User Research – Making it Work in Government – Katy Arnold (ProductTank London)

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Katy Arnold, Head of User Research and Design at The Home Office, talks to ProductTank London about making User Research Work in Government. One of the first outputs of this department was a set of Design Principles which all future government services should aim to adhere to.

Supercharge your team’s motivation

Lead on Purpose

There are organizations that advocate hiring the … Continue reading → Leadership Purpose accountability dedication motivation passion responsibility self-governmentThe most successful companies have motivated leaders, and those leaders inspire motivation at all levels of the organization. Is it possible to create an environment where great work happens and everyone is motivated?

Women in Product Management: Diana Benli, VP Product Management at Cognizant

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For our third installment of the Women in Product Management Series I interviewed Diana Benli, VP Government Programs Product Management at Cognizant in the TriZetto Healthcare Products Group.

Stress-Out Your Buyers (a little) For More Effective Product Positioning

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For example: “Keeping up with new and changing government regulations is a profit-eating nightmare.” Increasing and complex government regulations are driving up costs.” Statements like these are white noise – they’re out there but no one pays attention them anymore. Effective product positioning comes in many forms. But there’s only one outcome you’re looking for: An emotional reaction. Do it consistently and your pipeline will be chock full of qualified leads.

The Worst that Could Happen

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So if we have a problem with this product and there is a data breach or leak of protected health information (PHI), we'd have to report it to corporate, the federal government, the press, the patients whose data was leaked and who knows who else. Do you plan for the worst?

How to Deal with “Sinatra” Stakeholders

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Think about how quick we often are in criticizing government officials that take decisions we disagree with.

The "Need To Know" Rule

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The term "need to know", when used by government and other organizations, describes the restriction of data which is considered very sensitive. The ATM asked for my mobile number recently. The bank already has my phone number and email. My dentist wants my mobile number.

Individual Contributor vs. Team Member

Johanna Rothman

As part of the regulatory/governance/operational team at the senior level of the organization, if your org has one of those teams. Many people draw distinctions between people who do management-kind of work and people who do “individual contributor” kind of work.

Organisation Design & Cognitive Science in Product Development.

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Nathan and his team at Nature of Work enable legacy companies to consider how to respond to these changes at governance level. Move governance-level decision making away from consensus decision making to consent-based decision making.

What’s the ROI of Innovation? – David Binetti

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This creates a “Risk Sigma”, which is a normalised metric, comparable across all your projects, and which enables corporate governance. There are strong benefits for both the innovator and the finance team concerned with corporate governance.

6 Reasons Why Boston is a Great Place to be a Product Manager

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HubWeek/a> celebrates Boston’s innovations across government, the nonprofit sector, healthcare, tech and more. Contributed by Steve Robins. The Boston area may just be the best place to be a product manager today. Here’s why. Reason #1: Boston is an Innovation Hub.

The Best Product Managers are Great Communicators

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In that role communication is essential, whether I’m speaking with our volunteers, potential donors, the community, government officials, business leaders, or potential adopters. Interviewed by Oksana Reznichenko. Dinneen Grably graduated from Bridgewater State University with B.S.

8 Critical Recruitment Methods


8—Government job centers. Government job centers connect businesses with individuals searching for employment. Recruiting skilled candidates is a competitive proposition in today’s job market. Consequently, having the right recruitment methods and adding in a little creativity will help your company stand out and find the best candidates for open positions. First and foremost, determine where you’re most likely to find your ideal candidate.

Inspiration: Half the money I spend.

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And the many changes imposed upon you: competitive threats, new industry trends, and new government mandates. Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the trouble is, I don't know which half.—John —John Wanamaker.

Please Try.

Melissa Perri

There are governing bodies, like legal, but they are not your boss. “What have you tried to fix that problem?”. Over the past year, I’ve spent most of my time working with Product Managers, UX Designers, and Leadership of companies going through some sort of change.

Is It Time For Amazon’s Product Managers To Go Back To College?

The Accidental Product Manager

Students who are looking to find a way to finance their college education generally have two options : federal loans (from the government) and private loans (from a bank). government and try to offer federal college loans?

Interview: Advice for the Innovator’s Dilemma with Paul Young

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Due to government regulations, execution and high standards of quality for their existing products is essential for their business. Interviewed by Lance Morganelli.

The Solutions Maturity Scale for B2B

Proficientz – Product Management University

You’re an industry solutions company if your target customers are first defined by an industry segment such as retail, healthcare, local government or sub-segments within a specific industry such as physician practices. Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. Your product management maturity is gauged by the manner in which your organization approaches the planning, development, marketing and sales of its products and services as business solutions.

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The Future of Work

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The fall of the Soviet Union, and the Berlin wall was the beginning of the end of the unfettered defense spending, and me with my freshly minted Physics degree was finding that many of the usual jobs at the Government Labs were closed, that the major defense contractors were merging, and restructuring. Datestamp: 11/8/2016.

Prioritizing product ideas in a portfolio

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There are always more ideas than resources, whether at home, in your business, or in the government. “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to a hundred other good ideas.”

The 7 Most Fascinating Tech Talks of Propelify Innovation Festival


The event featured leaders in tech, media, and government talking about how technology will impact our world. Indicative visited the 2018 Propelify Innovation Festival on May 17th. We rounded up the best of the tech-driven talks. Deciding by Data.

An Interview with Jez Humble on Continuous Delivery, Engineering Culture, and Making Decisions


I’ve worked at very small, two-person startups, all the way up to the Federal government. Chances are if you’re an engineer or product manager who works on anything even somewhat related to continuous delivery, Jez Humble wrote your handbook. Literally.

Don’t Miss These Speakers at #mtpcon San Francisco

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Before that she built and led teams who transformed public services with user-centred service design at the Australian government and the UK Government’s Government Digital Service (GOV.UK).

Launching a Multi-Sided Marketplace? Why Design Sprints are Essential

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But marketplaces can create disruption inside a company, and affect the roles, responsibilities, and processes that govern existing business models. More and more enterprise businesses have embraced multi-sided marketplaces to extend existing business models and explore new territories for growth. For example, in 2009, Walmart launched its own Marketplace to connect third-party merchants with Walmart customers partly to catch up with Amazon’s already established third-party marketplace.

10 website accessibility myths debunked


The government has explicitly made clear that this does apply to websites, so making content inaccessible to someone with a disability could be seen as unlawful. Web accessibility is the name given to the practice of making websites more usable and inclusive to people with disabilities.

Pizzas, Minivans, and the Innovation Core Team

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Maintain accountability to the governance team or new venture funding board. For base business new product development, leadership governs the pipeline, making go/no-go business decisions at key project milestones.

How Can Car Rental Product Managers Deal With Upstarts?

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One of the first steps that they have taken have been to push for awareness of the startups among government officials and airports. The rules that govern rental cars will probably change, but how people rent cars will also change.

Technology-Powered Disruption


Of course, in some respects we have seen remarkable progress here, in particular in the treatment of specific diseases, but in terms of general medicine it can seem like a hopeless quagmire of insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, malpractice lawyers, food lobbies, and government intervention. Most people by now have read Marc Andreessen’s Why Software Is Eating The World.

Naimish Gohil – Adapting Your Product for a Changing Market

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The government have, for some time, been trying to get children to learn digital technologies such as front-end coding. Fortunately for Satchel, at the same time the Conservative government were freeing up schools to make their own investment decisions in technology. Naimish Gohil , Founder of edtech software company Satchel , shares his experience of knowing your user and adapting your product with ProductTank London. Satchel are in 35% of secondary schools.

Design Languages

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Rationalism gets its name from the geometric lines which govern its shapes. Design languages began with the industrial revolution as a response to the emergence of machine culture and mass production as it encountered traditional artisan aesthetics.

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UX Podcast – Mixed Methods


I moved to Utah for school where I studied international relations, and once out, decided I wanted a career where I could more quickly have an impact than I’d seen in my work in government. Looking for a great UX podcast? Season 2 of Mixed Methods starts September 7th.

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Blockchain: The Future of Securing Your Digital Identity

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Today, your “identity” is comprised of 100s of records stored with individual organizations like banks, government entities, credit reporting agencies, medical providers, financial institutions, and even social media sites you’ve granted access to.

Product Roadmaps in Five Easy Pieces

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I’ve created a diagram to help explain, simply, what makes a good roadmap in government but I think it helps in any context. so my investor said that I need a product manager to do our product roadmap?”.

What Can Product Managers Learn From Japanese Cigarettes?

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In a number of other countries, Britain being one of them, the government is putting pressure on the tobacco product managers to change how they package their product. Is there an opportunity to enter the U.S. market for cigarettes? Image Credit: !!!

How lean usability testing can improve the user experience

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Some of the common scenarios you can apply usability testing to include: A person trying to self serve on government website A student setting up their account and applying for a course online A person signing up and depositing money into their online bank account What is usability?

Servant Leadership – Josh Goldenberg

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Josh takes a brief moment to look at the roadmap of local government. Whether it is a government or a company, everyone has different business needs and social interaction methods. Just like with the government’s roadmap, the world moves because of people; the social dynamics within your team are going to end up defining your organizational chart.

A Framework for Understanding How to Influence Others

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At ProductTank Oslo, Tanuja Gopal showed how we can use the power of influence in our day to day work, drawing on her experience as the Director of Application and Data Services for MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and previously as a serial CIO in government organisations.

From the Passenger Seat – An Engineering View of Effective Product Management

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A product of reasonable scale is surrounded by a handful of stakeholders (for example, other interfacing products and governing bodies) requiring engagement and alignment from time to time. Governance: Measure, Manage, Maintain.

Imagine What a Rock Star Product Manager Could Do With Healthcare Reform

Proficientz – Product Management University

There are so many parallels between a high-profile government program like healthcare reform and every product management fundamental ever conceived, a thought occurred to me: How great would the solution be if a rock-star product manager were leading the charge on healthcare reform? Put all your political leanings aside. This is about pure, practical, common-sense, good old-fashioned problem solving skills and how they lead to great solutions!

Getting the Entire Team Onboard with New Software

In an article in Harvard Business Review from 1996 aptly named Why Do Employees Resist Change , professor of Governance and Strategy Paul Strebel presents two riveting case studies of companies (one of which is Phillips Electronics) that needed to bring about drastic organizational changes in order to survive. One of the challenges in startup growth while being a relatively new player on the scene is becoming the go-to product for entire teams.

TEI 162: How product managers can influence people – with Tom Henschel

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One example of this happened during WWII, when the government was trying to convince women to use more organ meat as a way to help with food shortages. One group attended government seminars about the facts related to organ meat.

Designing a platform business

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For producers, there must be some kind of access control which governs which producers are permitted to create value on the platform and which ones aren’t.

System Thinking for Product Managers by Johanna Kollmann

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Johanna clarifies what constitutes the “rules” of a system, and then gives a great example of a financial product that was heavily impacted by government regulation.