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Document. Refine. Repeat! Mastering the Product Process.

280 Group

Market Needs and Product Description documents are created, along with a theoretical product roadmap. Product development teams, executives, operations teams, and sales all contribute to these documents. . Document, Refine, Repeat! . The post Document. Mastering the Product Process. appeared first on 280 Group.

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10 tips for writing good product handover documentation

Mind the Product

Here are her 10 tips for developing useful handover documents that not only capture where the product is today, but also serve as an evergreen go-to reference for anybody wanting a contextual overview. Read more » The post 10 tips for writing good product handover documentation appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Can Adobe Make a Master Move to Capture Chatting with Documents?

The Product Coalition

Era of interactive, conversational documents is just around the corner, ready to transform the way we search, learn, and work. The corporate landscape is teeming with PDF documents. In the realm of clinical trials, for instance, the lion’s share of documentation is stored in this format. Can Adobe make a bold move?

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How to use existing product documentation to generate marketing materials using AI

Mind the Product

A step-by-step guide to generating accurate marketing materials with your existing product documentation and AI. Read more » The post How to use existing product documentation to generate marketing materials using AI appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Data Science Fails: Building AI You Can Trust

The game-changing potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is well-documented. Any organization that is considering adopting AI at their organization must first be willing to trust in AI technology.

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SUNDAY REWIND: Product requirement documents must die

Mind the Product

In this Sunday Rewind post, we go all the way back to the pre-pandemic days of March 2016 when Martin Eriksson shared his thoughts on why Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) don’t always work. [.] Read more » The post SUNDAY REWIND: Product requirement documents must die appeared first on Mind the Product.

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User Documentation: The Ultimate Guide for Product Managers


Knowledge is power and user documentation is necessary for building it. But great documentation doesn’t happen by accident. This comprehensive guide will enable proactive product managers to figure out exactly how to craft documentation that will help users solve their problems and delight them. What is user documentation?

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A Guide to Preparing Your Work For Print Shops

Save time and increase efficiency with print-shop ready documents. In this eBook, you will learn how to deliver print shop-ready documents, save time, and ensure your work looks equally good in print as it does on screen. Learn step-by-step ways to set up PDF documents for pre-press and print.

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How to Sell Your Roadmap to Your Leadership Team

Speaker: Brett Truka, CEO, Devetry

Because these documents are such an essential component of your job as product manager, you also need to strategize your roadmap presentation. Brett will cover how to prepare, present, and follow up on product roadmaps, with actionable takeaways and insightful tips around documentation and communication. The common ways to realize ROI.

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It's Alive! Bringing Your Product Roadmap Back From the Dead

Speaker: Lisa Mo Wagner, Product Management Coach, Writer, Speaker and WomenTech Ambassador

A product roadmap is a living document, a snapshot in time that is subject to frequent change. This strategy is ineffective for developing a valuable product because it does not consider the volume of customer feedback. As a result, teams will fail to implement customer feedback in a timely manner, resulting in incorrect feature development.