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The life of a Product Manager – Learning by Doing

Mind the Product

Osama Hanif (Digital Solutions Manager at Telenor) launched the first digital agency in Lahore and went on to join Telenor Digital. Last summer he and a brand new team were challenged by Telenor to tackle smartphone users, especially in Asia, who don’t use data because of a fear of large unexpected bills. Plan for improvisation. Launch as soon as possible. This led to wasted time.

Don’t Ask People What They Want, Watch What They Do

Nir Eyal

Nir’s Note: Irene Au is a design partner at Khosla Ventures and former Head of Design at Google, Yahoo, and Udacity. She’ll be speaking at the upcoming Habit Summit in April. You can register here!) In this interview, she chats with Max Ogles about design strategy for startups. Q: You have an impressive background as […]. The post Don’t Ask People What They Want, Watch What They Do appeared first on Nir and Far. Behavior Design In Action Behavior design habit summit

Never make left turns

Under10 Playbook

In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.—Louis —Louis Pasteur, French chemist and microbiologist. Did you know UPS trucks almost never make left-hand turns? Understanding the mechanics of how delivery vehicles work results in increased productivity for drivers and dramatic savings in fuel costs. We will make left hand turns, but not ones that are unnecessary.

Making Consensus-based Product Decisions

Roman Pichler

Benefits and Limitations. Deciding by consensus means that everyone required to make the decision agrees with it. Applied correctly, it results in a better decision and creates strong buy-in and shared ownership. Consensus is certainly not a silver bullet. Mindset. Consensus comes from the Latin verb “con-sentire.” Process. Suspend judgment at this stage and don’t criticise the ideas.

Developing as a Product Manager

Mind the Product

There are no guides to Product Management. As Ken Chin points out, the best way to learn about Product Management is to speak to people who have been doing it for longer than you. Unfortunately, because it is a relatively new discipline, there aren’t that many out there – and those that there are, are in high demand. Your first steps as Product Manager. Senior Product Management.

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Get Ready for MTP Engage Hamburg

Mind the Product

Photo courtesty of Moritz Königsbücher. Just 2 months until the first MTP Engage event will take place in Hamburg on April 28th! MTP Engage Hamburg will be a one-day event for 300+ product people with 4 keynotes, 12 sessions with members of the local product community, and many ways for product people to engage & learn. Get your MTP Engage Hamburg tickets today! Marco Börries. Johanna Kollmann.

Requirements, Roadmaps & Rollouts: The B2B Product Manager Magazine, February 2017

High Octane Product Management

The February Issue of The B2B Product Manager is now available. In this issue we cover everything from requirements to roadmaps to rollouts. We also throw in a few tips for hiring the best Agile Product Owners, and a universal product management framework that’s been sitting right under our nose. And for the first time in five years, Proficientz is offering a public training workshop – How to Create a Strategic Portfolio Roadmap, March 28th in Atlanta. Click here for details. View the February issue! In This Issue: Blog. Five Reasons You Need a Strategic Portfolio Roadmap.

Creating a culture of persistence

Lead on Purpose

We live in a world that makes it increasingly easy to justify failures and abdicate responsibility. Too often the news trumpets the reasons why certain groups don’t get what they want, and they showcase how those in authority are responsible … Continue reading → Purpose action gratitude growth perseverance persistence progress success teamwork


The Best Product Managers are Great Communicators

bpma ProductHub

Interviewed by Oksana Reznichenko. Dinneen Grably graduated from Bridgewater State University with B.S. in Business Marketing and started her career as a press attaché and assistant director in communication for the Massachusetts Secretary of State at State House in Boston. She is an international coach, bringing together multinational teams for better collaboration through effective communication.

Five Essential Steps for Getting into IoT Product Management

Mind the Product

You want to get into IoT product management, but where do you start? What skills do you need? Which companies are working on IoT today? Start with these five essential steps. According to analyst firm Gartner, there will be over 20 billion connected devices by 2020. But the reality is that the products that get all the attention are just the tip of the iceberg. These layers are: Device hardware.

How Product Managers Can Find More Customers

The Accidental Product Manager

Finding new customers requires a bit of multitasking Image Credit: Ryan Ritchie. I’m pretty sure that we all know and understand that product managers don’t work in sales. However, our career is very closely tied to the success of the product that we are responsible for. Getting Existing Potential Customers To Buy. They had a good product development definition. Problem solved!

Agile Marketing Using Scrum

280 Group

This is a guest post by John Armstrong, CMO, Zettaset. Many people in the technology world mistakenly believe that Agile is something new, but it really isn’t. Back in the 1940’s, Toyota adopted Agile manufacturing methodologies (specifically Kanban) to reduce waste and increase transparency across teams, and as a way to promptly address constantly changing customer needs. But if marketing is.[continue

Building products for growth

Product Bookshelf

Product managers can learn a lot from growth marketers. Growth teams can be part of product teams and modify the product to increase growth. Although some growth tactics are specific to outbound marketing, many are directly tied to the product. Startup Growth Engines by Seth Ellis , Morgan Brown , and team. Currier asks “how great is your daily email?”

Measuring KPIs for a Platform vs a Revenue-Generating Product

Mind the Product

There are some important differences between managing a solutions vs a platform product, in terms of providing product value (I wrote about becoming a platform Product Manager recently for Mind the Product ). One of the key differences is how you determine and track valuable key performance indicators (KPIs). What are KPIs and how do you Choose Them? What are KPIs? How do you Choose KPIs?

Speaking at Pendomonium; Design Your Thinking Podcast; Reminder — Tools Survey

Good Product Manager

Upcoming Speaking Engagements and Presentations. Here’s just a few of the places you can meet me in person in the next few months (more to come!). Saturday, February 25: I’ll be at ProductCamp right here in my very own St. Louis. There are over 50 proposed sessions , including two of mine: Agile Marketing: How to Apply Agile Concepts to Marketing and Best Practices for Product Roadmaps. March 7-8: I’ll be at Pendomonium: A Product Experience in Raleigh, NC, which will feature two days of sessions on product management, UX and customer success. Podcast Interview: Design Your Thinking.

Getting into Design Sprints – an AMA Interview

Mind the Product

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) discussion in the Mind the Product Slack community , where we talked about Design Sprints, how I take my coffee (a cortado), and my favorite board game (Chutes ‘N Ladders!). Let’s Start With What Design Sprints Actually are. It’s design while wearing running shoes and a track suit! So let me break that down.

Build Strong Product Teams by Hiring Graduates

Mind the Product

(Image courtesy of Digital Wave / Redweb). Last October I took part in Digital Wave , a conference in Bournemouth that brings together over 1,000 young people between the ages of 14 and 19 to learn about the opportunities offered by a career in the technology sector. I started the project in response to challenges I had recruiting entry-level product managers for Crowdcube. Diversity.

Design Disruptors (ProductTank NYC)

Mind the Product

Design Disruptors was released by InVision in 2016. The film was created to highlight some of the world’s most influential companies that are putting user centered design first, transforming the way users do everything from hailing a cab or using social media, to banking online, and finding new music. Jenine Lurie , Founder and Chief Strategist at Disruptive Experience. Do we need Both?