Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

Tyner Blain

Taking agile, a process otherwise optimized for small, cross-functional, collaborative teams and making it work at scale is fascinating. ” I’ve spent the last half-year in the beginning of my journey understanding how agile product management at scale can work.

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Agile Died While You Were Doing Your Standup

Mind the Product

Despite the successes Agile has brought us, it’s time to take the things we have learned from Agile and move on. Like the technology we use to build the products we love ages and gets left behind, Agile has died while we were perfecting our standup. Agile isn’t to blame for this.

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Tesla Agile Development: Product Management at its Best

280 Group

Tesla Agile Development: Version 8.0 The post Tesla Agile Development: Product Management at its Best appeared first on 280 Group Product Management. Agile Product Management Agile Cool Products FeaturesSoftware and Product Management at its best.

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10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

Roman Pichler

To help you develop your agile product roadmap, I have created a goal-oriented roadmap template called the GO Product Roadmap. Last but not least: If the environment you’re in is agile, then change is likely to occur. 1 Focus on Goals and Benefits.

Dual-Track Agile: Why Messy Leads to Innovation

Mind the Product

What is Dual-Track Agile? Dual-Track Agile is an IT development methodology where figuring out what to build is as important as the building process. The Dual-Track Agile process is demonstrated in the gif below. Staffing is perhaps the messiest part of Dual-Track Agile.

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Understanding how Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Work Together

Mind the Product

The ideas of Agile are great. Design Thinking is how we explore and solve problems; Lean is our framework for testing our beliefs and learning our way to the right outcomes; and Agile is how we adapt to changing conditions with software. Agile is related to Lean.

Agile Beyond Software

280 Group

I recently attended a meeting of the Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network on the topic Agile Beyond Software. The speaker was Jeanne Bradford, her talk was based on her experience developing customized Agile processes for hardware companies. Agile Product Management Agile

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Agile Cadabra

Tyner Blain

Agile is not magical. Changing from a waterfall process to an agile process changes how your team works, and helps eliminate inefficiencies. Adopting an agile process does not let you magically have a more successful product. What makes agile powerful is also makes it dangerous.

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Why Agile Marketing is the Key to Successful Products

280 Group

Can Agile Marketing give you an edge? The post Why Agile Marketing is the Key to Successful Products appeared first on 280 Group Product Management. Product Marketing Agile Market Research Methodology WebinarThis is a guest post by John Armstrong, CMO, Zettaset.

Is Agile Really Cheaper?

Tyner Blain

There are several ways to answer the question “is agile cheaper than waterfall?” Agile done well is cheaper, as long as you measure correctly.” The right question is: is agile better?” ” How Agile Is NOT Cheaper. Agile Done Well IS Cheaper.

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How To Talk To Your Executives About Agile

PM Hardcore

People have asked me “How can I get my execs to support an agile transformation? Reframe the Agile conversation around value. Don’t talk about scrum or methodologies or the Agile Manifesto. These two ideas are often munged together in agile discussions.

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Agile Through a Matrix Lens

Tyner Blain

Agile” is something most teams do wrong*, without realizing they’re doing it wrong. Let’s apply this lens to agile as applied within a company, and see if it helps people decide to do things differently. When You Say Agile, What Do You Mean?

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Agile Marketing Using Scrum

280 Group

Many people in the technology world mistakenly believe that Agile is something new, but it really isn’t. Agile Marketing With Development Using Agile innovation for software development may help accelerate and optimize completion of a product.

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True North: Managing Long-Term Roadmap Needs with Agility

Pragmatic Marketing

So, how do you reconcile the needs of projecting a long-term product plan with the reality of a constantly changing market, especially when you use an agile approach like scrum? Agile Loves Roadmaps and Plans. Agile and scrum don’t discourage the creation of a product roadmap. To quote the agile guru Mary Poppendieck: “Agile hates plans, but loves planning.”. Managing the unknown requires agility. 5 Tips for Managing the Agile Product Roadmap.

The Problem with Building Products in an Agile World

Product Beautiful

Over the past decade, there has been a ton of ink spilled over Agile development. Much of the Agile narrative has focused on the pros of implementing Agile methodologies , such as better planning, faster feedback, and the ability to quickly pivot and make changes.

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How Software Usage Analytics Supports Agile Development


As part of a list of summer reading recommendations for marketers recently published by Forbes, Juniper Networks CMO Mike Marcellin named “Hacking Marketing: Agile Practices to Make Marketing Smarter, Faster and More Innovative” as his pick. The reach of agile development is extending, and what started as the domain of younger, smaller companies is now on the radars of everyone from government agencies to larger enterprises. Embrace data-driven agile processes.

Product Owner vs. Product Manager Exploration

280 Group

In our recent Product Management Team Survey we found that in companies doing Agile development, 70% indicated that the Product Manager is also the Product Owner. Agile Product Management Agile Product Manager Product Owner Roles

Podcast: Technically Speaking About Agile Product Management

Mironov Consulting

Agile Events 2016 Market Thinking Product ManagementCaryn Tomer & John Hartmann brought their Technically Speaking Podcast to Agile2016 in Atlanta.

The competitive advantage of BPMA sponsored groups

bpma ProductHub

An Agile Product Open meetup recap. The Agile Product Open meetup is one such group that is dedicated to advancing the principles and practices of product management. It’s a collaborative forum for leveraging Agile to discover and deliver better products, sooner.

How to Prioritize Product Backlogs in Three Easy Steps

280 Group

Agile Product Management Product Management Agile Best Practices Framework Prioritization Productivity YouTube Video

April 5/Dublin: Product Managers, Product Owners, Scalable Agile Product Models

Mironov Consulting

We’ll have a half hour to talk about product managers, product owners and scalable models for agile product teams. Agile Events 2017 Lean Market Thinking Product Management Strategy agile leadership lean market input product owner strategy success metrics

Escaping the Build Trap by Melissa Perri

Mind the Product

Then she discovered Agile and churned out features even faster. Process – Agile is not the answer to all of our prayers because Agile does not have a brain. We need more than just Agile to build great products.

TEI 078: Traditional vs Agile project management for product managers–with Chuck Cobb - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

I often hear Agile practitioners talk about the evils of more planned methodologies, like Waterfall and Stage-Gate. He has also developed a very successful online training curriculum on Agile Project Management, including a free course he is offering to listeners.

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Scaling Lean Principles by Jeff Gothelf

Mind the Product

When you take the concept of lean and combine it with agile you start to build a practice of continuous learning, and at the core of continuous learning is experimentation and humility.

Transitioning from Scrum to Kanban

Mind the Product

Our teams were already experienced in Agile development and were working in two week sprints, with a regression test and proposed release at the end of each sprint, but the business stakeholders were still concerned about the speed of delivery.

To 10x Your Profits Start With Retrospectives

PM Hardcore

Agile Rules of Thumb Tools agile business benefit retrospective20% is boring. As many of you know, there’s a technique called a “ retrospective ” in scrum, or you might call it a debrief.

Taylor Wescoatt – Being the First Product Manager

Mind the Product

Dual Track Agile. Agile is a powerful way to develop working software, but its focus on shipping small units of value as quickly as possible can make designers – who typically focus on polished & smooth user experiences – very uncomfortable! Taylor has found that dual-track agile is an incredibly effective way of allowing your engineers to rapidly build value, while at the same time allowing your designers and researchers to be crafting clean customer experiences.

Understanding Scrum

280 Group

Watch Our Sample Video From the new Agile Excellence for Product Managers and Product Owners Online Self-Study Course In Scrum, we have a list of Product Requirements called the Product Backlog. Agile Product Management Agile Framework Methodology Product Owner YouTube Video

Product Owner vs Product Manager

Mind the Product

Agile Product Management Skills ProductTank Video methodology Product Manager product owner Scrum team leadershipAs a Product Owner and the CEO of I was invited to speak at ProductTank NYC earlier this year about the conflict between the roles Product Owner and Product Manager.

TEI 090: Agile product portfolio management- with Brent Barton - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

We have explored the topic of product portfolio management in previous episodes, but not from an Agile perspective. That is the topic for this episode – Agile portfolio management. He is also a Principle at SolutionsIQ, a firm that helps organizations adopt Agile practices.

The Myth of the Iron Triangle

280 Group

Lean Product Management Agile LeanI am always amazed at how often accepted truths turn out to be false. I am further astounded at how liberating it is to throw off the constraints imposed by those beliefs.

Interview: A Chat with BPMA Mentor and Edx CTO, Mark Haseltine

bpma ProductHub

At the same time, the rise of Agile development had a tremendous impact on the role of the product manager. Career Product Management Agile BPMA Career Development Early CareerLast fall, I had the opportunity to begin a six month mentorship program through the BPMA.

Backlog Refinement Takes You from Vision to Value

bpma ProductHub

Agile Conference, IEEE Conference Publications (2009): 333-337. Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis. Enabling Specification: The Key to Building Agile Systems.” Product Management Agile product execution

What is Lean Product Management

280 Group

Greg Cohen is the author or Agile Excellence for Product Managers, and a Lean Product Management expert, as well as a consultant/trainer for 280 Group. Lean Product Management Agile Lean Product Manager Webinar YouTube Video

Features do not a Product Roadmap Make

Tyner Blain

Last month, Mike Smart of Egress Solutions and I gave a webinar for Pragmatic Marketing on product roadmapping when working in agile environments. But that’s another discussion entirely – and a big part of why “agile” came into existence in the first place.

Debbie Wren – Scaling Autonomous Teams

Mind the Product

At ProductTank London, Lean & Agile Enterprise Coach Debbie Wren shares insights into successfully scaling autonomous teams. Agile Isn’t Something you do, it’s Something you are. Rather than a process which you follow, agility is the beliefs, values and principles with which your team or organisation operates. Bring Teams Together to Become Agile. The Role of Managers Changes in Agile Organisations. Organisational Agility is Constrained by Technical Agility.

Productivity vs. Responsiveness

Mironov Consulting

Agile development teams think about productivity in terms of overall velocity metrics and backlog/roadmap commitment. Over the past year, I’ve done a half-dozen evaluations of product management teams at enterprise software firms.

Product Owner Manager – Alone Together

Tyner Blain

Did your employer staff UX, product management and product ownership on your agile team? Agile Product Management Product Strategy Requirements UXProduct owners and product managers. Two roles, often done by one person.

The Dirty Dozen Roadmap Roadblocks

Product Powers

Being Too Agile. Agile was developed as a response to lack of consistent direction from business execs. Yet many companies fear to map out a course thinking it's not allowed in Agile. Don't let being agile become an excuse for indecision. Agile Bad examples Prioritization Product Management RoadmapsA good product roadmap is one of the most important and influential documents an organization can develop, publish and continuously update.

Feeding the product team using “pull”

On Product Management

Agile Development Development SteveJAs soon as somebody says you’re spending too much time on something, you’re on the right track.—Bob Bob Lefsetz, American music industry author. There are two approaches to delivering stories to your product team: pull and push. Typically, product managers and executives “push” more and more requests to the developers. Even though the team already has […].