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Startups need dual theories on distribution and product/market fit. One is not enough

Andrew Chen

99% of startups are not differentiated on their underlying technology, and there is very little engineering risk involved. (I’m Because technology differentiation is no longer a real factor today start ups, it turns out that most products are succeeding or failing due to core product/market fit followed by the distribution strategy.

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Post-Pandemic Mobile App Improvement Strategies by Industry | Travel & Hospitality, Retail & Shopping, Food & Drink

Alchemer Mobile

The first app is an airline, which has seen a massive drop in DAU. The data tells us that the lodging industry was impacted more quickly than the airline industry as COVID-19 began to take hold in the US, even though both industries were hit hard. Below, you see two apps in the Travel category , but the industries are different.

Travel 246

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How to Avoid Patch-Work Innovation

The Product Coalition

I came across an opportunity from a reputable airline requesting for innovative ideas on how to curb food wastage on flights. One differentiation factor for full service airlines apart from the entertainment offered to their passengers, is food. However the blind-spot lies at how the problem is created in the first place.

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??Shep Hyken on getting customers to come back again and again

Intercom, Inc.

I talked to a number of people and asked them, “If every airline took away the miles and you couldn’t get those free trips anymore, would you continue to fly on that airline?” Would they immediately switch to a competitor if they offered lower prices? ” And many times, the answer is no. That’s unfortunate.

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How customer support can keep up with customer expectations

Intercom, Inc.

They use service as a differentiator and focus as much on the post purchase experience as the purchase decision to increase customer loyalty and retention – just like luxury hotels and car manufacturers have done for decades. These changes can already be seen at companies such as Dutch airline KLM. Putting customer experience first.

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A simple and comprehensive guide to value chain analysis


Differentiation. Leading on a differentiation strategy is tricky because you need to supply a product or service that no one else offers. Differentiation leadership examples include Dyson and Apple. Cost leadership examples include McDonalds and IKEA. The process of hiring, training, and managing staff. Technology Development.

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379: Product strategy is changing. Are you ready? – with Ron Adner, PhD

Product Innovation Educators

Mainstream strategy includes Porter’s five forces, low cost differentiation, and Clay Christensen’s work on being more sensitive to substitute threats. Examples of classic disruption like Southwest Airlines relied on new technology, but the industry was the same. Today, the industry is no longer the industry.