Identifying Non-Customers for “Customer” Interviews; UX in Minneapolis; ProductCamp St. Louis

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Make Enterprise Software People Actually Love; why emotion/design are important for #B2B (not just B2C) [link] #prodmgmt #ux. Identifying Non-Customers for “Customer” Interviews. One of the challenges I frequently hear about from product management leaders is that they are trying to get their product managers to better understand market opportunities and customer needs.

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Explaining UX to Kindergartners

Pragmatic Marketing

Plus a Few Lessons for UX Designers. Here is the primer, with some lessons for enterprise UX design sprinkled within. Lesson for UX designers: Make sure the products you design are useful and solve the user’s problem. Lesson for UX designers: Understand your users.

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Your World is Full of Placebo Buttons (and That’s a Good Thing)

Nir Eyal

Building Better Products Triggers That Move People emotion placebo technology UXAll products and services, everything we buy and use, have but one job—to modulate our mood. The fundamental reason we use technology of all sorts, from stone tools to the latest iPhone, is to make us feel better. To prove the point, consider how perception of relief is tantamount to actual relief. Consider the so-called placebo […].

The Move From Product to a Service Mindset

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Service design has been around for many years, and shares much of its DNA with UX design. I also expect to see more and more product managers and UX designers make the leap to service design. In fact this is why we added a service design day to the UX London programme.

Using Experimentation to Drive Product – Stephen Pavlovich (CEO of

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Data Driven Product Management London Product Management Skills ProductTank UX Video experimentation testing UX ResearchStephen Pavlovich , CEO of, talks to ProductTank London about Using Experimentation to Drive Product.

Why It’s So Hard to Create a Good User Experience in IoT

Tech Product Management

Throughout the years, UX practices have evolved and adapted to the latest technology trends, from the […]. IoT Technology IoT User Experience (UX Creating a good user experience for IoT products is hard.

The Only Product Metric that Matters by Josh Elman

Mind the Product

Data Driven Product Management Product Marketing UX Video Greylock Josh Elman KPIs metrics Mind the Product San Francisco MTPcon virality

Charlie Sutton – Designing for Virtual Reality

Mind the Product

Virtual reality Design Facebook Oculus UI user experience user interface UX virtual reality vrFor product designers, most of their work of the last ten years has been for a glass rectangle of some form (smartphone, laptop, smartwatch). In the next decade, it’s like their work will increasingly be on a canvas that is larger, more immersive and distributed – and possibly even autonomous in behavior. What is the role of a designer in this world?

User Research – Making it Work in Government – Katy Arnold (ProductTank London)

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There are no UX roles – it is the responsibility of the whole team. Data Driven Product Management London MindtheProduct Product Design Product Management ProductTank UX Video empathy GDS Service Design User reseach UX Research

Finding Inspiration for Customer Journey Mapping

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Although there are many tools available that can help you to create a customer journey map, some effort from your company marketing, UI, and UX specialists is still required. Product Design Product Management Product Management Basics UX product culture user experience

User Research Tools and Methodologies – Morag McLaren (ProductTank London)

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Data Driven Product Management London Product Design Product Management ProductTank UX Video Lean methodologies stakeholder management user research UX ResearchMorag McLaren Product Manager at talks to ProductTank London about User Research Tools and Methodologies.

How to turn a story point factory into a customer-centric team?

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Our UX minimum checklist for example suggests at least one user test each week to give you the feedback necessary to build a great product. A great UX design team can help you to facilitate different kinds of workshops.

A Product Management Framework for the Internet of Things

Tech Product Management

Featured Posts Getting Started - Intro to IoT IoT and Big Data IoT Security IoT Technology IoT User Experience (UX) The Business of IoTIn this post, I share the IoT Decision Framework I developed to help Product Managers tackle the complexity of IoT products.

Top 10 Product Talks of 2016

Mind the Product

MindtheProduct Product Design Product Management Product Management Conference UX Video 2016 Mind the Product London Mind the Product San Francisco MTPcon ProductTank Slider

Product Owner Manager – Alone Together

Tyner Blain

More specifically, the way I frame the collaboration between UX and product management – specifically for customer problems – is that I believe. Did your employer staff UX, product management and product ownership on your agile team? Product owners and product managers.

Transitioning from Market Stall to App Store

Mind the Product

In the talk, I went on to explain how we addressed internal users needs – and the downstream impact it had on the the overall end UX. Even with all of the internal and external UX improvements – M&S still struggled with prioritising Mobile as a lucrative channel.

Let’s Stop Talking About Human Error: It’s Your Product

Mind the Product

Guest Post Product Design Product Management Product Management Skills UX Product Focus strategy user experienceWhat if I said that there was no such thing as human error, only poorly designed products? Ok, park your pitchfork. Let’s approach this slowly, starting with Emma.

The Craft of Prototyping by Caitlin Kalinowski

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Product Design Prototyping User Experience (UX) Video #Mtpcon Apple Caitlin Kalinowski Mind the Product San Francisco Oculus

Getting into Design Sprints – an AMA Interview

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What would be the key distinctions between Design Sprints and Lean UX? Lean UX : approaches could take days or even months depending on what the experiment requires, not quite as structured (for activities) either. Inputs might be UX research, stakeholder interviews, market data, etc.

Psychology for Designers – Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow

Mind the Product

Joe Leech is a UX consultant and author of the book Psychology for Designers , and he splits his time between doing huge amounts of research, advising companies on design strategy, and rolling his sleeves up and actually doing design work himself. Conscious and Unconscious UX.

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The 5 Skills you Need to Become a Fantabulous Product Manager

Product managers who started out as UX designers don’t share the same proficiencies with PMs who came over from R&D teams. Develop a Basic Understanding of UX. UX planning and design is how users communicate with your software.

Effective Product Psychology & Design – Jerome Ribot (ProductTank London)

Mind the Product

Product Design ProductTank UX Video behavioural economics information archite usability User behaviour

Can an Advertising-Driven Business Model Coexist With Products That Users Love?

Mind the Product

Product Design Product Leadership Product Management Product Management Skills UX advertising programmatic strategy user experienceHow can we design products that users love, while also building a sustainable business model through advertising?

Adrian Franks – Creative Design Tools

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Product Design creativity Design design thinking photoshop prototyping sketch tools user experience UX wireframeAdrian Franks is a design director and creative strategist at IBM, where he worked to design and develop the Creative Toolbox, helping designers and product managers familiarize themselves with the various tools available to prototype and create new products. Adrian spent about 20 years as a creative professional, and 15 years in the digital space.

Who Owns Design?

Product Beautiful

Product Management Working with Development architecture Design HCI Human Computing Interface product Product Lifecycle Product Marketing reporting UI User Experience User Interface UXOne of the most frequent questions I receive is “Who owns Design?”

What We Learned About Building Products People Love in 2016

Mind the Product

MindtheProduct Product Management Product Management Basics Product Management Process UX 20162016 was a year when the product management community grew significantly and continued to mature.

Life Update + Product Management Discussion + UX Book Club (OH MY!)

Product Manager in Heels

I'm also a part of the UX community in Boston., and leading a discussion for the UX Book Club. It has been QUITE the year already, and I’m only half way in!

Is Scrum Right for Your Product?

Roman Pichler

You may not fully understand the value it should create for its users and customers, the features and user experience (UX) it should provide, the business goals it should serve and the business model it should use, and the technologies that should be used to develop it.

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Crafting Products That Engage by Donna Lichaw

Mind the Product

Product Design UX Video Donna Lichaw Mind the Product London 2016 MTPcon storytelling

2017 Product Conferences

Product Talk

UX Immersions: Interactions. UX London 2017. Enterprise UX. UX Scotland 2017. UX Week 2017. CHIIR 2018 UX Conference. I often get and see on social media questions about upcoming product conferences. So we compiled a list. I say we because my assistant, Karen did most of the heavy-lifting. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Design Disruptors (ProductTank NYC)

Mind the Product

Christopher Fahey , Head of UX at Lifion by ADP. What are the Best Interview Tasks to Figure out if a UX Designer is Right for Your Product? How do you Coordinate Between all the People who have Design Ideas at the Stage Before you Have a UX Person?

The PM’s Toolbox: Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve


For A/B testing, Optimizely is a popular option that enables product managers to float product and UX trial balloons to segments of their user bases. It’s no secret that product managers wear a lot of hats.

All I know is coding. Can I become a Product Manager?

Product Management Club

UX Product Manager : For B2C companies, where user interface design is very important, one (or more) UX PM(s) is completely dedicated to this area. We get this question a lot. This is very typical of someone from a technical background (ex.

The Rise of Product Success Manager and Customer Journey

Spice Catalyst

My talk on The Rise of Product Success Manager and Customer Journey on The DYT #Podcast w/ @kartvee #startup #ux #prodmgmt [link]. The post The Rise of Product Success Manager and Customer Journey appeared first on Spice Catalyst

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Lean Meetup: Challenges of Enterprise Product Management

Mironov Consulting

Palo Alto’s Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley meetup, led by Dan Olsen, hosted Rich for… What: “ Challenges of Enterprise Product Management “ When: Tues, 23 Aug, 6pm – 830pm.

Gleaning Product Insights from Your User Onboarding Process


When you have to explain things step-by-step you’re far more likely to spot less-than-ideal UX flows or uncover opportunities for improvement. The customer onboarding process is a vital stop on the path to customer happiness and product success.

Hiring a Product Manager: A Little Clarity Goes a Long way

Mind the Product

As a product manager, I have a bias: I identify as a “UX-focused product manager” But I thought this was just a “me” thing.

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Why Product Managers Should Learn to Code

Mind the Product

At present I’m freelancing, working in product, UX and marketing roles. I tend to work with startups, though I have also been involved with more established companies – roles where research, UX and marketing considerations really have an impact on what is built.

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25 must-read product management articles


If you’re ever looking for a think-outside-the-box type of exercise that’ll test your UX chops , this post is for you. Throughout my career as both a product manager and startup founder, there’s been one severely underrated skill I credit for much of my success—and that’s reading.

Sense & Respond: The Farm Awakens by Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden

Mind the Product

In this closing keynote from Mind the Product San Francisco, Josh Seiden and Jeff Gothelf, the authors of Sense & Respond and Lean UX , shared a story about wheat farming as a parable for understanding our customers and how to respond to our their needs and technological change.