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A Non-Technical Intro to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its Applications

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

They don’t like to type, are not good spellers, don’t read your help tutorials, and don’t want to figure out your app?—?your your users want to just tell your app what they want and have your app deliver on the request.

Is 3-D Printing The Next Step For Product Managers?

The Accidental Product Manager

3-D Printing will allow new types of products to be created Image Credit: malavoda. In the world of product managers, we can dream big. We can use our product development definition to imagine products that can solve customer problems perfectly.

Why Engineers Should Participate in Discovery

Product Talk

Are you inviting your engineers to participate in discovery with you? If yes, do you get pushback from them? Does your organization prefer that your engineers only write code?

Don’t Miss These Amazing Speakers at #mtpcon Singapore

Mind the Product

We’re beyond excited to be bringing our flagship conference #mtpcon – the world’s biggest and best product conference – to Singapore on March 25-26.

Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

Find out which industries, use cases, and business applications are the best opportunities for data monetization. Understand what data is being monetized, who wants it, and why. Use data you already own to create new revenue sources. Download the eBook today!

The ultimate marketing technology stack for 2019

Inside Intercom

You might be familiar with Scott Brinker’s famous martech landscape slide. Known as the Martech 5000 — nicknamed after the 5,000 companies that were competing in the global marketing technology space in 2017, it’s said to be the most frequently shared slide of all time.

6 common mistakes product managers should avoid

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas Edison. There are few professions where mistakes are part of the process as much as they are in product development. Trial and error are a vital part of innovation and every mistake you make is an opportunity to grow.

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Uncovering Your Most Pivotal Users by Marieke McCloskey and Doug Puett

Mind the Product

A lot of teams struggle with how to increase engagement. We all want our product to be used more often and by more people, but how do we identify opportunities that will transform how your product is used?

UX 122

China’s Golden Week 2018 and its Impact on Software Piracy


We thought it would be interesting to update our blog post from 2017 in which we looked at China’s Golden Week and its impact on the use of pirated software by businesses.

How to Use Google’s OKR Framework to Prioritize Your Product Roadmap


If you haven’t found the right objective goal-setting framework for setting roadmap priorities, consider Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). The OKR framework was popularized by Google, which attributes much of its success to this goal-setting model.

6 Tips for Making Your Ecommerce Business Ready for Voice Search

AB Tasty

Is your ecommerce business ready for voice search? It should be. Voice commerce sales amounted to an impressive $1.8 billion in. Read more. This article was originally posted on AB Tasty as 6 Tips for Making Your Ecommerce Business Ready for Voice Search. E-commerce User Experience

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

Basic dashboards used to be enough to thrill end users. But over time, modern capabilities have emerged—and bare-minimum features are no longer cutting it. How have analytics changed? And where do your BI offerings fall? Find out sophisticated ways to future-proof your application. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

How to use email marketing to connect with your users

Inside Intercom

Email is one of the most effective channels that a business can use to reach its customers. And if done right, it’s also one of the most useful. You might think we’re all about live chat here at Intercom, but we’re true believers in building relationships with users no matter the medium.

Introducing the Speakers for MTP Engage Manchester 2019

Mind the Product

We took the decision to bring MTP Engage to Manchester a couple of years ago, based on the huge popularity of the ProductTank events we run in the city. This outing for MTP Engage has a distinctly Mancunian vibe, celebrating everything that’s going on in the city.

Key Attributes of Strong Customer Advisory Board Program Managers

Pragmatic Marketing

After a decade of working with Fortune 500 companies and completing more than 200 successful engagements, we at Ignite Advisory Group have worked with some outstanding client or customer advisory board (CAB) program managers. These are the point people tasked with the day-to-day operations of their CAB program, who establish and manage regular status meetings, ensure tasks are completed on time and oversee all meeting planning and logistics.

How AI is Lowering the Barrier to Entry for BI and Analytics

Birst BI

According to Gartner, more than 3,000 CIOs ranked Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics as the top differentiating technology for their organizations. If BI and Analytics is such a game-changer, then why is the average adoption rate in organizations only 32%?

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

Think your customers will pay more for data visualizations in your application? Five years ago they may have. But today, dashboards and visualizations have become table stakes. Discover which features will differentiate your application and maximize the ROI of your embedded analytics. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

Why Business Teams Need to Start Together, Work Together, and Finish Together


The most successful products I’ve been involved with in my career came about when the entire team opened the door to the mission at the same time, with similar expectations, and on equal footing. In other words, these teams started together. Not in silos.

UX 64

Your guide to a successful live chat support implementation

Inside Intercom

Live chat is a powerful tool , but only when it’s used properly. If you want to support customers with live chat, you’ll need to make smart decisions about where it’s added to your site, how your customer service team will use it, and how it integrates with your other support processes.

Demo 55

What is it Like to Hold Google in Your Hand? by Ivy Ross

Mind the Product

Google’s aim is to organise the world’s information and make it universally useful. From this original mission it has moved to making hardware such as Google Home.

TEI 207: How product managers become change managers – with Amy Radin

Product Innovation Educators

Driving successful innovation at large organizations. Could it be that innovation is simple? I did say simple, not easy. The two words are often confused. A completed activity can be viewed as simple when the processes involved are known.

5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

Many application teams leave embedded analytics to languish until something—an unhappy customer, plummeting revenue, a spike in customer churn—demands change. But by then, it may be too late. In this White Paper, Logi Analytics has identified 5 tell-tale signs your project is moving from “nice to have” to “needed yesterday.". Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

8 Best Practices for Creating Long-Form Content

AB Tasty

Some marketers believe that creating long-form content for the internet is a waste of time; short attention spans mean it’s. Read more. This article was originally posted on AB Tasty as 8 Best Practices for Creating Long-Form Content. User Experience

Help Managers Visualize Their Problems

Johanna Rothman

I've been working with several managers at organizations large and small, who want to capitalize their software “earlier.” ” These managers have some strongly-held beliefs about the people: People are resources. Resources can multitask on several projects at a time.

A Product Manager’s Approach to Securities Investing

Product Club

As a product manager, you should get paid well. It is a great stable profession that continues to increase in total compensation each year including up front signing bonuses, yearly bonuses, and stock options. However, little has been written about applying the product manager thought process to building an investment portfolio. Several new companies have launched in the FinTech space to try to address these needs.

Let’s Talk! How to Build out Conversations for a Better User Experience

Mind the Product

For conversational products and interfaces, product creators have to imagine an interaction where the screen plays an ancillary role. As a consequence, the majority of the best practices and principles of a good user experience that we’ve become used to need to be redefined, if used at all. Even within conversational interfaces, we don’t speak in same way that we write.

Why “Build or Buy?” Is the Wrong Question for Analytics

Every time an application team gets caught up in the “build vs buy” debate, it stalls projects and delays time to revenue. There is a third option. Partnering with an analytics development platform gives you the freedom to customize a solution without the risks and long-term costs of building your own. Learn when and why it makes sense to build, buy, or take a combined approach to embedded BI. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

Is it Possible to Work Remotely as a Product Manager?

The Product Coalition

Some think that a discipline based on close contacts with products and stakeholders demands that you remain in the office. They’re wrong: it’s possible to be a remote product manager. Do you feel sometimes like you are physically tied to your seat?

B2C 85

How to Use Geographic Targeting to Deliver Better Online Experiences

AB Tasty

Delivering smooth online experiences is one of the top priorities for marketers, and with good reason. Nowadays, your customers expect. Read more. This article was originally posted on AB Tasty as How to Use Geographic Targeting to Deliver Better Online Experiences. Personalization User Experience

Send better email: A deliverability analyst’s no-nonsense guide to avoiding the spam folder

Inside Intercom

Email is an important channel for acquiring, supporting and retaining users. However, if not done properly, you can damage your sending reputation, meaning users won’t get your emails at all ??. Ultimately, fewer emails arriving at their intended destination means fewer conversions for you.

Find The Best UX Course Online: Our Top 9 List

UX Studio

“It’s a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” I couldn’t agree more with Albert Einstein. Almost none of the UX professionals I know started their careers as UX experts-to-be, including most of my friends here at UX studio.

UX 54

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

Why do some embedded analytics projects succeed while others fail? We surveyed 500+ application teams embedding analytics to find out which analytics features actually move the needle. Read the 6th annual State of Embedded Analytics Report to discover new best practices. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

Tricks and Traps When Building Conversational Products

Mind the Product

For a long time, we’ve thought of interfaces strictly in a visual sense: buttons, drop-down lists, sliders, carousels (please no more carousels). But now we are staring into a future composed not just of visual interfaces, but conversational ones too. In the first part of this series , I looked at some tips and best practice to design conversational flows for such interfaces. Now I’d like to look at other aspects to consider when building conversational products. It’s all About Context.

Product Love Podcast: Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach and Writer of Product Talk


This week on Product Love, I sat down with Teresa Torres, a product discovery coach. Teresa helps teams gain valuable insights from customer interviews, run effective product experiments, and drive outcomes that create value for their customers and their business.


Design Thinking Toolkit, Activity 16 – How Might We…?

Atomic Spin PM

Hoping to turn problems into opportunities for design? Look no further than How Might We (HMW). This is a classic Design Thinking activity—and simple, to boot. Begin with a problem area that is challenging for a person/organization/system/environment/etc.,

How B2C companies are using live chat to drive sales and offer a personalized customer experience

Inside Intercom

For online businesses, customer experience is king. It can be pretty simple if you listen to what your customers want, which usually boils down to a personalized, quick and low friction experience.

B2C 59

The Complete Predictive Analytics Lifecycle for Application Teams

Speaker: Sriram Parthasarathy, Senior Director of Predictive Analytics, Logi Analytics

Applications with predictive analytics are able to deliver massive value to end users. But what steps should product managers take to add predictive analytics to their applications? In this webinar, we’ll walk through an end-to-end lifecycle of embedding predictive analytics inside an application. Find out how a real-world application decided what predictive questions to ask, sourced the right data, organized resources, built models, deployed predictive analytics in production, and monitored model performance over time.