Community Predictions 2022

Community Predictions 2022

Welcome…to the 7th Edition of Vanilla Forums’ Community Predictions eBook

We sat down with 22 experts to discover what's coming for community in 2022. Together, we worked out ten key takeaways for the coming year. If you run a community, are part of a community, or are debating whether or not to launch one, this eBook is for you. Check out the ten predictions we make for 2022 and prepare your community for the future.

Our Experts:

The experts that contributed to Community Predictions 2022 come from an array of backgrounds and work in entirely different industries. From gaming communities, Nonprofit Associations, and SaaS company communities, our experts are based in North America, Germany, Spain, and India.

They have something in common though, and that’s a passion for all things community building. Download today!

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