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The Top 20 Symptoms of a Weak Development Team

TechEmpower - Product Management

When speaking with founders and CEOs, we often hear concerns like this: My project manager is losing confidence in the development team. I think that poor communication and differing team cultures might be part of the problem, but how can I know for sure? These are the worries that keep team leads up at night.

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Dealing with an Underperforming Development Team

Roman Pichler

What is Bad Performance? Before I discuss how you can help an underachieving team, let’s briefly explore what good performance looks like, assuming that an agile, Scrum-based process is used. Second, the team participates in continuous discovery and strategizing , and its members regularly help refine the product backlog.


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What’s the REAL Cost of a Poorly Trained Product Management Team?

280 Group

A product launch is a complex and multi-faceted activity that involves many teams collaborating successfully across an organization. Teams must ensure the product solves the right customer problems with all the right features and functionality, test and validate prototypes, and make a plan for production.

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Two Development Team Configurations I Lobby Against

Mironov Consulting

But there are some engineering team configurations that I see as problematic.  So 1] Dedicated Bug Fixing Teams Sometimes there’s a push to create development teams specifically to close out bugs and defects, especially after frequent outages or to address long-term system neglect.  This

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The 3 Principles that Lead to Better Collaboration Between Design and Product Management Teams

Speaker: Felix Watson Jr., Product Manager at Google, and Terrell Cobb, Designer at Microsoft

As more product teams adopt agile working styles, poor collaboration between Design and Product Management can harm a team’s ability to create consumer and business value. How to combat the challenges that arise between these two teams. Use Product Management Today’s webinars to earn professional development hours!

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The Power of PM Professional Development Planning [+Webinar]

280 Group

Product leaders understand that training and development are an effective means for empowering employees. The one that often prevents teams and individuals from accomplishing goals. Deciding which skills are most important to the team and the business, and how to develop them can be a challenge. Where do you start?

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Unlocking Peak Performance: The Power of Psychological Safety in Product Teams

The Product Coalition

The safer team members feel with one another, the more likely they are to admit mistakes, partner, and take on new roles. And it affects pretty much every important dimension we look at for employees.” — Eric Schmidt, Former CEO of Google There I sat in a room as the CFO berated the team. Was the team productive?

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How ZoomInfo Enhances Your ABM Strategy

For marketing teams to develop a successful account-based marketing strategy, they need to ensure good data is housed within its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The amount of bad data causes teams to waste valuable time during their workflow, and decreases their number of targeted prospects.

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UX and Design Tips for Better Dashboards: Product Manager Laura Klein Explains How to Improve Your Analytics

Speaker: Laura Klein, Principal at Users Know and Author of UX for Lean Startups

That's why Laura Klein, product manager and UX designer, has a set of tips to help application teams improve their embedded dashboards and reports. You'll learn: How to develop products that boost your business's bottom line while dramatically improving customer experience. No one makes poorly designed products on purpose.