Let’s stop calling it software engineering

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Let’s stop calling it software engineering or software development. Much of the language of software creation is based on the manufacturing metaphor. We “plan” software. We “engineer” software. We “assemble” software.

Getting Design Agencies and Engineering Teams to Work Together

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Design agencies and engineering teams are filled with talented and experienced people. Both agencies and engineering team are often evaluated based on the quality and quantity of their individual output. In my experience, design agencies and engineering teams can successfully work together if they have the right structure, oversight and mindset in place. Session with Engineering (60m). Agile Best Practices: SVP of Engineering Jeff Nielsen on Iteration Planning.

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From Engineering To Product Management: The Two-Step Career Move

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The transition from engineering to product management is one of the most difficult. Of all roles that touch the product, engineers are the furthest removed from the market and the customers. It can be done successfully however, as many engineers have already proven.

How to Hook Users in 3 Steps: An Intro to Habit Testing

Nir Eyal

User Investment Behavior engineering Design Entrepreneurship habit testing Habits product managementChanging user habits isn’t easy — but understanding how to conduct Habit Testing will increase your odds of success.

How Two Companies Hooked Customers On Products They Rarely Use

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Designing Customer Habits Behavior engineering community content HabitsLarry Page, CEO of Alphabet (the company formerly known as Google), has a quirky way of deciding which companies he likes. It’s called “The Toothbrush Test.” According to the New York Times, when Page looks at a potential company to acquire, he wants to know if the product is, like a toothbrush, “something you will […].

Building Stronger Relationships Between Product Management and Engineering

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What are some things we can do to build stronger product management and engineering relationships? Here are three simple practices you can adopt to strengthen your product management and engineering relationships so they work together more harmoniously. Product Management should take the lead and provide regular forums for Engineering on topics such as emerging market trends and target customer challenges, new business practices, and current customer successes.In

How to Win Your Competition’s Customers

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Designing Customer Habits Behavior design Behavior engineering engagement habit Habits Hook Model product managementAbout a year ago, I wrote an essay about how to win your competition’s customers habits. Today, I’d like to share a quick video of the ideas in that article.

Product Management Insights: How Usage Analytics Helps Your Developers


During the analysis and design phases of the development cycle, software engineers face a lot of feedback from competing interests. Product Management Usage Analytics Software Development EngineeringWhen I was a product manager, I encountered a scenario that is probably familiar to my fellow PMs here. One of our products had so much killer functionality, it could basically do the equivalent of launching rockets for network security.

How Software Usage Analytics Supports Agile Development


Product Management Usage Analytics Software Development EngineeringAs part of a list of summer reading recommendations for marketers recently published by Forbes, Juniper Networks CMO Mike Marcellin named “Hacking Marketing: Agile Practices to Make Marketing Smarter, Faster and More Innovative” as his pick.

Hooked for Good: How Habit-Forming Products Improve Lives

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Designing Customer Habits Behavior design Behavior engineering Design engagement habit Habits Hook Model product managementLast week’s Habit Summit was amazing! It was wonderful to see so many blog readers and friends enjoying the keynotes — not to mention the Stanford sunshine.

Better Software Product Roadmaps: Usage Analytics Use Cases


Engineers at a leading practice management software provider struggled to manage a feature that was written in legacy code with obsolete tools. Whenever engineering upgraded the UI, the feature would break – costing time and resources. Product Management Usage Analytics Software Development Engineering

Driving Decisions Through Your Development Lifecycle with Data


Product Management Usage Analytics Software Development EngineeringStack Overflow co-founder Jeff Atwood has noted that he’s “a big fan of developers handling tech support calls for their software, at least a part of the time. It really motivates them to address the pain points users are experiencing, because they become shared pain points.”

Microsoft Application Insights vs. Revulytics Usage Intelligence: Play the Game You're Best At


Product Management Usage Analytics Software Development EngineeringIn 1994, after winning 3 NBA Championships (and 3 NBA Finals MVP awards), Michael Jordan famously left the NBA for a year to pursue professional baseball. He landed on the Birmingham Barons, a lower minor league team for the Chicago White Sox. Jordan had his ups and downs with the Barons and never made it out of the minors in his 1 year in the league.

Podcast: Organizational Anthropology

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” Some takeaways: Different groups (sales, marketing, product, engineering and executive leadership) have their own success metrics, filters and biases. Motivating engineering teams is different from motivating sales teams.

Get SaaS-y: Empowering On-Premise Software with Usage Analytics


Product Management Usage Analytics Software Development EngineeringConsider this: by 2018, at least half of IT spending will be cloud-based, according to IDC. The trend toward moving workloads to the cloud is unmistakable and unstoppable. But even with the cloud’s increasing pervasiveness, on-premise software will not disappear. Talk to any CIO at an enterprise that made a substantial investment in on-premise software vs. SaaS and you’ll gather plenty of anecdotal evidence to that end.

Here’s How to Ethically Manipulate Other People

Nir Eyal

Designing Ethically Behavior design Behavior engineeringAre we using behavioral design (and ethical manipulation) for good? How do we know? Now that we have the power to profoundly change peoples’ habits through technology, how do change behavior ethically? Manipulation Matrix In this short video, I talk to Amir Shevat, formerly at Google and now at Slack, about a simple test for […]. The post Here’s How to Ethically Manipulate Other People appeared first on Nir and Far.

How to Onboard Junior Product Managers for Success


Some may have a couple of years under their belt, while others may be fresh out of school or recent converts from engineering, design, analysis, or project management. As your product management team grows, you will inevitably bring on some more junior product managers.

A Certain Ratio – Bringing the Donuts 03/27/2017

Ken Norton

What's the ideal number of engineers for every PM? -. One of the most common questions I get from growing startups is, what’s the ideal ratio of engineers to product managers? (A I spend a lot of time with startups, and a good portion of that time helping them think through organizational questions. A different kind of P/E ratio.) For fun

Here’s Why Every Product Manager Must Learn to Love Data


Just take a look at the job descriptions that come up when you search “Product Manager” in your preferred job search engine, it’s difficult to ignore the cries for “analytics” and “insight” in even the most junior roles. “Big data.”

The Ladder of Evidence: Get More Value From Your Customer Interviews and Product Experiments

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We don’t want our engineers sitting around while we conduct perfect research, but we also don’t want to build the wrong functionality because we got unreliable feedback. One of the best signs of an effective product team is a regular cadence of customer interviews and product experiments.

Focus on the Metrics that Matter: Identifying Your Product’s Key Metrics and KPIs


While some metrics might be fascinating and useful to you or to your engineering team, you’ll need to be reporting up and out in your organization as well.

Who are Product Managers? Infographic

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Customer-focused Engineer-focused Design-focused Business-focused Where do Product Managers come from? What do Product Managers do?

4 Traits of Successful Product Leaders


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a former engineer to be a product leader. To earn the respect of and lead teams of engineers, the product manager must understand the technical underpinnings, how things work and the engineering trade-offs,” says Groupon’s Jeff Holden.

The Software Development Deli Counter

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I’ve noticed a frequent executive-level misalignment of expectations across a range of software/tech companies, particularly in B2B/Enterprise companies and where Sales/Marketing is geographically far away from Engineering/Product Management.

Product Manager Salary Statistics

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The Product Manager salary for a new hire in Silicon Valley is now higher than that of engineers. Looking to find out what a reasonable Product Manager Salary is? This article will give you some statistics about being a Product Manager and what to expect in terms of salary and other benefits.

OpenView Labs: Is Your Data Deluding You? Driving Real Results with Relevant Metrics


Product Management Usage Analytics Software Development EngineeringIt’s one of the chief challenges we face as we build our ideas into businesses – how do we drown out the noise to focus on signals – to make business decisions and create products that, in a sense, are so irresistible that they sell themselves? For start-ups, that’s a proposition complicated by the pressure to show traction and gain a foothold, before we slump into irrelevance.

7 Ways to Know That You Need a Head of Product

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When customers need a fistful of your company’s products to assemble a solution, and each of your engineering units is working independently to capture revenue for its own pieces, your product catalog can become a mirror image of your business units.

How to Prioritize Product Backlogs in Three Easy Steps

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If you prioritize your backlog in a non-optimal manner then you may be wasting engineering resources by having them build features that aren’t the highest priority and don’t add the most value to your products.

The Science of Habit-Forming Products

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Designing Customer Habits Behavior design Behavior engineering Design HookedWhen Nathan Bashaw, CEO of Hardbound, reached out about doing a presentation around my book Hooked, I jumped at the chance to try a fun visual for sharing knowledge about habit-forming products. Let me know what you think of the format below and please share with others. </iframe. </iframe. The post The Science of Habit-Forming Products appeared first on Nir and Far.

The Secret Product Management Framework

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Whether you’re talking to customers, prospects, or engineers try to put the feature or feature request in the context of a customer problem. One of the most challenging questions about product management has been – in my experience – “What is Product Management?”.

3 Best Practices for Adopting Continuous Product Discovery

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I want to be clear, when I say product teams, I mean the product manager, the designers, and the software engineers. But our product managers and our designers and our software engineers learn about our customers through research reports or through personas, or through customer journey maps.

25 must-read product management articles


The one cost that product managers and engineers don’t understand. Spotify engineering culture (part 1). How to work with engineers. We talked working with engineers, now let’s chat working with product designers.

How Compare and Contrast Decisions Lead to Better Product Outcomes

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Seth, one of our engineers piped in with, “Let’s integrate Google maps!” This past week I was in London speaking at Mind the Product. As usual, the Mind the Product team hosted a phenomenal event. The following is the script of my talk with slides.

How to Improve Your Experiment Design (And Build Trust in Your Product Experiments)

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Or an engineer argues that it will perform better once it’s optimized. I’ve got a pet peeve to share with you. If you’ve been following along with the growth of the Lean Startup and other experimental methods, you’ve probably come across this hypothesis format: We believe [this capability]. Will result in [this outcome]. We will have confidence to proceed when [we see these measurable signals]. If you aren’t familiar with this format, you can learn more about it here.

Productivity vs. Responsiveness

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I break this down into: The distinction between overall engineering productivity and account-level responsiveness. Engineering Teams Focus On Overall Productivity. Product/Engineering builds repeatable solutions that dozens or hundreds of our enterprise customers can put right to work.

Do Product Owners Need Technical Skills?

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But if you look after a technical product—a product that is integrated into a larger offering like a physics engine, which forms part of a computer game—then you will require the appropriate technical skills in order to formulate technical requirements and define software interfaces (APIs).

Interview: A Chat with BPMA Mentor and Edx CTO, Mark Haseltine

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It broke down many of the existing barriers between product and engineering while requiring them to be far more involved in the technology. As Chief Technology Officer at edX, Mark leads the overall technology strategy and engineering efforts.

Let’s Abandon Customers and Users

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For clarity, most tech companies have Engineering organizations, and consider Engineering to be a profit center: the folks who build whatever software or hardware or cloud services that are sold to outside customers for money.

Innovation begins with observation

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Now an engineer can say “Do you like this? Don't over-engineer it with a bunch of modes and don't promote it. It's neat feature that solves a common problem for engineers. In a recording session, Mick Jagger complained about Bill Wyman’s bass playing.

All I know is coding. Can I become a Product Manager?

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Currently in engineering or related area) thinking of moving to Product Management. You work closely with engineering team, define and document the requirements, attend the scrum. We get this question a lot. This is very typical of someone from a technical background (ex.