Podcast: Roadmaps, OKRs, Vision and Prioritisation with Bruce McCarthy

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He joined us live at the Mind the Product Leadership Forum to chat about how he builds his own roadmaps, prioritisation, product vision, OKRs and quite a bit more. Owning your product vision. Owning your product vision. *

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Prianka Rayamajhi on aligning the Copper design team around a shared vision


Leading tech companies are often the first to test out innovative methods of work, so it’s no surprise that they’re also looking for ways to collaborate efficiently on complex projects. The post Prianka Rayamajhi on aligning the Copper design team around a shared vision appeared first on RealtimeBlog | A blog by RealtimeBoard

Accessibility Testing: Tips & Best Practices From Industry Leaders


Learn about best practices for accessibility testing from two leading companies in their industries. Lots of companies want to conduct accessibility evaluations by conducting usability testing for people with disabilities. Before running an accessibility test, you can make sure your site meets fundamental accessibility guidelines. Furthermore, be aware that one of the toughest parts of accessibility testing is knowing how to recruit participants.

Technical Debt and Product Success

Roman Pichler

Additionally, consider asking the team to collect data that shows how much technical debt there is, where it is located, and how bad it is, for example, by using code complexity, dependencies, duplication, and test coverage as indicators. Why Technical Debt Matters for Product People.

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Tips for Rewriting a Digital Product

Roman Pichler

Finally, capture your insights and describe the product’s current strategy: the people it serves, the value it creates for the users and business, and its key features, for instance, by using my Product Vision Board. See the Rewriting Effort as an Opportunity to Innovate.

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Establishing an Effective Product Strategy Process

Roman Pichler

As it’s hard to correctly determine upfront how much time will be required to carry out the necessary discovery activities, for example, observing and interviewing users, testing prototypes, and validating pricing assumptions, I like to time box the work.

The Typology of Design Sprints

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At it’s core, a design sprint is a tool for answering a critical business question through design prototyping and testing with users. When possibilities seem too wide to move forward, a sprint can help prioritize and test out what one of the directions might look like “in action”.

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Product Discovery Tips

Roman Pichler

To get your focus right, consider using a tool like my Product Vision Board to capture your idea, and identify assumptions and risks. Process: Lean, Scrum, Kanban Product Vision and Strategy market research product discovery product life cycle stakeholders teamwork

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Uncovering Your Most Pivotal Users by Marieke McCloskey and Doug Puett

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This research has allowed us to make more informed and confident decisions about our product vision and roadmap. Customer Research Data Driven Product Management General Product Strategy User Testing Video Data-Driven Product Management pivotal users product management Usability

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How to Sell Your Boss on Roadmaps Without Timelines

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As product managers, we instinctively know that planning things out in advance is impossible, because our work depends on a constant stream of testing, data and feedback. Show Them What you Lose When you Give up Validation and Testing.

Product Takeoff

Product Takeoff

To achieve that level of confidence and to build products in that space we as product managers have to focus on a few key principals before we plan on getting the next thing in the marketplace.The four major principals we generally go by are Vision, Strategy, Team and Rapid learning.

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Product Managers: How to Succeed on Every Project

Modus Create

There are a couple great tricks you can use to overcome this: Concede only to testing the idea. Then conceive of a simple A/B test or user study you can do that will validate or invalidate the idea. Product managers need to be cognizant of all the assumptions they are making and run user tests to eliminate the riskiest of them. User testing doesn’t have to be expensive or extensive using lean validation techniques. Provide Vision and Clarity.

What is a Product?

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It has a strong suite of automated regression tests. It has a strong suite of automated regression tests It’s always amazed me how changing a feature in one place manages to impact features on the other end of the product. Scalability, Measurability, Deployability.

Naimish Gohil – Adapting Your Product for a Changing Market

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From uniform to behaviour to the school vision, everyone working at a school needs to be able to give a consistent message to the students. In order to get to this stage, they took the approach of any good product manager – they tested repeatedly to learn what worked best and iterated. Product Management Process User Experience (UX) User Research User Testing Video adapt B2B edtech education Emerging Business Models iterate London Product/Market Fit ProductTank

Coping with Product Manager Burnout

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Vision Built on Uncertainty When I started my career as a young programmer I was tasked with bug fixing as a way to learn the code base….I I could actually run tests to see immediately if.[continue

Hypermetricemia: A dangerous product disease that you can avoid

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A/B test it. Today the universally accepted model for building products is Build, Test, Learn, Scale. We catch hypermetricemia when we focus on popular metrics to determine success, without giving sufficient thought to whether metrics indicate progress towards the vision.

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Leading Through Shared Goals

Roman Pichler

The first and possibly most powerful goal is the vision , which describes the ultimate reason for creating your product and the positive change it should bring about. As this example shows, the vision is an inspirational, visionary goal that cannot be measured.

Stop Validating & Start Co-Creating

Product Talk

Even though their MVP will only include a fraction of their near-term vision, Pam wants two weeks to work through the design of the near-term vision, as she’s worried if they build piece by piece, they’ll end up with a Frankenstein user experience. Meet Sally and Pam.

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Is MVP Dead?

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Risk Assumption Test. Test the riskiest assumption. Test the central premise of a business idea. The first is that MVP fails to focus enough on testing and validating the riskiest part of the proposed product. Is Minimum Viable Product Dead? – By Don Stoddard .

Choosing the Right Planning Horizon for Your Product

Roman Pichler

In the product planning model above, the vision describes the ultimate purpose for creating the product; the product strategy states how the vision will be realised; and the product roadmap states how the strategy will be implemented. Planning Horizons and Planning Model.

Are you cut out for Product Management?


But first, Product Managers need to demonstrate to founders or executives that progress is happening, so that founders can trust that their vision is being nurtured. A Product vision is key to delivering great products. A vision isn’t something that can be delivered in a single hit.

What is Good Product Strategy?

Melissa Perri

BUT we still had to test our ideas. Product Strategy is a system of achievable goals and visions that work together to align the team around desirable outcomes for both the business and your customers. In smaller companies, this will be your company and product’s overall vision.

Would-Be Product Manager’s Instruction Manual

Product Management Unpacked

Build the strategic vision for your product. Coordinate the creation of prototypes and concept testing. People often describe a product manager as “CEO of the Product.”

Prioritize Opportunities, Not Solutions

Product Talk

how many customers are impacted by it, how often), evaluating how addressing that opportunity might affect our position in the market, how well an opportunity fits with our company vision, mission, and strategic objectives, and how important it is to our customers.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Identifying Beta Program Metrics


Demonstrates the usefulness of the data collected from the beta program and its impact on the quality of products being tested. Measures the satisfaction of products being tested by customers. Download the Beta Test ROI Kit Now. What are beta program metrics exactly?

4 Powerful Ways to Use Rapid Prototyping to Drive Product Success

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But when we think of rapid prototyping and usability testing as one and the same, we tend to underestimate the power of prototyping. When we conflate rapid prototyping and usability testing, we tend to underestimate the power of prototyping. We can prototype to test feasibility.

Get Comfortable Breaking Your Product by Rik Higham

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Six years ago at Skyscanner there was no experimentation: now, there might be 500 tests running at any one time. You want to create a system to explore how to get to your vision through testing your riskiest assumptions, so you should frame your thinking as a hypothesis.

5 Interview Questions for Hiring the Best Product Managers

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Many of these questions are asked with the right intention of testing for product sense. A PM can only make improvements to a product if he is intimately familiar with that company’s vision and product strategy. So this question only tests someone’s ability to bull$h^t with confidence.

What Does a Successful MVP Look Like?

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Everyone believes their vision is really the Minimum Viable Product. You can simply declare “it’s not really minimum” if you want to do something less than their vision, or declare “it’s not really viable” if you want to do more! It articulates how the full vision will be delivered.

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Seriously, What’s the Difference Between Product Manager and Project Manager


Being the visionary behind the process, the product manager always needs to have the endgame in mind – bringing her vision of the product to life , adjusting the vision to fit market/audience needs and mobilizing the entire team toward that goal. Vision.

The T-Shaped Product Manager

Roman Pichler

Leadership skills enable you to effectively guide the development team and lead the stakeholders, create an inspiring vision , and reach sustainable agreements , to name just a few. Taking my product management test helps you with this. Test competing offerings.

The Simple Guide to Product Management

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To own a product requires a strong vision for what it can become and achieve. The test is supplying just the right information to make progress and achieve results. Having a vision for yourself and your career is just as important as having one for your products and teams.

Good Product Team/Bad Product Team


On testing and refining… Bad product teams lack a product strategy, or if they have one that strategy is not clearly delivered throughout their organization. They set an aggressive 10x vision , but give the teams closest to the customer autonomy to figure out how to achieve that vision. Bad product teams use agile as an excuse to not have a vision. Good product teams iterate obsessively to test and refine their vision.

What does a Product Manager do? Take 1.

Product Manager in Heels

Join a team, set a vision (after TONS of research) and GET EXCITED about what you're working on. Starting a new role forces product managers to think of the basic principles the guide product management.

Make Your Product Stand Out with the Strategy Canvas

Roman Pichler

I capture these pieces of information using my Product Vision Board. Product reviews and test reports can help you discover the right factors, since they compare a product against the expected standard. The Strategy Canvas.

Announcing Agile 2.0.0 – The Newest and Bestest Agile Ever

Modus Create

Those people were always harping about “vision” and “strategy” and passing out “roadmaps” Who do they think they are, fortune tellers? If we don’t test, then there aren’t any bugs to be found. So no more testing.

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5 Tips for Product Managers to Ensure Success on Every Project

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There are a couple great tricks you can use to overcome this: Concede only to testing the idea. Then conceive of a simple A/B test or user study you can do that will validate or invalidate the idea. User testing doesn’t have to be expensive or extensive using lean validation techniques.

10 Product Backlog Tips

Roman Pichler

Decline ideas and requirements that do not help you meet the release goal and move you closer to realising the product vision. Addressing uncertain items early on allows you to test your ideas, to fail fast, and to learn how to continue.

Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

The Secret PM Handbook

The y-axis represents "ability to deliver," while the x-axis represents "completeness of vision." The upper right "magic quadrant" is vendors who have a compelling vision and can deliver on it. Brain Wiring (by Wellcome Images, CC licensed).

This Framework Gives You Product Management Super Powers

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One test of a new framework is how well it explains “previous observations.” Create A Compelling Product Vision By Writing The (Amazon) Review First. Breakthrough! The Secret Product Management Framework.