Tue.Nov 13, 2018

Why Simply “Allowing” Mistakes is a Dead-end for Agile Companies

Mind the Product

Managing culture can quickly become one of the most complex challenges for companies that seek to scale agile practices. If self-organization and continuous improvement aren’t already tricky enough in a team of 10 individuals, they represent a daunting challenge when teams grow to the hundreds (not mentioning companies of thousands of people).

Agile 72

How to build a growth team – lessons from Uber, Hubspot, and others (50 slides)

Andrew Chen

Dear readers, Building a new growth team is hard. You have to figure out the macro organizational issues – how it fits in with marketing, product, and other functions – as well as the micro, like how to measure the success of these teams.


Accelerate Innovation by Unlearning Old Habits

Tech Product Management

In this episode of the IoT Product Leadership podcast, we discuss how to accelerate IoT innovation by unlearning old habits. My guest is Barry O’Reilly, a business advisor, entrepreneur, and author who has pioneered the intersection of business model innovation, product development, organizational design, and culture transformation. In my IoT practice, I talk to many IoT Product Leaders […]. The post Accelerate Innovation by Unlearning Old Habits appeared first on Daniel Elizalde.