Book review: “Product Roadmaps Relaunched”

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A new book, Product Roadmaps Relaunched, could help you re-think and re-launch your approach to Product Roadmapping. It’s a real practitioners’ book, written by four Boston-based leaders in Product Management: C. The book is packed with examples and best practices. The book walks readers through the whole roadmapping process, step by step. The book has a companion website where you can pre-order the book through Amazon or O’Reilly sites.

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The post books appeared first on Spice Catalyst Foundations in Successful Management of Products.

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Book Review: The Startup Playbook

Under10 Playbook

Book Review: The Startup Playbook: Founder-to-Founder Advice From Two Startup Veterans by Rajat Bhargava and Will Herman. The book is in three parts: 1) Starting A Company, 2) Getting Off The Ground, 3) Funding The Company, and 4) Running The Company.

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Book review: The Secret Product Manager Handbook

Under10 Playbook

The book guides you through all three parts of the framework with tools and techniques for getting it done. Loaded with examples and specific techniques, the book offers guidance in prioritization, roadmapping, and value proposition design.

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Getting Started with Product Experimentation

impact bookings. GETTING STARTED WITH PRODUCT EXPERIMENTATION How Product Development Teams Reduce Guesswork and Innovate Faster KEY DISCUSSION POINTS: How experimentation fits in with other initiatives at your company, such as Agile Best practices for integrating experimentation.

Book review: Inspired 2


Ideas book-reviewHow to create products customers love. “It It doesn’t matter how good your engineering team is if they are not given something worthwhile to build.” In the opening lines of the newly released second edition of the product management classic — Inspired — Marty Cagan begins with a story that will sound familiar to anyone who’s followed him over the years. It was the mid-1980s and Cagan was working as a. Source.

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Product Leadership Book Review? – What we Learned

Mind the Product

The long awaited book Product Leadership is finally about to hit our Kindles, iPads and possibly even our hands. It’s a book that shows product leadership to be a mentality and style, rather than a set of rules. This is a book that shows Product Management has come of age.

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Why Dale Carnegie, the grandfather of self-help books, endures in the digital age

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Very few non-fiction books have had the long-lasting impact of Dale Carnegie’s 1936 classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People. So how has the book remained such a bible for sales and marketing professionals? Whether you’re on a marketing team trying to capture people’s attention or a sales team pursuing leads, Carnegie’s book argues that appealing to other people’s self-interest should be a cornerstone of your strategy. That’s Carnegie and his book in a nutshell.

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The book that David Ogilvy said every marketer must read

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And when the father of advertising gives you a book recommendation like that, you sit up and take notice. Despite being almost 100 years old, Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins remains one of the best books on sales and marketing ever written.

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Hooked - How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Speaker: Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Hooked, the book, is based on Eyal’s years of research, consulting, and practical experience. He wrote the book he wished had been available to him as a start-up founder—not abstract theory, but a how-to guide for building better products.

The Six Essential Books that Every Product Manager Should Read

Mind the Product

Read books, keep tabs on blogs, follow people on Twitter, listen to podcasts, be a massive consumer of ideas and then see what resonates most with you. Here are some of the first books I read after getting into product management. As a bonus the book is now available online for free.

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New Book: What Product Managers Need To Know About World-Class Product Development

The Accidental Product Manager

Click Here to check this book out on Amazon. The post New Book: What Product Managers Need To Know About World-Class Product Development appeared first on The Accidental Product Manager. What Product Managers Need To Know About World-Class Product Development.

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Please Help A Pair Select a Title for a Geographically Distributed Agile Teams Book

Johanna Rothman

Now, I’m pair-writing a geographically distributed agile teams book with Mark Kilby. The post Please Help A Pair Select a Title for a Geographically Distributed Agile Teams Book appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant.

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Is The Best Way To Sell More Books By Giving Them Away For Free?

The Accidental Product Manager

What’s the best way to get someone to read your book? Let’s face it: selling books is tough work. The Art Of Giving Books Away For Free. The way that this works is that every day BookBub sends out more than 7 million emails to their list of registered book readers.

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Book Review: The Phenomenal Product Manager

The Product Bistro

Written by Brian Lawley, the top man at the 280Group , a consultancy, and training organization with deep product management and product marketing skills and reputations, I was at first put off by how thin the book was. My first pass through the book seemed to bear this out.

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17 Must-Read Product Management Books


The easiest way is to read a new book each week. The best books available can help you learn more about product management, collaboration, habits, remote teams, different methodologies, and more. If you choose one book a week from the following list, you’ll have a dedicated reading list for the next 26 weeks of the year. Management books normally discuss processes and people and skip over technology. The Product Book: How to Become a Great Product Manager.

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How Minimum Viable Products & Features Helped Me Write My New Book

Roman Pichler

Writing a book is a complex and at times challenging endeavour: it took me over two years to write and publish my latest book. At the same time, I wanted to test that the product would create enough value for its readers before writing the actual book. Minimum Viable Product #1.

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How I Read More Books – Bringing the Donuts 02/22/2017

Ken Norton

I read 61 books last year and it was easier than I thought -. At the beginning of last year I decided to try reading more books. It’s much easier than you think to read about a book a week I set what seemed like an unreachable annual goal: fifty. I ended the year with sixty-one, and a conviction that anyone can do it.

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Lewis Lin’s Favorite Books for PMs

Product Bookshelf

Lin , the author of PM Interview Questions , about his favorite books for expanding a product manager’s skill set in the following areas: Product design. ACTION : Read and analyze interesting books, newspapers, advertisements, or anything new you come across.

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The Best Books on Product Development

The Product Coalition

Here are four product development “schools of thought” and the best books to read on each of them. This book provides a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone working in product development. This book is super dense and a bit intimidating, but it’s packed with great content.

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Early Version of Distributed Agile Teams Book is Available

Johanna Rothman

If you don’t like to read books in progress, wait until we have more chapters done. However, if you like to read books in progress, do get this book if you are struggling with your geographically distributed agile team. The post Early Version of Distributed Agile Teams Book is Available appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant.

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Hello 2018! Books, essays, and more from the past year.

Andrew Chen

I want to take a moment to share some of my writing from the past year, a few books I’ve read recently, and also include stuff from the last just for completeness. Books I started reading in 2017. Didn’t read this yet, but I love these recent tech history books.

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Book Review: “Badass: Making Users Awesome”

Folding Burritos

Kathy Sierra’s latest book is a must-read for any product person. These ideas are then broken down in detail over the course of the book. That is also one of the perks you’ll get from this book: a great reading list to keep exploring these subjects. Books Opinion

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The 11 Best Books for Product Managers


Whether you’re working on an early product at a young startup or you’re in charge of a well-established product at a more mature company, it’s your job to satisfy the needs of both … The post The 11 Best Books for Product Managers appeared first on UserTesting Blog. Being a great product manager is hard.

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Need Your Help! Which book cover do you like most?

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Book Cover 1 Book Cover 2 Book Cover 3. Which book cover do you like most? The post Need Your Help! appeared first on Spice Catalyst. Building Insanely Great Products Newsletter Dave

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How to Use Psychology to Make Persuasive Video

Nir Eyal

Nir’s Note: This guest post is excerpted from Nathalie Nahai’s best-selling book, Webs Of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion. A film, a piece of theatre, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. Book Reviews

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Life Update + Product Management Discussion + UX Book Club (OH MY!)

Product Manager in Heels

and leading a discussion for the UX Book Club. It has been QUITE the year already, and I’m only half way in! This year I’ve changed jobs, graduated from Babson College with my MBA, gotten promoted (at my new job), and done tons of customer experience research.

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Now Available as an Audio Book: “Building Insanely Great Products: Some Products Fail, Many Succeed…This is their Story”

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Now Available as an Audio Book: “Building Insanely Great Products: Some Products Fail, Many Succeed…This is their Story”. The post Now Available as an Audio Book: “Building Insanely Great Products: Some Products Fail, Many Succeed…This is their Story” appeared first on Spice Catalyst.

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How Can A Product Manager Bring A Bookstore Back From The Dead?

The Accidental Product Manager

If someone came to you and asked you to make a book store become successful in this day and age, would you take on the challenge? One of the first things that they did was to reduce the amount of space in the store that was dedicated to displaying books. Do bookstores even still exist?

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How to Use Personality Science to Drive Online Conversions

Nir Eyal

This exclusive book excerpt is from Vanessa’s new book, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, which was recently named as one of Apple’s Most Anticipated Books of 2017. Behavior Design In Action Book Reviews consumer behavior personality psychology

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Prags Have a 40% Off Thanksgiving Sale

Johanna Rothman

Give thanks for books Happy reading! Books MPD bookThe Pragmatic Bookshelf is having its annual Black Friday sale, starting Nov 22, and running through Dec 1. All ebooks are 40% off. Yes, all of mine and everyone else’s. Including Create Your Successful Agile Project !

Announcing Intercom on Marketing – the print and audio edition

Inside Intercom

But a recurring piece of feedback we’ve got from our readers is that they don’t like being chained to one format, and want to enjoy our books in ways that extend beyond the confines of PDF and mobi. At a time when publishers are dropping print editions with alarming frequency, to hear that a software company is doubling down in printed books seems, in 2018, to make almost no sense. Head this way to get your copy of the book.

Amazon Product Managers Prepare To Do The Unthinkable: Open A Store

The Accidental Product Manager

You have Barns & Noble who has 640 stores, you have Books-A-Million who has 255 stores and then there are a lot of smaller independent book sellers out there also. Amazon has already entered the physical world of book selling. We buy from Amazon online, right?

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Pairing Improves Writing

Johanna Rothman

I’m writing a geographically distributed agile team book with Mark Kilby. Because we’re writing together, we first had to understand what we wanted to write in this book. I use OmniGraffle to create the images you see in my books.

Listen to the Agile Uprising Podcast with Me

Johanna Rothman

We discussed the book. MPD podcast agile books Create Your Successful Agile Project resource efficiencyI had a great time recording with two of the guys from the Agile Uprising Podcast. See Create Your Successful Agile Project with Johanna Rothman.

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BIGP Book BIGP Course and Workshop Newsletter Dave

How SPICES help product managers build insanely great products – with David Fradin

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A book caught my attention recently, and when I investigated the author, I was even more intrigued. The book is “Building Insanely Great Products,” written by David Fradin. BIGP Book Newsletter Dave Product Management Product Marketing

Now Available in Paperback: Building Insanely Great Products on Amazon

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BIGP Book Newsletter Dave Product Management Product Marketing Product PlanningTo view on Amazon, click on the image above.

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Our second audiobook: Intercom on Customer Engagement

Inside Intercom

Give the book a listen below, or download it as a series anywhere you currently subscribe to the Inside Intercom podcast. We’ve been revisiting our full library of published books (seven and counting!) Updates books customer engagement marketing messaging writingIn customer engagement, the right context for a message matters just as much as the right time and recipient. Given that content is in itself a tool for engagement, the same principle is in play.

The Product Manager’s Survival Guide

The Product Bistro

As part of the session, he gave away a copy of each of his books via a raffle. One of his books was new to me, The Product Manager’s Survival Guide , geared to the new product manager, who finds themselves needing to come up to speed rapidly. The Layout of the book.