption in the community: Gauge , a framework sponsored by ThoughtWorks. Note that the tests will run serially.

Let’s Abandon Customers and Users

Mironov Consulting

Then chose some more specific names and stick with them. So test automation, usability, technical debt and platform improvements are postponed to next quarter. I spend a lot of time sifting through documents, positioning and stories – trying to figure out who we’re talking about.

How lean usability testing can improve the user experience

The Product Coalition

One way to achieve this is through lean usability testing. Every day people have trouble getting through these doors and for this reason they have been given a name?—?the What is lean usability testing? Lean Usability Testing is a cost effective way to achieve this.

Conservation of Intent: The hidden reason why A/B tests aren’t as effective as they look

Andrew Chen

This is why you can’t add up your A/B test results. If you’re at a company that A/B tests everything and then announces the great results – that’s wonderful, of course, but just run the thought experiment of summing together all of those A/B tests.

What’s the difference between quantitative and qualitative research?


In my first few weeks of working for a UX testing company I was put under a rigorous training programme. Every facet of UX testing was explained to me in detail, with practical examples and demos delivered along with a reading list of all the key UX texts.

5 Cross-browser Testing Mistakes You Might be Making Right Now

Amir Rozenberg

So, you’d like the recipe for cross-browser testing success? Let’s take a look at a handful of examples of mistakes we commonly see with browser testing- and solutions to deal with them. Engineering should no longer separate coding and testing between desktop and mobile.

What is card sorting and why is it important to your site’s UX?


Hence we’re bringing you these regular UX beginner’s guides, aimed to help all the newbies of the UX testing world. Card sorting is a test you can run to improve the navigation of your website, and like all the best methods of UX testing it puts the user at the centre of your observations.

UX 88

5 Cross-browser Testing Mistakes You Might be Making Right Now

Amir Rozenberg

So, you’d like the recipe for cross-browser testing success? Let’s take a look at a handful of examples of mistakes we commonly see with browser testing- and solutions to deal with them. Engineering should no longer separate coding and testing between desktop and mobile.

Evaluating Experiments: When the Numbers lie

Mind the Product

How to Evaluate Classic Split Testing. While a simple A/B test (the color of a button for example) is often easy to evaluate, details become incredibly important as soon as a split test can have more than one effect. Not all experiments are split tests.

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How to use Mixpanel to drive your website KPIs


With Flows, I can choose a specific event or page name, and then see the most common paths customers and prospects are taking on Mixpanel.com. Growth Mixpanel Updates a/b testing anomaly detection conversion engagement flows growth product management tips traffic website management

6 Bug Report Template Options that will Skyrocket your QA Process


You have that sneaking suspicion that there are ways that your testing life and that homemade bug report can be improved? The current status of it can be determined and allows for a seamless testing, remediation, and retesting process.

The PM’s Toolbox: Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve


When it comes to studying user-experience and their interactions with your product, UserTesting comes highly recommended due to its robust set of usability-testing functions. It’s no secret that product managers wear a lot of hats.

Is MVP Dead?

bpma ProductHub

Risk Assumption Test. Test the riskiest assumption. Test the central premise of a business idea. The first is that MVP fails to focus enough on testing and validating the riskiest part of the proposed product. Is Minimum Viable Product Dead? – By Don Stoddard .

Setting Up A Monorepo React App with Yarn

Modus Create

However, making changes across many repositories is messy and difficult to track, and testing across repositories gets complicated really fast. Building and testing the entire codebase can take a long time. tests__ // Jest unit tests ?? integrations // Cypress e2e tests. tests__ // unit tests. imports and just using the name of the package to import the entire functionality. Testing, Listing, and Other Tooling.

Customer success metrics–and other innovation observations for product managers Apr 6, 2018

Product Innovation Educators

10 ways to validate product name ideas. While this article was written with business names in mind, the suggestions apply to product names as well.

How Google Conducts User Research to Ensure Customer Loyalty


Think of a struggling eatery’s regulars taste testing for a different market. Namely, researchers can read and record total body language, not just what a laptop or phone cam portrays. Web testing and design suggestions greatly benefit from this system. Field Test Study.

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Product Operations Dashboard

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

Here are some steps that you can apply: Review your product’s instrumentation and if you haven’t already, create an inventory all of the events and their attributes: Event Name; When the event is triggered; Attributes captured along with the event (location, date/time, duration, etc).

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Taking Continuous Discovery to the Next Level at SEEK [Case Study]

Product Talk

We were not as clear on the risky assumptions that we were testing as we wanted to be, either. Testing more regularly and less formally. This activity signified the moment when our opportunity thinking was stress-tested.

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Confluence, ScriptRunner and Impersonation

Modus Create

Testing our endpoints via Postman. In this block of code we define the endpoint name ( myEndpoint ), the type of HTTP method it accepts ( GET ), the groups that can execute the endpoint ( service-users ) and then the rest of the body of the method.

Welcome Trello Fans!


Don’t fret, custom list names are coming down the pipe real soon. Want to test drive it? We know we have several customers who really like Trello. It’s really easy to use, doesn’t cost money and is so versatile in its uses.

8 Keys to Getting Started

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

automate continuous user feedback Rapid prototyping and user testing Ideation and innovation processes Effective team/org communication strategies Monetization Measuring and driving retention Key tools for a great mobile app We hope you find these useful and maybe even occasionally fun to read.

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Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

The Secret PM Handbook

Name Image Description. Each quadrant has a name, such as the "Cash Cow" - products with large market share in markets with slow growth. Cash cows throw off cash (hence the name) that can be used to grow Stars - products with a small share in a high growth markets.

The T-Shaped Product Manager

Roman Pichler

As the name suggests, product-specific capabilities are limited to a single product or product portfolio. Leadership skills enable you to effectively guide the development team and lead the stakeholders, create an inspiring vision , and reach sustainable agreements , to name just a few.

23 quantitative and qualitative user research methods: a comprehensive guide


Basically all the stuff you’ll hear about when entering the exciting and very detailed-orientated world of UX research and testing. A/B Testing. Click Testing. Concept Testing (or Prototype Testing). Information Architecture Testing. Tree Testing.

Digital Transformation and Product Management

Roman Pichler

With the desirable skills in place, assess the actual capabilities of the people who will play the different product roles, for example, by using my product management test. We even call the same product roadmap type different names: goal-oriented, theme-, benefit-, and outcome-based roadmap.

The Future Was Already Here – Bringing the Donuts 05/24/2016

Ken Norton

An Indianapolis entrepreneur named Stanley Brown is enthusiastic about virtual reality. With the financial backing of some friends, he has opened the first retail store dedicated to VR, where visitors can test-drive the newest headsets and apps. How fast does technology move? -. As The New York Times writes: “We’re too early and we know it

This New Template Helps You Write Better Product Requirements

The Secret PM Handbook

And the requirement is a lot more valuable if it includes acceptance tests. My VALUABLE template – yes, “VALUABLE” is the name of the template! – A is for Acceptance tests. You can check your requirements against the template as an acceptance test.

This New Template Helps You Write Better Product Requirements

The Secret PM Handbook

And the requirement is a lot more valuable if it includes acceptance tests. My VALUABLE template – yes, “VALUABLE” is the name of the template! – A is for Acceptance tests. You can check your requirements against the template as an acceptance test.

The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

Product Talk

Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days. A number of people have asked me why I have a Portuguese name [Contextual Note: This event was in Lisbon, Portugal and Teresa Torres is a common Portuguese name.] Product management is evolving quickly.

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Decision Time: How Decision Rules Help You Make Better Product Decisions

Roman Pichler

You may even have to schedule several meetings to come to a conclusion, particularly if you test different ideas as part of the process. As its name suggests, majority vote means that most of the people required to decide agree with the proposed solution or idea. Decisions, Decisions.

Save engineering time on your data warehouse pipeline


We’ll make slight edits to names and move groupings around so that the data is easily queryable once exported, and so that you don’t have to. That made testing cycles much longer.

UI/UX Articles and Interesting Tidbits of the Week

The Product Coalition

The article goes into details regarding the differentiation between user interviews and usability testing. Highlight of the article includes: “Note that neither user interviews nor usability tests are guaranteed to tell you whether people will actually use a design.