2019 Benchmarks for Finance Apps


Our 2019 Mobile Benchmarks by App Category report looks at trends and differences across popular app categories, with a focus on Finance apps. Below is a taste of the Finance-focused data featured in the report, including a “scorecard” showing average engagement and feedback benchmarks for apps in the Finance category and category-specific tips for success. Profile of an average app in the Finance category. Apps in the Finance category have many unique hurdles.

Banking on bad UX: Finance website designs are failing gens Y & Z


The post Banking on bad UX: Finance website designs are failing gens Y & Z appeared first on TryMyUI Blog. Finance TryMyUI UX Industry Design finance millennial Usability Testing User Experience UX Design website zoomerFinancial institutions are mired in bad design and even worse PR. Now, younger generations aren't buying in. How are financial website designs failing?

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Four Challenges Finance Apps Face and How to Conquer Them


Convenient access to our finances is key in our global economy, and the mobile channel has quickly become the epicenter of customer experience. However, having convenient access to our finances at our fingertips doesn’t come without unique challenges. The lifetime value of a finance customer is higher than most other industries, so when a customer does leave, it’s a much bigger hit to the company.

Finance’s Role in Pricing

Pragmatic Marketing

Finance should NOT set prices. Finance cares a lot about pricing because they focus on profitability. But finance should NOT set prices. Here’s the problem: Finance people do not know the value of their products. However, finance people can play an important role in pricing. Margin guidance: Finance knows what investors or owners expect in terms of overall margin. Finance constantly collects and analyzes data about the business.

How King Crushes New Product Development using Data-Driven Insights

Speaker: Ian Thompson, Head of Business Intelligence at King, and Zara Wells, Strategic Customer Success Manager at Looker

He’ll also cover the various other ways that King uses analytics across their entire company, from finance to performance marketing.

Finance Apps: Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmarks for 2020


2020 has been volatile for Finance apps. COVID-19 hit apps in the Finance category with a one-two punch, with heavy increases in usage as well as staggering drops in economic activity. As we look ahead to our “new normal,” Finance app product managers and marketers must plan for usage swings both positive and negative depending on their offerings, and even within different pieces of their mobile experiences. Key Strategies for Finance Apps.

Why Mobile Customer Feedback is More Important than Ever for Finance Brands


Mobile-first finance companies are disrupting the market left and right – especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. But many brands – specifically ones in traditionally transactional industries like finance – fail to capitalize on this. Mobile customer feedback – specifically customer sentiment and emotion data – is the biggest area of opportunity right now for finance apps.

Why Finance App Success Depends on Customer Feedback


One of the most important tasks we’re faced with in business and in our personal lives is taking care of our finances, and mobile banking is already insanely popular across all demographics. And for companies already playing in the crowded finance app category, the number of touchpoints and customer engagement opportunities is tremendous—and is likely a determining factor for retaining existing customers and gaining new ones.

3 Product Lessons I Learned From Finance

Sachin Rekhi

I studied computer science in the engineering school and ultimately settled on finance at Wharton. While I may have been better served studying marketing or management, I did learn some important finance principles that I still use day-to-day in my product management role. While I leverage this theory as the basis for managing my personal finances (via Wealthfront ), I find it also applicable to product.

Mobile App Engagement Benchmark Data for Key Industries Including Finance, Food & Drink, Retail, Media, Travel, and Lifestyle


We’ve gathered and analyzed customer engagement data from the mobile apps in the following categories: Finance. Finance . The post Mobile App Engagement Benchmark Data for Key Industries Including Finance, Food & Drink, Retail, Media, Travel, and Lifestyle appeared first on Apptentive. Do you want to know how your mobile app engagement data compares to others in your industry?

Is Your Finance Department Adding Value? 3 Signs That It Is, And What To Do If It Isn’t

The Product Coalition

What role does the finance department play? When you think of your role in the finance department, do you feel empowered to drive change across the organization? Finance leaders, when leveraged properly, create cost savings, promote collaboration across teams, and advocate for technology advancements and company-wide automation. Yet, so many finance departments are bogged down by the traditional perception of their role in compliance and reporting.

An experience by any other name: 5 types of UX you need to know


Finance Practicing UX Research TryMyUI UX Industry Customer Experience CX Dark UX E-commerce UX Finance UX fintech Mi-DUX User Experience UXPeople talk a lot about the versatility UX designers, but what the variety of UX?

Why and how I transferred my career from finance to product management

The Product Coalition

Why and how I transferred my career from finance to product management was originally published in ProductCoalition.com on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. After college, I worked in financial services industry. Colleagues around me love what they are doing, and many people are trying to get into it.

How Social Finance brings agility to a risk-averse industry


Challenging the status quo: How Social Finance brings agility to a risk-averse industryHollis KoolAuthorThe private sector — especially tech — is ripe with the language of innovation, like “agile,” “design thinking,” and “digital transformation.” The post How Social Finance brings agility to a risk-averse industry appeared first on MiroBlog | A blog by Miro

Covid-19 thoughts - Creating a Family fund similar to PM Cares fund


Innovation Business Idea Economics Human Behavior Personal FinanceThe Covid-19 imposed times are challenging for all of us.

How I use Mint, Personal Capital, and Wealthfront to Manage my Finances

Sachin Rekhi

One sector in which we are already seeing this shift is personal finance. There is still so much opportunity for brilliant software in personal finance. I’m a big believer in Marc Andreessen’s view that software is eating the world and more and more of our daily lives will be improved by technology running brilliant software. In just the last few years I’ve moved much of my financial management to next generation software solutions that greatly simplify my life.

What we learned from attending a CrowdPitch event


Here's a rundown of privileged advice from finance experts we gleaned while attending a CrowdPitch event in our local community. Musings TryMyUI Business finance How-To investor loans pitch User Experience UXThe post What we learned from attending a CrowdPitch event appeared first on TryMyUI Blog.

How Advantis Credit Union Uses In-App Mobile Surveys to Drive Product Roadmap and Improve App Ratings


Product Management Voice of the Customer App Store message center ratings and reviews surveys finance FinTech advantis alkami credit union customer story case study product roadmap notesIn the banking and financial industry , the best place to gather customer feedback is typically in the app stores. However, this feedback is hard to aggregate, analyze, and act upon — especially when ratings and reviews can’t be tied back to individual people.

Co-branded Card Issuance, Explained?—?III

The Product Coalition

finance fintech payments startup product-managementCo-branded Card Issuance, Explained?—?III III Part III?—?Commercial Commercial Aspects In Part I and Part II we looked at program design and experience design for co-branded cards. Commercials play a crucial role in a lot of decisions with regards to program and experience design. Commercials can make or break the program. In this piece, we look at commercial aspects from the program from cost and revenue standpoint.

How to Prepare Banks for Digital Transformation

The Product Coalition

Today, people want to be able to manage their finances entirely online, a feature not every bank is currently able to provide. banking finance banks digital digital-transformation“The digital transformation of any enterprise is a herculean task requiring a willingness to embrace cultural change, the ability to immerse the entire organization in the customer journey, and a total commitment to digitize to the core”?—? David Gledhill , DBS Bank Chief Information Officer.

Co-branded Card Issuance, Explained?—?I

The Product Coalition

Alternative financing Card controls? fintech finance product-management payments startupCo-branded Card Issuance, Explained?—?I I Part I?—?Program Program Design According to a recent TechCrunch report , technology giant Google seems to be working on rolling out its own co-branded payment card. This follows Apple’s move last year when Apple launched it’s own credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs & MasterCard.

Co-branded Card Issuance, Explained?—?II

The Product Coalition

startup finance payments product-management fintechCo-branded Card Issuance, Explained?—?II II Part II?—?Experience Experience Design In part I of this series, we talked about why co-branded cards make sense and what does it take for banks to design a co-branded card program. In the current story, we look at the card management life-cycle and its different stages/ components.

Spendesk’s Nicolas Marchais on evolving with your market

Inside Intercom

So they created a software that provides control, visibility, and payment methods for corporate finance teams. So we said, “How can we take the innovation around payment and integrate it into a piece of software that will make it usable for finance teams and modern companies?” What we try to do is really think of how can we make a product that not only speaks to the finance team, but is made for the end user like you and I, Dee.

My Two Cents: A Robinhood Growth Analysis

The Product Coalition

finance investing growth product-management fintechHow a financial services startup acquired 4MM+ users in 3 years. You’re responsible adults. If you need to use the bathroom, just leave quietly.” Yes, I had a small bladder. Yes, I abused this privilege, but no, not in any traditional sense.

Does Your Financial Analyst Need Industry-Specific Experience?

The Product Coalition

Any financial analyst must have strong corporate finance aptitude, accounting and reporting experience, and demonstrated statistical expertise. Rather than looking for someone who has fifteen or twenty years of experience in finance specifically, it may make more sense to consider engaged, inquisitive individuals who not only have several years of experience within the FP&A field?—?but finance big-data business-models analytics industry

How to achieve 2,500% revenue growth: 5 lessons from Paddle’s Ed Fry

Inside Intercom

Growth finance growth market saascommerce Scale UpmarketThese companies obviously have an amazing product. They’ve got a great way of telling that product’s story to the world. And they’re really, really good at selling. But those three things are what got Starbucks its first profitable coffee shop in Seattle, not what allowed that shop to morph into an $80 billion business with 30,000 cafes around the world. That kind of growth? It requires thinking at a different scale.

Let’s talk about Card Payment Processing

The Product Coalition

payments fintech startup finance credit-cardsUnravelling the maze of the payment infrastructure Apple announced its own credit card last week. Card payments are a commonplace now. Most of us use plastic to pay for various goods we buy online or at the retail stores. But not many really understand what happens behind the scenes when you swipe your card at a card machine (PoS) or why is it that your refunds take so much time. Here’s a low fidelity view on the topic.

When You Need an Interim CFO vs. a Part-time CFO

The Product Coalition

Interim CFOs are finance experts who come in, usually on a full-time basis, typically for one to three months, to help steer a company through a financial crisis, an operations change, preparation for a sale, or the gap between one CFO’s departure and the hiring of a new one. Now that I’ve made the distinction … One reason to clarify the difference between these two types of finance professionals is that fractional CFOs often use the term interim CFO.

Must-have Tax Preparation Checklist For Your Business

The Product Coalition

If you know right now that you do not or will have some of these elements, talk to your finance team, understand why, and come up with a plan in the coming few weeks to get these items together. For a free consultation on what needs doing before you hire a tax preparer, set up a time to talk to Paro’s finance experts here or download our Tax Guide and Checklist for more information on how your business can best prepare for painless, easy tax season.

18 Tax Prep Best Practices for Your Startup

The Product Coalition

We’ve heard time and again that clients feel their outsourced accountants and bookkeepers aren’t proactive and that they’re at the bottom of their finance team’s to-do list. Talk to one of our finance experts to see how we can help your business. Philip holds an MBA and undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Finance. accounting finance new-years-resolutions taxes new-yearWhy is it that so many companies dread the end-of-year tax process?

Weekly Cash-Flow Model: When to Use One, and How?

The Product Coalition

business budget entrepreneurship finance business-developmentWho needs a weekly cash flow model? You own a fast-scaling company, and you’re growing your customer base steadily, but you’re still nervous. You almost didn’t make payroll last week. You had to call your landlord and ask to pay rent a few days late.

5 Quick Business Audits to Tackle in January

The Product Coalition

new-year smb entrepreneurship finance business-strategyOnce February hits, is the new year really the new year any more? Tackle your business audits in January! We all know about personal New Year’s resolutions. Go to the gym three times a week. Quit or cut back on smoking or drinking. Carve out more quality time for the family.

MakeFinSense - A Financial Spa


The rationale behind developing this utility is that better planning leads to better Finance Management. Please check the dedicated page of FinHealthMonitor The basic thought process at the core of the tool is to facilitate better planning of the finances by being aware of the outgo and incoming of mullah for a given month. An individual who is earning will have queries related to finances. Business Economics Innovation Personal Finance Self help utilities

Is your Financial Portfolio Complete?


He pondered upon the various avenues to manage his finances. Technorati Tags: personal finance , portfolio manager , inform nominee. Business Personal Finance Self help Social utilitiesJohn is a young engineer working with an MNC. He comes from a humble family background. As soon as he started earning, he realized that no matter how much you earn, if you don’t manage your money, you will always be short of money in times of need.

The Strange Way Being “Good” Hurts Your Willpower

Nir Eyal

Paulette writes about finances, psychology, technology, travel, and better living for the likes of The New York Times, Elle, and Slate. Nir’s Note: This guest post is by Paulette Perhach. I learned how to respect authority from my father. At the top of a huge water slide at a theme park, he put me, my […]. The post The Strange Way Being “Good” Hurts Your Willpower appeared first on Nir and Far.

The Economics of Tax Saving Instruments


I am sure most of you must have submitted the investment proofs based on the timelines received from the Finance/payroll team to submit the invest proofs for financial year 2010-11. Business Economics Innovation Personal Finance Self help SocialNo, this is not one more article giving tips to save taxes. Ever wondered why the government has to come up with tax-saving instruments.

4 Unconventional ways of making Money online


Business daily deals e-Commerce Economics Group Buying Innovation Personal Finance Social Technology" In times of recession, apart from cutting on costs, think of new revenue stream ". This is a tag line I read somewhere, sometime back. Typically most us are employed and the source of income is the monthly salary. Earlier, a job was considered to be the safest avenue of regular income. But with economy being volatile and job cuts being the routine, the scene has changed dramatically.

Earn revenue for consolidating your expertise


Business Economics Innovation Personal Finance Self help Social TechnologyThe Internet age which we all are living very aptly epitomizes the old and known saying " Knowledge is power ". We all need to have some kind of expertise. The expertise to be excellent at the job, the Expertise to carry out the business activities, Expertise to make a great leader, Expertise to be a better home maker, expertise to be a better dad, a better husband!!

Lean Startup’s Eric Ries on How to Make ‘Gatekeepers’ a Source of Power and Speed

First Round Review

As companies add 'gatekeeper' functions like Legal, Finance, IT and Compliance, they tend to slow way down. But they don't have to. Here's how to lay the right foundation. Continue reading at First Round Review »

You either ROI or die

Street Smart Product Manager

Double entry system… Finance is not much funner… In fact, it can downright make your head spin… Liquidity. Let’s face it: Accounting is boring as isht. Assets. Liabilities. Cost basis. Accrual. Cost principle. Risk tolerance. Asset allocation. Dollar cost averaging. Capital asset pricing… Eh? As a product manager, why in the world would you […]. The post You either ROI or die appeared first on Street Smart Product Manager.