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Focusing On Your Brand Will Produce a Better Product

Mind the Product

In this talk, Jesus Ramirez , VP Product at Tallwave Capital, explains how effectively leveraging brand in your products can create user experiences which do just that, and which turn your customers into advocates. Brand or Product?

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Branding is what you do when your product doesn't matter.— I know this one'll get the brand-oriented marketers into an uproar but there's a big difference between brandING and your brand. Branding is a verb; brand is a noun. Branding is the exercise of telling your story to get people to buy your product. Your brand results from years of delivering great products and creating satisfied customers.

Ask Steve: Naming and Branding

Under10 Playbook

A reader asks: When are branded names preferred over descriptive names? For your naming strategy, you should attempt to brand only one thing. Small "utility" companies with only one or two products should focus on branding the individual products.

Is The Trick To Boosting Product Sales To Simplify Your Product Line?

The Accidental Product Manager

Olay is simplifying their product offering in order to revive their brand Image Credit: WindyWinters. The P&G product managers made the brand over and added skin treatments that had previously only been available at high-end department stores.

Is Scrum Right for Your Product?

Roman Pichler

A process like Scrum is a great fit for your product when it is brand-new or young, and when you extend its life cycle, as shown in the picture below. When is Scrum Most Helpful?

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Goodbye Scion – What Happened To You?

The Accidental Product Manager

The Scion brand is being retired by Toyota Image Credit: Aaron Van Dike. Scion was a separate brand that Toyota created way back in 2003. The brand was sold in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Toyota created the Scion brand in order to attract younger buyers.

Scaling Lean Principles by Jeff Gothelf

Mind the Product

This happens for any number of reasons – business case, short-term business needs, process, approvals, silos, concerns about the impact on the brand, deadlines, targets, and so on. Coach, lean advocate and author Jeff Gothelf talked about scaling Lean principles at this year’s London #mtpcon.

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Make Your Product Stand Out with the Strategy Canvas

Roman Pichler

Use the Strategy Canvas not only for brand-new products. The Strategy Canvas. The Strategy Canvas was developed by Kim and Mauborgne, the authors of Blue Ocean Theory. It was originally intended as a business strategy tool to discover new markets.

Inspiring Teams with Product Vision

Mind the Product

Your best employees – the ones who are committed, high performing, autonomous and who are stewards of your brand – will be purpose driven. What matters to your brand so much that you would hold onto it no matter what?

Why You Are Asking the Wrong Customer Interview Questions

Product Talk

” She said, “I didn’t, but they were a brand I liked and they were on sale.” She thinks she buys a pair of jeans based on fit, but brand loyalty and price (or getting a good deal) were more important when it came time to make a purchase.

Seven Things you can Learn From WeChat Product Development

Mind the Product

In 2012, WeChat introduced the concept of official accounts for brands, where companies and individuals can create an official account to use for social media outreach AND for selling their product/service.

New Product Management For Dummies Book Now Available

280 Group

Our New Product Management For Dummies Book is Now Officially Available We are proud to announce the release of the brand new Product Management For Dummies book, written by Brian Lawley and Pamela Schure of the 280 Group.

How to Communicate When You’re Founding a Startup

Mind the Product

Brand is Important. A well developed brand and strong copy will let you do this and is worth investing in early. Forward Partners look to help early stage ventures get to Series A or seed funding by working with them on getting to viable and sustainable business models within 12 months.

Experiences in Product: Shendi Wang Explains her Career Path

Mind the Product

Today she leads a brand new group at Mastercard, with a team of only five people. Because they are developing a brand new product, rather than improving or altering an existing one, she has to work closely with both development and management, as well as business and tech.

The life of a Product Manager – Learning by Doing

Mind the Product

Last summer he and a brand new team were challenged by Telenor to tackle smartphone users, especially in Asia, who don’t use data because of a fear of large unexpected bills.

Product Lifecycle Management – Beyond the Early Adopter

Mind the Product

Pearson are a long established global company with multiple brands and acquisitions., Craig Strong , VP of Product Lifecycle Management at Pearson, talks about the work they have done to evolve their product lifecycle management and the key learnings that have taken place along the way.

When Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley: Why Big Media Needs Product Management

Mind the Product

But time will tell if TV networks, and their brands, can continue to thrive exclusively on third-party platforms in the internet era, as they have in the cable era, without a direct relationship with their viewers.

Devolving From Good To Bad


But then you get some serious funding, or some board member strongly suggests that you need to bring on some “adult supervision,” or some experienced people from brand-name companies. Here’s the thing, the new people you hire are often from those large, brand-name companies that have stopped growing, are often companies that have long since lost their ability to innovate, and have been living off their brand for many years.

Yahoo to become Altaba

Under10 Playbook

See also Ask Steve: Naming and Branding Assuming the sale of Yahoo's internet products to Verizon goes through, the remaining assets will become known as Altaba.

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Innovation vs. Execution


Culture of discovery techniques - the mechanisms are in place for ideas to be tested out quickly and safely (protecting brand, revenue, customers and colleagues). In my last article I discussed how we need to simultaneously learn fast in product discovery, yet still release with confidence in product delivery. I got a very good response from this article, as well as many questions as to how teams can get better at one or both. This quickly gets into a very deep discussion of culture.

When was the Last Time you Talked to Your Customers?

Mind the Product

Consequently, this suggested to us that we should rethink some of the branding on the platform. love asking people this question. It is quite a shocker that most people can’t really answer it.

Let’s Fire a Few of Our Customers

Mironov Consulting

These are the customers we have to make happy if we’re going to grow our revenue/brand/Net Promoter Score and shorten our mean-time-to-customer-joy.

Making My Underwear an accessible product

Mind the Product

But at this point we were still delusionally confident in Todd’s brand and our expertise. This is a story about My Underwear. Not my underwear —  but “My Underwear” — the mobile game for children from my old game studio.

Launching Complex Products in International Markets

Mind the Product

For the business set up, it is almost like setting up a brand new company. Christian Miccio (VP Product at First Data) and Kana Butkovic (Programme Director at First Data) set out a detailed strategy for launching physical products on an international scale.

Behind Every Great Product by Marty Cagan

Mind the Product

There was initially huge resistance to Adwords at Google – from engineering, because they worked hard to provide relevant results, and from sales, who were selling key words to big brands and who were legitimately nervous about cannibalization.

Progress, Not Products

Product Bookshelf

The pinnacle of jobs to be done development is a “purpose brand”, one that is synonymous with the job it is being hired to do.

Top 10 Product Guest Posts of 2016

Mind the Product

Most of the commentary focused on the Pokémon brand, but Jenny focused on the game as a product, and dug into how it was designed to be a hugely effective game taking advantage of the mobile platform, social spaces, and the hugely-popular brand.

Car Maker Product Managers Face An Apple / Google Threat

The Accidental Product Manager

Now what they are discovering is that their customers are showing a preference for systems that are more tightly integrated with their specific brand of mobile phone. Yes, every car needs a navigation system, but from whom? Image Credit: LotPro Cars.

Behind Every Great Product


The new sales team, under Omid Kordistani, was off to a strong start selling keywords to large brands and placing the results at the top of the search results, highlighted as an ad, but still very prominent, much in the style that had been done in search results at other companies, including at Netscape where Omid came from. Article: Behind Every Great Product.

The Future of Talking to Technology

Mind the Product

How can we build with Artificial Intelligence in mind, at the same time as maintaining close customer relationships and protecting our brands? Christoph Auer-Welsbach , Partner Innovation Leader at IBM Watson, introduces us to Watson.

Discovery vs. Delivery


We are in a big hurry to push something out there in order to learn what works and what doesn’t; yet we don’t want to release something that’s not ready for prime time, and risk hurting our customers and damaging our brand. It is consistent with the brand promise. Most of us are working on solving some pretty hard problems, and it usually ends up taking some fairly complex systems in order to power these solutions.

Amazon Product Managers Prepare To Do The Unthinkable: Open A Store

The Accidental Product Manager

In malls across the country, Amazon has set up branded kiosks where they sell a limited line of devices, cases for those devices, and branded apparel. We buy from Amazon online, right? Image Credit: Luke Dorny.

TEI 084: Product portfolio management – with Carrie Nauyalis - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

You might have a portfolio by region, by brand, by product line, etc. Or, if we need to grow a brand, what product should we launch? You might have a portfolio by region, by brand, by product line, etc. *

Product Success


There are legal constraints, financial constraints, sales and pricing constraints, brand and marketing constraints, privacy constraints, security constraints, partnership conditions, and the list goes on. Exactly a year ago I was invited to give a keynote at the Craft Conference in Budapest and I discussed the 10 biggest reasons why product teams fail. You can watch that talk here , or read the narrative article here.

Fighting Shiny Object Syndrome

Product Powers

Printing demo discs was cheap and she just wanted my ok to get some co-branded materials made to package them with, and maybe we could do a seminar together, and dedicate some telesales resources to following up on the leads. Brenda rushed over from her desk in the sales pit. She was clearly excited.

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TEI 092: Innovation mantras from R&D-with Dana A. Oliver - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

They are very customer-focused, they establish their brands, but then something odd occurs. Look at Intel, Victoria’s Secret, Starbuck’s, or Michelin — these are companies that have a core technology, a core name, a core brand, and they remain true to these elements.

Why you Need a Product Analytics Playbook

Mind the Product

How to effectively onboard and retain brand new users. When it comes to successfully implementing a data-informed approach to product analytics, it’s easy to find lists of tips and tactics. It’s much harder to put together a strategy you can return to time and again.

The Product Designer Role


Visual design includes things like composition, typography and how the visual brand is expressed. The Product Designer Role. You got the go ahead to hire some in-house designers. That’s great news! Up until now you’ve been relying on an external agency for the majority of your design work and this is going to enable you to create a team that is much more responsive and predictable. Your next task is to define the product design role within your company.

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Virtual reality and your product development process

Mind the Product

Brands such as McDonald’s , Volvo , Coca Cola , Marriott Hotels , and even President Obama , have successfully released VR content to consumers, with many more scrambling to join them.

Third-Party Software Integration: Best Practice, Perils and Pitfalls

Mind the Product

Or, who has a brand (don’t build your own CRM when customers know Salesforce)? Product management teams often ask themselves if third-party integration is right for their software product roadmap.