Building an API that Developers Love

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Without documentation developers will have no clue where to start. For this purpose, they have developed Double Doc- a library that allows users to write the documentation in the code. ProductTank San Francisco Uncategorized Video API API-first Business model Documentation SDK

MRDs – How Much “Market” Is In Your Market Requirements Documents?

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A Market Requirements Document That’s All “Market” Think of your MRD as the headliner to the product requirements. Save the “how” components for your product requirements document. The post MRDs – How Much “Market” Is In Your Market Requirements Documents? Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. Most B2B organizations use a M arket R equirements D ocument (MRD) for driving new solutions to market.

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How should product managers write requirements?

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Data documentation documents Requirements use cases wireframes workflowsA requirement is a short statement of the problem. Everyone has different ways to write requirements.

Three Superpowers of a Product Manager

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They show what has worked for us successfully day in day out, and demonstrate that the powers of a PM boil down to communication, documentation and data! But please note that release notes are not meant as a user guide – level up your documentation powers for this weapon of choice.

Product Requirements: Using a Written or Visual Framework

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There’s a lot of variation in how companies document product requirements. Some are moving away from detailed, written product requirements documents (PRDs), while others are using shorter write-ups, user stories, or jobs-to-be-done formats.

User Story Reflections

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Agile approaches happily accept tacit knowledge , knowledge that is not explicitly expressed and written down, and they prefer face-to-face conversation over documentation. Users.

Create Your First Roadmap with Craft

A product roadmap is product management document whose purpose is to show the strategy of the product, in terms of the goals meant to be achieved over time. If you’re just getting started with Craft, you may want to start at the beginning.

The Playbook for Achieving Product-Market Fit

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So you can view the Product-Market Fit Pyramid as a way to document the key hypotheses that you need to get right. Why Products Fail. One of the main reasons why products fail is because they don’t meet customer needs in a way that is better than other alternatives.

8 Tips for Collaborating with Development Teams

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Hold the team accountable and expect that people do a good job–that commitments are kept and agreements respected, that sprint goals are delivered, that the team adheres to the definition of done and creates software that works, is documented, and tested. Otherwise the team may become demotivated and start to take shortcuts like compromising quality and neglecting documentation. Manage the Product, not the Team.

Innovation begins with observation

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Just document it and they'll get the gag. In a recording session, Mick Jagger complained about Bill Wyman’s bass playing. After Jagger walked away, Wyman asked Keith Richards what to do, Richards whispered, “Just play what you were playing before.”

Product Roadmap Success: BWP Hosts Lively Roundtable Discussion

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According to Richard Banfield of Fresh Tilled Soil, a successful product roadmap is a strategic document that focuses on the product vision and conveys the path to achieve it.

Cut Your Time to Productivity in Half with Better On-Boarding

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Are these documented? Fewer than 50% of companies have a documented idea-to-market process so explaining your internal methods is often difficult.

How to Sell Your Boss on Roadmaps Without Timelines

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Cody Simms of Techstars is convinced that everyone already knows that feature roadmaps are nothing more than a comfort blanket: “Whether you are a CEO, board member, investor, or employee…EVERYONE knows that the roadmaps that are published in these documents are a joke.

The Dirty Dozen Roadmap Roadblocks

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A good product roadmap is one of the most important and influential documents an organization can develop, publish and continuously update. It’s the one document that steers the entire organization in delivering on the company strategy. It's key to success, and yet many organizations struggle to produce effective roadmaps. In fact, many organizations don’t create one, even to publish internally. Or they do, but it is simply a collection of unrelated features and dates.

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First Things First: How Does A Product Manager Start?

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Sorry, you’re not going to find this documented in your product manager job description. Product managers need to know how to get things started Image Credit: Andre Chinn. So you are in the process of starting your brand new product manager job. Congratulations. Now what?

This New Template Helps You Write Better Product Requirements

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is via some variety of “product requirements document” – the written-down “Why?” This might be a document, or a wiki page, or even a post-it note. “Communication” by Joan M. See below for image credit. Effective Communication is Challenging.

The Ideal Product Marketing Candidate for B2B

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Understands the purpose of presentation slides – a series of visually appealing cue cards that tell a compelling value story, not product documentation in PowerPoint format! Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. This sample product marketing job description just might ruffle a few feathers. First, it’s not your typical “get the product off the shelf” job description. Second, there may be people in product marketing roles that don’t meet the requirements.

Enter The Matrix – Lean Prioritisation

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The reader loses the will to live before reaching the end of the document. Prioritisation is a necessary evil of every product development lifecycle.

Ask Steve: How to deal with tiered pricing

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The team license however includes the ability to share documents; for example, one product manager can use another product manager’s persona definition. A2A: In a typical tiered pricing scenario, buying 101 seats in Tier 2 is cheaper than buying 100 seats in Tier 1.

BOM: Product Portfolio

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That means crafting a business plan, positioning your portfolio, aligning to your customers’ buying process, and writing a market requirements document and marketing plan. January’s Box of the Month is the product portfolio.

Product Management for Dummies

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Writing, documenting and discussing the positioning statement, personas, and segments not only develops clarity for the team, but highlights challenges and opportunities with the current offering. Not just for dummies, this book is for everyone.

Why a Distributed Product Team is Better

As long as everyone is organized enough to find their content and keep track of documentation and files – I don’t care if they use smoke rings or carrier pigeons. The Craft team is as distributed as it gets. We have teams in Tel Aviv, Kiev, Silicon Valley and more.

The Rise of Modern Product Discovery

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The product manager interviews key stakeholders to understand what they need, documenting what they find. I love that Marty Cagan and Jeff Patton have long been advocates of dual-track development.

Be in a Band, not an Orchestra: how to Grow an Agile Product Team

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At this point each team had its own roadmap, but they were agreed together on a three-monthly cycle and shared with our partners in a nicely transparent document. The key thing to remember with a roadmap is that the document itself is uninteresting.

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Stepping up Your A/B Tests

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It’s easy for people to have different recollections of the details of a test, but by recording them in a shared document you can bring everyone onto the same page. This is the first of two posts that deep dive on A/B testing, expanding on a talk I gave at Google Playtime 2016 in London.

10 Product Insights You Should Have Read in 2016

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Product Requirement Documents Must Die. Product Requirement Documents are simply the worst possible way to bridge the gap between the customers’ needs and the team that are trying to build the solution.

Developing Product Management Confidence

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Jeff has spent most of his career in product management but is currently the Senior Director of Product Marketing for the Nuance Document Imaging division of Nuance Communications, Inc.

Features do not a Product Roadmap Make

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All of the different containers for requirements document “what” the team will be building. Last month, Mike Smart of Egress Solutions and I gave a webinar for Pragmatic Marketing on product roadmapping when working in agile environments.

The best roadmap isn't a big effort

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The roadmap has become one of the most commonly requested—yet frequently misunderstood—documents in the product manager’s arsenal.

Let’s stop calling it software engineering

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As with authoring books, managers can try to control the creative process with documents and schedules and plans. Much of the language of software creation is based on the manufacturing metaphor. We “plan” software. We “engineer” software.

Why Write Requirements

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Don’t just follow some prescription and go through the motions of documenting requirements. The simple act of documenting requirements based on your understanding of market needs will identify opportunities to improve your understanding of your market.

Selling Vs. Learning

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I talk with product managers all the time, and always ask whether they are talking directly with end users and target customers. The most frequent response from enterprise product managers is “Of course! I’m on sales calls two or three times a week.” .

TEI 094: Creating product roadmaps for product managers – with Jim Semick - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

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A product roadmap is usually a visual document and communicates the why behind what you’re doing. With static tools, you create a static document. A product roadmap is usually a visual document and communicates the why behind what you’re doing.

Let’s Fire a Few of Our Customers

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Of course, we’ll need it to get FAA approval, find a couple of airline reference customers, port it to Airbus’ FlightOS, adjust for national/regional speech patterns, switch from batch to real-time processing, secure it to meet DOD 8500.01E and author new training/installation documents.

Why Drawing Maps Sharpens Your Thinking

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We get pulled in many directions, leaving little time to update documents. “Could it have been the drawing of maps that boosted our ancestors beyond the threshold which the other apes just failed to cross?”. – Richard Dawkins.

Optimize to be Wrong, not Right

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Writing the funding documents, roadmaps and dates, schedules and scope slowly starts to close your mind to alternative exit ramps off the highway to hell. Let’s be honest. We have no idea what is going to happen a year, a week, or even five minutes from right now.

Requirements, Roadmaps & Rollouts: The B2B Product Manager Magazine, February 2017

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How Much “Market” Is In Your (MRD) Market Requirements Document? The February Issue of The B2B Product Manager is now available. In this issue we cover everything from requirements to roadmaps to rollouts. We also throw in a few tips for hiring the best Agile Product Owners, and a universal product management framework that’s been sitting right under our nose.

Launching Complex Products in International Markets

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Tax, legal documents, data privacy, pricing, billing, cancellation policies and recruitment will all vary from country to country.

Product Marketing at Stack Overflow – Alexa Scordato

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The B2B team focuses on the revenue bearing products, and the B2D (business to developer) team focuses on the community products, such as Q&A, developer documentation, and their job board. Alexa Scordato is the VP of marketing at Stack Overflow.

Outside-In User Story Example

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This story has the “feel” of a programmer who is writing the code first, and then documenting the design second. Being “outside-in”, “outcome-based”, and “market-driven” is particularly important for creating successful products.