Remote Work Tips From Basecamp

Sachin Rekhi

However, what I found most interesting were the tips for how individuals could cope and ultimately thrive in a remote work setting. I wanted to share five such tips I took away from the book.

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Working from home? Mixpanel engineer shares tips on how to stay productive


Here are some tips for keeping yourself and your team fit, sane and productive during your (hopefully temporary) retreat from the workplace. Pro tip: I highly recommend setting “working hours.”. Mixpanel engineer shares tips on how to stay productive appeared first on Mixpanel.

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10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

Roman Pichler

It is built on the idea that goals are more important than features, and it consists of five elements: date, name, goal, features, and metrics, as the picture below shows. 1 Focus on Goals and Benefits.

Five Tips for Leveraging Empathy in Product Management

Roman Pichler

The following tips want to help you empathise with users and develop a deeper understanding of their needs. Empathy Tip 1: Meet users face to face. Empathy Tip 2: Take a genuine interest in the person. Empathy Tip 3: Have an open mind and stay present. Why Empathy Matters.

Tips for changing analytics providers: How Real Thread made the switch to Mixpanel


A common example is naming convention mistakes (e.g., The post Tips for changing analytics providers: How Real Thread made the switch to Mixpanel appeared first on Mixpanel. Product & Growth Tips analytics Mixpanel partners

Logo Design Trends: Best Tips for Creating an Innovative Logo

UX Studio

However, once a brand has become established well enough, it commonly abandons the logotype since everyone knows the company’s name. They can use him independently as a symbol in any size (looking cool in the navigation or on a T-shirt as well) or they can write out the company name.

4 Actionable Tips on App Onboarding by David Jones

The Product Coalition

Tip 1: Experiment with your onboarding When asked how David came up with the idea of Pointzi, he said: “This came from doing our own apps. Referral: Users like the product enough to refer others The first letters of these metrics spell AARRR, which explains the name “Pirate Metrics”.

Website Accessibility: 5 UI Design Tips to Avoid “User Blindness”

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According to the purpose of the image, this text can take the form of a name which labels the role of the image, or a straightforward, descriptive identification. The post Website Accessibility: 5 UI Design Tips to Avoid “User Blindness” appeared first on UX Studio.

Behavioral Analytics 101: Dashboards Tips & Tricks


Master Dashboard tips and tricks. Here are four quick tips to customize your dashboards experience. Click on the name of the widget to edit the individual widget. The post Behavioral Analytics 101: Dashboards Tips & Tricks appeared first on Indicative. This is the last installment of our Behavioral Analytics 101 blog series! Consider these posts your crash course in answering fundamental marketing and product questions in Indicative.

Let’s Abandon Customers and Users

Mironov Consulting

Then chose some more specific names and stick with them. </soapbox> Market Thinking Organizations Product Management Requirements clarity customers labels market focus naming users

Hire The Best UX Design Agency – Tips from an Insider

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Out of all these brand names and similar-looking portfolios, you need to pick a UX agency to work with. Many people looking for UX help turn to friends and acquaintances hoping to acquire tips on who to work with. If you are reading this article, you are likely facing some deep trouble.

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Five star advice: Insider tips for dealing with software review sites

Inside Intercom

Competitor name” + review. As a software developer or owner, you already have a pretty good idea of who the big names in your particular niche are. Here are some tips to ensure you start the relationship on the right foot.

From hi to buy: 6 live chat etiquette tips for sales teams

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With that in mind here’s our top tips on developing your own company’s chat etiquette: Be proactive. At the bare minimum have everyone on your team upload a photo and use their real name.

5 Tips to Create an Idea Portal for Your Business

With that said, let’s take a look at several tips and guidelines on how you can create an idea portal for your business and engage your customers in a more personal and engaging manner. As the name suggests, an idea portal is an online platform dedicated to user-generated ideas, feedback, content, reviews and other information in regards to your brand. Idea Portal Tips for Your Business.

Reviving the Handwritten Thank-You Note: Tips, Tools, and a 4-Sentence Template

Atomic Spin PM

Here, I’ll share some tips, a four-sentence template, examples, and a tracking tool. For me, the ideal pen has a fine tip, and I like splurging on handmade notecards at my local paper shop. I went from being stumped to coming up with ten names of people I wanted to thank.

8 Tips to Drive Innovation, Especially in Big Companies

Surya Suravarapu

Say, if you are in a medium-to-large company that is not named one of the tech giants, the likes of Apple, or Amazon, or Google, are you constrained from pushing the envelope and making an innovative impact? Here are some tips, which may help in your endeavor too — Constraints are your friend.

6 tips to succeed in freelancing and remote work

The Product Coalition

Here are some basic tips for not being a fiasco when you work remotely or get a freelancer remote job: 1. The problem is that many devs and freelancers simply lose great opportunities and to me, this has a simple name: irresponsibility. 6 tips to succeed in freelancing and remote work was originally published in on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

A practical guide to better dashboard design


Here are some general tips: Colour-code your charts. The same goes for naming conventions. Be consistent when you name your data. Tip: In American and Europe, our eyes naturally start in the top left-hand corner and scan right because that’s how we read.

10 Tips For Building a Mobile App With a Limited Budget


Partnering with a large company with an established name most likely means that your product will end up being awesome. Money is no funny. Especially when you don’t have any extra dollars to spare on your Big App Project.

The difference between product analytics and business intelligence tools — and why you need both


BI tools offer a solution by ingesting and collating all this data and putting it in a format that allows businesses to create powerful dashboards, reports and visualizations that are used to inform business strategy and tactics — hence the name “business intelligence.”

How to create an interactive wireframe in Cacoo


Name of another sheet: Selecting this will set another sheet as the background here. Tips & TutorialsWhen you are developing a website or mobile application, a wireframe or mockup is a useful tool for communicating ideas visually in an efficient manner.

The 5 steps of the project management lifecycle explained


The conventional name for this planning is the ‘project management lifecycle’. There are schedules to organize, team members to keep motivated, budgets to balance — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Tips & Tutorials project management lifecycle

Your introduction to process mapping: a tool to manage any process


Namely, you have your inputs/outputs, actions, activity steps, decision points, functions, people involved, process measurements, and time required. Top tip: Use a verb, such as ‘start’ or ‘meet’ at the beginning of each description. Tips & Tutorials process mapping

A simple guide to drawing your first state diagram — with examples


Each rectangle is labeled with the name of the state. Tips & Tutorials state diagramState diagrams are one of those things that seem intimidating at first, but once you start using them, you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

How to create a product roadmap with Usersnap Labels


As the name implies , labels empower engineers, testers or project managers to categorize the tickets and easily find relevant tasks. After filtering, when you have created the list of tickets needed, you can name and personalize each list. Labels: started, open, dev name (assignee).

Everything you need to know about mobile app design best practices


From greeting someone with their name to remembering their preferences, using making the most out of your data means the user not only has the information they need more quickly, but it also makes the interaction feel more genuine.

How to apply the elaboration likelihood model to your next design


Some questions — such as “what’s your name?” — require very little thought and can be answered automatically. Tips & Tutorials elaboration likelihood modelWe answer dozens of questions every day, but how we come up with those answers varies.

Get your server setup spot-on with star topology


If you picture this flow of information, it looks like a star – which is how this network got its name! Tips & Tutorials star topologyWhen setting up a network, one of the first decisions made is what kind of ‘topology’ to use.

How to use Mixpanel to drive your website KPIs


With Flows, I can choose a specific event or page name, and then see the most common paths customers and prospects are taking on Growth Mixpanel Updates a/b testing anomaly detection conversion engagement flows growth product management tips traffic website management

How to Take Charge as Scrum Master & Own Your Project

Namely, agile scrum masters need to take charge and own their projects, on a higher level. Tips on Product Management agile backlog product manager product management productivity scrum sprint team managementWhat is a scrum master’s job?

Why a codeless implementation will let you down


That means when you export the data to a warehouse—or wherever you’d like to send it—you’re going to get a bunch of raw data that isn’t named what you’ve named it in the tool. Community Tips analytics autotrack codeless analytics data analytics product analytics user analyticsMissing important data is one of the most frustrating things in analytics – because it prevents you from quickly getting the answers you need.

Top Strategies to Advance Your Product Management Career Rapidly – Part 5

280 Group

In the first four parts of the Product Management Career Acceleration Series, we focused on providing you with strategies, tips, techniques, leadership approaches, and even sins to avoid, to be a more effective Product Manager – the kind that can advance in their career rapidly.

The best remote working advice we’ve seen


We’ve been bombarded with articles giving us tips on remote working lately. Here’s the most useful remote working tips we’ve found so far. If your company is new to remote work then a great starting point is get some tips from Atlassian. The Atlassian Team has been doing it for years so makes sense to pay attention to their five tips to setup remote work in a hurry without losing productivity.

A simple template for writing usability tasks


For more help, read these 6 six tips for writing effective user tasks. Do not enter any personal information When asked, use the following information to check out - Name: Chris Martin, address: 123 Maple St., Inputs (if needed): Name: Chris Martin, Address: 123 Maple St.,

Advancing Your Product Management Career Rapidly – You Asked, We Answered

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Here are a few tips and resources that should help you focus: Google Alerts: Go to [link] and setup alerts for key industry phrases, concepts, and even competitor names that you want to track. Here are a few tips that may help: Learn to speak effectively using their language.

The Product Roadmap and the Release Plan

Roman Pichler

As their name suggests, these roadmaps focus on the goals the upcoming releases should provide. The second row states the name of the release like iOS 9.3 As its name suggests, it states the goal of a release, the benefit it should provide, and the reason for creating it.

4 Easy Marketing Tactics to Use for Your Next Survey Invitation


Tips for Writing Subject Lines. Personalizing your survey invitations with names, companies, and industry-specific details is a very effective tactic for increasing engagement. Tips for Personalizing Your Survey Invitations. Say their name.