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How to Stay Informed Without Losing Your Mind

Nir Eyal

I told myself that I was staying informed, that this was […]. The post How to Stay Informed Without Losing Your Mind appeared first on Nir and Far. Around the election, in a desperate search for answers about our nation’s future, I found myself scrolling, reading, and watching everything I could. I was trapped in an endless pull-to-refresh cycle of consuming more news, tweets, posts, and videos than was good for me. Putting Technology In Its Place Upgrading Yourself distraction news technology triggers unhooked

10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

Roman Pichler

You can download the template for free from, and you can find more information on how to use it in my post The GO Product Roadmap. 1 Focus on Goals and Benefits. Goal-oriented roadmaps focus on goals or objectives like acquiring customers, increasing engagement, and removing technical debt. 2 Do the Necessary Prep Work. 3 Tell a Coherent Story. 4 Keep it Simple.

Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

PM Hardcore

While categorization itself is a type of mental model – the idea that different topics or pieces of information fall into different buckets – it’s not a product management-specific concept. Brain Wiring (by Wellcome Images, CC licensed). In part 1 I introduced mental models and some reasons they are important. And I provided a few “general purpose” examples. Categorization tools.

Scaling the Product Owner Role

Roman Pichler

Scaling and the Product Life Cycle. To understand if and when the product owner role should be scaled, I find it helpful to consider the product’s life cycle stage. As long as a product is young and hasn’t reached product-market fit—or is close to achieving it—I recommend having a single person in charge of the product. At this stage, effective decision-making is paramount. The product manager.

Is Scrum Right for Your Product?

Roman Pichler

See my post 10 Tips on How to Choose the Right Product Key Performance Indicators for more information on selecting the right metrics.). When is Scrum Most Helpful? A process like Scrum is a great fit for your product when it is brand-new or young, and when you extend its life cycle, as shown in the picture below. For revenue-generating products revenue is commonly used, for example.

UX 97

Finding the Truth Behind MVPs

Melissa Perri

More information here. If you’re interested in learning more about MVPs, I’m running a one day workshop in Paris on June 14, 2016. A Successful Start I learned about Minimum Viable Products like 99% of other Product Managers – through The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. When I happened upon the book and Eric’s method, I […

Why This Opportunity Solution Tree is Changing the Way Product Teams Work

Product Talk

He defines a mental representation as a “mental structure that corresponds to an object, an idea, a collection of information, or anything else, concrete or abstract, that the brain is thinking about.”. The superior organization of information is a theme that appears over and over again in the study of expert performance.”. So I’m going to scratch the surface in this blog post.

Statistical Factors that Contribute to High Performance on Product Teams

bpma ProductHub

We have accumulated a wealth of statistical information on what separates successful product teams from the pack. Contributed by Greg Geracie. Actuation Consulting has been conducting research on what separates high performance product teams from the pack. To learn about our latest findings in-depth, don’t miss the Feb 16 BPMA event on “The Six Key Factors of High-Performance Product Teams”.

The Simple Guide to Product Management

bpma ProductHub

The test is supplying just the right information to make progress and achieve results. And, if a new feature request comes in for review, the product owner needs to decide on its prioritization and inform the engineering team. Contributed by Cynthia Andre. In 2016, Glassdoor identified Product Management as the #8 best job to have in America, with a job score of 4.5 out of 5.

Make Your Product Stand Out with the Strategy Canvas

Roman Pichler

I capture these pieces of information using my Product Vision Board. This is not meant to be a scientific exercise but based on the information you have collected whilst identifying the key factors. The Strategy Canvas. The Strategy Canvas was developed by Kim and Mauborgne, the authors of Blue Ocean Theory. When comparing the two lines, we see that the they diverge. Take the iPhone.

Things Nobody Told Me About Being a Product Manager

Mind the Product

Sometimes – just sometimes – gut instinct trumps (or at least informs) data. Shaun Russell shares his journey into product management, sketching out the well-trodden path he took to getting started – reading, taking workshops, learning from peers, and so on. But being a product manager is really hard, and nothing can prepare you for it. Friendships are Important.

Selection Criteria for Product Management Tools

PM Hardcore

If your tooling doesn’t understand our domain specifically, you will need to augment whatever you are using to capture and manage that information. Tools For What We Do. As a product manager, I’d like to find some tools that help me do my job. I deal with: Customers – finding their problems and listening to their product feedback. Markets – my segments, their problems, and how to reach them with my solution (and if they are big enough for me to make money). Revenue and profit – how my solution will generate top and bottom line dollars. There is competition.

Product Management Memory Lane with Alyssa Dver

bpma ProductHub

Informed: Wake Up Wisdom for Women” in 2011. Informed” took the perspective that women can’t just wait around for the workplace to change, but adapt themselves. Informed” were applicable to all, not just to women in the workplace. Contributed by Saikrishna Chavali. Kicking off the 2017 BPMA calendar is Alyssa Dver on using Neuroscience to build confidence.

Why You Are Asking the Wrong Customer Interview Questions

Product Talk

We need to reconcile the present with the past and when information is missing, our brains simply fill in any details that make the story coherent. He argues, “Confidence is a feeling, which reflects the coherence of the information and the cognitive ease of processing it.” You’ll get more reliable information. She didn’t hesitate in her answer. This story isn’t unique.

What is a Digital Product?

Roman Pichler

The former is achieved by solving a problem—think of Google Search or Bing that address the challenge of finding information on the Internet—or by providing a benefit—take Facebook that allows people to stay in touch with family and friends. Product. What is a product ? It might be tempting to say, something we can market or sell. Take the search function on your company’s website.

Tying Strategy to Your Product Roadmap

Pragmatic Marketing

Documenting this forces you to nail down many of the key items that will inform your roadmap. By Jim Semick. We’ve all heard about “strategic” product roadmaps. But what exactly does that mean in practice? A roadmap is a plan for your strategy that maps out the direction of your product. It provides context for your stakeholders and communicates the why behind what you’re building. Themes.

9 tips from TED speakers on successful product management

Mind the Product

If you’re already a product manager and in search of new information, ideas, and insights on product management to help you improve your work performance, or if you aspire to become one, then TED Talks videos and the like can be great sources of inspiration and motivation. It’s not about just knowing what makes up a product, its features, its specs, all those technical information.

Five Tips for Introducing Product Management to Your Company

Roman Pichler

More Information and Help. 1 Establish a Clear Vision. Establish a clear vision for introducing a product management group and explore why your company would benefit from it. But the core value proposition of product management is enabling growth : A product manager is responsible for making and keeping a product successful. 2 Secure Management Buy-in. 3 Involve the People Whose Jobs Change.

How aligning product and marketing teams improves customer experience

Mind the Product

Your product team can inform your marketers about the characteristics of those customers who tend not to churn, thus helping them to tailor their messaging to that audience. I believe the same synthesis of skill sets is occurring between marketers and product managers, but all too often, they’re treated organisationally as separate disciplines, broken up into siloed teams. Signed up.

Backlog Refinement Takes You from Vision to Value

bpma ProductHub

As a case in point, the team should prioritize creating enabling specifications that are most useful for regulatory compliance, reference information for product support, and for team members who don’t have domain knowledge. Contributed by Ellen Gottesdiener and Jeff Sutherland. Deliver Value Sooner. Backlog refinement prepares your backlog for development. Refinement Is about Readying.

How Guerrilla Research Can Improve Your Product

Mind the Product

Guerrilla research gathers fast, low cost information from users, and allows you to develop a quick “gut feeling” about product decisions. Guerrilla feedback can be invaluable for the success of your product. Monal Choksi explains what guerrilla research is, what it isn’t , why it’s useful, and how to fit it alongside your other user research and product development practices.

Three Superpowers of a Product Manager

Mind the Product

Make sure you notify them proactively – no one will go to a static web page of release notes and hit the refresh button every day – and present the information in a way that is easy and fast to digest. It creates fewer communication loops and forces people to send you all the relevant information in one shot. Communication Powers. Stakeholder Meetings. Retrospectives.

Why You Aren’t Learning As Much As You Could From Your Experiments

Product Talk

This provided confirming information that people search for resolution-related information around other “Fresh Starts,” but Milkman wanted to know if they also took action. I love that A/B testing has become so popular. It’s an important tool in our toolbox. But it frustrates me that we use it so poorly. The first isn’t necessarily a mistake. The second mistake is much more insidious.

Using Experimentation to Drive Product – Stephen Pavlovich (CEO of

Mind the Product

These could be looked at as ‘minimum viable tests’ which won’t show you all the aspects of the decisions you’re looking at, but will give you enough information to move forward. Stephen Pavlovich , CEO of, talks to ProductTank London about Using Experimentation to Drive Product. Why aren’t people converting and what experiments can you run to try and fix that?

Selling Vs. Learning

Mironov Consulting

Well-informed developers do better work, have higher morale , and appreciate your product managers more. I talk with product managers all the time, and always ask whether they are talking directly with end users and target customers. The most frequent response from enterprise product managers is “Of course! I’m on sales calls two or three times a week.” . To help close. Thoughts for Leaders.

Behavior Drives Pricing Drives Behavior

Under10 Playbook

In the world of too much information (and too much “fake news”), many readers are looking for a reliable source and are willing to pay for it. That is, they are skipping the “free” news and seeking information from sources that can be trusted. To create value for your business, you need to create value for your customer. Buyers care about value.

AI, Autonomy, and the Build Trap – Announcing our first three speakers for #mtpcon SF

Mind the Product

She most recently led the product development of Google Now, a digital assistant that proactively brings information to you through the day. Mind the Product San Francisco 2017 promises to be one of our best product conferences yet, with double the number of workshops, more networking events around the conference, and more fun than ever before. Nate Walkingshaw, Author and CXO Pluralsight.

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What is the ROI of Design? – Nate Clinton (ProductTank San Francisco)

Mind the Product

Informed v.s. Nate Clinton works as the Managing Director for Cooper in their San Francisco studio. Before Cooper, Nate has held product and design leadership positions at StarMine, Thomson Reuters, and BuildZoom. As a consultancy Cooper leads initiatives in content creation, business development, and creative leadership. Though he’s opened to suggestions!) Ignorant Design.

Why Drawing Maps Sharpens Your Thinking

Product Talk

Tversky further explains: “People are limited simultaneously by the amount of information they can keep in mind and the number of mental operations they can apply to that information. “Could it have been the drawing of maps that boosted our ancestors beyond the threshold which the other apes just failed to cross?”. – Richard Dawkins. To me, the answer is clear.

Pros and Cons of Market Research Tactics

Mind the Product

You need to make panel recruitment your job for a little while before you actually collect any useful information. When it comes to capturing the public’s imagination, few works of fiction have ever done it as well as the movie Jurassic Park did almost 25 years ago – I couldn’t believe it’s been that long either. Join Sales Calls. Talk to Existing Customers. to $3.00

How to Deal with “Sinatra” Stakeholders

Folding Burritos

Amidst this absence of information, it’s natural that some kind of “everyone for themselves” culture emerges. When people are not involved in the decision-making process , they don’t have all the information nor are they aware of the constraints and trade-offs that led to those decisions. Keeping them informed of the product’s progress. The Cause: Misalignment. Rosansky.

8 Essential Elements of Your Customer Advisory Board Meeting Agenda

Pragmatic Marketing

While such engagement is an integral part of the CAB meeting itself, the benefits of informal social interaction cannot be overstated. By Rob Jensen. The topic of customer advisory board (CAB) meeting agendas is a popular one at our training events and at other CAB industry events we attend. Internal Prep Meeting. Social Interaction Opportunities. Welcome Session. Introductions. and abroad.

The Unplayable Piano: How Frustration Makes Us Creative

Mind the Product

Carson found a lot her students had weak attention filters – they let in a lot of noise and information, when they tried to focus on a specific task. Phillips gave people a multiple choice murder mystery problem, where everyone came to the problem with the same information. Jarrett’s instinctive reaction was not to play, says Harford. Cognitive Psychology. Computer Science.

Motivating Development Teams

Mironov Consulting

I have personally re-engaged some development teams with a campaign of relevant, digestible, packaged customer information: driving real improvement in motivation, productivity and product quality. As noted in my last post , Sales and Marketing often wonder whether Engineering is sufficiently motivated and engaged. Some Engineering teams are unmotivated, though. So improving. criteria.

Car Maker Product Managers Face An Apple / Google Threat

The Accidental Product Manager

Car maker product managers don’t want to give up either the entrainment links nor the key information in their vehicles. There is also the possibility that down the road car maker product managers see an opportunity to make money by selling information about the driver that the car has collected along with providing mobile connectivity. Image Credit: LotPro Cars.

Features do not a Product Roadmap Make

Tyner Blain

This context informs choices (like not requiring a modal dialogue to confirm the user’s choice when making a change in quantity, or making the change to “quantity of zero” be an explicit and distinct interaction). Last month, Mike Smart of Egress Solutions and I gave a webinar for Pragmatic Marketing on product roadmapping when working in agile environments. Which What?

Spice Catalyst - Untitled Article

Spice Catalyst

Based on the 183-page book "Building Insanely Great Products: Some Products Fail, Many Succeed…This is their Story" now on Amazon as a Kindle Book or softcover (soon an audio book), this presentation will cover the Six Keys 83of Product Success: Strategy, Process, Information, Customers, Employees, and Systems including these topics: The post appeared first on Spice Catalyst.

Fighting Shiny Object Syndrome

Product Powers

I redirected Brenda’s efforts that day (and for the next year) by sitting down with her and showing her our prioritized list of initiatives and (this is the important part) the underlying strategic goals that informed it. Brenda rushed over from her desk in the sales pit. She was clearly excited. She’d uncovered an opportunity to partner with a local firm that would distribute our free demo to a few thousand of their customers and she was convinced it would be an easy way to generate a lot of new business quickly. It was nearly free marketing, right? I said no.

Demo 29

Outside-In User Story Example

Tyner Blain

When the app receives a message, it receives a “payload” which combines the message with other information about the message (data and meta-data). The phone may even create a notification which pops up only after 5 idle minutes pass, indicating the conversation is complete – encouraging the user to provide additional information. Contact Manager. Very convenient.

How to Communicate When You’re Founding a Startup

Mind the Product

Use Information Radiators. Personas and user journeys for existing products are just some of the materials that you can use to help get the rest of the organisation or team across the information you know or are trying to find out. As such, for their team of startup experts, communication is absolutely key. So how do they make it work? Dharmesh Raittatha walks us through it. Get Lean.