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How to Create Personas for Your Next Product — and Why It Matters

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One is a soccer mom looking for a spacious vehicle to transport her daughter’s team members — and all of their equipment — to games. Here are some questions you can explore: What name can we assign to this persona?


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5 Simple Ways to Improve Security with Lambda at Edge

Modus Create

For example: script-src 'self' 'sha256-1LWiqTBX9ooah9yxrjAPIapj/bpKu8E2gxHrAcrvXJQ='; style-src 'self' 'sha256-lEmNQfaoD6+gZL66vjr9syPi0uIaBbN/95dTug2Tb1g='; Strict-Transport-Security. Type the domain name of your website (E.g.:

Product Validation In A Real-Life Scenario: Intercept Field Study


Packed with clever tips, news, sightseeing and public transport info and more – all focusing on football. Taxi pickups, public transport stops, cafés. It came with a large badge – displaying our profile photo and name. Copywriting, Local names.

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Product Talk Is Growing: Meet New Instructor Ellen Juhlin

Product Talk

If Ellen’s name sounds familiar, you may recognize it because she’s both an active member of the CDH Slack community and was featured in a Product in Practice post about involving engineers in assumption testing.

Product in Practice: Automating Customer Interview Recruiting at Zonar Systems

Product Talk

Zonar Systems serves a wide range of industries, including traditional transportation providers—such as freight haulers and transit operators—as well as businesses that rely on high-dollar equipment that’s mobile, such as road construction crews, utility installers, and service technicians.

Find the Best eCommerce Web Design Company to Work With In 2021


They are ready to become a partner in creating online stores for most reputable eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Salesforce, Opencart, Shopware, and Bigcart, just to name a few. UX studio is an award-winning web design agency with over ten years of experience in digital design.

No IKEA, it’s not my big day tomorrow. Personalization for SaaS – How To Do it Right


Some of their attempts are just cringe-worthy: For instance, I received an email from IKEA about their transport, saying ‘it’s my big day tomorrow’. No, personalization is not about throwing in the {{first name}} tag in the confirmation email and welcome screen.

Building A Product In 2 Weeks — How We Designed Pakk


Hence the name: Pakk, which means package in Hungarian. When a voluntary initiative tries to help local businesses, and they need you to design the product in less than two weeks, it’s everything but usual. Here’s how we approached this seemingly impossible task and what we’ve learned.

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Product Vision vs. Product Strategy


Many familiar brand names building popular products use their product visions to keep their vast array of employees, teams, divisions, and product lines aligned. Uber : Transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone. Great products don’t happen by accident.

Data in Product Management: How to Collect the Right Data

The Product Coalition

Naming your events and actions The name for your events is critical to your data collection. If the names are not clear, then no one will use the data you’ve collected. The best practice to name your events and actions is using the following format: <Object> <Action> The object is the ‘what’ and the ‘action’ is well…. Lastly, you’ll need to pick the right tool to transport and store your data.

Product in Practice: How One Product Manager Innovates in Big Companies

Product Talk

And, within that domain, I’ve started to specialize in mobility and transportation-related things. Since I typically work on projects that involve figuring out how to improve mobility or how to better transport goods to improve our economy, the crux of it all falls back on using location data, creating new predictive models, and designing experiences for people to communicate better with machines. People started using the product name as verb.

5 Tech Trends in 2019 We Need to Consider as a Design Team


Healthcare, financial management or education – just to name a few – started going through great digital transformation. Even though we are still not quite there when it comes to safe Full Self-Driving Automation (or as the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) calls i t “ Level 4 Full Self-Driving Automation”). Living in the present, I often forget how fast the world is changing.

A Contactless Future for NYC Transit: The Rollout of One Metro New York

The Product Coalition

This fairly generic, unimaginative name (sorry not sorry) has failed to properly capture the essence of the city since its inception. you name it, contactless is out here to save it. MTA launched Transit Tech Lab in late 2018, an accelerator program for public transportation solutions.

Monitoring Citrix Real Time User Experience: See What Performance Your Users Are Getting

eG Innovations

The Citrix virtual apps and desktop architecture uses Adaptive transport as the default protocol. By using adaptive transport, ICA virtual channels automatically respond to changing network conditions. User Experience defines the Success of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Deployments.

User Persona Survey Template: How to Properly Collect Customer Data in SaaS


There are a huge variety of different survey templates to choose from: signup flow, welcome screen , pain points, validating assumptions, churn, and long-form (just to name a few).

Improving Web Page Load Time

eG Innovations

HTTP/2 (originally named HTTP/2.0) It was named 2.0 (and QUIC is widely considered a faster and more secure transport layer protocol. Improving Web Page Load Times in eG Enterprise by Using HTTP/2. What is HTTP/2?

Football App Validation In A Real-Life Scenario

The Product Coalition

Packed with clever tips, news, sightseeing, and public transport info and more?—?all Taxi pickups, public transport stops, cafés. displaying our profile photo and name. Copywriting, Local names We used a variety of names in our article, search, and map to identify locations.

Should I Say YES to This Feature Request?

The Product Coalition

In adulthood, it takes the name of the 5 Whys technique. Problem: Too much time spent on transportation. As Product Managers, we need to make sure our product is consistently good throughout time, despite all the forces that try to interfere with it. This is our most challenging job.

Why cross-cultural design really matters

Imaginary Cloud - Design

Besides Paris, Uber is also adapting to the transportation culture in Istanbul by allowing the users to book an Uberboat (operated by the local company Navette), as a way to run away from the car and railway traffic that inflicts the city.

How Venmo Became a Verb

The Product Coalition

Since its inception as a peer-to-peer transaction service in 2009, Venmo has achieved the success story Silicon Valley collectively dreams of: it is now used as a verb in everyday conversation (eat your heart out, company named after GOOP’s first-born ).

Improving E-Commerce Performance with Asynchronous Messaging

Modus Create

Verify that the name and address are something you could actually ship to. Publish a message containing the order ID and the information in the shopping cart checkout forms (name, address, credit card information) to a queue.

Solve a Hard Problem (Tinder). Chapter 8 of my upcoming book, The Cold Start Problem

Andrew Chen

After doing a ton of research, we came onto a model that had been active for years in San Francisco run by someone named Lynn Breedlove called Homobiles that answered our question.[^2]. Hi readers, I’m so, so excited that my upcoming book is dropping in one week, on December 7!!

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All the Ways to Answer the "Why Google?" Interview Question

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Google is one of the tech industry's largest employers and has certainly made a name for itself when it comes to workplace culture. Google is well-known for its amazing employee benefits, which include everything from free food and transportation to on-site child care and health care.

Norman Crowley on uncovering the business opportunities in tackling climate change

Inside Intercom

The use of the burning of fossil fuels for energy, the use of fossil fuels for transport, then animals basically. And if you solve those three problems, energy, transport, animals, and the use of animals for food, then you’ve solved climate change, ostensibly.

Troubleshooting Slow Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Logons

eG Innovations

After both client and session host connected to the gateway, the gateway starts relaying the raw data between both endpoints, this establishes the base reverse connect transport for the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). After the base transport is set, the client starts the RDP handshake.

The True Value Proposition of College

Dear Strategy

To name just a few: We’ve learned how to make a living without having to waste several hours a day commuting. On this episode of Dear Strategy, we talk about the true value proposition of college.

Inside the Mind and Methodology of a Data Scientist

Birst BI

In such a fast-paced environment, different research communities invent their own names, and that partially explains today’s terminology chaos. For example, some methods use ensembles of Decision Trees, creatively named Decision Forests. He has developed software for domains, including transportation, production and inventory optimization, asset maintenance, and sales pipeline prediction.

Previewing a full chapter of The Cold Start Problem — my upcoming book dropping in December

Andrew Chen

The global culture seeped all into the naming conventions for conference rooms: Near the entrance, the names started with Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam, and at the far other end of the floor, ended with Vienna, Washington, and Zurich.

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Singapore: A Country Applying Radical Product Thinking

Radical Product

After a short wait, we were called by name rather than a number, and various signs around the office talked about striving towards great customer service. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is providing a testing platform for autonomous vehicles while the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) introduced legislative amendments to adapt regulations for autonomous vehicles.

What’s next for marketplace startups? Reinventing the $10 trillion service economy, that’s what.

Andrew Chen

Even the names of services can vary: what one home cleaning service calls a “deep clean” can be different from another provider’s definition. In the early 2010s, a wave of on-demand marketplaces for simple services arose, including transportation, food delivery, and valet parking. [Dear readers, this essay is on the future of marketplaces. Is there still room for marketplace startups to innovate? We answer, emphatically, yes!

The Bad Product Fallacy: Don’t confuse “I don’t like it” with “That’s a bad product and it’ll fail”

Andrew Chen

And it resonates so much, I think it deserves a name: The Bad Product Fallacy. It turns out there’s some kind of Moore’s Law effect for the cost of transportation over time, and now I’m working there :). Benedict Evans at a16z recently tweeted the following: There’s so much truth in this tweet. Your personal use cases and opinion are a shitty predictor of a product’s future success.

Product Strategy Lessons From Henry Ford

The Product Coalition

Ford Model T revolutionized transportation and powered multiple other revolutions. In the name of affordability and reliability, ease of use wasn’t the most important quality of the car. What made it such a success, and what can we all learn from it?

Why 36% is the magic number: Finding the right amount of text in mobile apps

Inside Intercom

Text introduces us to each app, starting with its name, and text guides us to how apps work and what value they provide, from instructions and inputs to settings and disclaimers. Maps & transport: (Strava, Google Maps, Uber) 45.2%.

Consumer startups are awesome, and here’s what I’m looking for at a16z (70 slide deck)

Andrew Chen

Transportation and travel. The variant above behaved like the following: When you received one, it asked you to remove the top name, add your name to the bottom of the list, and mail a new dime to everyone on the list. Transportation is an intrinsically viral product – they are social activities. Above: New technology has always captivated consumers! Dear readers, I’m often asked- so what kind of startups are you investing in at Andreessen Horowitz?

Answers To The Most Common REST API Interview Questions

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

A URI can be one of two types: URN: Identifies a resource through a unique and persistent name. Incorporate Security Measures Since REST APIs do not have security measures inherent to their architecture, Transport Layer Security (TLS) should be implemented.

User Psychology: How to Use UX Design Principles to Enhance The User Onboarding Experience


The Zeigarnik Effect was named after Soviet psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik. Imagine asking the people in the 1800s what they wanted for transportation. The Von Restorff effect is another UX psychology principle named after the person that first discovered it.

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Geoffrey Moore Applies His Four Zones to Customer Success


Transformation is the Name of the Game. For many, we were transported back to that class, where our favorite professor mixed humor, excitement, and passion for a subject that suddenly made sense. Can you recall a professor who had a lasting impact on your life? There was something about their demeanor, their motivating message, maybe a trace of humor and genuine inspiration that made a difference. Even to this day, you can recall their words that challenged and inspired you.

What Is the Average Product Management Salary In Every Continent

The Product Coalition

The most common position names are Associate Product Manager or, simply, Product Manager. Also, certain cities have substantially higher living costs (housing, transportation): wages have to reflect this. Product Management pays off. But it also pays ! Everyone is aware of how much a PM can add to any team. Companies like Google have started their own training programs to recruit and develop their next generation of product leaders.

Innovation is the Elephant Story


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru known fondly as "Chacha" readily agreed and elephants were transported to Japan's Ueno Zoo. P.S : Story is real but not the name John Technorati Tags: Innovation , Childrens day , Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru , Elephant , Chacha , Ueno Zoo. Most of my posts are someway or other linked to Innovation. I keep on emphasizing on this one word time and again. So what is innovation? Is it some rocket science? Has innovative idea to be big and large? I believe No.