Product Goals in Scrum

Roman Pichler

Product Goals Defined. The Scrum Guide released in November 2020 states that “the product goal describes a future state of the product … [It] is the long-term objective for the Scrum team.” It also suggests that “the product goal is in the product backlog.

How to fix Your Product Goals for Better Human Outcomes

Mind the Product

Hello product designers, this is for you. I want to talk to you about product goals, metrics, and how they get muddled in the product design process, leading to some less than humane outcomes. What does that have to do with goals, metrics, and even design? So, product goals and metrics – the tools that allow you to build design foundations and shape a strategy. If a goal is Boolean, it promotes an “at all costs” way of thinking.


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Product Goals: Using Objectives and Key Results

Tim Herbig

This is my complete guide to Product Goals in 2020

January Roundup: Product Careers, Setting Product Goals, Product Leadership and More

Mind the Product

Kicking off 2021, this month’s membership content has focused on goal setting, product careers, and more. The post January Roundup: Product Careers, Setting Product Goals, Product Leadership and More appeared first on Mind the Product.

Ask the "Right" Questions: Your Analytics-Guided Product Strategy

Speaker: Yoav Yechiam, Founder and Head Instructor, productMBA

Analytics are highly important for product managers - and yet, analytic implementations often fail to actually help us. It's not the technology, and it's not the tactics. In most cases, it's our approach that's misguiding us! Analytics are there to answer important product questions, not just to collect data. How can we be mindful of our analytics so they enable us, rather than confine us? Join Yoav Yechiam, Founder and head instructor at productMBA, as he explains best practices for a data-guided strategy that helps product managers get to the "why" of their biggest product goals.

The importance of metrics maturity for evidence-driven teams

Mind the Product

Everyone wants to be in an evidence-driven team, using research and data to drive their product decisions. Read more » The post The importance of metrics maturity for evidence-driven teams appeared first on Mind the Product.

Conversations, Conflict and Leadership – Roman Pichler on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

A longtime consultant, author and teacher, we grabbed him for a chat focusing on some of the lessons contained in his fourth book, How to Lead in Product Management. Creating goals and objectives. Roman’s new book is How to Lead in Product Management.

Data-Driven Product Management by Matt LeMay

Mind the Product

In this deep dive, Matt LeMay, author of Agile for Everybody and Product Management in Practice, explains what data means to product management and how it should be used to ensure that we’re building products designed to achieve meaningful outcomes.

How Can You Nurture a Day-one Mindset?

Mind the Product

At the start of the year, we all likely go through some resolution or goal-setting exercises, even if it’s only in our own heads. Adding to your bag of tools and thinking of ways to approach your goals is a good way to reinvigorate your mindset. appeared first on Mind the Product.

Essential Ingredients to Reach your Product Goals: Here's How to Accelerate Company Growth

Bain Public

The position of product manager can often be difficult to define. So then how can you, as a product manager, accelerate a company’s growth and reach product goals? It is important to note that product management goes hand in hand with product innovation. This then leads us into one of the necessary ingredients to reaching product goals and success: managing and growing the customer value monetization process through the use of 2 simple equations.

Meet Your Goals with a Practical Product Strategy

Speaker: Nils Davis, Principal, NPD Associates

Whether you manage a feature, a product, or a whole suite of products, you likely have some goals that you're trying to meet. But do you have a strategy? Strategy and goals are different. It's your strategy that allows you to make decisions that help you meet your goals in the first place. For example, if you want grow your revenue, your strategy may be to enter a new market - and you may decide to make your product stand out in that market by adding analytics. If you want to have an articulated strategy that you can use to make decisions, stay on-track, and meet your product goals, this is the webinar for you! Join Nils Davis, author of The Secret Product Manager Handbook, as he explains how you can get your team aligned to a practical product strategy.

7 Ways to Help Prevent Churn for Your SaaS Company

The Product Coalition

Customer churn is a crucial metric to every SaaS business that Product managers, account executives and sales reps try to keep as low as… Continue reading on Product Coalition ». product-management salesforce-productivity productivity goals saas

How we failed our first OKR cycle and why we do virtual teams now

The Product Coalition

How do you structure common goals? How do you track those goals? Then the leadership team took our quarterly goals and translated them into objectives and shared them with the managers. Lesson 1: Don’t define OKRs without teams input It now sounds very stupid, but after 1 month into the cycle, we realized that most of the teams needed tech and product help to achieve their objectives. And goals are supposed to look big, ambitious, and tasty.

How to Choose the Right KPIs for Your Product

Roman Pichler

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are metrics that measure how your product is doing. Effective KPIs help you understand if your product is creating the desired value for the users, the customers, and the business. Without KPIs, you end up guessing how well your product is performing.

Vision 181

OKRs in Product Management

Roman Pichler

OKRs are a method for setting and tracking goals. OKRs can be used to create cascading goalsgoals that are systematically linked. Goals in Product Management. Does this mean that there is a natural fit between goals in product management and OKRs?

The dos and don’ts of product analytics

Mind the Product

Analytics help product people to realise their product goals through being evidence and outcome driven — today they are a vital part of any product person’s toolkit. Read more » The post The dos and don’ts of product analytics appeared first on Mind the Product.

The Product Strategy Cycle

Roman Pichler

For example, a product manager might determine the product strategy and one or more development teams might be tasked with executing it. Based on this insight, I have come up with the product strategy cycle shown in the picture below. I call these outcomes product goals.

Priority Starts at the Top

Folding Burritos

I talk to a lot of PMs and I ask them (and everyone who subscribes to my newsletter) the same question: what’s your biggest struggle as a Product Manager? Having put together a fairly popular resource on product prioritization methods, I would’ve hoped the situation to be different.

Feature Prioritization in Different Stages of Product Development


Our group set a goal to learn more about features and user needs prioritization. At some point we realized that none of them show how to pick techniques based on the current stage of your product. Why do we use product stages? Stages of the product life cycle.

Scrum Commitments

The Product Coalition

While the new Scrum Guide is less prescriptive and more inclusive, it also ties loose ends by including elements better, namely the previously free-floating Sprint Goal and the Definition of Done with the creation of Scrum commitments. For the Sprint Backlog it is the Sprint Goal. •

Five Product Owner Myths Busted

Roman Pichler

Myth #1: The product owner must ensure that the stakeholders are satisfied. While internal stakeholders such as marketing, sales, and support play an important role in successfully offering a product, it would be wrong to try to please them and to say yes to all their ideas and requests.

Agile 187

280 Group Finalists in Product Management Today MVP Awards 2020!

280 Group

We are thrilled to announce that several of our blog articles have made it to the finalist round of the 2020 Product Management Today MVP Awards ! It is our mission to empower product professionals so they can gain the tools and knowledge needed to build better products.

280 Group Finalists in Product Management Today MVP Awards 2020!

280 Group

We are thrilled to announce that several of our blog articles have made it to the finalist round of the 2020 Product Management Today MVP Awards ! It is our mission to empower product professionals so they can gain the tools and knowledge needed to build better products.

Tips for Becoming a Head of Product

Roman Pichler

Be Prepared to Look after People, Not Products. When you become a head of product, you move into a line management position. Consequently, your focus shifts from managing a product to looking after the product people on your team and empowering them to do a great job.

5 Tips for Saying No to Stakeholders

Roman Pichler

Imagine that you are talking to John, a senior salesperson who’s been involved with the product for a while. John mentions the upcoming product release and says, “You really must add the enhanced reporting feature. Saying no, however, is part and parcel of a product person’s job.

Goals & Non-Goals

Clever PM

One of the most important part of our jobs as Product Managers is setting goalsgoals for ourselves, goals for our teams, and goals for our products. Goals are important — they set the North Star for us to know where we’re going, why we’re going there, and how we know whether or not […]. Product Management Agile Communication Definitions Do's Good PM Planning PM

Product Revenue and Profitability Goals – Are They Counterproductive?


Are product revenue and profitability goals a good metric or are they counterproductive? If the target markets for each product are mutually exclusive, product revenue and profitability goals don’t present any issues in B2B. The trouble starts when you have multiple products that target the same exact markets and customers. It’s a product centric view versus a customer centric view. Blog Strategy & Product Planning

Strategic Team Alignment: The Power of a One-Pager [+Webinar]

280 Group

Join our upcoming webinar, Cultivating a Strategic Product Team, Part 1: The Power of a One-Pager , on May 13th, 2021 at 10:00am PT for an in-depth discussion on creating strategic alignment in your team with a Product One-Pager. Who is the product for? The Product One-Pager.

Technical Debt and Product Success

Roman Pichler

Why Technical Debt Matters for Product People. As the person in charge of the product, you may not be terribly concerned about how clean and well-structured the code is. But the quality of your product matters: It directly impacts your ability to achieve strategic product goals and make your products successful: Technical debt makes it hard to experiment with new ideas, release new features, and quickly respond to user feedback. [1].

Vision 236

Stakeholder Management Tips for Product People

Roman Pichler

As the person in charge of the product, your aspiration should be to lead the stakeholders in order to create value together and achieve product success. A stakeholder is anyone who has a stake in your product, who is affected by it, or who shows an interest in the offering.

Dealing with Difficult Emotions in Product Management

Roman Pichler

Why Difficult Emotions Matter Particularly for Product People. For us product people, however, difficult emotions are particularily relevant. We are responsible for their success of our products.

Dealing with Difficult Emotions in Product Management

Roman Pichler

Why Difficult Emotions Matter Particularly for Product People. For us product people, however, difficult emotions are particularily relevant. We are responsible for their success of our products.

How to Reduce the Product Backlog Size

Roman Pichler

Split the Product Backlog. Faced with an overly long and detailed product backlog, investigate if it does describe one cohesive product. Over time, products can serve an increasingly heterogeneous market and provide a large number of different features, some of which may not be used by all users. The company unbundled the messaging functionality originally included in its Facebook mobile app and made it available as a stand-alone product.

Scrum Guide 2020

The Product Coalition

Interestingly, the authors also axed other elements of the 2017 edition of the Scrum Guide that I thought less contested, for example, the magnitude of work allocated to Product Backlog refinement and servant-leadership. The Product explanation : “A product is a vehicle to deliver value.

How To Find Product Market Fit

The Product Coalition

Image credit: Canva The term “Product-Market Fit” can be baffling for a lot of new Product Managers. The phrase sounds great in theory, but in reality, finding product-market fit raises more questions than it answers: What is Product-Market fit?

Mindset – Product Intuition, Prioritisation, and Process with Tristan Kromer

Mind the Product

In this episode, Tristan and Rosemary discuss product intuition, the art of prioritisation, managing your HiPPOs, and draw from their own experiences and expertise to answer questions from the Mind the Product community. Using The Kano Model To Prioritize Product Development (blog).

Dec 4-5: Product Dojo Conference / Designing the Product Organization Workshop

Mironov Consulting

What: Product Dojo conference on Mastering Product Leadership. I am joining the Product Dojo team for a combined workshop-plus-conference event in San Francisco. Target attendees are product managers and product leaders looking for fresh insights and peer networking. How is that the same/different from what individual product managers do? Different product management organizational models. Ways to build/nurture product/development teams.

What is the Product of the VP Product?

Ask Benny

When your product is your team. Your Team is Your Product One of the hardest things for a VP Product to do, as the team of product managers under his lead grows, is to release control. As a VP Product, you need to trust your product managers to make the right decisions.

Vision 116

4 Daily Scrum Tips for Product Owners & Product Managers

Roman Pichler

In Scrum, the team collectively agrees to a sprint goal and is responsible for meeting it. As the person in charge of the product, you should participate in the Daily Scrum at least twice a week. [1] Additionally, you may want to ask the team to help refine product backlog items or update the product roadmap , for instance. [2]. Therefore, don’t turn it into a product backlog or roadmapping workshop. Tip #1: Know what it’s all about.

Choosing the Right Planning Horizon for Your Product

Roman Pichler

But in product management, there are several horizons that need to be considered—how many depends on the product planning model you use. In the product planning model above, the vision describes the ultimate purpose for creating the product; the product strategy states how the vision will be realised; and the product roadmap states how the strategy will be implemented. Similarly, larger roadmap changes can cause product strategy adjustments.