Stepping up Your A/B Tests

Mind the Product

This is the first of two posts that deep dive on A/B testing, expanding on a talk I gave at Google Playtime 2016 in London. In this post I share some of the learnings we’ve had after running 60+ A/B tests at Peak , looking at each step of the A/B testing cycle in turn.

How to Hook Users in 3 Steps: An Intro to Habit Testing

Nir Eyal

Changing user habits isn’t easy — but understanding how to conduct Habit Testing will increase your odds of success. In this video, I provide a brief introduction to the three steps of Habit Testing.

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Tracking your A/B tests

Mind the Product

This is the second of two posts that deep dive on A/B tests, expanding on a talk I gave at Google Playtime 2016 in London. As mentioned in the first post, if you plan to run a lot of A/B tests then you should think about using a document to store test information, which I call the tracker.

The Importance of Accessibility Testing


Industry leaders learned that accessibility testing is an innovation driver for solutions to unanticipated problems Click To Tweet. How to run an accessibility test in UserZoom. The post The Importance of Accessibility Testing appeared first on UserZoom.

3 Tests for Great Product Messaging

280 Group

Fortunately Bill is here to provide us with three tests that.[continue The post 3 Tests for Great Product Messaging appeared first on 280 Group Product Management. In this new video and blog post we discuss something that is exceedingly important in the product world: messaging.

3 Things I Learned About Usability Testing By Looking at Customers in Their Underwear

Joe Cotellese

Back in my days with the apparel company, the inescapable fact was that I needed try our fit-testing body scanner on real humans. Today, working for an email marketing company, I rarely have to ask people to strip down to their underwear to test out a product. Still, that awkward experience from many years ago taught me several important things about usability testing. During our fit testing experiment, we had one guy come in who swore he had a 32” waist.

Rebooting Product Usability Testing for Much Better Insights

bpma ProductHub

Usability Testing – Something Has Always Seemed Off… Something has never seemed quite right to us about how product usability testing is done. No matter what is being tested, from software to cereal to screwdrivers, there is always a herd of elephants – in the room.

The Typology of Design Sprints

Mind the Product

At it’s core, a design sprint is a tool for answering a critical business question through design prototyping and testing with users. When possibilities seem too wide to move forward, a sprint can help prioritize and test out what one of the directions might look like “in action”.

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What Should Product Managers Do When Their Main Product Fails?

The Accidental Product Manager

They claimed that they had invented a product that with just a minute amount of blood from an individual could run a large number of health tests. This blood testing device was called Edison. The whole idea behind the company was to try to find a way to create a product development definition that would standardize the wide range of blood tests that are commonly performed by creating a novel new hand-held device.

Using Experimentation to Drive Product – Stephen Pavlovich (CEO of

Mind the Product ran a test version of a product where they created the levels by usage rather than functionality. The participants don’t even realise they’re in a test and so biases that invalidate the outcomes can’t be established.

How to prepare your Think-Out-Loud Study in UserZoom


The Agile Usability Test Think-Out-Loud, or TOL for short, uses a task based structure to record a user’s screen and their audio. With Advanced UX Measurement you can test a variety of methods all-in-one! Helpful tips to start collecting think out loud feedback from participants.

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Daniella Patrick – Innovation Lab Product Development

Mind the Product

At Accenture, Daniella is a part of a design team whose primary goal is to research, ideate, prototype, and test solutions to improve the experience of their candidates, employees, and alumni. Daniella’s team operates with a process of ideating, prototyping, testing, and learning. Testing means they select their population, define their success and failure, and carry out the experiment. As a Product Manager, Daniella’s first lesson she learned is to user test continuously.

10 Ways to Use Feature Flags

Mind the Product

By offering higher risk features to certain groups of power-users or opt-in users only, you can test your new feature on the groups who know and love you best. ProductTank San Francisco Video developers Product Design Product Development Software user testing

Naimish Gohil – Adapting Your Product for a Changing Market

Mind the Product

In order to get to this stage, they took the approach of any good product manager – they tested repeatedly to learn what worked best and iterated. Product Management Process User Experience (UX) User Research User Testing Video adapt B2B edtech education Emerging Business Models iterate London Product/Market Fit ProductTankNaimish Gohil , Founder of edtech software company Satchel , shares his experience of knowing your user and adapting your product with ProductTank London.

How UX Booth Redesigned Their Homepage With UserZoom


As the team discussed our rollout plan, we all agreed that testing the design before launch would be the right thing to do—we are, after all, focused on user-centered design. The problem was doing testing in a timely manner, while still gathering enough information to make sure our new homepage would provide a fantastic experience for our readers.” Testing a new design should be easy & provide valuable feedback.

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Tactics for Redesigning and Relaunching Legacy Products

Mind the Product

Test if you have time: Some people put out beta versions in advance or launch new versions to partial audience segments. Two examples of forgetting missing pieces are not stress-testing code, since new code is often not battle-tested, and not redirecting old links properly.

Level Up Your Product Game Using Empathy

Mind the Product

Jeremy takes some time out from our often highly data-driven testing culture, to show how employing empathy drives you to build products people love , not just stuff they use. A/B Tests and MVPs. Product Design ProductTank Video A/B testing empathy mvp personas user research

Q&A on User Testing

Under10 Playbook

Most product managers recognize the value of user testing. So it is often hard to fit in testing and design iteration before the sprint deadline. Steven Cohn , the Founder of Validately and a user testing expert, gives some practical advice on how to balance the time pressures of product management and conducting proper user testing. (SJ Why should a product team allocate its limited time to user testing? SJ: What are the different testing options?

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Your survey data is flawed, and what to do about it

Product Beautiful

“…Among 1008 surveys, their test flagged 17% as likely to contain a significant portion of fabricated data. Fortunately, the researchers, Michael Robbins and Noble Kuriakose, point to the likely culprit: “The basis of the test is the likelihood, by chance alone, that two respondents will give highly similar answers to questions on a survey.

Sprint: Solve problems and test ideas in five days

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The process moves through identifying questions, creating solutions, storyboarding, prototyping, and testing with customers. Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days by Jake Knapp. Over the course of a week: ideate and flesh out, prototype, and test it.

Product Management at General Assembly

Product Manager in Heels

Depending on where you are in the life-cycle of a product or feature, you could be doing market research, writing user stories or testing features before they head out into production.

Test-Driven Product Management at an Early-Stage Startup


Today, it’s common to hear people talk about testing early-stage products like it’s a bad thing. You can’t build a better product just by A/B testing button colors, no. Clarify and test your company’s values. You do this through testing.

How to Improve Your Experiment Design (And Build Trust in Your Product Experiments)

Product Talk

Experiment design, on the other hand, is the plan that a product team puts in place to test a specific hypothesis. My concerns are that the format encourages teams to test the wrong things and it doesn’t require that teams get specific enough to lead to sound experiment design. Test Specific Assumptions, Not Ideas. When we test an idea, we get stuck asking, “Will this feature work or not?” The best way to answer that question is to build it and test it.

When should Product Backlog Grooming Take Place?

Roman Pichler

Note that this approach still assumes that you can collect the relevant feedback in the sprint review meeting, for instance, by carrying out a product demo, usability test, or solution interview. Option 1: In the Sprint Review Meeting.

How Two Companies Hooked Customers On Products They Rarely Use

Nir Eyal

It’s called “The Toothbrush Test.” Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet (the company formerly known as Google), has a quirky way of deciding which companies he likes. According to the New York Times, when Page looks at a potential company to acquire, he wants to know if the product is, like a toothbrush, “something you will […]. The post How Two Companies Hooked Customers On Products They Rarely Use appeared first on Nir and Far.

Managing Product Teams for Success

Product Talk

The most important habits I like to see are a regular cadence of customer interviews , prototype tests, and assumption tests. Good product teams have a regular cadence of customer interviews, prototype tests, and assumption tests.

The Ladder of Evidence: Get More Value From Your Customer Interviews and Product Experiments

Product Talk

But no matter how good you get at collecting specific stories, you still have to test those insights. Too often, when we are ready to test a solution, we put it in front of people and ask, “What do you think?” In this case, you can use existing solutions to test your idea.

How to Be Customer-Centric at Scale


Your world is all about interviews, a/b tests, and nailing a value proposition and user experience that resonates with the market. When you start building a product, you are obsessed with “the customer.”

Focus on the Metrics that Matter: Identifying Your Product’s Key Metrics and KPIs


It can become a sickness when there are too many metrics flying around and some are going up, others going down, and actions are paralyzed because there’s too much discussion about whether some test has illustrated an improvement or not.

Getting the Band Together: How to Get More Development Resources as a Product Manager


A common challenge that Product Managers face is trying to move their product and company forward with limited development and testing resources.

Should You Be A Product Manager?

PM Hardcore

Shipping testing for new designed packing products. Assembled, built, and utilized machines for packaging design and shipment testing. He had to test that the solution he and his team designed and implemented actually solved the problem effectively. Have you built something?

What does a Product Manager do? Take 1.

Product Manager in Heels

Starting a new role forces product managers to think of the basic principles the guide product management. I recently changed my LinkedIn profile headline to "Creating products that customers love" and it got my mind going on what a product manager actually does.

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Coping with Product Manager Burnout

280 Group

I could actually run tests to see immediately if.[continue Vision Built on Uncertainty When I started my career as a young programmer I was tasked with bug fixing as a way to learn the code base….I I hated it. It wasn’t challenging enough for me.

The T-Shaped Product Manager

Roman Pichler

Taking my product management test helps you with this. Test competing offerings. Balancing Specific and Generic Skills. To do a great job as a product manager or product owner, you require two skills sets: product-specific and generic ones.

Is Scrum Right for Your Product?

Roman Pichler

Scrum is a great fit at this stage: Your product will benefit from an iterative, cyclic process that allows you to quickly test an assumption, address a risk, generate new insights, and come up with new ideas. When is Scrum Most Helpful?

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Product Manager vs. Product Owner

Roman Pichler

They would then hand off a requirements specification to a project manager who would work with development and test to deliver the product. As you may know, the product owner originated from Scrum, where the role is responsible for maximising the value the product creates.

10 Product Backlog Tips

Roman Pichler

Addressing uncertain items early on allows you to test your ideas, to fail fast, and to learn how to continue. Tip #1: Complement your Product Backlog with a Product Roadmap. Use a roadmap to sketch the overall journey you want to take your product on.

How to Prioritize Product Backlogs in Three Easy Steps

280 Group

Prioritize Product Backlogs in Three Easy Steps Using effective, time-tested techniques to prioritize product backlogs is an important step in getting a product to market rapidly that meets customer needs.

Scaling the Product Owner Role

Roman Pichler

The feature and component owners manage their assets: they capture new ideas and requirements, test them using feedback and data, and collaborate with the teams developing the features and components. Scaling and the Product Life Cycle.

Sprint Review Tips for Product Owners

Roman Pichler

In doubt, use the next sprint to test if the idea or request would be beneficial to the users. Testing product increments with users allows you to understand if the product is likely to do a great job for its target group, if it offers the right user experience and the right features.

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