Hi Fly: A Lean Airline Story

Melissa Perri

I had never heard of this HiFly airline before. HiFly is an airline for hire. Because their planes are unmarked, they can fly routes for all major airlines and private companies. It also greatly reduces the risk for starting new airlines.

Strategic jiujitsu: 4 Lessons from Southwest Airlines, Western Europe, and the Simpsons

The Product Coalition

Southwest Airlines gives us a great case study here. In the 1970s, all the incumbent major airlines had purchased the rights to the gates of the major airports, thus preventing new airlines from flying out of them.

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Boeing Product Managers Struggle To Come Back From The 737 MAX Disaster

The Accidental Product Manager

This was followed in March when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, involving the same Max jet model, also crashed minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 people on board. At the same time, some airlines may decide that they want to receive their aircraft earlier than was originally scheduled.

Connecting with customers in real time: Q&A with Devin Harold from Verizon and Nayaab Lokhandwala from Alaska Airlines


In a recent webinar, guest speakers Devin Harold, UX Research Manager at Verizon, and Nayaab Lokhandwala, UX Researcher at Alaska Airlines, sat down with us to share how they’ve been leveraging the power of customer interviews with UserTesting’s Live Conversation … The post Connecting with customers in real time: Q&A with Devin Harold from Verizon and Nayaab Lokhandwala from Alaska Airlines appeared first on UserTesting Blog.

Stop Blaming the User

Melissa Perri

But my experience with United Airline’s customer service this morning completely killed my good mood. I’m finally going home from a long business trip and I’m very excited. They keep blaming me for their mistake. It’s a story I know well because I see it so commonly in Product Management too. When I was booking […

Don’t Upset Your Customers – Maybe

Pragmatic Marketing

I booked the flights using Travelocity, because the cheap Southwest airlines fares are were all gone. I hate surprise charges and, right or wrong, I don’t feel airlines should charge for carry-on luggage. Obviously he hasn’t flown no-frills airlines before.)

Leaders & Lessons That Changed My 2018

Product Club

Jorge (VP, Head of Web & Mobile Delivery, Emirates Airlines) : Be clear, specific, and aware to build and manage the message and perception in executive situations. Gareth (Head of Mobile Delivery, Emirates Airlines) : The importance of accountability can’t be understated. Mentors are all around us when we look through our life and workplace. For me, 2018 was filled with inspiring and varied individuals and leadership styles.

Close Your Eyes and Imagine a Strategy. Let Me Guess: Got Nothing?

The Product Coalition

Here’s my best guess at Southwest Airlines’ strategy circa the 1970s (it has changed little since): (1) Buyer + $ value pool. over-served by major airlines) who want a faster and similarly low-cost alternative. There is a big trend emerging in airline de-regulation.

How a Well-designed Mobile App can Eliminate the Stress of Travel


Picture this: You’re sprinting through the maze-like airport as the airline calls your name over the intercom. If you’re a travel brand developing an app for your airline, hotel, rideshare, etc.

Stop Blaming the User

Melissa Perri

But my experience with United Airline’s customer service this morning completely killed my good mood. As someone who doesn’t work for an airline, how am I supposed to know that Z class doesn’t exist on Aer Lingus? I’ve bet you felt that too on just about any airline.

Writing Context Scenarios? Start at the End

Atomic Spin PM

Take booking airline tickets, for example. We might start with the user opening the [insert airline] app on their phone and searching for round-trip flights from Boston to Grand Rapids for February 2–7.

For your convenience

Under10 Playbook

On my airline, "for your convenience we no longer take cash; we only take credit cards." When we're talking about positioning and messaging, I always reflect on the falseness of many messages: customers come first; we're here to help you; we're scalable. Just saying it doesn't make it so.

Locked-In Syndrome: What we can learn from Boeing’s 737 Max decisions

Radical Product

Airlines knew the product well and bought it year after year. US based airlines such as JetBlue had Airbus fleets. Boeing was having to play catch-up and was at risk of losing their major client, American Airlines, to Airbus. The 737 was Boeing’s best-selling product.

A Smarter Airport for Success that’s Terminal

TIBCO - Thought Leadership

You don’t have to be a frequent flier to have noticed the personal touches that continue to creep into the airline experience. A digital solution that can bring greater efficiency and integration to the myriad of operational systems is non-negotiable for today’s airline operator.

Ability to Pay vs. Willingness to Pay

Pragmatic Marketing

Airlines try to distinguish business travelers from vacation travelers. In a recent Pragmatic Marketing Price class, one student “corrected” me to say it wasn’t willingness to pay that matters in pricing, rather it was ability to pay.

Product-market fit–and other innovation observations for product managers June 8, 2018

Product Innovation Educators

United Airlines, Jeep, and Nine West are not doing so well. Each week I scour articles, wading through the dogs, and bringing you the best insights to help product managers and innovators be heroes. Product-market fit case studies.

High Touch or High Volume

Pragmatic Marketing

Consider airlines as customers. Both airlines and colleges have extensive, unique, non-standard requirements. What kind of products do you build? Awesome products, to be sure, but are they high touch or high volume?

High Touch or High Volume

Pragmatic Marketing

Consider airlines as customers. Both airlines and colleges have extensive, unique, non-standard requirements. What kind of products do you build? Awesome products, to be sure, but are they high touch or high volume?

Breaking the Shop and Marketplace Conundrum

The Product Coalition

Airline websites illustrate such a phenomenon when they can focus on designing a much user-friendly booking experience than online travel agents (OTAs) or meta search price comparison websites.

Product For Legacy Companies


Perhaps your company began as a brick-and-mortar retailer, or an airline, or a financial services company. An airline creates technology to manage the logistics involved in flights, crews, reservations, payment, and fleet maintenance. Most airlines are trying very hard to entice their customers to purchase their air travel online directly through the airline’s site.

If not you, who?

Under10 Playbook

My first business trip was from Dallas Love Field (DAL) to San Antonio (SAT) on Southwest Airlines. Don't drop the ball; either arrange for someone to catch it or let your boss know.—Julie —Julie Bick, author, All I Really Need to Know in Business I Learned at Microsoft.

Churn Is Coming: 12 Learnings From A Survey Of SaaS CxOs


We also have a number of customers in hard hit industries like airlines and hospitality.” How many years ago was January 1, 2020? I don’t know about you, but I lose track of time these days.

How Culture Add Changes the Conversation on Hiring

Mind the Product

Southwest Airlines was able to align employees on providing a cheap, no-frills experience for customers by hiring people who bought into its vision of air travel. You might know the term culture fit.

Web or app Development – Which is Better?

Mind the Product

For instance, in an airline app, notification about “Your Flight AA001 is now boarding at Gate B99” can be all information a user needs.

4 Product-Driven Steps to an ArtificiaI Intelligence Roadmap

Mind the Product

There’s nothing wrong with that, though over time many rules-based products get increasingly frustrating: ever tried calling an airline or a bank? What’s so transformative about artificial intelligence (AI), anyway?

Barry O’Reilly: Learning to Unlearn

Mind the Product

He’s coached executive teams at Capital One, International Airlines Group, HSBC, Google, and Amazon, to name a few.

Is Your Chatbot Artificially Intelligent?

Mind the Product

Remember the last time you had to call an airline to change your flight and got stuck in a voice recognition circle of hell? The chatter at SXSW this year was all about the chatbot.

Great Leaders Know When to Unlearn the Past

Mind the Product

Here’s what we learned about unlearning the past from a lively discussion with Barry, Anna Kuriakose (Chief Product Officer at TotallyMoney), Reshma Shaikh (VP of Strategy and Operations for Springer Nature), and Glenn Morgan (Head of Digital at International Airlines Group).

16 Product Management Quotes to Leave You Inspired


– Francis Brown, Product Development Manager at Alaska Airlines. Let’s be real: product management can be challenging.

Design Sprints by Jake Knapp

Mind the Product

These weeks have been successfully run everywhere from banks to airlines to charities. Design Sprints allow you to get to the crux of your problem and explore a solution, quicker than other ways of working.

MRDs – How Much “Market” Is In Your Market Requirements Documents?

Proficientz – Product Management University

For example, a spike in oil prices a few years ago prompted a series of fuel conservation and new revenue initiatives for airlines that then dictated spending priorities in engineering, marketing, customer service, and many other operational departments. Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. Most B2B organizations use a M arket R equirements D ocument (MRD) for driving new solutions to market.

Understanding Enterprise Product Companies

Mironov Consulting

’ For airline reservation systems, perhaps ‘traveler’ and ‘booking agent’ and ‘airline CFO.’ I’m often asked by B2C product managers how B2B companies are different, or about switching between the two.

Confronting Innovation Challenges: Behind AllianceBernstein’s Business Transformation Journey


Across the board, car dealerships, cable companies, healthcare providers, and airlines topped the list.

Branding: The Other Half of Your Go-To-Market Journey

Pragmatic Marketing

For this reason, I may be drawn to purchase from Southwest Airlines, a brand known for charging no fees for checked bags, itinerary changes, etc. The product is similar to that of other airlines: a plane, seats, overhead bins. But the no-hassle brand enveloping the product is what differentiates it from other similar products and attracts buyers based on their emotional response (in this case, perhaps their hatred for being nickel-and-dimed by other airlines).

Verizon Makes a Super Apology but Consumers Block That Call


In the past year alone, for example, a United Airlines flight attendant who was caught on video dragging a customer off of a plane, and Facebook’s data privacy issues have dominated news cycles.

How Do You Disrupt Your Assumptions Before They Disrupt You?


The top of the list, likely to no one’s surprise in the audience of product management professionals, included car dealerships, cable companies, healthcare companies, airlines, and credit card companies.

Top 10 Mobile UX Agencies in 2018-2019


Notable clients: Pepsi, United Airlines. Any great app begins with a great idea. What comes after, though, is a long and complex process. It takes expertise, creativity, and time to turn an abstract concept into a design that users love.

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