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How to Build A Product Feedback Loop In SaaS: Steps and Examples


In the dynamic world of SaaS, creating a robust product feedback loop is essential for continuous improvement. Whether you’re launching a new feature or refining an existing one, gathering insights from users ensures that your product aligns with their needs and expectations. The product feedback loop.

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Mastering the feedback loop: Where user insights meet product excellence

Mind the Product

Master the Product Feedback Loop to gather and implement user input, optimizing customer experience and aligning with market needs. Read more » The post Mastering the feedback loop: Where user insights meet product excellence appeared first on Mind the Product.


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Enhancing Product Development With User Feedback Loops


Customer feedback can fine tune your product roadmap. Receiving this feedback and acting upon it quickly can be the difference between an exiting new product or feature, or a project that is stuck in the mud. This approach allows product teams to refine their offerings based on user data.

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Product in Practice: Bringing the Discovery Habits to WebMD

Product Talk

The larger and more complex your company is, the more challenging it can be to introduce continuous discovery. Sandrine Veillet ’s Product in Practice story perfectly exemplifies this. Sandrine Veillet ’s Product in Practice story perfectly exemplifies this. Do you have a Product in Practice story you’d like to share?

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Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI

“Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI” is an extensive guide for integrating generative AI into product strategy and careers featuring over 150 real-world examples, 30 case studies, and 20+ frameworks, and endorsed by over 20 leading AI and product executives, inventors, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

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Product in Practice: Getting Value Out of In-App Surveys Takes Iteration

Product Talk

Committing to continuous discovery means changing the way your product team operates. Continuous discovery means not making decisions purely based on your intuitions or stakeholder requests, but finding ways to integrate touch points with customers into your work every week. Tweet This This can sound overwhelming.

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AI’s Role in Enhancing User Feedback Loops

UX Planet

Using AI to Gather, Analyze, and Act on User Feedback More Effectively to Improve UX For those who are unaware of UX design, a fast-paced yet steadily growing industry, let it be stated that feedback is a true commodity of the trade. However, opening a new chapter is the entrance of a new player into the field- AI.

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The Complete Guide to Managing User Feedback

To build better products, you need to listen and act on user feedback. Having an effective feedback management system can help! Discover ways of consistently gathering user feedback, prioritizing ideas, planning your roadmap, and closing the feedback loop. This guide sheds the light on all that and more.

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How AI Can Help You Build Better Products: 10 Tools To Save You Time

So, how can product managers use AI to save time and build better products? AI can help with research, feedback management, user engagement, and roadmapping. With AI, product managers can work faster and smarter. In this guide, we’ll show how product managers can use AI to build better products.

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A Tale of Two Case Studies: Using LLMs in Production

Speaker: Tony Karrer, Ryan Barker, Grant Wiles, Zach Asman, & Mark Pace

Some takeaways include: How to test and evaluate results 📊 Why confidence scoring matters 🔐 How to assess cost and quality 🤖 Cross-platform cost vs. quality trade offs 🔀 and more!

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Use Discovery and Delivery to Experiment Our Way to a New Normal

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Many of us are accustomed to planning for either discovery or delivery. We know how to plan for where we want to be for a product (delivery). And, we know how to plan to discover a market (discovery). Instead of planning for either discovery or delivery, we can use experiments—for all our work.

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Best Practices for Creating Long-Lasting and Continuous Discovery Habits

Speaker: Teresa Torres, Internationally Acclaimed Author, Speaker, and Coach at

Industry-wide, product teams have adopted discovery practices like customer interviews and experimentation merely for end-user satisfaction. As a result, many of us are still stuck in a project-world rut: research, usability testing, engineering, and a/b testing, ad nauseam.

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Knowing What Products Not to Build: A Case Study With NBC Universal

Knowing what not to build is just as important as what to build when it comes to product development. Learn how NBC Universal saved millions by knowing what not to build and created a more cohesive customer experience with Feedback Loop.

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Building a Research Flywheel: A Helpful Guide for Product Managers & Their Teams

Speaker: Jessica Hall, Product Strategy & Design Leader and Co-Author of The Product Mindset

Every step of the product journey is informed by research: what works, what doesn’t, what customers want, what they need. But no one tool or method can create a thriving research practice for product managers. Use Product Management Today’s webinars to earn professional development hours!

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Product Research 201: The Intermediate Guide to De-Risking Decisions

Bring the voice of the customer into your decisions with product market research. This guide will help you find out how to clearly define your learning objective, create questions to support the objective, build screener questions to get the right audience, and more!