Bridging the leadership gap in innovation

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For example, according … Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Learning mission visionGuest post by Jesse Nieminen We’re living in an age where many industries are facing big changes. To thrive, or even survive, most companies need to find ways to innovate. Yet, most companies fail to do that.

Product Leadership in Scrum

Roman Pichler

Three Types of Leadership. Each role provides a distinct type of leadership. Providing the right product leadership is demanding; it requires a specific skills set and usually your full attention as the person in charge of the product.

How gratitude expands leadership

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We recognize those men and women who have both dedicated and given their lives for … Continue reading → Leadership Trust appreciation gratitude peace sacrifice successToday is Memorial Day in the United States. While many here gather as family and kick off the summer season, Memorial Day goes much deeper.

The Link Between Sleep and Effective Leadership

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If you catch yourself yawning at your desk or nodding off … Continue reading → Leadership business focus health performance productivity relationshipsGuest post by Jenn Clark A survey revealed that out of 180 business leaders, four out of 10 do not get enough sleep at least four nights a week.

Encouraging Innovation in an Established Product Culture

Speaker: Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies

Innovation and Leadership go hand in hand. Innovation is both a process and an outcome. The place to begin innovating your products and services is by first bringing innovation to your internal process.

Self-coaching methods to improve your leadership

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Guest post by John Packham The debate is still out about whether leaders are born or made, but if you are looking to up your leadership game this year, you’ll want to do what all great leaders do: practice self-coaching. … Continue reading → Leadership Team Building decisions gratitude productivity self-coaching success

What is Product Leadership — really?

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What is Product Leadership?—?really? Photo by rob walsh on Unsplash With so many Product Management articles out there, let’s talk ‘Product Leadership’ for a change. Product Leadership is NOT necessarily about having the best Product Manager skills. What is Product Leadership?—?really?

The impact of poor leadership in an organization

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You must have the capacity to motivate your team to enable them to deliver their tasks in a timely manner and in line with … Continue reading → Leadership Team Building Communication expectations morale responsibilityGuest post by Jennifer Birch In business, being a leader doesn’t just fill a job title.

3 Ways To Stop Sleep Walking Through Your Leadership Legacy

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Like most executives in highly pressured sectors, John feels … Continue reading → Leadership intentional legacy visionGuest article by Glain Roberts-McCabe “She was completely whole and yet never fully complete” ?Maquita Maquita Donyel Irvin One day, I was having lunch with John, a successful CEO of a national retailer.

Learn and apply these leadership traits in an afternoon

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Most great leaders rose to prominence over time by doing … Continue reading → Leadership Learning apply Communication decisiveness focus Innovation Leadership Traits principlesWhen you think about the leaders you respect and admire, you see qualities that make them great. This can be inspiring or disheartening, depending on your current state of mind.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

industry as a whole, with their leadership involved in the. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS. Practical Frameworks to Monetize Embedded Analytics Table of Contents Embedding Analytics to Lift Value and Revenue. 1 Customize to Monetize: The Strategic Way to Create Tiered Offerings.

Elevate Your Product Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence

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Therefore, successful product management requires highly effective leadership. When leadership is stripped of authority we discover the key element for being able to lead others comes down.[continue Career Advancement Product Management Leadership Phenomenal Product Manager

Product Principles – A Leadership Tool


The Product Leadership struggle is akin to the Entrepreneurship struggle because the role has no clear learning path. Setting the wheels in motion to create a set of Product Principles should begin to lift some of the fog from ‘The Product Leadership Struggle’.

5 Product Leadership Lessons From the #mtpcon Leadership Forum 2017

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Last week I joined the Mind the Product Leadership Forum in London. I am very thankful that product leaders shared their lessons at the Mind the Product Leadership Forum, they’re helping to move the community forward and build better products that people love. Leadership can be Lonely.

Power Up: Three Ways to Increase Your Product Leadership Power

Roman Pichler

Challenging situations are great opportunities to grow as a human being and by doing so, you increase your leadership power. Product Leadership empowerment mindfulness product manager product ownerIncrease Your Referent Power.

6 Questions for Determining Your Leadership Philosophy

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I’ve had multiple occasions recently to reflect on my own leadership philosophy. Not only have I been asked about it explicitly, but in several conversations with friends and others, the topic of leadership has come up with both positive and negative examples.

Design leadership as a subversive activity

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The essence of design leadership is the inverse of what I had assumed. I eventually came to realize that the essence of design leadership is the inverse of what I had assumed. What does this have to do with design leadership? Design leadership as a subversive activity.

The State of Product Leadership 2019


The post The State of Product Leadership 2019 appeared first on ProductCraft by Pendo. When you think of a great product manager, what images come to mind? Is it the knowing gaze of the rare creative genius, the Jobsian visionary who can see around corners and intuit customer needs?

Servant Leadership: A 4-Step Playbook


Nowadays, I don’t hear many stories about servant leadership in the media. I think we need more compelling stories of leadership in our lives. Servant leadership is the idea that leaders serve their teams rather than teams serving their leaders.

#mtpcon Product Leadership Forum – What we Learned

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Here’s what we learned about product leadership. Another key function of product leadership is to drive collaboration with other parts of the business. Book suggestion: Product Leadership. Product Leadership is Maturing.

3 Ways To Use Servant Leadership In Your Organization

Agile Velocity

Servant leadership is a term that’s been around for decades. While it can sometimes feel overused or outdated, I believe the principles of servant leadership remain as relevant today as they’ve ever been. Applying Servant Leadership To Every Level Of An Organization.

Insights from the #mtpcon London Product Leadership Forum

Mind the Product

The Product Leadership Forum is a chance for senior product professionals to discuss the challenges they face in a safe environment. By gaining insight from your experiences, you can develop principles on which to base your leadership style.

Prioritizing Leadership and Management in Product Teams

When the leadership vs. management question comes up, it is often assumed that the right path is graduating from management to leadership. Traditionally, leadership vs. management skills are presented as such: Leaders.

Improving Product Leadership Skills

Tim Herbig

The post Improving Product Leadership Skills appeared first on Tim Herbig. While most of the product managers out there are still finding their place in this new domain; we see product people starting’grow up’ in their organizations. That either means you look at growing horizontally in your field or begin to embark on the management path of becoming a product leader.… … Continue Reading. Writing

Leadership and product teams

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“No one on a cohesive team can say, ‘Well, I did my job. Our failure isn’t my fault.’” ’” ― Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business. You’ve heard it many times before: “Come on! I need you to be a team player.” ” Which means that you’ll be working late tonight—by yourself—to meet someone else’s commitment. Sound familiar?

Servant Leadership – Josh Goldenberg

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He has a background in the public and private sectors and he begins his ProductTank NYC presentation with a quote from Steve Jobs, which underpins the central concept of Servant Leadership. To describe the diverse behaviours of work environments where flexible forms of product leadership is essential, Josh also looks at the structures of some big companies, like Amazon and Microsoft. The post Servant Leadership – Josh Goldenberg appeared first on Mind the Product.

Reddit’s Nick Caldwell on engineering leadership

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He had to quickly determine which team members displayed a potential for leadership and teach them the fundamentals of management so they could make new hires and scale – without ruining the culture. I hosted Nick on the podcast, where we discussed the differences between management and leadership, fostering diversity in tech, and more. Here are five quick takeaways: Management and leadership aren’t one and the same. Podcast Startups engineering teams leadership management

Auckland, 29 August: Product Management Leadership Games

Mironov Consulting

Topic: Product Management Leadership Games. So rather than a traditional PowerPoint talk for Product Tank Auckland, we’ll mix some front-of-room slides with leadership exercises borrowed from Rich’s private workshops.

Podcast… “The Rich Mironov Hypothesis: Great Product Leadership is Both Subtle and Slow to Pay Off”

Mironov Consulting

She invited me to join for this episode called The Rich Mironov Hypothesis: Great Product Leadership is Both Subtle and Slow to Pay Off . ” Events 2019 Product Management entrepreneurs executives leadership management market input organizations product management validation

IoT Product Leadership – Episode 01: Cloud Platforms and the IoT Wild West

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Josh talks about the Ayla platform […] The post IoT Product Leadership – Episode 01: Cloud Platforms and the IoT Wild West appeared first on TechProductManagement. Podcast - IoT Product LeadershipJosh Pederson, Director of Product Management at Ayla Networks shares his approach to managing Ayla’s IoT Cloud Platform.

Product Leadership Book Review? – What we Learned

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The long awaited book Product Leadership is finally about to hit our Kindles, iPads and possibly even our hands. It’s a book that shows product leadership to be a mentality and style, rather than a set of rules.

Books 102

Product Leadership at News UK by Jo Wickremasinghe

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The post Product Leadership at News UK by Jo Wickremasinghe appeared first on Mind the Product. Product Leadership Product Management Skills News UK product leadership product-led roadmaps The Sun The Times

How to Apply Lateral Leadership in Agile Environments by Tim Herbig

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Lateral leadership describes the art of efficiently influencing others around you without formal authority. It is essential for succeeding in the implicit leadership position that product managers find themselves in. Why Servant Leadership is not Enough.

Product Leadership Book Review? – What we Learned

Mind the Product

The long awaited book Product Leadership is finally about to hit our Kindles, iPads and possibly even our hands. It’s a book that shows product leadership to be a mentality and style, rather than a set of rules.

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New ebook on High Performance Leadership

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Are you showing signs of a leadership breakdown? Find out in this informative and inspiring ebook from Art Petty: A Bold Cup of Leadership Caffeine There are times when leading others is one of the loneliest jobs in the world, however, when you’re beginning to feel like it’s you against the world, you’re on the brink of some bad moves.

From Product Management to Product Leadership

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When I sat down to write Product Management to Product Leadership: The Advanced Use Cases , I realized how much I had learned from colleagues I deeply respect and from those I consider experts in the industry.

What you can learn about leadership from “Silicon Valley”

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Image: Silicon Valley, HBO The epic Pied Piper case study shows us what it really takes to build a business from scratch A TV show rife with obscene jokes and obscure pop-culture references might seem like an odd place to look for leadership lessons.

The Design Leadership Program

UX Studio

This program is for people in leadership roles, who are running product or design teams in their company. How will the Design Leadership Program work? During the Design Leadership Program I will help you to find the areas where you can improve the culture of your company and the way your team works. Today I start something new. During the last 5 years I have built up a UX team of 30.

IoT Product Leadership – Episode 05: Data Science Considerations for Product Managers

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The post IoT Product Leadership – Episode 05: Data Science Considerations for Product Managers appeared first on TechProductManagement. Podcast - IoT Product LeadershipDan Yarmoluk, Director of Business Development for ATEK Access Technologies, shares expert advice on data science considerations for Product Managers. Subscribe on iTunes | Android | Stitcher | Tunein | Google Play Topics we discuss in this episode: Dan shares his background and about ATEK.

IoT Product Leadership – Episode 04: How to Create an IoT Hardware Platform

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The post IoT Product Leadership – Episode 04: How to Create an IoT Hardware Platform appeared first on TechProductManagement. Podcast - IoT Product LeadershipAndrew Scheuermann, CEO of Arch Systems, shares excellent insight on his company’s approach to modular solutions as well as expert advice on building hardware for the Internet of Things.