Common Product Vision Board Mistakes

Roman Pichler

This article assumes that you are familiar with the product vision board or the key elements of a product strategy : market, value proposition, standout features, and business goals. Vision Captures Product Idea or Business Objective. Additionally, such a vision is hardly inspiring.

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The Product Vision Sprint: 5 days to a tangible product vision

The Product Coalition

a clear and compelling vision. from ‘ Drive’ All top product leaders know the importance that vision plays in the success of a product. Sometimes the Product Vision was something spoken by a visionary leader, but unseen. What makes for a compelling product vision?


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Product Positioning: Overcoming Seven Obstacles to a Great Value Story


Here’s an example of product positioning at its finest. Product knowledge is a big fat handicap when it comes to positioning value because it forces you to overthink everything. As product managers and product marketers, all you have to do is bring their vision of success to life with your positioning and you’ve got a winner. Here are seven common obstacles and a few simple remedies that’ll help you create great product positioning.

Creating Your Product Vision: Two Parts Customer, One Part Product


Creating your product vision can be difficult when you focus too much on the product. ” Apply that same consumer product philosophy to B2B products and creating your product vision will be simple and it will resonate with everyone. Creating Your Product Vision. Add 2 + 1 and you get a clear and simple product vision that looks something like this. You have a single headline/value statement (the product vision a.k.a. Creating Your Portfolio Vision.

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Avoiding Reactive Product Decisions | Creating Your Product Vision | Three Ways to Sell More Existing Products


A product vision is just as valuable to product, marketing and sales teams as it is to customers because it keeps the focus on customer value. This month we serve up a simple recipe for creating a product vision that resonates with everyone. Creating Your Product Vision : Two Parts Customer, One Part Product. The post Avoiding Reactive Product Decisions | Creating Your Product Vision | Three Ways to Sell More Existing Products appeared first on Proficientz.

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Is Your Product Vision Moving People in the Right Direction?

The Product Coalition

A meaningful, motivating product vision enables teams to advance to a purpose-driven mindset. Because Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare Not exactly a Japanese proverb , but close enough. A better future depends on vision and action. Not just any vision will do. You need a product vision that is meaningful and motivating. Why do product leaders need a meaningful, motivating product vision?

How Product Management & Product Marketing Lead From a Position of Strength


And that market knowledge is the key to leading from a position of strength. Product vision and strategic investment priorities (crafted and presented by product management) would get everyone pumped, including senior executives. The words vision, leadership, market knowledge and influence are tattooed all over them. The post How Product Management & Product Marketing Lead From a Position of Strength appeared first on Proficientz.

Want a Successful Product? Start With A Vision

Sequent Learning

Start With A Vision. Your success as a product manager is pinned directly to the positive contributions to the firm’s bottom line. Successful products begin life with a spark of inspiration and a vision. According to research done by my firm, Sequent Learning Networks , almost all leaders expect product managers to create a future vision for their product; a vision of what they want to see for their product’s business as some point in the future.

The one thing that can make or break your product and team: the vision

The Product Coalition

I’ve realized that people use the words mission, vision and strategy interchangeably. Wanted to jot down some thoughts on my perspectives on this, and the topic of product vision in general - both to solidify my own thinking and in case it can be helpful to anyone reading this. Positioning it as a Q&A for readability (and to mix things up a bit) Mission, vision, strategy?—?I’ve The vision talks about the future?—?where the product vision should be inspiring.

Product Managers, Make your CEO provide a clear vision

Bain Public

But this is an article about your CEO’s duty to set a vision, to define why your company exists. For some product managers, the thought of talking openly about the void left by a missing vision statement is paralyzing. Without it you can't be vision-driven. By forcing your CEO to articulate a vision statement you can shift from a tactical, execution role to a highly strategic, product delivery role. You assumed there was a vision.

Establishing an Effective Product Strategy Process

Roman Pichler

Do the metrics show a positive, flat, or negative trend? Process: Lean, Scrum, Kanban Product Vision and Strategy innovation product discovery product manager product owner teamworkWhy a Product Strategy Process Matters. An effective product strategy process should ensure that a valid product strategy and an actionable product roadmap are always available—that a shared and valid approach to achieving product success is available at anytime, as the picture below illustrates.

Positioning For Growth: How To Make Complex Products Obviously Awesome | April Dunford, Ambient Strategy | BoS USA 2019

Business of Software Conference

In this BoS Talk April shows you how important positioning is to your product and how you can be doing yourself a great injustice just by positioning incorrectly. April Dunford (Founder/CEO, Ambient Strategy) – Positioning for Growth: How To Make Complex Products Obviously Awesome from Business of Software Conference. Positioning. This is a talk about positioning one of the most misunderstood concepts in marketing, in startups, in business.

Stop Selling Your Product, Start Selling Your Point of View | April Dunford | BoS USA Online 2020

Business of Software Conference

From pitches that drown customers in a word-soup of features, to high-concept vision pitches that leave customers confused and sceptical – many companies struggle to connect authentically with customers in a way that generates deals. So you got to start with positioning.

Tips for Rewriting a Digital Product

Roman Pichler

Finally, capture your insights and describe the product’s current strategy: the people it serves, the value it creates for the users and business, and its key features, for instance, by using my Product Vision Board. Capture your decisions and document the new strategy for your product, for instance by creating a new, forward-looking Product Vision Board. You should now be in a good position to stock the product backlog and create the right user stories.

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B2B Product Manager Magazine October 2020


You’ll deliver demos that bring the buyer’s vision of success to life so you can push the sales process to a close. Blog Market & Customer Insights Positioning & Sales Enablement Roles & Responsibilities Strategy & Product PlanningThe B2B Product Manager October 2020.

Tips for Effective Product Strategy Reviews

Roman Pichler

Does the data show positive, flat, or negative trends? Product Vision and Strategy innovation product discovery teamwork validationHold Regular Product Strategy Reviews. A product strategy , like any other plan, is subject to change. How changeable your strategy is, depends on your product’s life cycle stage. As long as your product hasn’t reached product-market fit, the strategy is usually volatile.

Rediscover the Forgotten art of Product Strategy

Mind the Product

It’s a capability, a very valuable one, which has immediate operational benefits, but it cannot permanently affect a firm’s competitive position unless there is a strategy behind it that helps the team take the right decisions at the right time. That’s why you have to start with vision and strategy, they give you purpose and direction. Your Product Vision. First, you need a product vision. This may be the company’s overarching vision.

Product Discovery Tips

Roman Pichler

To get your focus right, consider using a tool like my Product Vision Board to capture your idea, and identify assumptions and risks. If you can’t confidently state why people are going to use your product, who those individuals are, what makes your product stand out from the crowd, and why it’s worthwhile for your business to develop and provide the product, then you are not in a position to develop the actual solution. Bring the Right People Together.

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Strategic Options for Mature Products

Roman Pichler

A tool like my Product Vision Board can help you with this. What’s more, the longer your product stays in maturity, the bigger the effort is likely to be: Chances are that the market has moved on while you’ve played a defensive game, doing only what is necessary to secure your product’s current position. Product Vision and Strategy innovation portfolio management product discovery product life cycleWhat Maturity Means.

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Break Down Silos to Build a Culture Focused in a Single Direction

Mind the Product

What is the company’s mission statement or vision? If your company doesn’t have a mission statement or a vision, then maybe it will prompt someone in the leadership team to start thinking about one when they can’t answer your questions. If you’re in a management or leadership position then set your objectives for your team(s) based on company outcomes and not on what makes you personally look best.

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Brian Crofts: Product People Are The Future Business People

The Product Coalition

Transitioning Into Product Roles An aspiring product person asks, “What advice would you give someone that’s interested in transitioning into a product management position?” vision leadership-development collaboration product-management future-of-work

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Product Demo Techniques: Telling Versus Selling


The “selling” demo energizes your buyers with a vision because it’s more about their business than it is your products. Consequences: Shorter and less expensive sales cycles (fewer demos) and more wins because you’ve given prospects a roadmap that shows how they can fulfill their vision! Blog Positioning & Sales EnablementWhen it comes to product demo techniques, there are two styles: telling and selling.

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The Accidental Bad Manager | Claire Lew, Know Your Team | BoS Europe 2019

Business of Software Conference

And so as a result these folks are in these positions, as managers, as executives 82% the time it’s really the wrong fit. In fact almost 90 % of managers say the one-on-one meetings are positively affecting my team’s performance. 71% of employees who answered out of almost a thousand employees said that one-on-one meetings do positively affect my team performance too. And while an employee does think ‘yeah I am getting I’m seeing these as being positive’.

Embrace Personal Evolution, Invest in Yourself

The Product Coalition

Let’s say, a few negative people who are consistently bringing you down surround you, do yourself a favor and find some positive, motivated people to be around. The matter of fact is creating a strong vision of what you’re trying to do, can help you stay focused within a realistic time frame. finding-yourself self-improvement learning positive-thinking motivationFinding ways to make ourselves better is pretty much linked with our existential, spiritual, and emotional growth.

OKRs in Product Management

Roman Pichler

Figure 2 contains a set of cascading goals: vision, user and business goals, product goals, and sprint goals. The vision guides the user and business goals, which are contained in the product strategy. OKRs in a Nutshell. OKRs are a method for setting and tracking goals.

Making Workplaces Work For Humans | Isa Watson, Squad | BoS USA 2018

Business of Software Conference

And so, the one thing that they instilled in me at the foundation level though was that: “whatever you do, do as much as you can to positively impact as many people while you’re here on this world on this earth because your time is limited.” So again whatever you do do it as much as you can to positively impact as many people as you can. And so we’ve seen it work well in environments where there is a lot of strong engagement positive culture.

Product Takeoff

Product Takeoff

To achieve that level of confidence and to build products in that space we as product managers have to focus on a few key principals before we plan on getting the next thing in the marketplace.The four major principals we generally go by are Vision, Strategy, Team and Rapid learning. Vision: Astro Teller, the leader of Alphabet’s research and development firm X, is widely recognized for employing moonshots as a strategy.

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Making the jump

Product Manager in Heels

Both the Director of PM and the PM will need to have: exceptional project management, communication and leadership skills indepth technical knowledge the ability to efffectively work with customers to understand and capture requirements for various product lines develop, manage and own the product roadmap translate market requirements into products that meet standards of/for customers While the list goes on, the above gives a broad overview of the position.

World Product Day: Organization as a Product by Neville Reeves

Mind the Product

Start by establishing a clear vision, map out a strategy, and execute a series of tactical moves. He explained that he mapped his principles (set a proper vision, map a strategy, and execute tactics according with it), to a regular chess game. His vision was to win the game (capture the king). His strategy was planning and positioning, and his tactics were his sequence of moves. Ensure that all artifacts are in line with the vision.

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Solutions Marketing vs. Product Marketing: One Big Difference


In a solutions marketing model, the star is the buyer’s vision for success. Positioning. Product positioning in one form or another is problems, features and benefits with a narrative that targets users more than any other audience. Solution positioning is the buyer’s (decision-maker/influencer) version of a value story, their vision for success. Industry context makes solution positioning even more credible.

Leadership Without Authority By Aeneas McDonnell

Mind the Product

Positioning to lead. In this world, it’s indicated that you generally need to be in a position of authority in order to lead. You simply need to give people a reason to believe in your vision and the work you are doing. Also, despite people in positions of authority being the ones that lead, authority doesn’t always lead to good outcomes. To lead from such positions, it requires putting structures in place to be able to influence. Positioning to Lead.

The 5 Pillars Of Good Design Leadership


If we listened carefully and made sure that everyone’s voice got heard we might find that their individual goals are perfectly aligned with the higher level vision and the underlying reasons are perfectly clear for everyone across the organisation.

Product Manager Salary [2021 Data]

280 Group

This role leads the development and growth strategy for a product —including driving vision and innovation, producing roadmaps, prioritizing initiatives, and helping articulate features and benefits to the market.

Key Differences Between the Role of a Product Manager in Startups vs. Large Enterprises

Product Management Unpacked

With this in mind, company culture, resources and the specific demands of different roles probably play a big part in your decision to take a product management position at a company. A Product Manager at a startup is especially positioned to explore different areas and wear many hats.

Revive Your Product Roadmap


This year has been a powerful change agent in many positive ways, but we all know what never-ending change can lead to: BURNOUT. Align diverse teams around product vision. Translate vision into action.

TEI 289: Become an agile leader of product management – with Roman Pichler

Product Innovation Educators

Leaders of product management need agility, influence, trust, empathy, and motivating vision. We don’t have any positional authority or transactional power. 17:30] Tell us about product vision. Product vision is an inspirational goal that describes the positive change that the product will bring about. The vision is the foundation, and it’s important that stakeholders and the development team buy into it. 17:30] Tell us about product vision.

Leading Through Shared Goals

Roman Pichler

At the same time, you can’t tell the individuals what to do or assign tasks to them, and you are typically not in a position to offer incentives, like a bonus or pay rise. The first and possibly most powerful goal is the vision , which describes the ultimate reason for creating your product and the positive change it should bring about. As this example shows, the vision is an inspirational, visionary goal that cannot be measured. The Product Leadership Conundrum.

When your product is your product team

Product Management Unpacked

The success of a product is reliant on strong, integrated teams that work together to bring the product’s vision to life. Unlike his previous positions where he led the creation of many tax, HR and accounting products — all subjects where he had little knowledge of the field — Pendo’s product is very much within his core expertise. “I’ve What I was looking at was a product vision and a roadmap and I was like I want that job.

Do It For the Portfolio Instead of Every Product: Five B2B Product Management Best Practices


Vision & Strategy. If you have 20 products, that equates to 20 product visions and 20 product strategies. Create one customer-facing vision for the portfolio, something that’s strategic to every customer, and then create a tactical business goal for each product that supports the portfolio vision. For example, Portfolio Vision: “Help our customers hire and retain the best people.” Market Positioning. The Portfolio vs. Every Product!

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The Seven-Part Guide to Portfolio Product Management & Marketing


That way, they’re always leading from a position of strength. Customer-Facing Vision & Strategy. If you have 20 products, that equates to 20 product visions and 20 product strategies. Create one customer-facing vision for the portfolio, something that’s strategic to every customer, and then create a tactical business goal for each product that supports the portfolio vision. Aspirational Market Positioning. Positioning.