Reference Pricing

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An insight into why this works is the concept of “ Reference Price “ This is where the consumer has some institutional memory of what they have paid for a good in the past, and when shopping for similar goods, keeps that “reference” in mind.

How to Deliver Impactful Customer References

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Every product manager eventually gets an urgent customer reference request from a sales rep looking to help them win that key deal. But customer references don’t automatically lead to wins. The Reference Process From the Buyer's Perspective.

7 Ways of Creating and Sustaining an Agile Product Roadmap

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I define the term product to refer to a software application, system, device, service, or a combination that… Product Management Product StrategyBy Ellen Gottesdiener – Product Roadmaps Are Necessary for Product Success A product roadmap visually depicts how your product will evolve over time to realize your product vision and achieve continual value for your customers and business. (I

My path into Product Management

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There are many paths into product management, as Steven Haines says so eloquently in his Product manager’s Desk Reference, most product managers don’t start there. I thought it was time to add in the path I took, that of Applications engineer. Instead of a list of traits and attributes, I will probably go a little […]. product management beginnings

Understanding Scrum

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In Scrum, these are referred to as User Stories. Let’s start with a birds-eye-view of understanding Scrum. We’ll define the main phases of a Scrum project framework and explore each of these in detail later.

Tactical. Operational. Strategic. The Three Rungs on the Product Management Career Ladder


In B2B product management, tactical, operational and strategic refer to layers in the customer organization – not your job responsibilities. Before your mind wanders too far, let’s set the record straight.

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Are You Doing Your Standups Wrong?

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During this year’s ProductCamp Seattle, I sat in on a great presentation by Dave Manningsmith where he discussed several dysfunctions of the daily standup ceremony (or “ritual” as he referred to it) that so many of us participate in on a daily basis.

Proper Care and Feeding of Your Product Backlog

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It can be a challenge to get teams to engage when they’re in the middle of a sprint, it can be difficult to convince stakeholders to refer to the backlog instead of the Product Manager for […]. One of the least glamorous parts of Agile development for most Product Managers is the process of backlog grooming.

Understand Your Power To Claim Your Value (Part 2 of 3)

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In the previous post, we identified the seven sources of power and highlighted that enduring and authentic power emanates from referent, expert, and connection power sources. Referent power grows when your actions and beliefs are in concert. Contributed by Sarah McCrary.

What I’m Saying No to This Year—And Why

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First, if you ask me for something that I can’t do, I very likely will refer you to this article. I will always do my best to refer you to someone who can help. I often refer work out that isn’t a good fit for me, and they often refer work to me.

Optimal Product Process Poster for Sale Now

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Implementing and referring to a proven Product Management framework will help keep a team all on the same page, prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks, and limit critical mistakes.

What is positioning and how can it improve marketing?

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When colleagues, peers or marketing consultants refer to positioning, what do you think they mean? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. There is often a debate about what positioning is, and what it is not. Confusing matters further, there are two proper usages of “positioning:” How your company is situated relative to its competitors; […

Report templates for less status meetings

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The template for recent and upcoming releases is essentially the same, but what changes is the point of reference.

Introducing the PM Bootcamp

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You will find new references from our students, who we were able to guide in the right direction this past year. The introductory price is $295 per person and 50% discount is available if you refer someone else. Happy New Year, 2019! We are in the process of updating our website.

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A Global Benchmark Survey – Product Management Skills

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For every person that you refer who completes the survey you will receive one extra entry in our giveaway! Make sure they enter your email in “Did someone refer you to this survey?” See How You Compare To Product Managers Worldwide! TAKE THE SURVEY. Participate in the largest global study on Product Management skills to date and receive a personalized skill report comparing you to Product Managers worldwide.

Prioritization: MoSCoW and Stack Rank Methods

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References: [link] [link] [link] [link] - in-depth process + valuable [link] - general prioritization feedback.

"Be a sponge". and other advice for the first 30 days of a new job

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Starting a new job can be tough. I recently started a new job and some of the basic advice I learned years ago still applied. I figured I'd share the information living in my head, and also all over the internet: Your first day Wake up early and have a great breakfast, and dress for success!

Sustainable Pace in Product Management

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Please refer to my article “ Scaling the Product Owner Role ” for more information on how to jointly manage a product.). What is Sustainable Pace? Sustainable pace is an important agile principle.

Boston Women in Product

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Group and Event Information: Purchase your tickets on Eventbrite Join our group on MeetUp Connect with us on LinkedIn References : [link]

The Anatomy of The Product Brief

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References: [link] [link] [link] [link] With all of the Product Management roles I've held, it's been tough to get the Product Roadmap process just right.

The Art of Writing User Stories

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should include design, and possible reference wireframes How are you at writing user stories? User stories are the currency with which Product Managers communicate and sell the business idea they are advocating for. They are one of the most important artifacts (other than the Product Roadmap) that a Product Manager creates. Here's some suggestions for crafting user stories: 1.

How to Become a Great Product Leader

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People often refer to Product Management as the “everything profession.” Do you know what it takes to be a great Product Leader? In this post, you’ll learn about the 4 Pillars of Product Leadership and discover key skills that can take your career from good to great. ” In a way, that’s true. We are the […]. The post How to Become a Great Product Leader appeared first on Daniel Elizalde. Product Management Best Practices

Product Operations Dashboard

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Here is a sample table to help you get started: Sample table for event inventory Note: This event inventory should also act as a reference sheet for anyone who is reviewing the dashboard and/or wishes to do their own data analysis.

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Finding Your Product's Critical Event(s)

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Before we talk about our experience building a dashboard (in an upcoming post), it’s good to have a primer on one key metric that is often referred to as a critical event. Finding Your Product’s Critical Event(s) By now you have most likely heard the phrase “build it, they will come”.

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Customer Discovery Series Part III: Leveraging the Power of Influencing Without Authority

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A few good references: The most underrated product management skill: influence without authority Harvard Business Review: Exerting Influence without Authority 5 ways for product managers to influence without authority Product Managers are not the CEO of anythingInfluence without Authority - it's one of the hardest things about being a Product Manager. Recently, Martin Erikkson wrote a blog post titled "Product Managers are not the CEO of anything".

Fake Sales at Top Retailers: The Power of Discounts

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This is one implementation of a concept called reference price. A reference price is simply the price the shopper believes the product should sell for. Reference prices are formed many ways. However, businesses are able to manipulate reference prices.

Inspiration: What you have to understand.

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The phrase "what you have to understand" rarely refers to something I have to understand.— “What you have to understand…” refers to some internal situation that prevents the company from delivering on their promises.

Power Up: Three Ways to Increase Your Product Leadership Power

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Increase Your Referent Power. To boost your referent power, I recommend focussing on one virtue at a time and practicing it repeatedly—without expecting too much too quickly. Your first power source is your ability to influence others based on your personality and interpersonal skills.

8 Keys to Getting Started

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and build a repository of content (internal wiki) that can be a reference for all functions as your organization scales.

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Mentorship and expectations

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References: [1] [link]. The mentorship program at the Boston Product Management Association and how to make the best out of it. Why you might need a mentor in your life. Directing your own life can be equally exciting and daunting thing to do.

The PM’s Toolbox: Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve


Many companies refer to customer data in Salesforce , and swear by its use as a repository for customer traits… but that’s only one part of the story. It’s no secret that product managers wear a lot of hats.

How to Deal with “Sinatra” Stakeholders

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A very common kind is what we may refer to as the ”Sinatra” stakeholder. First, vertical aligment refers to how the organization’s Strategy is communicated to and accepted by its People.

7 Tips From Product Leaders to Kick off 2019


As Teresa Torres points out, what better way to prioritize work than to reference the metrics that matter most? So with no questions asked, a team member can easily reference the roadmap and understand how their own work is pushing the company (and its core values) forward.

Understand Your Power To Claim Your Value (Part 3 of 3)

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Previous posts identified the seven sources of power and highlighted that enduring and authentic power emanates from referent, expert, and connection power sources. Contributed by Sarah McCrary. This is the third post in the “Understand Your Power To Claim Your Value” series.

Lean and Agile: What’s the Difference?

Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics and examine basic concepts we often refer to without fully understanding what’s meant by them. In this piece, I’d like to address the somewhat confusing subject of the difference between the terms ‘lean’ and ‘agile’.

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Organizing a Large Product Backlog

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We can start out by considering a large product backlog to be something that has both Length and Width : Length refers to the amount of things to do (and the classical list shape); Width refers to the different product areas, modules or initiatives it encompasses.

The Power of Discounts

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Buyers have reference prices, the amount they expect to pay. When they find a price below that reference, they not only value the lower price, but they value the fact that it’s below their expectations. I wish everyone made decisions rationally.

People Don’t Buy Capabilities, They Buy Knowledge

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SAP (the Reference Model). This guy might have too much knowledge. Knowledge is power. Most of our tools and applications deliver capabilities, but users and buyers are always hoping that what they’re buying is knowledge. Knowledge of how to do the job.

How to Get More Product Management From Your Product Managers

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Product revenue, customer references and a fat sales pipeline make for a fun business. If you’ve ever wondered why some athletes are great with one team but not so great with another, the difference is usually in their supporting cast.

The Product Manager’s Survival Guide

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As with his omnibus tome, The Product Manager’s Desk Reference , the survival guide really assumes that you have no foundation. Where I would recommend not reading the Product Manager’s Desk Reference cover to cover, this book, I do recommend that.