Vision vs. Strategy


I’ve explained that the context typically needs to be the product vision, and a specific set of outcome-based objectives for each team (OKR’s are an effective way to do that). I’ve already written about outcome-based objectives , and in this article I want to talk more about product vision, and especially how important the role of product strategy is in delivering on the product vision. Product Vision. Product Strategy. Overview.

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Sticking to Your Product Vision Means Saying “No”


Product managers wear many hats, but one of the most uncomfortable ones they’re forced to occasionally don is that of the product vision “Gatekeeper.” The importance of maintaining a product vision. It’s important not to confuse product vision with product strategy.

Why startups need to focus more on the Product and less on services.

The Product Coalition

Pitfalls of Service-Led vs Product-Focused startups I have been on both sides of the spectrum and it has worked well for companies like Infosys, TCS which take on large service agreements with organizations and provide consulting services or develop software.

Startup Dust

Oren Steinberg

The biggest asset any startup has is the time of its entrepreneurs and key talents. The success or failure of the startup often hinges on their ability to focus their efforts on the critical path at any given time. As the startup grows and faces scalability and growth challenges the issue of focus becomes even more challenging. 2 unexperienced entrepreneurs have a great idea for their first startup. The post Startup Dust appeared first on Oren Steinberg - blog.

Taylor Wescoatt – Being the First Product Manager

Mind the Product

In working at Seedcamp and helping over 100 startups understand product thinking, Taylor Wescoatt has learned some valuable lessons he’d like to share, together with some real-world examples to drive the point home! Being the first product manager at a startup typically means being the 10th or 15th employee, and recognizing that – although product management has both tactical and strategic components – you’ll initially be more focused on tactics.

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My Biggest Takeaways?—?Being a Product Manager at an Early Stage Startup

The Product Coalition

Being a Product Manager at an Early Stage Startup In my previous article , I reflected on a few things that I would tell myself if I could travel back in time and the concept of “three waves of changes.” During the early days of a startup, priorities shift on a daily basis.

Why We Fail: What I Learned From 5 Years with Friends, Netflix’s Social Strategy

Mind the Product

I write a lot about product strategy, and use Netflix as an example so that others can learn from the company’s success and failure. Because of Facebook’s meteoric rise, the persistent question from Silicon Valley venture capitalists became “What’s your social strategy?”

What No One Tells You bout Being a Product Manager at an Early Stage Startup

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What No One Tells You About Being a Product Manager at an Early Stage Startup Over a year ago, I asked around, searched for books or articles, went to several talks but found very little advice on being a product manager at an early-stage startup.

Growing up Lean: Lean Strategies for Maturing Products

Mind the Product

And yet if you look at what you typically read on Medium and other startup-savvy publications, you’ll mostly read about launching products and optimising for growth. That they form part of the strategy and therefore should be codified. Step 1: Set your product vision.

How To Cross the Strategy-to-Execution Chasm

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Most companies fail in execution, not strategy. Defining strategy the right way can close the gap. Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” Why Defining Product Strategy is Hard Strategy Overload One of the challenges with the word “Strategy” is that it is an overloaded term.

Most startups don’t starve, they drown. Here is why, and how to survive.

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Startups don’t starve, they drown. It was 2010 when I watched the online stream of the Startup Lessons Learned conference, initiated by Eric Ries. At some stage the now famous Shawn Carolan quote came up: Startups don’t starve, they drown. A balance between vision and execution.

How important is product management for your startup?

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So the product management is the only one function that is offering business startups the significant advantages such as in setting up business objectives, targeting markets to deliver measurable products and services, and prioritizing the goals of startups.

What’s next for marketplace startups? Reinventing the $10 trillion service economy, that’s what.

Andrew Chen

Is there still room for marketplace startups to innovate? Am excited to share a vision on the past and future of the service economy, in a collaboration by my a16z colleague Li Jin. Five strategies for unlocking supply in regulated markets.

The Anti-Influencer Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Community


Here are some of the simple tactics I used to make sure our community could live up to that vision. To grow your product’s community, consider @sandimac’s anti-influencer strategy Click To Tweet. Product Development Startup Lessons Product Innovator Series

What you should consider when developing a product strategy

This blog has already addressed the different stages of Product Development Strategy. This time, we’re turning our attention to the various elements needed to formulate the right product strategy for your enterprise. Why you need a product strategy.

Product to Product: Ellen Chisa on how product prepares you to be an early-stage startup founder


Most recently, Ellen left Lola to launch her own startup that will make it possible to build a complete scalable app in an afternoon. While her startup is still in very early stages, Ellen is completely in founder mode. Latif: I would love to hear a little bit about your new startup.

Lather, rinse, REPEAT! Becoming a CRO

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The first and paramount responsibility of a product Manager is a never-ending, difficult, oft-shunned task of building a shared understanding of the product strategy through listening, influencing, and repetition. The creation and management of the product strategy?—?should

Brex’s Michael Tannenbaum on fintech growth strategies

Inside Intercom

“Michael is the rare CFO who also leads up marketing, which makes him the perfect person to talk us through the company’s trajectory” As the head of Intercom’s Early Stage program for Startups, the fast-growing fintech startup is one company I’ve been keeping my eye on.

Customer Development Guide For Product Managers

The Product Coalition

It precisely describes the core of the concept and partly explains the startup curve model. After that, the startup is pushed to get outside the building and understand the necessity of real customer feedback management for product managers who try to improve the product.

Product Takeoff

Product Takeoff

To achieve that level of confidence and to build products in that space we as product managers have to focus on a few key principals before we plan on getting the next thing in the marketplace.The four major principals we generally go by are Vision, Strategy, Team and Rapid learning.

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5 Machine Learning Lessons for Product Managers

Mind the Product

According to Crunchbase, in 2018 there were 5,000 startups relying on machine learning for their main and ancillary applications, products, and services. Here are a couple of recommendations for you: Clearly communicate the vision and the people problem you’re trying to solve.

Hypermetricemia: A dangerous product disease that you can avoid

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We catch hypermetricemia when we focus on popular metrics to determine success, without giving sufficient thought to whether metrics indicate progress towards the vision. Profit should help sustain your vision, not lead it. We need to be able to hallucinate our vision.

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Managing up as a newbie product manager


We (Product and Latif) have a weekly sync every Monday on product strategy. It’s refreshing to grab Latif, step outside for fresh air and sync up on strategic initiatives and product vision. As PMs, we should be a wealth of product knowledge—especially at startups.

Creating Good Roadmaps: 6 Practical Steps for Product Leaders

Mind the Product

It includes the right problems that are driving the company strategy and is useful to those both in and outside of the team. This can easily happen if your role is changing and you’re becoming less hands-on in a rapidly growing startup or simply if you’re new to a leadership role.

The Parable of Frank de Boer – Evolution, not Revolution in Building Product Teams

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Admittedly he was joining after a disappointing spell in Italy, but his success with the Dutch champions, Ajax, with whom he won the Champions League four consecutive times, was heralded as the template for his vision at Crystal Palace. The Parable.

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Understanding how Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Work Together

Mind the Product

Be stubborn on the vision, but flexible on the details.”. It’s the questions we ask, and the meaning we explore, that will generate the insights most useful to strategy.”. —Dr The ideas of Agile are great.

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Making a dent in the universe… when your awesome new feature is already “so three months ago”

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products that address real user needs, and adhere to a clear strategy and coherent roadmap. What vision do you have for the future that your product will help bring to life? product-design startup technology business-strategy product-management

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The Best Product Management Podcasts

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This Agile Life With topics covered including vision, strategy, product and design, “This Agile Life” touches on every topic involved in agile product management. product-development startup business-strategy product-design product-management

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The “Accidental” Product Manager

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They must, therefore, be able to effectively communicate and disseminate their vision to all. product-management startup technology development designThe “Accidental” Product Manager?—?what

10 Weekly Habits of Product Managers That Make a Big Difference

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Take a walk and think Take some time to think about your strategy and your vision, where do they align? product-management startup soft-skills product-manager team-management

How To Create Kick-Ass Product Roadmaps (Spoiler Alert: There are 3 types of Roadmaps)

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Image credit: ProductPlan Roadmapping sits in the Product Strategy phase of a Product Management It’s very different to a Product Backlog. You are constantly using your roadmap to influence other departments and align their efforts to your product vision.

What we learned moving sales and product upmarket together

Inside Intercom

As Intercom’s customer base moved upmarket, it became increasingly obvious to us in Sales that what worked well in our product for early-stage startups didn’t for larger companies. Today it’s no wonder that the strong majority of companies want their strategy to be driven by product, not sales and that’s likely for the best. Where does sales fit in at a company driven by product strategy?

The Little Things

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Big visions drive big innovations, which, in turn, generate big teams, revenues, and businesses. Even the best thought-out plans must be routinely tested & tweaked to retrofit strategy to reality. lean-startup product-management developing-countries entrepreneurship experiment

Top questions asked by entrepreneurs around the world?—?Part 1

Radical Product

Consequently, you can apply product tools (Vision, Strategy, Roadmap, Execution and Measurement) to any product you’re building, to create change more effectively. Don’t fall prey to setting your measurement strategy based on how investors or popular metrics might define “traction”.

Measure What Matters

Radical Product

How your measurement strategy can reduce OpEx Nidhi, Geordie and I conducted a three hour tutorial at O’Reilly’s Strata London yesterday. Thanks to all of you who attended “ Measure What Matters : How your Measurement Strategy can Reduce OpEx”?—?we

Why CEOs Should Not Be Our Primary Source of Customer Input

Mironov Consulting

I think this is fundamentally wrong for companies with more than a half-dozen customers or a dozen employees – and is a primary contributor to product strategy gridlock. I work with a lot of CEOs, usually as an advocate for better product and development organizations.

Drop the poker face: Why salespeople need to embrace authenticity

Inside Intercom

Products like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the rise of engineering talent globally have reduced the barrier of entry for software startups in recent years. I asked their team to describe their customer promise and their vision for this project.

Product to Product: Hotjar’s Marc Von Brockdorff on freemium pricing models


They’re a startup success story that you don’t hear too often. It started as a bold vision to change the way the web is built by democratizing user data and feedback. The latest episode of Product to Product, a podcast for / by product people, is here.

How we failed our first OKR cycle and why we do virtual teams now

The Product Coalition

Of course, we made mistakes, learned, and iterated, as all startups do. Lesson 2: Don’t let people with no time drive OKRs In our case, the founders were busy managing investors, planning the strategy, and securing partnerships. okr growth strategy product goals

productboard Portal closes the gap between product teams and their customers


As a PM from a renowned Valley startup quipped: “Today’s feature voting forums might as well be called ‘disappointment forums’.” With the productboard Portal, that vision may come to fruition sooner than anticipated. customer-success product-management startup strategy product-design