How to Work with Developers

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A2A: How does a product manager work with product development? Philosophically, think of the product manager as the owner of the problem and product development as the owner of the solution. Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

Building an API that Developers Love

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Maxime says he asks this question to everyone from business development to API experts! At Zendesk, the first API was provided free by Ruby on Rails and the developers included it as a little bonus without much thought. Without documentation developers will have no clue where to start.

Tesla Agile Development: Product Management at its Best

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Tesla Agile Development: Version 8.0 The post Tesla Agile Development: Product Management at its Best appeared first on 280 Group Product Management. Software and Product Management at its best. Last week I received the version 8 update from Tesla.

Agile 114

Developing Product Management Confidence

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But how do you develop the confidence required to lead a team of stakeholders to a positive outcome?

Connecting Analytics to Strategy - Keeping Your Corporate Objective In Sight

Speaker: Tom Evans, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer, 280 Group

This situation is exacerbated even more when product managers are faced with the immediate pressures and urgencies of rapid and iterative product development methodologies.

Daniella Patrick – Innovation Lab Product Development

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In her ProductTank NYC presentation, she discusses her team’s role at their company and how they go about identifying problems and developing solutions. Daniella’s team is focused on innovative product development, but many people have trouble defining “innovation” because its subjective nature. In Daniella’s team, prototyping means developing minimal experiments with products either internally or externally through collaboration with other companies.

Seven Things you can Learn From WeChat Product Development

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App developers and designers may look at other apps for inspiration on new features, but most only look to well-known apps like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. Here are seven lessons product developers and designers can learn from WeChat product development: 1.

Development Team Briefing and Collaboration

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Asking developers to provide scope and time estimates on individual items is like asking sales people to forecast specific deals and dollar amounts months in advance. Yet it’s downright silly to waste time developing a design specification just to get a time estimate.

Product Development: Turning Months Into Weeks

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The fantastic features and vibrant development community surrounding Firebase make getting your product launched that much more efficient – in fact some large companies have also taken note and are using it. So what has the development taught us?

Selling Data and Decisions to your Team

Speaker: Cait Porte, SVP Product and Customer Experience, Zmags

Talking to customers, working with key stakeholders in the business and convincing development that a feature is necessary can be a daunting task. Gathering support for a product feature or enhancement is a critical skill for Product Managers.

Virtual reality and your product development process

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As we look at what it takes to develop non-gaming VR products, their separation from gaming becomes very important. Developing business products in VR, however, is like creating a new sport by combining American Football and what the rest of the world calls Football.

How Designers & Developers Can Work Better Together

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Jason Fleitz is Director of Web Operations at LivePerson, where they develop products such as LiveEngage- a platform that gives companies the ability to engage with their customers anytime on web sites, mobile and social networks.

8 Tips for Collaborating with Development Teams

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But let the ScrumMaster or coach tackle people, process, and organisational issues; let the development team figure out what needs to be done to implement the user stories and other product backlog items. Development teams should manage their own work (using a sprint backlog or Kanban board). Developing a successful digital product requires more than technical knowledge. Aim to build consensus with the development team, but don’t shy away from difficult conversations.

Product Idea Generation – The Foundation of Product Development

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When deciding on which ideas to develop, there are a few essential questions you need to answer: How many ideas can your organisation realistically act on? The post Product Idea Generation – The Foundation of Product Development appeared first on MindTheProduct.

Applying Systems Thinking to Your Product Development Process

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Product Managers Are Outsiders in the Product Development Process There are two underlying problems for Product Managers when considering any product development process, whether it is Agile, Waterfall, or a hybrid process.

Developing User Empathy

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Today I wanted to dive into one such critical aspect of the art behind product management, which is developing user empathy. To me this speaks to how the science of product management isn't enough to develop compelling products. Develop your Mindfulness Practice.

Disruptive Product Development – Jenine Lurie

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In this presentation at ProductTank NYC, Jenine explains how to apply user centered design techniques in a way that creates a “disruption” to ensure that customer needs come first when developing products. Prioritizing Features is Smart Product Development .

3 Ways to Enlist Your Usage Data to Drive Product Development

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It all has the ability to whip internal staff, customers and even partners into a frenzy – and ultimately, take the business away from strategic roadmap development and the important tactical steps you had planned for your team to take to that end. Having reliable data available in real-time allows you to quickly and accurately sort through what is a valid concern and what is not, keep your team on task, and let data-driven product development reign.

Developer Powered Innovation


There is a very common fallacy about developers in our industry, and I think it hurts countless companies. Have you ever heard the old accusation that developers only want to solve problems for themselves? They’ll spend countless hours, often on their own time, to create amazing tools for themselves and the developers they work with. For the first 20 years of my career I was either building tools for other developers, or leading products designed for other developers.

Getting Developers’ Buy-In on Build versus Buy

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I often see development teams that have built some side technology that’s not core to their product’s mission, and which could (should!) Maybe we should be focusing our very scarce development cycles on llama-specific improvements.

How Software Usage Analytics Supports Agile Development


In that book, authors apply lessons from agile software development to the increasingly digital marketing realm, and show how agile methodologies and practices can help marketers move faster, adapt more quickly to customer feedback and better manage an increasing amount of customer touch points. The reach of agile development is extending, and what started as the domain of younger, smaller companies is now on the radars of everyone from government agencies to larger enterprises.

Getting the Band Together: How to Get More Development Resources as a Product Manager


A common challenge that Product Managers face is trying to move their product and company forward with limited development and testing resources.

Mobile Testing on iPhoneX – What Developers Need to Know

Amir Rozenberg

From a developer perspective, that innovation may not have been as popular. The introduction of the notch made it confusing for app developers to know exactly how to develop the app.

Developing a Lean Product Management Mindset – Part I

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In today’s fast pace, hyper-competitive world of product development, a lean mindset is a new skill product managers and product teams need to develop. The post Developing a Lean Product Management Mindset – Part I appeared first on 280 Group Product Management.

Product Development When you Don’t Have the Right Technology Expertise

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Throughout this post I’ll use the implementation of a mobile shopping application for a white-label ecommerce platform as my example for product development when you don’t have expertise in the technology. Develop In-House or Find External Expertise? There are a few aspects that should be considered when making the decision whether to develop expertise in-house or look externally for the necessary skills.

Product Management Insights: How Usage Analytics Helps Your Developers


In fact, a single developer built it in a couple of spare hours one afternoon. What’s more, as my team dug into this use case, we found out that users were buying the product just for this piece of functionality and ignoring the features we spent much more time developing. It brought home to my team in a real way one of the constant challenges we face in software development: Our reality might be very different from our users’ reality.

Organisation Design & Cognitive Science in Product Development.

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Nathan Snyder is co-founder at Nature of Work , a New York based Work Design Studio using organisational development tools blended with cognitive science to help make work more satisfying and fulfilling for all employees.

Get Brochure: Professional Development and Training Courses Description

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The post Get Brochure: Professional Development and Training Courses Description appeared first on Spice Catalyst. Newsletter Dave Product Management Product Marketing Product Planning Training

My team are my product: How to develop a high-performing team of product managers (or anyone else)

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This is in order for Product to provide value to the organisation and it is underpinned by developing a high-performing team. If you’re looking to develop a high-performing team I’m sure some of this is familiar to you too. I wish you luck with developing high-performing teams.

Reduce Development Rework with Software Usage Analytics


Yet ironically, often the desire to increase efficiency and productivity is not applied to the product development process itself – especially when it comes to software development. Infuse efficiency and innovation into your product development process by leveraging data.

The State of Customer Development

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A decade ago Steve Blank authored the book The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win to share with the world his philosophy for building winning products: customer development. Customer Development Maturity. The same is true for customer development.

Feedback Is The Key To Success In Product Development

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The post Feedback Is The Key To Success In Product Development appeared first on Sequent Learning Networks. BLOG FEATURED PRODUCT MARKETING

The Role of Growth in Mobile Product Development


There’s so much more road to travel, much more product development needed, and this is where brands often get tripped up. This post explains how to incorporate growth thinking and action into each major phase of product development. Phase 2: Initial Product Development.

Driving Decisions Through Your Development Lifecycle with Data


Stack Overflow co-founder Jeff Atwood has noted that he’s “a big fan of developers handling tech support calls for their software, at least a part of the time. There is tremendous value in hearing firsthand how your users are engaging with the applications you’ve spent so much time developing, but you also need a scalable and objective way to reveal these insights. Throughout the software development lifecycle you face key questions: What problems are users trying to solve?

New Book: What Product Managers Need To Know About World-Class Product Development

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What Product Managers Need To Know About World-Class Product Development. The key to being successful is to understand exactly what goes into world-class product development. As we look around different industries, we look for examples that we can follow when developing products.

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Design System in Sketch: Simplify Designer Developer Collaboration

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These make it possible for many designers and developers to collaborate efficiently on the same product and keep the design consistent. The developers can build the UI from common assets and rules according to the prototypes, right? We got hired to improve and design a product which was still in a conceptual phase with a very tight deadline and different development teams working simultaneously.

7 Lessons We Learned About Product Development From Our Own Customers


At the Product Analytics Summit in Seattle this past March, we chatted with some of our customers about how they use Amplitude as part of their product development toolbox. It helps you stay in tune with user needs and helps you make product development decisions that cater to those needs.

Focus on the Metrics that Matter: Identifying Your Product’s Key Metrics and KPIs


Product management intuition is still a great thing to develop, but statistics and analytics will help you hone your product sense and justify your decisions to stakeholders. Data Driven Product Development Product Management Big Data metrics

Here’s Why Every Product Manager Must Learn to Love Data


Data Driven Product Development Product Management data driven product management product management skills“Big data.” It’s one of Silicon Valley’s favorite and most annoying buzzwords, yet there’s no data shortage in sight as data companies continue sprouting (and growing) like weeds.

How Buffer is managing product development in a fully distributed team


How Buffer is managing product development in a fully distributed team Here at RealtimeBoard, we set out on a mission to build a universal whiteboarding tool that helps companies to embrace digital transformation, manage remote teams and think visually in order to speed up internal processes and delight their customers. The post How Buffer is managing product development in a fully distributed team appeared first on RealtimeBoard Blog.