Product Vision: Speak Language People Will Understand

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It’ll describe some points divided as follows: Setting the product vision Getting people onboard (stakeholder management) to make it happen How to talk with other areas to get to this vision Why is setting a Product Vision important? Alice Product Manager”- Without Product Vision, any direction will be taken. Defining and documenting a product vision will help you and the people around you understand how to move closer to the product and company vision.

Establishing an Effective Product Strategy Process

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Why a Product Strategy Process Matters. An effective product strategy process should ensure that a valid product strategy and an actionable product roadmap are always available—that a shared and valid approach to achieving product success is available at anytime, as the picture below illustrates. In the picture above, the product strategy describes how a visionary, inspirational goal is attained. As helpful as it is to create a product strategy, it is not enough.

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Forget Delight: Designing Successful Products Begins with Defining a Clear Vision

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Despite the delighted users and metrics that pointed up and to the right, Paul’s enthusiasm gave way to dismay as he shared his finding: his strategy of focusing on delighting his customers had backfired. this approach makes it easier to align on the vision through a group exercise.

Why a product roadmap is necessary to socialize your product vision


Some choices are long-standing and are reflected in the product vision, some play into the foundation of a product strategy, and many more reside in the plan to pull it off – the roadmap. We are focusing on how to best use that roadmap to socialize the vision and plan.

How To Create A Convincing Product Vision To Guide Your Team

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Working on a product without a decent product vision resembles going into the street with eyes closed. This article will show how a product vision should look, how to create it and communicate it to all stakeholders in play. What is Product Vision? Product vision imagines a product direction in the long-term. Typically, product vision defines two to five years’ time or even more – depending on the industry and the product life cycle. Product vision board.

Backstreet Boys, Zork, and Product Strategy


Back in 2000, the strategy for Product Management was: Do what Sales wants. There’s no blank slate; there’s simply the product manager’s vision for what it could be. The most successful companies with the biggest valuations place Product Management at the core of their strategy.

Designing UX In An App For People With Disabilities — UX Case Study

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With the power of community and technology, we can make the lives of wheelchair users easier,” reads the vision of the Route4U founders – 4 social entrepreneurs working together for a fantastic goal. Check out Dan’s article on gamification in UX. Solution: Priority canvas, strategy meeting. In our strategy meeting, we went through the interviews together with the Route4U team. Timi wrote a great article about her favorite 3 UX workshops.

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“Everyone has a part to play” Interview with Naomi Williams, UX Researcher at William Hill


UX at William Hill is all about understanding the psychology behind customer decisions and designing products that enhance their experience. ” Recently we chatted to Naomi Williams , an experienced UX Researcher at William Hill, to discuss how the online betting and gambling company puts user research and testing into practice, as well as the organisational set-up of UX and its business impact. How did you end up in your current UX role at William Hill?

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Product Discovery Tips

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I find it helpful to form a product discovery team that consists of: Development team members: user experience (UX) designer, developer, tester; Key stakeholders , for example, people from marketing, sales, and support; A ScrumMaster or agile coach. Having said that, it’s ok to address key UX and technology risks and evaluate important user interaction and architecture options as part of the discovery work. The UX designer, developer, tester should work on the development team.

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Defining Brand Strategy and How to Develop One

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Creating and maintaining a brand strategy can turn into a never-ending struggle, but it can also provide a great deal of fun. In this post we created a guide on the steps to take in developing your brand strategy. But first, let’s define brand strategy! Brand strategy defined. By definition, brand strategy makes up a long-term plan which helps every employee communicate about your brand. How to develop your brand strategy? Vision.

Why product managers need to know UX

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UX and product management have broadly the same goals?—?to They benefit from learning the UX mindset, introducing UX techniques directly into their workflow and influencing others in their organisation to adopt UX as an integral process. UX is essential for product managers. The product manager has a hugely important role in setting the strategy and roadmap for a company’s products. The whole team need to be brought into this vision.”

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Zignaly – How UX studio Redesigned a Crypto Trading Platform


Prior to contacting UX studio , Zignaly had detected certain frictions in its customers’ first experiences with the product, which resulted in a suboptimal activation rate. On our side, we had one UX designer and one UX researcher, the latter of which also taking on the role of project manager. They understood the reasoning behind each design decision and brought their vision and market knowledge to the conversation, resulting in a fruitful strategic partnership.

Intercom on Product: The intersection of company and product strategy

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Five years ago I wrote about how product strategy means saying no – you must ruthlessly protect your product from feature creep. . Saying no, however, is just one part of a successful product strategy. As your business scales, you’ll need to carefully align your product strategy with your broader company strategy to ensure cohesive and sustainable growth. The meeting point of company and product strategy. But a great product strategy can be 12 months long.

Why a UX designer is essential for your next web or mobile app

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In recent years we’ve seen the words “ UX Designer " been thrown around carelessly without the true comprehension of what a UX Designer does. That’s why in this article I’m going to shine a light on, not just what UX actually is , but also on what a UX designer actually does and how they can help you achieve a better and functional product. To better understand what a UX designer does, first you have to understand what UX is.

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How To Cross the Strategy-to-Execution Chasm

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Most companies fail in execution, not strategy. Defining strategy the right way can close the gap. Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” Peter Drucker Though there is wisdom in Peter Drucker’s experience, I’ve been a part of a number of growth-stage companies with healthy cultures of execution that failed to execute on high level strategy. Every function within a business needs to operate within a strategy. I’ve broken a Product Strategy down into four parts.

3 Useful UX Workshops to Get Your Team on the Same Page

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UX professionals are not lone fighters, but actually mediators between users, business managers and developers. A UX workshop can help you gather the team and brainstorm to make better decisions. In a UX workshop, we share research results with the participants and let them come up with their own conclusions. You can read about the UX research methods we use in a previous blog post. Get everybody on the same page with a UX workshop. Product strategy workshop.

Why you Should Build for People, not for Users

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Answer these questions and integrate the answers in your product vision and strategy. When I started working in the gaming industry a few years ago, I had a pretty narrow vision of the type of people who play games on Facebook – I’m sure many of you remember all those Farm Ville or Candy Crush saga requests. Guest Post User Experience (UX) User Research User Testing product management Product Management Skills Product Strategy User Experience

5 Ways Product Teams Can Drive an Exceptional Customer Experience Strategy


Thinking back, it’s surprising that it was only about five years ago that I had an important epiphany that would alter the trajectory of our company’s product strategy and my career. This meant that no matter how awesome our UX practices were within the product development organization, we’d never reach our full potential without being more inclusive of other customer-facing roles. The Product Team’s Role in Customer Experience Strategy.

Top Product Design Companies to Work With in 2021


Here is a list of the top product design companies that UX studio experts have selected in no particular order. UX studio. UX studio. . UX studio is a young European product design company with an established thought leadership in the design communities.

The Anti-Influencer Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Community


Here are some of the simple tactics I used to make sure our community could live up to that vision. To grow your product’s community, consider @sandimac’s anti-influencer strategy Click To Tweet. The classic influencer strategy is all about using big names and big credentials to draw as many users to your product as possible. The post The Anti-Influencer Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Community appeared first on Amplitude Blog.

Driving Growth vs Building Core Value by Roan Lavery

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New features, improving performance and addressing UX issues can’t be ignored in order to please the loudest voice in the room. You can do this by articulating a vision, a set of user needs, the jobs to be done and the features that enable all of these. Summary: Product managers always find themselves trying to make disparate groups of people happy. FreeAgent has created a three-step framework to help manage this process across organisations.

The Ultimate Product Strategy Checklist for your Mobile App

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They also said they wished they had a clearer product roadmap strategy. We’ve taken all these findings onboard and put together this comprehensive product strategy checklist for you to follow. Start from the beginning A comprehensive audit of your current situation is always the best place to start when it comes to your product strategy. Could your development team support an agile development strategy over waterfall ? Here is a UX example from The App Solutions.

Design expert Jared Spool on teaching UX to the next generation

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?. While it might be obvious that there’s usually a team of people collaborating on the vision and creation of good design, this truth applies just as much to the end user – there’ll be more than one person on the receiving end. A few years ago, he joined Intercom co-founder Des Traynor on this podcast and set out the vision behind Center Centre. Jared points to “experience visions” as a fantastic tool to help guide the decision-making process.

Getting the Best Products to Speak for Themselves

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Product knowledge bases play a similar role, allowing product and customer success teams to get their years of experience — strategies for best-using each feature, advice for integrating with other tools, examples of powerful use cases — out of their heads and into a searchable storehouse of product information. Product Optimisation Product Strategy User Experience (UX) B2B products customer experience Onboarding product engagement product managerGive Your Product a Voice.

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Business Cases Are Stories About Money

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We’d save millions in scrap metal if our manufacturing robots had more accurate vision systems.”. Every sprint should include some bug fixes and refactoring and UX improvement. Investing only in the current quarter is a going-out-of-business strategy. innovation Market Thinking Portfolio Management Product Management Requirements Strategy Tools customer thinking economics leadership priorities product management product strategy validation

Paradoxes of Product Management

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Rather when we look to solve a customer problem we must do it through the lens of our strategy and business goals. Building short-term gains, like revenue, stability, etc are often necessary steps to take before being able to tackle that long-term vision.

Importance of A Holistic Product Function in A Startup

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Product Management in an inter-disciplinary role which tries to marry Business strategy and Marketing with Design and Engineering, hence making better products that users need. Upsell Strategy (upgrade, expand, replace) b. UI/UX Design h.

A Brief Guide to Product Discovery

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What kind of user experience (UX) should the product give rise to? This includes discovering the right UX design and functionality and making the right technical decisions. Follow the developments at your own company: Are there any changes to the business strategy ?

Priority Starts at the Top

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You’ve likely worked on new features, bug fixes, minor UX improvements, perhaps tackled some technical debt, and so on. . UX improvements can be valued in terms of incremental optimization outcomes like reducing task completion times or improving particular funnel steps. Well, th at’s the role of a product strategy. My favorite definitions of strategy are the simplest I’ve found. The one I use most is this: a strategy is what we choose to do.

Uncovering Your Most Pivotal Users by Marieke McCloskey and Doug Puett

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In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, Doug Puett, Head of Data Science at UserTesting, and I share how our data science and UX research team worked collaboratively to conduct retention analysis, customer segmentation, and cohort definitions. This research has allowed us to make more informed and confident decisions about our product vision and roadmap. Enter UX research. A lot of teams struggle with how to increase engagement.

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A radical idea: We are all building products

Radical Product

Photo by Kaleb Nimz on Unsplash whether we realize it or not Earlier this week I presented Radical Product, the global movement that’s building vision-driven products , at UX Fest, organized by Fresh Tilled Soil. Preparing for UX Fest got us to articulate why Radical Product, which started as a free and open source toolkit for articulating your product vision, has quickly grown into a full-blown global movement and product strategy methodology.

Announcing Modus Kickstart

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Just like building a house, if a product’s vision, blueprint, or the foundation is wrong, the output has serious problems. In many software projects, there are subtle differences in understanding the ultimate vision for the project. All stakeholders should be clear on what the vision is, what the ideal outcomes are, and what the pieces are that will get the team to their eventual outcomes. Collaboration Between UX, Product, and Engineering.

The tools we use: Challenging dogma in the design process

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In a recent talk at UX London , I discussed some lessons learned while growing the design team at Intercom, reflecting on the technology industry’s obsession with tools, and pointed out how our sense of tools as objects or apps blinds us to the reality that the processes we adopt and develop are also, in effect, tools. At a high level we have a cascading set of structures that we use to define what we want to achieve at a company level (mission, vision, strategy, programs).

Enhancing Soundcloud’s Discovery Experience and Positioning through Content Categorization

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One of the key use cases is to be able to nurture your own library over time but I feel like Spotify is making a better job at this so I inspired myself from their UX to improve Soundcloud’s. It requires too many steps to listen to one of my playlists compared to Spotify’s UX.


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at times predicting their course of action, strategy, pricing. We try to predict how our strategy will effect the competition/market?—?Sounds We gather the feedback from our users, sales, R&D, UX and based on that we build our product’s puzzle: What should we do next?—?build As we need to define or recommend the company’s/product’s vision and strategy, understand what are our users expect from the product how to achieve these goals.

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How every organization can apply product thinking

Radical Product

When developing and launching these types of products, the need for product thinking is clear: someone must take day-to-day responsibility for the product vision and strategy, manage updates and releases, and balance priorities between customers, technology, and the business. This way of building “product” is not a one-time effort; it’s a job that requires building repeatable, tuneable models to maximize your impact and achieve your vision.

The many paths of a product manager

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Martin Eriksson’s Venn diagram shows product management as the intersection between UX (usable), IT (feasible) and Business (valuable). UX is about being customer-centric, or you should be able to build a high fidelity prototype or run JTBD interviews? The PM career path at XO and the ‘levels framework’ from the book ‘Org Design for Design Orgs’ (by far the best book I’ve read on UX management) were amazing and helpful resources.

How To Create Kick-Ass Product Roadmaps (Spoiler Alert: There are 3 types of Roadmaps)

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Image credit: ProductPlan Roadmapping sits in the Product Strategy phase of a Product Management It’s very different to a Product Backlog. You are constantly using your roadmap to influence other departments and align their efforts to your product vision. roadmaps design product-management ux startup3 Different Types of Roadmaps Every PM Needs to Master Roadmapping is not easy. Every company demands different types of Roadmaps, and every PM has their own flavour.

Measuring Customer Interactions to Unlock Product Discovery

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We have a centralised product group (product management, product marketing, engineering, UX, PMO) that is in part geographically dispersed which covers 10 product lines, and we’re in the process of dramatically diversifying our portfolio and driving our business to a new phase of growth. Additionally, it assists with crafting the strategy, making decisions and educating stakeholders. Our vision was to ensure that we deliver value and are experts in our domain.

A Product Manager’s Guide to Replatforming

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Over time, platforms evolve organically and carry the legacy of previous business models, markets, or pricing strategies. Another issue is that when the team building the new platform is also building the new pages, then UX and UI have little to do during the periods when most of the work goes on things invisible to the user. Running it on a better platform reduces the risk of the combination of the new UX and new platform under-performing against the old system.