Strong Engineering Culture, Strong Product Culture by Andrew Martinez-Fonts

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I’m a group product manager at Yelp, and in this presentation from MTP Engage, I look at why it’s so important to create a supportive culture where product people and engineers collaborate and trust each other. Those values also express themselves on the product and engineering teams.

Why your engineering processes need to solve real problems

Inside Intercom

I came to Intercom from a company with a culture of heavyweight engineering processes. From an engineering perspective, it successfully kept you focused on coding. When I started at Intercom, however, I was surprised at how lightweight the weekly engineering processes felt compared to my previous company. The post Why your engineering processes need to solve real problems appeared first on Inside Intercom.

Making the transition from consultant to product engineer

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Those unfamiliar with what product engineers do could be forgiven for assuming that it’s all broadly the same job. But making the transition from consultant engineer to a product engineer was a revelation – I realized that working as an engineer in client services and working as a product engineer are essentially two completely different jobs, bridged only by the common use of technology. Being a Consultant Engineer.

Stripe’s Will Larson on engineering and infrastructure management

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As a startup scales, the importance of infrastructure engineers simply can’t be overstated. They’re the ones making sure your app is secure, that uptime looks good, and that the rest of your engineering org has the right tools to build features your users need and want. Today he’s leading Foundation Engineering at Stripe. One of my friends who had worked at Digg had moved there, and I went to work on the infrastructure engineering team.

Turning Metrics into Dollars: How to Turn Your Analytics Data into a Real Financial Model for your Startup

Speaker: Tristan Kromer, Lean Agile Coach, Kromatic

increase isn't worth the engineering time we're spending! Some teams struggle to constantly optimize conversion rates without understanding the financial impact of those conversion rates. Sometimes that 0.1% You'll learn: How to turn basic dashboard metrics into a financial model.

Let’s stop calling it software engineering

Under10 Playbook

Let’s stop calling it software engineering or software development. Much of the language of software creation is based on the manufacturing metaphor. We “plan” software. We “engineer” software. We “assemble” software.

A Guide to Collaborating With and Motivating Your Engineering Team

Mind the Product

Frustrated Engineer. Product management and engineering needs to have a constant push-pull for progress to be made. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when working with engineers that I’ve gleaned from my experience. Lose time by over-building (or worse, building the wrong solution) because, had the engineers understood the problem being solved, they might have had a better (or quicker) way to solve it. Nobody likes process, certainly not engineers.

Invisible Engines

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Invisible Engines: How Software Platforms Drive Innovation and Transform Industries by David S. “Invisible engines” are software platforms, software which makes services available to other software through Application Programming Interfaces.

Let’s stop calling it software engineering

Under10 Playbook

Let’s stop calling it software engineering or software development. Much of the language of software creation is based on the manufacturing metaphor. We “plan” software. We “engineer” software. We “assemble” software.

What to expect: Your first few months as an engineer at Intercom

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I was curious to see how the company ensures that every new engineer has the opportunity to do the best job of their career, and how that would translate to my personal growth and everyday life in Intercom. Making an impact as an engineer. It’s common for a new engineer to undertake simple tasks for their first few weeks in a new job but you won’t find this at Intercom. Achieving impact for our customers that fast is extremely motivating and empowering for a new engineer.

How to Build Strong Partnerships with Design and Engineering

Tech Product Management

In this episode, we discuss how Product Leaders can build strong partnerships with design and engineering teams. The post How to Build Strong Partnerships with Design and Engineering appeared first on Daniel Elizalde.

Make Stronger Offers to Engineering Candidates and Boost Your Closes

First Round Review

Adil Ajmal has been building engineering teams from scratch to huge for over 20 years. Here's what he's learned to close the best candidates for your company. Continue reading at First Round Review »

This Is How Great Product Managers Interview Engineers

The Product Coalition

3 types of questions to ask engineering candidates Being part of a growing company can be a really exciting experience?—?growth Let’s be real though, interviewing engineers can be awkward. I get it, hiring engineers is super important.

From the Passenger Seat – An Engineering View of Effective Product Management

Mind the Product

From my experience of working directly with and solving problems for product management and delivery in a Fortune 100 financial services organization, I’d like to share my list of top grievances against bad product management, from an engineering perspective.

Building Stronger Relationships Between Product Management and Engineering

Proficientz – Product Management University

What are some things we can do to build stronger product management and engineering relationships? Here are three simple practices you can adopt to strengthen your product management and engineering relationships so they work together more harmoniously. Product Management should take the lead and provide regular forums for Engineering on topics such as emerging market trends and target customer challenges, new business practices, and current customer successes.In

Building “Minicom”: How our engineering interviews illustrate our values

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The engineering interview presents a unique opportunity to showcase your company’s engineering culture and values to potential new hires. It struck me that most of these interviews were so far removed from the daily routines of a software engineer. Most interviews are so far removed from the daily routines of a software engineer. At the end of the interview I got to demo my creation to a group of engineers that were genuinely excited to see what I built.

My switch from Engineering to Product Management

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As a software engineer, I would typically find myself having the desire to be part of the strategic decision making and slight dissatisfaction when I am just handed tasks based on the outcome of business decisions. I have always enjoyed mathematics and logic which made programming come easily to me and though I was a good engineer, a lesson that became more real for me is that just because you are good at something, it doesn’t mean that you necessary enjoy it.

Getting to know UserTesting: Meet our engineers!


At UserTesting, we have a really unique, empowered Engineering culture. We have a mix of Engineers who work out of our offices and others who work remotely from home. About two years ago both Karmen Blake and Jerrod Blavos joined … The post Getting to know UserTesting: Meet our engineers! appeared first on UserTesting Blog. Product

4 key steps towards a growth engine strategy

Product Warrior

Reviewing product strategy to design a growth engine for established business is a common ask of product leadership, although few businesses achieve it. This post shows you where do you start so you can design powerful and successful growth engines?

Intercom’s Rich Archbold on how to run less software

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In engineering, you want to move fast, ship often and solve real customer problems. It means reducing choices amongst engineering teams and standardizing technology, so our team can spend as much time as possible delivering value to customers. Born from an engineering offsite.

Passing the GDPR test; or how we learned to stop worrying and love the EU

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The EU was kind enough to provide a stress test for our email delivery pipeline during the GDPR surge on a scale that I doubt our engineering team as a whole would have agreed to, and we passed. Without the efforts of the backend engineering teams, this could have been a very different story.

From R&D Engineer to Product Manager

All About Product Management

He has had the opportunity to travel the globe both as an engineer and product manager representing the products he has designed and ( later on in his career ) that he product managed. After graduating in France, I followed a B.Eng in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Run Less Software

Inside Intercom

by Rich Archbold, Senior Director of Engineering at Intercom. In this battle, I’ve found a secret weapon hidden within one of our core engineering strategies, an idea called Run Less Software. When I say “execute”, I don’t simply mean the engineering challenges of building something.

Managing Manufactured Products: Design and Development

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Industrial Design vs Industrial Engineering. The same principles will apply to industrial designers and industrial engineers. Your industrial engineers will prioritize function over form.

Product Managers Struggle To Get Dashboard Screens Correct

The Accidental Product Manager

One of the biggest challenges that the car manufactures are dealing with is the fact that there are not enough software engineers to work on these complex systems. Product crash dashboard screen features infotainment mobile phone software software engineer synch voice recognition wi-fi

Shortcomings of Google App Engine

Sachin Rekhi

As many of you know, I have been a huge fan of Google App Engine. While AWS has significantly moved the industry forward with on-demand virtualized instances and cloud storage, it has not developed a fully scalable runtime environment comparable to Google App Engine. Sure Google App Engine only supports a very restricted use case and set of technologies, but constraints can be liberating.

How Two Companies Hooked Customers On Products They Rarely Use

Nir Eyal

Designing Customer Habits Behavior engineering community content HabitsLarry Page, CEO of Alphabet (the company formerly known as Google), has a quirky way of deciding which companies he likes. It’s called “The Toothbrush Test.” According to the New York Times, when Page looks at a potential company to acquire, he wants to know if the product is, like a toothbrush, “something you will […].

Move fast and optimize for the long term

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As a student of engineering you’re incentivised to write a lot and to read a lot. In product engineering, you’re incentivised to deliver results and this means quickly shipping solutions to problems that are difficult to identify and hard to frame.

The Science of Habit-Forming Products

Nir Eyal

Designing Customer Habits Behavior design Behavior engineering Design HookedWhen Nathan Bashaw, CEO of Hardbound, reached out about doing a presentation around my book Hooked, I jumped at the chance to try a fun visual for sharing knowledge about habit-forming products. Let me know what you think of the format below and please share with others. </iframe. </iframe. The post The Science of Habit-Forming Products appeared first on Nir and Far.

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How to Hook Users in 3 Steps: An Intro to Habit Testing

Nir Eyal

User Investment Behavior engineering Design Entrepreneurship habit testing Habits product managementChanging user habits isn’t easy — but understanding how to conduct Habit Testing will increase your odds of success.

From Software Engineer to Product Manager to Founder of SVPG - Interview with Marty Cagan

All About Product Management

During his career he has performed most of the roles that are key to any technology company: product management, software development, product marketing, user interface design, usability engineering, technical writing, software testing, engineering management, and general management. I was a software engineer at HP Labs. I learned the hard way that it doesn’t matter how great your engineering team is if the product manager doesn’t give them something useful to build.

Motivating Development Teams

Mironov Consulting

As noted in my last post , Sales and Marketing often wonder whether Engineering is sufficiently motivated and engaged. Motivation and engagement look different on the tech side of the room: the outbound team often can’t tell whether Engineering is emotionally engaged.

Product Managers Need to Show Engineers “What Good Looks Like”

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Much has been written about how product managers can get along with the engineering teams – however the converse is also just as important – engineers need to get along and deliver for product managers. It is therefore incumbent upon product managers (and technical team leaders) to help the developers and engineers, who are accustom to communicating just a problems, to change their behaviour and stop – think for a while and offer a solution to the problem(s) they encounter.

We’re doubling our product teams in San Francisco, Dublin & London

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Our teams across Intercom think and work holistically, so when we talk about Product, we mean engineering, design, product management, research and analytics. Our SF Product team is led by Ann Montgomery, leading product management & design, and Louis Bennett, leading engineering. Louis was one of the top engineering leaders at Trulia and helped to lead that business from $1M in revenue when he joined to $250M in revenue when he left.

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How to Win Your Competition’s Customers

Nir Eyal

Designing Customer Habits Behavior design Behavior engineering engagement habit Habits Hook Model product managementAbout a year ago, I wrote an essay about how to win your competition’s customers habits. Today, I’d like to share a quick video of the ideas in that article.

Hooked for Good: How Habit-Forming Products Improve Lives

Nir Eyal

Designing Customer Habits Behavior design Behavior engineering Design engagement habit Habits Hook Model product managementLast week’s Habit Summit was amazing! It was wonderful to see so many blog readers and friends enjoying the keynotes — not to mention the Stanford sunshine.

How to Hire Great Engineers for Your Startup

Sachin Rekhi

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the latest Startup2Startup on engineering management with Yishan Wong , an early director of engineering at Facebook. The area we spent the most time discussing, both during the presentation and during the discussion that followed, was how to hire great engineers for your startup. I thought it was a particularly appropriate topic given that I receive weekly requests from colleagues asking me for help on their quest for engineers.

Here’s How to Ethically Manipulate Other People

Nir Eyal

Designing Ethically Behavior design Behavior engineeringAre we using behavioral design (and ethical manipulation) for good? How do we know? Now that we have the power to profoundly change peoples’ habits through technology, how do change behavior ethically? Manipulation Matrix In this short video, I talk to Amir Shevat, formerly at Google and now at Slack, about a simple test for […]. The post Here’s How to Ethically Manipulate Other People appeared first on Nir and Far.

Successful employee onboarding should focus on culture

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I joined Intercom a few months ago as an engineering manager and onboarding for the first time in a while made me realize some things I hadn’t before. I temporarily worked on three different teams and had 8 weeks of engineering, filled with meetings and conversations, before I eventually started managing people. Startups company culture employee onboarding Engineering onboardingOnboarding new employees is a hard process to do well.

Is Google App Engine Ready for Prime Time?

Sachin Rekhi

I recently took the time to build a web application on Google App Engine and wanted to share my thoughts on the experience and the pros and cons of Google App Engine as a web development platform. The single greatest advantage of Google App Engine is speed to market of an application.